Commodore 64 SID Utilities

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Name Description
ACID 64 Player Pro ACID 64 Player Pro is the sequal of Acid 64 Player and is a cycle based Commodore 64 music player designed for playing SID tunes on sound cards/devices that have a real SID chip (6581/6582/8580) on board like the HardSID ISA/PCI cards and the HardSID 4U/Uno/UPlay USB devices. ACID 64 also supports network devices that emulate the SID chip like JSidDevice that is part of JSidplay2. ACID 64 emulates the MOS 6510 micro processor, the 6526 CIA chip and partially the 6569 VIC chip to run the code of a SID tune and it controls the SID chip on the device for playing the Commodore 64 music.

The software written for this project is ported to Windows and supports now all the HardSID cards/devices and software devices connected via a network interface.

JSidplay2 JSidplay2 is a very well featured open source SID player that is implemented in Java. It is based on the source code of Sidplay2 and resid-fp. It has the latest filter patches from Antti Lankila included. It now has support for stereo 2SID files.
SIDPLAY SIDPLAY is a Commodore 64 music player. It emulates the sound chip and other internals of the Commodore 64 home computer to play back music that was originally written on it. SIDPLAY strives to offer the best possible SID music experience on any platform.

The browser plug-in version, SIDPlug, is also available, which includes support for Intel-based and PowerPC Macs. SIDPlug has been tested on Safari, Firefox and Camino. Support for Camino is PowerPC-only, as a bug in Camino for Intel currently prevents SIDPlug from working correctly. Support for Internet Explorer has been dropped.

SIDQuickLook is a QuickLook plugin to preview .sid files in Mac OS X Leopard directly from the Finder. SIDPlug is part of SIDQuickLook, as it's used to play SID music files in the QuickLook preview.

SIDPLAY2 Sidplay 2 is the second in the Sidplay series originally developed by Michael Schwendt. This version is written by Simon White and is cycle accurate for improved sound reproduction. Sidplay 2 is capable of playing all C64 mono and stereo file formats.

A plugin for Winamp based on SIDPLAY2, entitled in_sid2, is also available for download here.

SID Decoder, a plugin for foobar2000 (1.1 or higher) based on SIDPLAY2, is also available for download here. It adds decoding support for Commodore 64 SID sound files (.SID, .MUS).

sidplay2/w, Adam Lorentzon's ( front-end to the sidplay2 emulation, has been superceded by SIDTool.