Looking for tutorial in extracting music files


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Like the title said I am having trouble in the process trying to do this. I'm trying to extract the game for there music file like ps2f or adx files and I have look around nothing seem to be what I am looking for.
which system or which game? I know several years back mom used to do just that for Capcom games for PS2 I think it was. I think this was what she used but a different website at the time. https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1460/
the game I'm trying to do is Radiata Stories for the ps2 since there isn't one posted in the music gallery. I did found some audio file someone else did but it listed as just file and not psf2 etc. Currently I'm trying to put an iso game of it through vgmtoolbox if that is the way to do it
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