Genesis GYM Utilities

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Name Description
YMAMP YMAMP is a WinAMP plugin that plays CYM and GYM log files produced by the emulators Callus and Genecyst. A Pentium 200MHz or faster is recommended for using YMAMP. However, it will run well on a machine as slow as a Pentium 133MHz, but you will not have enough CPU time to run most visualizations with it. Anything slower than a Pentium 133MHz is not recommended, but there is nothing stopping you from trying anyway :) Most CYM files will use about 90% CPU time on a Pentium 133MHz. Most GYM files will use about 85% CPU time on a Pentium 133MHz. It is less on faster machines and much less with sampling rates lower than 48000.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have no other plugins that play GYM or CYM files in your winamp\plugins folder. YMAMP might not get used to play them otherwise.