Playstation Utilities

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Name Description
CVGS Video Patch XP This "all-in-one" patch for the Connectix Virtual Game Station (All Windows Versions) enables it to run at resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 maintaining the game graphics at 640x480, resulting in a visually less pixelated graphics. The display also can be shown at full screen with certain impact in performance. It is *not* a D3D enhancer.
DAEMON Tools Daemon Tools is a free Virtual CD-ROM that let you run images of PSX games (CDRWin's BIN + CUE Images, ISO Images, CloneCD Images, BlindWrite Images and now DiscJuggler) directly from your hard drive.
ePSXe Mem Tools This utility allows you to convert ePSXe memory cards to a format that can be read by bleem! or VGS.
FF7vM This is a Final Fantasy 7 model viewer. It imports the models from within .lzs files.
IsoBuster IsoBuster is an excellent tool for reading and extraction of several types of ISO images (Nero, DAO, WinOnCD, CloneCD, CDRWin, ISO, etc.). The utility is part shareware and part freeware. All functions included into versions prior to 1.0 are free, but some of the subsequent changes must be paid for.
MemcardRex Advanced PSX memory card editor which supports a lot of memory card and single save formats. In order to run this application .NET framework 2.0 is required.
Moo's Save State Tool This is a clever tool that lets you organize the save states from ePSXe. This can be useful, given the size of a typical save state file.
PSicture From the same author as PSound, this lets you view the pictures from many PlayStation games. It's plugin-based, including plugins for TIM, PSH, SPR, and MGS formats. It includes features like multiple palettes, and raw image viewing.Plugin for FF1 (FF Origins).Plugin for FF8.
PSMplay A GREAT Playstation utility that plays .str and .xa files, and can also view .tim files. This utility can also convert the movies to either AVI's, or the sound output to .WAV's.
PSound SoundReaver2 Handy little application that lets you play most, if not all, PSX sounds. For example, FF games' musics are played like MIDI; with PSound you will be only able to play the sounds of instruments that are used to play the musics, but not the music itself (except those that are recorded within the movies). Fairly new project, but updated frequently.Download SoundReaver2 in order to play Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 2 sounds with PSound!
PSX MEMCARD Reader/Writer Util This cool program lets you plug in your MEM card interface (instuctions on website) into your computer, and download all the save games! And the saved games even work with BLEEM, and PSXPro. Check it out.
PSX MC Manager A quick and easy utility for managing memory cards for FPse and psx4droid. Easily convert DexDrive saves to work in either emulator, just open in PSX MC Manager and save. The process is automatic. Choose your preferred emulator format in the Preferences. Copy from card to card, create blank cards, delete and restore deleted saves if they are available and still valid, and edit save details like save ID, product code and region. Makes automatic backups of memory cards when you save.
PSXGameEdit Ever want to send other people over the net your saved PSX game off of the real PSX, but couldn't? What about not ever having to buy another memory card again? Well look no further, this utility lets you use an external device (instructions on building one on its homepage) and download the saved games right off of the card!! You can delete, copy, and do whatever you want using your own PC! Get this utility if you are interested now! Please visit homepage for instructions.
PSXIMG There are two programs included in this file, tim2bmp and tim2tga, which will convert Playstation .TIM images to Bitmap or Targa files.
PsxMC PsxMC is an excellent alternative to PSmplay, especially since the user-friendly GUI is now in English (although it probably stays in Japanese if you have a Japanese OS). PsxMC can read .str files (PSX movies), .xa files (PSX music/sound), .mov (normal movie format), and .cstr (compact .STR files). The cool thing is, you can easily convert the file you just opened to .avi (windows movie format) or .wav (windows sound format), which makes it even easier to watch/listen to your favorite PSX game's movies/music. Although the docs are all in Japanese (and they certainly look complete), that shouldn't stop you from giving this one a try!
PSXMemTool This utility has batch conversion, (Covert groups of memcards into one format) Detect changes in memcard files etc. Also a search function will be added soon.
PsxMP PsxMP is the player that goes along with PsxMC.
PSXPlay Lets you watch motion JPEG and video files from your PSX CD!
PSXTulz Playstation movie player designed for the purpose of viewing the FFIX movies. Good support (works with most any .STR, .MBG, and such extentions...) Memory card functions and other features.
PSXVideo Converts PSX files into AVI format. Brian "TheFreak" Balsan has written an unofficial but detailed FAQ which should answer many of your questions concerning PSXVideo. You can view it here.
ReVOLUX This program allows users to rip the music from the Dance Dance Revolution series of games. Source included in ZIP file.
STRPlay Realtime PSX movie decoder. (Doesn't seem to work on too many .STR files though)
TIM Viewer This utility is more than just a viewer, as it can extract, convert, and reinsert TIM files from a PSX files. It is also capable of viewing and editing CLUT files.
TMD2LWO This nifty program converts .TMD Playstation 3d models to .LWO lightwave objects. This is a must download for people with Lightwave.
WOTIZPSX Gives information on PSX files. Works simply and fast.
XA2WAV Converts .XA files (extracted by XAEX) to .WAV files.
XAEX Thru MSCDEX, extracts .XA audio from any suspect Playstation file. Try on extensins .XAI, .IXA, .XA, .STR, .DAT, whatever files you think music is stored. Some Sega Saturn games use XA audio as well.
XAPlay Realtime .XA audio player. Plays .XA files extracted by XAEX utility.
XcheatED A very useful PlayStation utility for Xplorer, Xploder, GameShark, Pro Action Replay, GameBooster, etc. users.
[pec] Cheat Database Editor This tool let you import directly into [PEC] database the cheats from the Game Shark Code Creators Club and GameBuster's Paradise which are two the most complete online databases of Game Shark codes in the world, with thousands of Playstation cheats listed. Now you can add hundreds of new cheats not included on [PEC] yet.