Tutorial: using a debugger to figure out game mechanics

Reaper man

Thanks for the tutorial, i'm just learning about this for my hack, which, funnily enough, is BoF4

I been trying for days but no luck..., i want to be able to change things like, which ability(or even when) the characters get when they level up.

I have the address for when they level up, these go to 0 when you enter into another combat.

If anyone have any ideas or tips about how to achieve something like this i would appreciate it a lot.
If I had to guess, I would bet that there's an array that stores the learned abilities. By getting the IDs of the abilities, you can possibly have some luck searching for the arrays.
If not, you would have to set a write breakpoint in the characters inventory. If you'd like, my YouTube channel has a discord server that has a rom hacking discussion channel. I try to respond to questions as much as I can, and maybe if I have time I'll try to fire up the debugger and help you out, but it's been years since I've done a deep dive into MIPS assembly.
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