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Person A) Controversial topic with jab at Group A.
Person B) Serious response.
Person A) Respond with rhetoric.
Person B) Counter-point.
Person A) Veiled insults and more rhetoric.
Person B) Counter-point.
Person A) Bullshit.
Person B) Damning evidence.
Person A) Disappear.

Repeat from beginning.

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heh, sounds like every conversation i've ever had with the asshat who sits next to me at work.

it's also damn amusing that he bashes on homosexuals so much "because my brother's one" he says... ...but one of his old online geocities sites lists him as a self-professed bisexual.

bloody hypocrites.

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beadsprites and PSFs, oh my!</P>
> ooh! oooh! let me guess, person A is Danoz right?

Except for Saturn, "daming evidence" is glorification of whatever opinion he came up with in a counter argument. By the time the debate has run it's course and people are pretty much tired of it, he declares himself victor and accuses of dodging :p.

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