IPS-Patch for RPG Maker 2 is faulty. Are there older versions available here?


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I tried to use the contact form a few weeks ago, but no answer, so I'll try here (Also the mail system of this site seems to be broken, so I'll have to resort to this bugmenot account):

I was researching the best way to play old SaveRAMs created with RPG Maker 2 and came across several old versions of MageCrafts translation of the ROM, which were based on previous work done by KanjiHack. On this website there's the latest MageCraft release "1.05a" available. It is tagged with "Completion: 100" but there seems to be some problem..

Patch 1.05a is just a minor update which removes the rom expansion originally put in place by KanjiHack. It's smaller in size than the previous releases and doesn't seem to translate anything when applied to the original Japanese ROM.
The most up to date, working version I was able to find is Version 0.98, still up on an old site of MageCraft that hasn't been taken down:
Still, MageCraft had also released a 99% and a 100% version of their translation which I can't find anywhere anymore. And there's a pre-patched, probably misnamed "Version 1.05a" of the ROM floating around that is in fact inferior to the 0.98 version.
I have browsed through old versions of this site on Wayback Machine and saw that there were other versions online many years ago. I was able to find evidence for these two versions:
There might be more that were available to download on this site, so my question is targeted at the current maintainer of zophar:
Are there any copies of previous releases still lying around in your archives?

Greetings, Käsekumpel
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