September 2000

Utility News: Zelda: A Link to the Past Script Editor news by 
21:20:  Yarx writes:

Well, I have some bad news. A while ago my computer was to the state that it was inoperable and so I had to wipe it clean and start anew. I managed to recover most of my files but I failed to recover the source code to my Zelda Script Editor for "A Link to the Past". Unfortunatly this means that there will be no further updates for this program unless I have the time to redo the program, which will not happen for a while if I do. Mainly because I just have no time aside from university. The Pre-release beta had one major flaw in it, it offsets all messages after one is changed and as such scrambles the messages and renders the program usless. I am sorry for the inconvience to you. Any comments or such can be sent to me at

It's always sad when something like this happens. Hopefully Yarx will have time to redo this utility someday.

Emulator News: Mac NGPC Emulator Screenshots news by 
18:00: has posted some screenshots of a new NeoGeo Pocket emulator in the works for the MacIntosh. This is a port of NeoPocott coded by Julien Frelat.

Check out the screenshots by visiting the following link:

  • MacIntosh NeoGeo Pocket Emulator Screenshots

    Utility Release: Zeldit v0.51 news by 
    17:30:  Zeldit, a utility that lets you edit the levels of NES Zelda games, has been updated to version 0.51.

    You can pick up this emulator by visiting the NES Utilities section.

    Misc. News: Genesis Power: #282 + #283 news by 
    17:19:  Genesis Power has released 2 new ROMs for your entertainment. They are as follows:

    Head on over to the Genesis Power site and check these out.

    Emulator News: JAE: Traverse USA news by 
    16:52:  Another game has been added to JAE, the Java Arcade Emulator. This time around its: Traverse USA which is Irem's motorbike riding game from 1983.

    Be sure to check out Norbert Kehrer's site to play it online.

    Thanks to Norbert for the news.

    Misc. News: TR64 Screenshots news by 
    16:39:  Spinal has posted some new screenshots featured on the N64 emulator, TR64. The game featured today is: Starfox.

    Be sure to check out Spinal's site to check out the screenshots of the N64 emulator in action.

    Misc. News: Vintage Gaming Network Problems news by 
    15:25:  If you're a visitor of the emulation/gaming site of The Vintage Gaming Network, you may have noticed this morning sometime that the server isn't responding. According to RetroGames, the outage seems to be affecting a few sites such as: GameFan and Voodoo Extreme, and not The Vintage Gaming Network exclusively.

    At any rate, just have a little patience and everything should be in working order shortly. :)

    Emulator Release: Jagulator v1.3.1 Development Alpha news by 
    15:13:  In light of the recent debate regarding the fake Atari Jaguar emulator known as Emu Jag, RealityMan has decided to release an extremely beta (Or in this case, alpha.) version of his Atari Jaguar emulator, Jagulator. This version will not play any games yet, however the startup screen does show. You can visit EmuGaming to read the full story as to why this emulator was released.

    You can check this emulator out by visiting the Atari Jaguar emulators section.

    Emulator Release: Anex v2.29 news by 
    14:38:  Anex, a PC-98 emulator for Win9x/00, has been updated to version 2.29. I'm unable to list what's new in this emulator because the documentation is in Japanese. However, you may view the FAQ of the emulator at your leisure.

    You can pick up this emulator over at the PC-98 emulators section.

    Misc. News: RomCenter: 5 New Datfiles news by 
    10:56:  I was over at the RomCenter site when I saw that 5 new datfiles are available. RomCenter is a great utility that can detect and repair bad or useless ROMs, fix filenames for good ROMs that have bad filenames, and more! Here's the 5 new datfiles:

    Head on over to the RomCenter page and check them out.

    Misc. News: The spare tire of Windows news by 
    07:36:  While chatting on IRC, aardWolf pasted a link and said "Go'll speed up Windows". So, I did, and didn't see any improvement. However, I subscribe to McAfee Clinic and enabled the ActiveShield virus scanner because I was opening up some untrusted files. Normally when the scanner is active, the PC is sluggish and the mouse lags. Not after I did this. Maybe it's an old trick, but it's definitely worth a shot if you haven't checked it out. I've heard mixed results from doing this, so be careful.

