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I started work on SM:SAC (SM hack) again, I got lots of levels done, but I'm not going to release the final version until I can "Screw and Chop" it. (Not really chop, but at least I will screw it.) And I need to make the Tourian Escape thing too. I may also get some minor ASM hacking in it before releasing it. I'm putting pictures and an IPS of recent stuff done mainly so I will have a newer version to roll back to if the need arises. (And it has before.)


Pic of a room before Kraid.



Huge water rooms.


Most power-up rooms look like this, and in some you can go under the statue, just like in the original Mertoid.

Also I've been working on a SMW hack, but don't expect anything but screens for a while. In the hack, Mario is obviously, a ninja. Here are samples of Mario's sprites. You get Shurikens instead of fireballs, also I'm planning on making the cape into a sword, and it won't let you fly, but I'm not so sure on how good it will work.





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pretty nice work from what I can tell even though I don't play those games and never have so I cant tell you how much that effects game play. What are you planning on doing with the SMW one with the ninja. Are you planning on changing the levels?
> What are you planning on doing with the SMW one with the ninja?
> Are you planning on changing the levels?

Yes I am, I'm currently working on a feudal Japanese tileset, in the game you will be running on the top of castles and the like, so custom tiles and levels should be expected. The SMW hack will pretty much be just a level hack with graphical tweaks with, a fireball that shoots forward, a cape that won't let you fly, and some differences in Yoshi too.

But today, and probably for a week or two, I've put my Metroid hack on full blast. I made and bugfixed a whole new mini-world and, just so you know, I'm probably not going to edit the map. (of any world)


Main hub of the new world.

And expect to need different beams in order to pass through some doors throughout the game. (ie. plasma beam, to kill plasma pirates, to open the doors) Also expect a new kind of pirate, the cloaking pirate, you will no longer have to fight the normal pirate. The cloaking pirate will be very hard to find, and in some cases, you will need to find and kill multiple cloaking pirates in order to pass. (don't worry, they're not entirely invisible) I won't give a screen of them because you should be able to find them yourself.
Interesting hack. This is the first I've take a look at it. I spent a lot of time examining the first room. I got to just beyond gettign the bombs, then it froze as I went through a left door in a watery room with metal columns I had to jump on.
HA HA HA HA THAT freakin SUCKS! I could do better in my sleep!

*no not really. That looks wicked cool.
Hmm... I really like it so far.

Are you just assuming people are going to use state saves? Because there is a real need for some sometime before crocomire but after the bombs.. is there one already there, but hidden?

Two, Crocomire is too difficult with only 5 missles (did I miss some hidden missles?), since it's not uncommon for him to advance more than 5 times between spitting sessions.
> Two, Crocomire is too difficult with only 5 missles (did I
> miss some hidden missles?), since it's not uncommon for him
> to advance more than 5 times between spitting sessions.

You should have at least 10, 20 at the most. (the first, one two rooms back from the bombs in a silver block.) One in a corner of land in the room right after bombs and another in the first room inside the ship. in a broken part in the wall.

And savestates... I'm going to put in save rooms as soon as I figure them out. You can find some (very few), save rooms now, most will take you to nearby rooms when you load. So, use states now, and wait for the final release sometime this year.
Copied from Acmlm...

Ok, there are a few things to update...

Lately I've been fixing old rooms, and planning new stuff, One thing, designed to scare people, won't be leaked to anybody.

New pics, New levels... All sorts of stuff.


Before you blow up the "lockbox"


After you blow up the "lockbox," (Takes 4 missiles/1 Super Missile) which unlocks the room's gray doors. This is the first instance of it, later it will be hidden better.


Save rooms; all are different, some contain Energy Recharge Stations.

Notice three things: 1) Samus is underwater 2) New Saverooms 3) Varia Suit sprites fixed. (The standing ones and even the ones in the inventory...)

You ever heard of that glitch you can perform during the Draygoon boss fight, called Bluesuit? Well, I got some help from Kejardon, making this from a glitch, into an item! Here's some pics.



Created out of my competition with Drewseph, one of these depicts my reflecto blocks doing their thing, pointion your missiles where they need to go; into the lockblocks that control the doors shown.This video is 7z compressed, so make sure you have Winrar or another new compression tool. The video (After uncompressing) is an AVI compressed with DivX MP4 compression. You may need this codec, and probably will need Windows Media Player.

The other video depicts a playthrough of a portion of a morphball maze, it's actually longer, you just see a portion. This file is much bigger than the other one. (Despite the fact that it isn't much longer, that's why I'd reccomend getting the first more than this one.)

Ball Maze

Reflecto block and lockbox trial.
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