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Posting on this board has been switched off in favor of a new forum system, which will be up and running shortly. Please be patient while everything is transferred. This board will remain here as an archive.

Message Board Rules
While the ZD message boards have always been very open, there are a few things you shouldn't be doing.


1) ROMs/Illegal software

Requests for or links to commercial ROM images, BIOS images, illegal software, and anything else along those lines are not permitted. The moderators will remove both the post and you.


2) Trolling

Basically, 'trolling' is only posting in order to cause trouble. We don't need that -- go play in someone else's sandbox.


3) Content

Try to keep your posts within the boards' topic. Requesting for help with an emulator on the testing forum won't get you anywhere.


4) Spam/Harassment

While this goes hand-in-hand with number 2, don't annoy us with your shameless plugs for your site and don't fight with people.


5) Ban/User Evasion

Don't try to evade a ban or create a new account if yours gets banned. If you get removed, that means we don't want you here. Bye.


6) Duplicate Accounts

You are permitted to have ONE user account. Those who create multiple accounts will have BOTH accounts removed.


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