    I've come to realize something after doing this Windows trick...that "vmm32.vxd" (the default driver) that you always see in the GPF window is nothing more than a donut spare tire that Windows uses, and attempts to go 75mph when it can only do 35mph.

  • Windows, Missing Files and You

    Emulator Release: MAMED and MESSD 0.36 Beta 6.2 Coldfire news by 
    06:58:  MAMED and MESSD 0.36 Beta 6.2 are now available for the new PENTAX and HP cameras. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed a small memory leak and removed all the watchdog timers from the game drivers for a little more speed.
  • New source is also available, did some makefile simplification.

    You can download them from our MAME for Digita and MESS for Digita pages.

    Emulator Release: fMSX FAN v1.41 news by 
    06:29:  The MEP-Crew emailed us about the new version of fMSX FAN, and MSX emulator for MSX 1, 2 and 3. Here are the changes (roughly translated by the MEP-Crew):

  • Opll program of the Smsplus (Pcm synthesis).
  • The Allegro was designated as 3.9.33.
  • Being able to emulate the ESC correct
  • Program of PSG Powerms X0. It designated basis as 07 bases (Mame).
  • bug fixing of the SCC
  • The PSG and the SCC were designated as 16 bits.
  • It reached the point where it can do Chinese character conversion (KNJDRV.ROM of main point 32 K)
  • -NONOISE option abolition
  • Able to specify sampling frequency

    Because of the problems some visitors have with LZH, I rearchived the DOS version into a ZIP file, which is available from the MSX emulators. The Unix version was also updated, and is available from the Unix MSX emulators.

    Misc. News: SPC to WAV news by 
    06:04:  Didn't catch the post below about converting SPC to WAV, but I noticed a lot of subsmissions regarding it, so I looked for the news.

    I've been converting SPCs to WAV and encoding to MP3 ever since the first SPC plugin for Winamp came out. All you have to do is use the diskwriter plugin as the output and push play.

    If you're interested in making your own CD to play in your cd player, you can use this technique to create the WAV file, and then burn that to disc using your favorite cd burning software (I use a really, REALLY old version of CDRWIN).

    I'm sure half of you are going "DUH!" right now, and the other half are going "Whoa". If you have another technique, feel free to post it on our message board. I've already pasted one person's technique there (which explains exactly how to do it in Winamp).

    For an SPC plugin for Winamp, check out the SPC Players.

    Emulator News: EmuJag: The Truth news by 
    02:36:  As I'm sure you've all heard by now, the supposed emulator EmuJag which was supposed to emulate the Atari Jaguar, has turned up to be a fake. It wasn't bad enough we had to deal with Reality Man faking updates of his N64 emulator UltraHLE, then killing the entire project and removing his page, now we have to deal with this latest news. A story was over at WWEmu was posted by Duncan who was selected to be a beta tester for the emulator, but later found over an extended period of time, that it was nothing more than a non-progressing GUI which he said it could've been done by everyone within five minutes." He posted a screenshot of the supposed GUI and went on about other details regarding this fake emulator.

    Too much happening lately. I won't voice my opinions here since this isn't a message board, so I will hold off, but I will say that I'm not impressed.

    Emulator Release: Power64 v2.9 news by 
    02:17:  Power64, a Commodore 64 emulator for the MacIntosh, has been updated to version 2.9. There are screenshots at the site available showing the emulator in action.

    You can pick up this fine emulator by head on over to our MacIntosh Commodore 64 emulators page.

    Emulator Release: Linux Hu-Go news by 
    01:47:  Hu-Go, a PC Engine emulator for Linux, has been released. Please visit the site for more information on this emulator and some screenshots of the emulator in action! Zeograd, the author, has two new PC Engine demos at Utopia! Be sure to check them out.

    You can pick up Hu-Go over at the Unix TG16/PC Engine emulators page.

