QSF Decoder v2.0.26


SuperMod and Music Guru
QSF Decoder, kode64's foobar2000 plugin which adds decoding support for Capcom QSound Sound Format files, was updated to version 2.0.26 on March 27th. The following changes have been made since our last posted version, 2.0.20:
  • Additions for VS2012
  • Reset to compile for VS2010
  • Added support for multi-value fields
  • Replaced bulky PSF loading code with new psflib
  • Removed stale files
  • Added sample rate and channel information again
  • Fixed stupid bugs in mkhebios and psflib
  • Fixed file hint reading and tag writing
  • Added MSVC 2012 v110_xp platform
  • Disabled MSVC 2012 default of SSE2
  • Fixed seeking when silence test buffer is not empty
  • Forgot to update the psflib calls, and disabled PGO
You can grab it at our QSF Decoder download page.

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