Genesis Utilities

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Name Description
BasiEgaXorz This is a BASIC compiler for the Sega Genesis which focuses on speed. There are not many things that can be done dynamically, everything is static. Line labels are supported.SNASM68k is an assembler required in order for BasiEgaXorz to make a Sega game. Extract it in the same directory as it.
SGCC Utils/Libs This is a set of utilities and libraries for use with SGCC, the Sega Genesis C Compiler. It includes utilities that convert images into Sega Genesis/Mega Drive format, a tile/map editor, a program to help including binary data in a ROM, and a compression utility. The libraries include routines for font loading, image drawing, sound playing (digitized or PSG), text writing, data decompression, and more. The source code is included as well.