    Site News: New SPC Research and Development Site Underway: news by 
    01:42:  Nathan writes:

    The details are still underway, but a friend of mine is starting an SPC (SNES file sound format) Research and Development Website on a quest to unlock a way to directly convert SPC to other formats such as MP3 or possibly even WAV (wav is a bit more far fetched than MP3)

    Such though, a demo site will be up soon to see how many people want to join the band wagon o' SPC.
    We'll let you know when the website comes up.

    Emulator News: Magical 32x Site Updated news by 
    01:31:  The Magical 32x site has been updated with some news regarding the Sega 32x emulator. The author has fixed the audio bug that was giving the emulator problems. He's sent out betas to his friends, and if it goes okay, we will be able to play this emulator! There are screenshots available on the site for viewing.

    Check it out today.

    Misc. News: Improve Windows Performance news by 
    01:21:  Yakko sent me a URL that tells you how to increase your Windows performance... It seems that Microsoft fails to install some of the needed driver files when they are in fact on the actual CD (OS's include NT, 98, and ME.) Simply copying the specific files that Windows is missing from the cabfile to your system and vmm32 folder can increase perfomance noticably. Check out this link, and follow the instructions carefully:

    Frontend News: ArcadeOS v2.40 news by 
    01:06:  ArcadeOS, a DOS frontend for the multi-arcade emulator MAME, has been updated to version 2.40. Here's a list of what's new:

    Be sure to check out this frontend over at the Arcade frontends section.

    Emulator News: NeoPocott news news by 
    00:57:  PnP writes in that the NeoPocott web site has been updated with screenshots from the Acorn RISC port of NeoPocott. He also says the new version (0.36b) should be released soon.

    NeoPocott site

    Free ROMs News: Super Fighter Demo Added news by 
    00:50:  I just added a new public domain NES demo to the NES Roms page. The demo has a picture of the Super Fighter cast that was ripped from the game's end sequence as well as music.

    Get it at our Public Domain NES Roms page.

    Site News: PS2 Shipment Count Dropped news by 
    00:30:  According to a story on ZDNET, Sony has reduced the shipments of the Playstation 2 down to 500,000. Apparently, the shipment count was supposed to be 1 million, but they had to drop the count because of apparent "component shortages." The units are slated for release on October 26th of this year, and Sony claims that the situation will improve after the holidays; January - March roughly.

    At any rate, check out this story below:

  • ZDNET: PS2 Shipment Count Dropped

    Thanks to RReich for the news.

    Emulator Release: G-NES v0.42 news by 
    00:02:  G-NES, an NES emulator for Win9x/00, has been updated to version 0.42. Here's a list of what's new:

    You can pick up this fine emulator over at our NES emulators section.

    Emulator News: TR64 Screenshots news by 
    23:52:  Spinal, the creator of all those spiffy .INI files for various N64 emulators, has updated his site with a new re-design, and has uploaded 4 screenshots showing the TR64 N64 emulator in action running Mario 64.

    Visit Spinal's site to check the shots out and to take a peek at his new design.

    Misc. News: EPR Site Moves news by 
    23:49:  The site of The Emulation Programmer's Resource has moved to a new site! Be sure to update your bookmarks if you're a fan of this site which contains tons of information and documents for various systems and also has emulators available for download.

    Update your bookmarks and check it out.

    Emulator News: FPSE Project Terminated news by 
    23:42:  That's right, folks. The Playstation emulator FPSE project has been cancelled. I've been out of it for a while, but apparently they were accused of various things and now its come to them closing the entire project. . .for now.

    Here's what they had to say on their site:

    Hmmm, I wonder what that means.
    Be sure to check the site out constantly for news regarding this emulator.

    Emulator Release: Steem Engine v1.0 news by 
    23:38:  Steem Engine, a Win9x/00 AtariST emulator, has been released after 18 months of development. You will require the TOS to run it, however, make sure you're not running versions 1.06 or 1.62 of it as Steem Engine doesn't seem to like them.

    Snap a copy over at our AtariST page.

    Emulator Release: Pom1 v0.5a news by 
    23:21:  Pom1, an Apple I emulator for the Java runtime environment v1.3. You can download this at the Sun page. This release also includes an Apple 1 Adventure Game so you can test out this emulator.

