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This is an audio player which loads Nintendo Sound Format (NSF) files and outputs them in MIDI format. You can then proceed to save the output file.

The original program is in Japanese. We also maintain an unofficial English translation of an earlier version of the program.

Author's website: http://gigo.retrogames.com/download.html

Operating System: Windows (any version)

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
nsf2midi v0.14 11/20/2004 93.83 KB Download
v0.14 English 07/07/2014 English translation by Alex-Yu 103.95 KB Download
v0.14 Russian 07/07/2014 Russian translation by Alex-Yu 105.01 KB Download


Kalinus says:
It crashes upon opening certain nsf files battletoads for example.

FiddleZ says:
Tried opening the Shovel Knight nsfe - wouldn't open :/ any ideas?

Guy says:
FiddleZ, this only works for nsf files. It won't work with nsfe files, so find the nsf version.

Darl says:
Nothing happens when I import .nsf-files. I tried the japanese version as well but same issue. Anyone else had this problem?

JRita says:
Same here, nothing happens on win 10
23/10/2018 :(

Jin says:
nsf2midi doesn't work if ther are any other files in the same folder. Create a new folder and put only nsf files!(my broken English...)

user says:
just cut long name of nsf file to short ...
super_mario_trulala.nsf to ssm.nsf. This fix my fail and file was open

borf says:
None of the nsf files downloaded from this site work, tried shortening the name, nothing, it's a pity.

HB says:
So I figured out why this program SOMETIMES doesn't work.
When you download the program put in into a folder with a location with a name as simple as possible.
When I had it in a "NSF_to_MIDI_(English)_v0.14" folder it didn't do anything, but when I changed it to "NSFtoMIDI" it started working. Also change your nsf file to a simple name like "A.nsf" Propably something to do with the fact that it is originally in japanese.

TheMexicanRunner says:
Thanks HB, I am so happy you guys help with feed back on how to use the program

DaosSinistral says:
"User" was correct. Rename to a standard 8.3 filename (MARIOTWO.NSF) and it works

uhm says:
is this virused now or what?

G-Zone says:
Been messing with this for a bit. Does anyone know why it rapid-fires the triangle channel? It sounds horrible on anything I load.

;) says:
This program has limitless potential, I'd be awesome if it were updated

Thanks for the help says:
Putting the nsf files in their own folder and renaming all paths to simple text "nsf" worked for me. Program directory C:/nsf and the music files in C:/nsf/nsf. Cheers.

posted on 01/11/2022

Someone says:
Tha application didn't actually open the nsf file at all.

saijuuu says:
application doesn't open any nsf file at all((

tried everything. this worked perfectly says:
Program directory C:/nsf and put the music files in C:/nsf/nsf

Kasinao says:
Problem solved, my bois. This program has issues with handling space characters in the file name/location. It makes sense when you put it in the root C: drive, you can almost not miss it working that way. That said, you can have it run anywhere you like, but if there's any single space in the path (like C:/Users/John Doe/nfs2midi/), you're out. Also, that applies both to the executable directory and the NSF directory/name;

TL/DR: Keep it simple, place both the executable and the NSF on C:/nsf2mid and run it. Simple like that.

Posted 11/23/2022

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