Nintendulator 0.965 Beta (29/06/2008)


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Nintendulator 0.960

Nintendulator, a NES emulator for Windows, has recently been updated to 0.960.
(Sorry about the typo in the topic title, I can't see to be able to edit threads).

In case you'd like to test the latest development snapshot of the emulator, you can get it at the author's website.

You can get it from our Nintendulator section.
Thanks to the author, Quietust, for letting us know.
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Actually, 0.960 is still the latest released version - version 0.965 is the latest development snapshot (and will become 0.970 when it is officially released). I would appreciate it if you would list version 0.960 here and simply indicate to people that they can follow the link to my site if they want a newer (though potentially unstable) build to play around with.


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The description text on this page needs to be updated a bit, though (in particular, the "author's website" link).

Other than that, I'm fine with it.
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