Playstation 2 Utilities

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Name Description
.Hackpics This utility allows images from the .Hack series of games to be viewed (and saved) off of the disc. Includes source.
Al-Bhed Language Translator for FFX This utility allows you translate text from English to Al-Bhed or vice versa
FFX VoiceStream FFX VoiceStream is a plugin for PSX Multiconverter, that lets you listen to, and extract all dialogue in Final Fantasy X.
FFX2MOV Pretty simple, really. This program rips FMV movies from the PAL version of Final Fantasy X.
MFAudio 1.1 This tool allows you to play, convert, and downsample audio files that use some of the more common formats among PS2 games. It can be used to reduce the size of music in DVD rips, replace the music with something else you prefer, or simply play the music from your favorite games.
PSS Demux By the same author as PSS Player, PSS Demux is a seperate tool for splitting the PSS movie file into it's component parts, such as MPEG2 video, WAV audio.
PSS Player This is a utility for playing PSS and CRI Sofdec videos from PS2 games. It appears quite straightforward in it's use (files are opened via dragging it onto the window).
PSS Plex This tool allows you to demultiplex (split) a PSS movie file into it's component MPEG2 Video and WAV Audio streams, and multiplex (join) an MPEG2 Video and WAV Audio stream into a PSS movie file. The author wrote this tool with DVD ripping in mind. PSS Plex comes with a tutorial to teach you how you can use it to downsample PSS movie files in order to retain them. The tutorial includes Zone of the Enders, Extermination, Warriors of Might & Magic, Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, and X-Winter Games examples.Lite version does not include required VB6 runtimes. The full version does.