SPU Utilities

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Name Description
Andy's SPU This plugin is based on Iori's DirectSound Driver.
Eternal SPU Very Compatible and SPU plugin for all PSX Emulators that adhere to the PSEmu Pro plugin specification.
Iori's DirectSound Driver This sound driver uses DirectSound.
Kazzuya DirectSound This sound driver uses DirectSound. It has less overhead than the SEAL plugin.
Null Driver Use this sound driver if you don't have a sound card.
Null2 DirectSound This is a DirectSound plugin that uses DX3 or higher. It supports ePSXe Save States
P.E.Op.S. DirectSound Open-Source SPU Another great Plug-in by Pete, this is an SPU Plug-in that utilizes DirectSound. This first version is the same as his old DirectSound Plug-in, but now it's open-source.
Pete's DSound SPU This SPU plugin uses Directsound.
Pete's Linux NULL PSX SPU This is a dummy Linux PSX SPU emulation plugin, if you are having troubles using the OSS plugin.
Pete's Linux OSS PSX SPU This is Pete's first Linux PSX SPU emulation plugin, using the OSS interface. It has the same compatibilty as Pete's DSound plugin.
Pete's Midas PSX SPU This is Pete's SPU plug-in based on the MIDAS sound library. It has since been replaced with the DirectSound Plug-in.
Seal This is a sound driver for PSEmuPro that uses the SEAL audio library.