    Head on over to our Apple I section and check it out. :)

    Emulator Release: VGS Demo news by 
    23:10:  I was over at the Connectix site when I saw that a public demo of the Sony Playstation emulator, VGS, had been released for use on PC and MAC environments. Here's a list of what's available to you if you decide to purchase this emulator:

    Sound good? Why not head on over to the Connectix site and check out the demo and decide for yourself if you want to purchase it?

    Thanks to Emulation HQ for the news.

    Utility Release: GoodGen v0.999.1 news by 
    23:00:  GoodGen, a DOS utility used to rename Genesis ROMs to their correct file names, has been updated to version 0.999.1. Cowering is back after his moment of hiatus to deliver us more of his great utilities. :) Here's a short list of what's new:

    You can pick up this fine utility over at the Good Utilities page.

    Emulator News: Mimic v1.03 Site Updated news by 
    22:43:  I was over at the Mimic site when I read that the release of the arcade emulator should be sometime during this weekend! The main point of this release will be to focus on the SMS driver. The site also provides some screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

    Check it out today!

    Misc. News: Third time is the charm,. . . news by 
    21:40:  Greetings and salutations, ZD'ites! Tis Lycia and none other. I've been part of the ZD legacy the last 2 years now. It's had its bad times, and good, however, the ZD staff has always been my online "family" so to speak, and now I'm home again. :)

    You may know me from sites such as: Emulators Unlimited, Emulation Camp, and from the underground game of: Graal Online.

    At any rate, it may take me a while to live up to these promises, but I assure you. I will carry out these promises to the best of my ability:

    Anyway,. . . .

    Thanks to Sam for giving me another chance at ZD, and I'd like to also thank Brad for giving us such a wonderful site. :)

    Enough talk. Time for action!

    Translation News: Dark Half Patch Updated news by 
    00:06:  Phelan told us that the Dark Half (SNES) translation patch from Klepto Software has been updated to v0.20 (20% complete.) Get it from our SNES Translations page. Thanks again to Phelan for the news.

    Misc. News: OC Remix Updated news by 
    23:50:  David Lloyd has updated the Overclocked ReMix page again... the news remixes are the theme from Super Mario Brothers, and a song from 7th Guest (that old CDROM horror game made by Graeme Devine, the creator of Pole Position for Atari.)

    Get them at the Overclocked ReMix Page.

    Utility Release: TUCL 2000 .20 news by 
    21:51:  I updated the Cheating Utilities page with The Ultimate Cheat List (TUCL) 2000. It has a database of cheats for almost every system.

    Thanks to Sean for the news!

    Links Update: Links updated news by 
    21:28:  I've added a link to DCEmul, a Dreamcast Emulation site. The site aims to be "the source for doing things on your dreamcast that it was not originally meant for"

    Thanks to Sean for the news!

    Site News: ZELDIT Official Page news by 
    04:36:  Incase you didn't notice, the official page for ZELDIT, a Legend of Zelda editor, is now hosted right here at ZD. Welcome to the family.

  • Official ZELDIT page

    Utility Release: Mr. Click's HiColEd news by 
    23:51:  MrClick, the author of TileEd (a tile editor,) has released HiColEd, a 15 bpb bitmap graphic viewer. According to the author, it is quite similar to Jabo's Killer Instinct Image Explorer. Included in the features are:

    Get it at our Facelift Utilities page.

    Utility Release: Z E L D I T Updated news by 
    23:40:  King Koopa has updated his Zelda editor (Z E L D I T) once again, this time to version 0.32. Here's what the editor can do currently:

    Pick this up at our Facelift Utilities page.

    Utility News: ngine Screenshots Up news by 
    23:35:  tubooboo, creator of ngine, has updated his page at with screenshots of Snes9x in action. Go check it out.

    Translation News: Two Translation Groups Working Together news by 
    23:32:  Tiger Claw's translation group (Square Translations) has joined with Wakd Hacks to work on Rudra's Treasure (SNES). This is a joint project, and hopefully it will get us closer to a 100% patch... I would give you a link to their page, but the link I have doesn't work right now...

