Chip Player JS, an online music player


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Hey all, I've been working on this project for a while and it's finally in a state where I'd like to share on Zophar's Domain.

Chip Player JS is a retro format player that was born when I got tired of running Winamp/foobar2000 in a virtual machine. Support for more formats is coming soon. (N64 is probably next up.)

- Current supported formats: ay, it, mid, mod, nsf, nsfe, sgc, spc, kss, s3m, vgm, vgz, xm.
- Supports media keys ⏯ on Chrome
- Drag & drop files
- Built-in catalog
- Some artwork
- MIDI synth with Adlib and Soundfont engines
- Visualizer
- Tempo adjust and channel muting
- Subharmonic bass enhancer

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