Another Super Metroid SAC update!

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This project is still going on, and now at a steady pace. I expect it to be done pretty soon. Have some screens.


Wooo, a space pirate mess hall...


An improvised table and some chairs.


Ooooh, the kitchen... What do these guys eat? Etecoons?! Boiled alive, yummy...


This was probably in that old demo, but, my enemy editing includes making stronger versions of the same enemy, the green fish is much stronger than the blue one.

Ooooh, space pirate barracks, cool, what kind of stuff do they keep in thier rooms?


Yes, there's a space-football in here, after you kill the dudes standing next to it.

Touch it; take plenty of damage.

Sorry if there are too many images...'s</a> some extra info.
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> I'm starting to like how this is looking.

Positive feedback! Thanks!

All aspects of this hack have gotten better since I started out. I've improved it quite a bit since releasing the last thing. This is my first hack (Besides a graphics only one). The whole thing was a learning experience to me; When I started this I had no idea about anything rom hacking related. Lately, I've learned ASM, though I'm still a beginner with it. Thanks for your help with that.

I'm pretty much done with my last level, and I just have to fix up the second to last. I'll be done with that within the next month. I may need a little time after that to work out some other stuff. "Definately" expect the whole thing done before the year ends. Expect the last boss to not be Mother Brain, rather something homemade. (Although it may be a bit lamer... Sorry.)

And.. could I please have the Jathys text format patch, I bet I could make good use of it. I have a few places where I'd like to put in some story related messages.

Thanks! <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>
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JTE (Jathys Text Engine)

> And.. could I please have the Jathys text format patch, I
> bet I could make good use of it. I have a few places where
> I'd like to put in some story related messages.

Soon. SMILE 1.1 will have this included. You can start making text with it already though, you just can't read it (ie- that's what the patch does). Keep in mind that the text of the JTE is in bank E0 . . . Most people don't have this bank yet. If you have expanded your ROM and already use that bank, let me know (I know you could look at JTE's source and find the right bytes to change, but I'd still need to make SMILE non-hardcoded on E0... easy enough to do).

Anyway: *Anyone with SMILE bugs previously told to me, make sure you explain them in detail. IE- if I ask for info, give it to me* . . . I've already made a few bug fixes, will be fixing *one* green text bug today, but cannot fix bugs that, "doesn't work." To fix the bug, I need to (normally) be able to duplicate the bug. To duplicate the bug, I need to know *exactly* how it happened.
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Sorry for being months late with my reply, but Id like to point out a couple things.

1) The most recent "unheadered" one is very glitchy. For instance, the Super Missle room at Crocomire never appears and freezes the game<img src=smilies/cwm10.gif>. Also the water room to the left of Golden Torizo is all glitched background (found some of these by using my SM Editor and giving myself advanced weapons since I could not get Super Missles due to aforementioned SM room glitch). Also, it seems that on the unheadered version, the Crocomire battle is tougher cause the balls do not give you energy and he has longer rage modes.

2) Do you plan on fixing the automap on either version?<img src=smilies/mystery.gif>

How is progress on this by the way?
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Woah, way to bump...

Well, I really only have that patch up on my site as a backup... You may play it at your own risk.

A symbol or two may appear on the automap sometimes, that's because I haven't gotten to fixing that yet. It's currently frozen at about 80%. I will get to work on it again someday.
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