    Site News: i goofed up news by 
    19:31:  Last night I added Chronicle of the Radia War to the SNES page mistakenly. I didn't read the page throughly enough and thought it was a SNES game. I have now placed it in it's new home on the NES Translations page.
    Thanks to Aardwolf for always pointing out my stupid little mistakes to me. :)

    Links Update: news by 
    19:03:  Frank and Impact304 pointed me to Impact's site EmulationVortex I've added it to our General Emulation links page.

    Emulator Release: RockNes 1.303 news by 
    15:46:  Mr. X let us know about a small update to RockNes. Here's the changes:

  • Fixed (this time with sure) trainer support.
  • Fixed trainer support (bug from previous version);
  • Small mistakes with 'while' loops fixed.
  • Fixed some problems with FDS driver, more games are playable
  • Whoops! Fixed broken mapper #43 from previous version.

    Get a copy from the NES emulators.

    Site News: Poll Update -- Save State Sections news by 
    04:29:  New poll time, kids.. Here's what we had you vote for in the last poll, the Emu Dream:

    Do you still believe in the 1997 ZD Emu Dream?
    1167 34% I think it's still valid today.
    279 8% It's something whose time has come and gone.
    1911 56% ZD Emuwhat?

    The Emu Dream was an important commentary on what Zophar hoped the scene to be at the time, and I suggest you all read it.

    Anyway, as for the new poll, it asks the question:

    Would you be interested in seeing new save state/music sections on ZD?

    In particular, this deals with the addition of other consoles to the selection we have now. Should we add the GameBoy to the section, for example?

    You can vote on it on the sidebar as always, or if you're using the news-only page, vote here. Happy voting!

    Translation News: Two translations added news by 
    23:59:  I've added Cosmo Police Galivan to our NES Translations page and Chronicle of the Radia War to our SNES Translations page. Both of these translations are from The Vale
    Thanks to David for the news.

    Emulator Release: Hugo 1.29 alpha news by 
    21:47:  A new version of Hugo, a TurboGrafx 16 emulator, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Begin of cd support under the win port
  • Corrected the bug in real CD emulation, no cds were playable at least since the 1.28 version, certainly before
  • Preparation for the DreamCast port

    Get it at the TurboGrafx 16 page.

    Utility Release: Dragon Slayer IV Viewer news by 
    20:30:  The author of YY-SMB-EDIT has released a map viewer for Dragon Slayer IV (Legacy of the Wizard in the US.) The page shows an EDITOR in use, but the link downloads the VIEWER only. If anyone knows where this actual editor is (or if it has been released) I'd sure like to know.

    Download the map viewer from our Facelift Utilities page. Thanks to Malachi Constant for the news.

    Utility Release: SMB3 Discombobulator news by 
    20:19:  On September 18th, ACMLM posted news at ACMLM's Rom Hack Domain hinting that he had a surprise hidden in the page... There is a link on the page (I'm not telling where)that lets you download version 0.01 of the SMB3 Discombobulator. See if you can find it...

    Given up already? Get it at our Facelift Utilities page.

    Translation News: Serbo-Croatian Translators Needed news by 
    20:04:  Adnan has started a new team that will translate English roms into the Serbo-Croatian language. They do not have a homepage up yet, but should be releasing their first patch (Lufia II) some time in November. Next on their list is Final Fantasy III. If you'd like to help them, e-mail Adnan at

    Emulator News: ePSXe Progress news by 
    18:20:  Sandman writes:

    EPSXE's ( homepage has been updated with new screenshots (FF8, Legend of Mana and the emulator's GUI, among a few others), and also mentions that Calb's computer died last friday, thus halting development momentarily.

    They used a Matrox Millennium G200 with 8Mb to create the screen shots, and Pete's DirectX6 Plugin to enhance the graphics to 640x480.

  • ePSXe

    Misc. News: Artists, Musicians and Programmers Wanted... news by 
    18:14:  David Pack writes:

    I was reading IGN today and saw a interesting article. It was called "Making the Game". They want some artists,musicians,and programmers to work on a game project. Check out for more info.

