One admin leave, another admin enter.

Reaper man

A lot of you who visit the front page have seen former admin The 9th Sage making rather frequent posts to said front page. Well, he just informed me that he is stepping down, as he is burned out from it all. He'll still be around though, but just as a moderator. With an empty spot for another admin position, after giving it some thought, I have appointed moderator Lillymon as the new forum admin. Please be sure to congratulate her in the forums.

With that out of the way, it has come to my attention recently that we are in need of more staff. As of right now, we have 2 positions available. They are as follows:

Submissions Queue Poster: This job is real easy. First you go through all the news submissions, make sure the news hasn't been posted already, and post it. Can't really get any easier than that. :)

ROM Hacking Staff Member: This user must be part of the ROM hacking scene and is aware of most ROM hacking (including translations) and utilities releases. A regular of such communities such as is a huge plus.

Interested? Please be sure to register, if you haven't already, and PM me for more details.

EDIT: It seems as though I do not have the proper permissions to appoint a new forum moderator. I'll have to get the site owner, Edman, to do it.
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