Basilisk II PSP Port test release 8


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A new test release for the homebrew Mac emulator on the PlayStation Portable recently went live. Developer J.F. announced that Basilisk II PSP Port test release 8 is now available for download and sports more improvements than ever.

Similar to the previous release, this one concentrates on improving the emulator's graphical capabilities. With test release 8, it is now possible to enable video refresh mode of the thousands and millions mode. Don't expect the resolution to look like an HD display, though. It does push your handheld's capabilities a bit and tends to cause a bit of a slowdown.

Fortunately, J.F. suggested a solution should you want to use the higher refresh modes. Here's a quote taken from the developer from his thread on the source site:

[...] Stick to 256 color mode most of the time. Thousands isn't bad, but because of the two-pass bit I do to convert from Mac to PSP format, the green will be slightly off if you're using gamma correction. Turn gamma correction off for perfect color.
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