    Emulator News: Author of Genital Comments on Fraudulant Emu news by 
    00:54:  Bart Trzynadlowski, the author of Genital, emailed me his thoughts on the whole situation.

    Well, all I have to say is that I am quite disappointed with this little situation. When I put "public domain" on my work, I knew I was making myself vulnerable to such foolishness, but I went ahead anyway because the license is so simple to maintain on my part and gives genuinely nterested people the right to learn from my code -- which I am all for! Genital has been in development ever since the last public release (Version 0.3) and work will still continue on it. I have been contemplating a change in the license, but that was even before "SCD EMU" popped up. Thus, any changes I make will have been inevitable anyway, and I don't intend to quit working on Genital just because of this incident. Forgive and forget :)

    3 cheers for open source! Good luck to Bart and Genital.

    Translation News: Earthbound Text Editor news by 
    00:27:  Tomato has released version 2.0 of his Earthbound (SNES) text editor. You can get it at our Translation Utilities page. Thanks to Darknight16 for the news.

    Translation News: Super Mario World Level Editor news by 
    00:06:  All I can say is... Oh my gosh!!! An editor for Super Mario World (SNES) has finally been released! All of you would-be hack writers out there, hold on to your hats... FuSoYa of FuSoYa's Niche has released his Super Mario World editor (called Lunar Magic) and the features are amazing. You can dump the GFX, move enemies around, and much more.

    Pick up this awesome utility at our Facelift Utilities page. Thanks to Darknight16 for the news!

    Links Update: Links updated news by 
    00:06:  I've updated a few links on our links pages: - Klepto Software has a few translations and mac utilities. - The Vale has a couple of translations and a few original java games - Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain has about 7 different translations - Arkana is a French translation site

    Thanks to Dave for the news!

    Utility Release: MGlide Updated news by 
    23:46:  From the MGlide Readme:

    MGlide project is dead since september 1999. This version (1.246H) was started in june 1999 but never finished. But due to the popular demand I have decided to release it unfinished. So, there's a lot of bugs and the previous version is probably better in most case, but not in all cases. That's why you should try this version.
    Here's what is new in 1.246, the last version of MGlide:
    Pick up the final release at our Glide Wrappers page. Thanks to _Oz_ for the news.

    Emulator News: SCD Emu a Fraud! news by 
    23:19:  ^ATani^ messaged me on IRC and let me know that the SCD Emu I posted on earlier (post and emu deleted), is no more than someone else changing a few words from the Sega CD emu Genital. It's open source, so I hope this doesn't discourage the author from continuing the project.

    Just to make sure this is correct, I loaded both binaries (SCD Emu and Genital) in Hex Workshop and did a comparison. After adding up the differences, firing up my TI-86, it came out to 99.998% of the bytes were identical.

    You can grab Genital from the Genesis emulators.

    Emulator News: New PSEmu Plugins news by 
    21:43:  Chris Rock (love the name) sent us some news about Pete's PSEmu Plugins being updated. Check them out...

  • Pete's Homepage

    Emulator News: Magical32x news by 
    21:40:  Chris writes:

    Yes, you hear me right. It's named "Magical 32x" and there isn't much known about this one yet, however,
    we have a screenshot of the emu running Doom 32x. Oh yeah, we're proud to host this new goodie right here
    at RetroBase :) On a side note, please don't beg me or the staff about a private beta or anything like
    that. It will be released by its author when he thinks its ready.

    The site mentions that it's compatible with just about every 32x game they've tested.

  • Magical32x

    Emulator News: New Meka news by 
    21:37:  Just saw over on Retrogames that Opi got a new beta of Meka v0.55 RC1, Colecovision and Sega 8 bit emulator. Here's the changes:

  • Documentation in GUI.
  • 3D Glasses soft and hard support.
  • CodeMasters mapper emulation (now useless).
  • Colecovision emulation improved
  • Various other fixes

    Keep checking back for an official release.

