Meh, it's probably only me...


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I suspect this may be a problem with my DNS server, but just about every once in a while (which happens once every few days... maybe a week) I cannot access ZD from the url...

Usually I just let it pass and come back in a few hours and it all works fine, but lately its been taking longer and longer before I can access again.
Whoa, I thought it was only me.

Usually when that happens, I just wait a day and access it at work, like I'm doing now.
Try changing your DNS's to the free-fast-and-amazing OpenDNS.

Not only your web will go faster, but most of your dns problems will disappear.
OpenDNS shouldn't be blocked by anything as it is not something that is installed on your computer, it's a server you connect to.

By the way, thanks, it works great.
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