Nightcrawlers built a wall, and he'll make you pay for it!

Already did that for myself. Though it's not because of the paywall. No, it's because RHDN's administration is willfully short-sighted in the interest of being superficial and biased. Here's what I posted about it.

I had donated $10 at the start of this month to RHDN, because I didn't want it to die and take DataCrystal with it. I did mention before how I would have wanted to make a sticky article at some point, hoping for something good, like an exemplary ROM hack that would manage the sort of creativity that Super Mario RPG Revolution (a SMRPG ROM hack by a user named WaddlerD) had attempted. However, the article perk only affected how much I decided on spending on the pledge. I should mention that I did make the pledge in spite of the morality of providing money to support emulation, but I figured I could at least make use of it, on the thought process that hacking is simply a sort of dark power that would be hard to overcome but only really any less impactful on the user's morality on that lone part. After all, I'm using hacking to manage personal learning of how AI works, such as pathfinding, which will of course be something I'd have to address if I'd want to make a Spiritual Successor to Battalion Wars.

Now, however, for some reason, my feet feel cold. Best part? It's still the middle of Summer.

See, what happened was, on the RHDN Discord, I ended up seeing a link to one of the threads complaining about the whole Patreon issue. I respond about how the doubt felt more than it should have been, and end up providing an example of why the popular opinion is not always right. As I point out, in irony by the way, that too little faith means not giving the would-be recipient a chance to prove themselves, a scumbag picks a fight with me over the example. I naturally defend myself, and may I point out that because the scumbag kept talking outside PM, there was no way I could have taken it to PM, especially when he accused ME of harassment in his clear-cut disgusting hypocrisy. And want to know what the moderators do? They ban me from the Discord without due process.

Why did that happen? Because the moderator responsible was responding to my PM chat with him. Here it is for reference:

MasterKnightDH - Yesterday at 10:07 PM
If you need context of the idiocy I complain about, a comment here:
Lenophis - Yesterday at 10:07 PM
I don't need context


I was even willing to stop as long as I wasn't blamed alone. Of course, that just shows how unwilling to listen in the least RHDN's administration is, when I had not 5 minutes ago pointed out about the notion of faith. It shows how they're unwilling to play fair. I would provide the chat log, but guess what? When you get banned from a server on Discord, you can't dig up any messages from the server. You can't get the chat log to clarify things like, oh right, the scumbag starting the whole idiocy. That example wasn't even about him, just one of his friends who you have to see to believe in how abhorrent he is because my God is that friend of his screaming Most Triumphant Example of the Stop Having Fun Guy, at best.

You can claim from that that I should have known the scumbag was on RHDN's Discord. If anything, it only proves the scumbag is even more of a disgusting hypocrite to pull harassment accusations out of his ass than he already was, because he's the one picking the damn fight over an example that only summarizes the given problem and doesn't even provide any names. When I'm on the damn Discord for things like learning about how AI works so that I can make my own game, it's a problem when the scumbag wants to be hostile for its own sake. So as you can see, that ban was willfully shortsighted, and as a result, I opt to withdraw my pledge from their Patreon and leave this behind, posting here in case they delete it:

"If you're going to ban me from your Discord simply for clarifying why somebody else picked a fight with me, without giving it a chance of a glance, then consider my donation to this retracted. I already told you I think contributing money to emulation efforts is dodgy. If you're going to abuse that with yet another case of shallowness, which I was complaining about just before the other guy picked the fight with me by the way, then I'm going to tell you straight up that that is unacceptable.

"I'll just give the money to whoisthisgit. At least he agrees about good things, not the least of which is that the guy behind this is a psycho:

"And seriously, go ahead and fail to learn from history like you want to as made clear as your seeing a ban reason literally immediately when I link to you, in PM, something like the idiocy I complain about in a comment I made here:


I should also mention that I had provided advice to the RHDN Patreon to simply reward faith from their clients to reduce doubts, rather than rush out the rewards 2 days early. Here's the email in question:

Subject: I'll provide that stuff on the 1st.
M. Knight
Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 1:23 PM (5 days ago)
to nightcrawler
I should point out that giving out the benefits 2 days early is ripe for exploitation. Besides, if you go second in holding your end of a given deal, people would be more inclined to trust you. I don't have too many doubts myself, but there are people who may have that.


I was having reason to believe that RHDN wasn't being as shady as people were believing. The exploitation would have been simple: pledge, get benefits, undo pledge before payment is registered. It obviously would be scummy and anybody who would do that should get whacked upside the head, but that's more proof of nightcrawler's hastiness. Of course, that sort of thing would actually increase the likelihood that nightcrawler would at least be playing fair if he's going to hold up his end without waiting 2 days first.

Unfortunately, there are other ways for RHDN to be shady, and that bogus ban from their Discord server proves as much. They didn't even consider to simply delete the messages in the fight, or God forbid consider muting. No, they just punish me and me alone, simply for citing past experiences with how ugly popular opinions can get to make it clear why the doubt was bothering me. That I will apologize for, as faith should be earned, and RHDN has now proven that they don't deserve it. If they did, it would be because RHDN's sins would not be overwhelming. There shouldn't be a flat disregard to problems in their ethics anyway, because that sort of mentality works off of tropes like Good Is Dumb and Idiot Hero, tropes that are all too happy to teach people to be brain-dead stereotypes and drones. Funny how this isn't the first time where the problem was that I underestimated how bad it could be because the other side doesn't believe in honor.

whoisthisgit is far more reasonable, seeing as he does reliably call out Fake Difficulty among other things. Before this whole mess happened, I already had set my pledge to him to $10, because that standard of providing money to support emulation I mentioned? I wanted to at least counterbalance it rather than be unfair to WITG. After this, I transferred my pledge to RHDN to WITG, and thanks to the article perk requirement, the total between the two was $20, the amount needed for WITG's own perk of making a video based on a $20 Patreon's suggestion. Good job being unpleasant, RHDN.

I obviously won't have the article privilege that I could have used to help provide a guideline that would improve the standards of ROM hacking, but a little thing called integrity that I'm sure sounds weird and complicated somehow overrides that. There's also the risk of DataCrystal being lost and that would be inconvenient in my AI hacking efforts. However, if there is a sufficient substitute that would preserve my contributions and everything, that would be quite adequate.

Really, RHDN doesn't provide anything worth caring about at this point if they're going to be corrupt. Suffice it to say, RHDN's behavior is awful. They could always apologize, but like hell I'm holding my breath when they're going to prove unrepentant.
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