My External HDD won't work on Apples


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It has been working fine up until two days ago.
I have recently instelled on my laptop: DosBox, and I installed Windows 3.11 into a folder, but that shouldn't have messed with the USB ports; and also, it's every Mac that it doesn't work on.

I've had this problem before, and solved it simply by backing up the files and reformatting. But that was a 128MB thumb drive. Now the problem is with a 28GB HDD. Any help?

P.S. Specs:
FUJITSU MHT2030AT (Not sure about the 1st T)
OSX 10.4.7
800MHz G3

The idea I will try is: booting in Linux, then if it worked there, it would have to be a software problem, and not a hardware problem.

Also, it works fine on PCs.
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