blueMSX Launcher v1.6 (MSX) (PC (DOS/Windows))

Adremalech The Wroth

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Sam Elsharif has created this nifty launcher called blueMSX Launcher. This is the first dedicated launcher only for blueMSX and it works pretty well. Here is what's new:
  • Added a new tool to rename rom, disk and tape files to 8.3 format, launcher or blueMSX database name
  • Added right-click menu with options to move selection to a different database and show properties
  • Expanded SHA1 calculator tool to be a tool for finding games and applications in launcher or blueMSX databases by SHA1 code
  • Added ability to filter database by ROM, Disk, Tape or Hard Disk
  • Added ability to make multiple selections in the current database to perform operations
  • Added ability to create a new empty database quickly
  • Added ability to set machine for all or some of the entries in a database
You can get it here, or right over on ZD.
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