Final Fantasy VI [TedWoolseyUncensored1.86] Savestates

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This is a job based file. Setzer and Relm are Black Mages with Celestriad, Hero's Ring & Fake Moustache relics, respectively, with all attack magic except Ultima & Holy . Edgar and Mog are Dragoons with Dragoon Boots & Dragon Horn relics, but no magic. Celes is a Paladin with Paladin Shield, True Knight & Ribbon relics, and healing & ice magic plus Ultima. Terra is a Red Mage with Celestriad and Soul of Thamasa relics and healing & attack magic. Locke is a thief with Genji glove & Brigand's glove relics & support magic. Sabin is a Monk with Genji glove & black belt relics, but no magic. Cyan is a Samurai with Gauntlet & Master's Scroll relics, but no magic. Strago is a Blue Mage with Celestriad & White Cape relics, and has healing & support magic, plus Holy. Shadow is a Ninja with Genji Glove & Sniper Sight relics, but no magic. Gau is a Feral Youth with Black Belt & White Cape relics, but no magic. Umaro has Rage Ring & Blizzard Orb relics. Gogo is recruited. All characters Level 45+ and saved right before the final battle with best equipment. All abilities, Tools, and Espers acquired(Ragnarok esper was converted to sword to acquire Lightbringer in Colisseum). Gau's rage list is about 70% complete, more or less. by Crossblades Download Report
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