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uCON64 is a tool to modify video game ROMs and to transfer ROMs to the different backup units/emulators that exist. It is based on the old uCON but with completely new source. It aims to support all cartridge consoles and handhelds like N64, JAG, SNES, NG, GENESIS, GB, GBA, LYNX, ATARI, PCE, SMS, GG, NES, NGP and their backup units. There is now a Solaris Binary.uf-Fox is a handy frontend for uCON 64...it will work only on versions 2.0.0 and up.

Author's website: http://ucon64.sourceforge.net

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
SeeUCON 1.0 Java 07/11/2008 110.14 KB Download
SeeUCON 1.0 Java Source 07/11/2008 27.50 KB Download
uf-FOX 1.1 Linux 07/11/2008 624.76 KB Download
uf-FOX 1.1 MacOSX 07/11/2008 567.07 KB Download
uf-FOX 1.1 Source 07/11/2008 93.10 KB Download
uf-FOX 1.1 Win32 07/11/2008 712.13 KB Download
v2.0.0 Amiga 07/11/2008 1.13 MB Download
v2.0.0 BeOS 07/11/2008 435.26 KB Download
v2.0.0 DOS 07/11/2008 455.38 KB Download
v2.0.0 FreeBSD 07/11/2008 325.07 KB Download
v2.0.0 Linux Binary 07/11/2008 380.82 KB Download
v2.0.0 Linux Source 07/11/2008 1.13 MB Download
v2.0.0 MacOSX 07/11/2008 303.53 KB Download
v2.0.0 MinGW 07/11/2008 434.72 KB Download
v2.0.0 OpenBSD 07/11/2008 334.74 KB Download
v2.0.0 Solaris 07/11/2008 306.45 KB Download
v2.0.0 Windows 07/11/2008 406.10 KB Download
v2.0.0 Windows Cygwin 07/11/2008 402.62 KB Download
v2.0.0 Windows Source 07/11/2008 1.27 MB Download

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