A fool who persists in his folly will become wise.


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The title is from William Blake's "Proverbs of Hell"

Things I learned the hard way, that people with sense learn the easy way, and which you don't want to learn the hard way, because it hurts:

Alcohol and drugs destroys lives, ruin families, reduces mental capacity, and does not erase guilt, anger, or despair, but rather exacerabates them.

There is a glorification of "dark stuff" in a lot of entertainment today. "Dark stuff" turns you into a socially ostracized, self-absorbed dork, and the perpetrators of said "Dark stuff" look down on you and find you amusing.

Pleasure is fleeting and unimportant. Don't believe the hype.

Selfish desires when focused on and fulfilled are replaced by selfish desires which are harder to fulfill and which are more destructive to others.

"Coolness" is the entrance to all that is false and temporary.

There is no shame in conformity to a group which does good, but there is plenty of shame in individuality for its own sake.

Appearances can be deceiving, but there is much that can be deduced from mere appearance, especially when it comes to fashion and taste in art and entertainment.

Sexual promiscuity easily leads to disease, unwanted children, emotional insanity, and ruin.

If you are a follower, do not try to be a leader; instead, find a good and trustworthy leader.

A leader who looks down on his followers is the worst kind of person.

Castles of paranoia are built with the bricks of exaggeration.

Cannabis is a boon to a certain type of artist, and a very subtle poison for most other classes of people.

Much of what "the crowd" says is bad...actually is bad. Some of it isn't.
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Selfish desires when focused on and fulfilled are replaced by selfish desires which are harder to fulfill and which are more destructive to others.

I realized this when I was a kid and a few years ago on filesharing programs. I would download programs, games, music, ect and realized after downloading many many GB's of stuff that I didn't even want most of the stuff or need it.

I believe this selfish behavior is an addiction like gambling. Sure you get a momentary high but then you feel so let down after a short while your feeling empty. I think the pursuit is actually more fun than the reward.

BTW, great post. :D
Selfish desires can never be satisfied; these are mental instincts of desire that link to one form of vulnerability and...
"Dark stuff", taint, wickedness, evil, sorrow, despair, malevolence, undissolved instincts of egocentricity, and hatred are all linked in terminology.
These invirtues intoxicate our motives to judge others--groups and individuals.
For one to denounce another as a hypocrite requires the taintul hatred to by instinct assume they are not being tested or tricked into remarking as such, and so in this exposition the attacker believes in magic success and the power to control what others think.
Hypocrisy is the strength to lead and enlighten. "Coolness" can be synonymous to strength, but many people define "cool" in their own way. It can be a style of voice, a custom fashion, or simple silence, tolerance, and peace.

And as far as testing people, many like the excuse of testing the decision to test, and heading into an infinite loop of who is in power and mentally superior. This is arrogant pessimism that has been traced to large depression and ill-being. Even though even infinite loops have a trigger as to who started a discussion and why, these loops do not exist to any mark of changing what two people in a disagreement said. One of them may be of pride and heart, while the other one takes everything negatively as a direct challenge. Instead of healing oneself, one destroys.
Self-destruction is not "anti-arrogant". Pessimism is often faked. The only truth is taking things seriously in one's conscious, which you can see in their strength to worry for the sake of protection. Lies to the self are given, and self-deception destroys hope.
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