Really. Freaking. Nervous.


I'm about 20 minutes away from leaving to compete in a scholarship thing for the college I'm going to next year. Basically, I have 90 minutes to write an essay, and if I'm in the top three for my subject I can get a $10,000 to $16,000 scholarship (in addition to my other merit-based award). Last I checked, that's a pretty large sum of money. It isn't quite as bad as how nervous I was before taking the SATs, but at least then I didn't have to wait so long to start. This time I have to keep it together for another 3 hours and 45 minutes before I get to start writing. Gah. Okay. Time to study a little more and then just try to relax a bit. Thanks for reading.
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when I went for a short time they did this ALOT. I don't know why but I never entered because I didn't care. I think its really just that you are going up with a bunch of other people and the chances are small to win.
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There were only maybe 14 to 16 people for my exam (society & ethics), so the chances of placing really weren't that bad. We'll see though. At least it's done and over with, if nothing else.
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It's a good experience none the less (nonetheless ?)

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