    Emulator Release: DarcNES Updated news by 
    21:34:  Josh Wink sent us some mail about a new DarcNES. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed bug in NES header parsing introduced in dn9a0916.
  • Fixed bug in PCE VDP introduced in dn9a0901.
  • Added code to allow freeing the memory associated with a ROM (used in DarcNES/Win32 WIP).

    Grab a copy from the DarcNES page.

    Emulator Release: YAME v0.17 news by 
    21:23:  YAME, a multi-system emulator, has been updated. Here are the changes directly from the website:

  • The size of zip finally exceeds 100KB.
  • Itcame to be able to do a usual saving in PC engine.
  • The sound was gone because of the noise of the family computer was erased.
  • Yellow green of Gameboy was changed a little.

    I hope I translated that right...

    Grab a copy from the YAME page. Thanks to Ryan D for the news.

    Emulator Release: SVGAMSX news by 
    19:58:  The MEP-Crew emailed us about a new MSX emulator for Linux x86 called SVGAMSX. Since there's no documentation, little is known about it. The only thing we're sure of is it requires svgalib.

    Snag a copy from the Unix MSX emulators.

    Misc. News: Snes9x Netplay news by 
    19:37:  Koji |{night writes:

    I have finished the core of my flash database for snes9x netplay users. I could, however use, more people in it. If all goes well I should have snes hookups prepreprepre beta database up within a week or two.

    Check out the site for more info:

    Utility Release: New ZELDIT news by 
    19:28:  King Koopa let us know about an update to his Zelda editor ZELDIT. Here's the changes:

  • Edit up through Level 3, now
  • Edits Top/Bottom
  • Edits the Left/Right Doors
  • Edits Monsters
  • Edits Title of Level 1
  • You can mess with the Maps/Compasses/Staring Point
  • Better Layout

    Grab a copy from the NES Utilities.

    Utility Release: Hapsby v0.3 news by 
    19:12:  A new version of Hapsby, a universal save state editor for Java, was released. Can't seem to find a list of the changes since the last version.

    You'll need several Java run-time libraries to use Hapsby, so visit the official site to obtain them. Head to the General Utilities to download a copy. Thanks to Hugues Johnson for the news.

    Emulator Release: Final Burn 0.021 news by 
    03:47:  Dave's emulator for the After Burner arcade hardware, Final Burn, has been updated to 0.021. Here's what's new:

  • Adjusted the sensitivity of the joystick. You should now get better accuracy in aiming, but you have to try harder to do a barrel roll now (which should be more like the arcade).
  • Improved the way input and pausing is done
  • Fixed the keyboard input so that it slides the analog stick at the same rate, no matter what the frame rate is like.

    You can download it from our Multiple Arcade section.

    Emulator Release: RockNES 1.300 for DOS news by 
    02:03:  A new version of RockNES, a NES emulator, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Fixed a mapper #1 (MMC1) bug, now more games are playable;
  • NES periodic rewritten, much better, fixing tons of games!
  • Adjusted Konami's VRCxx IRQs timing (now 99.9% good);
  • Fixed a nasty NES reset problem;
  • Fixed Famicom DiskSystem emulation, thanks Ki for the docs! Notice that your FDS image won't be saved/changed for a while;
  • Sound driver optimized (a bit faster now);
  • As always... more changes and bugs squashed, but I don't remember... :)

    You can get RockNES at the NES page.

    Utility Release: Killer Instinct Image Explorer news by 
    23:50:  It was just released days ago, and already Jabo (the author of Jnes) has updated his Killer Instinct Image Explorer. In the first version, the image colors were wrong, and the author has fixed it in the new version.

    Get the Killer Instinct Image Explorer at our General Utilities page. Thanks to Andrew Mike for the news!

    Translation News: Translhextion Updated and Infontile Released news by 
    22:34:  Januschan has updated Translhextion, his hex editor, to version 1.6 and released a tile editor called Infontile. Here are just a few of the many things that have changed in Translhextion version 1.6 (taken directly from the homepage):

    Get them both at our Translation Utilities.

    Translation News: Chrono Trigger: Another Stupid Spoof Updated news by 
    22:15:  cHiBiMaRuKo has updated his text-hack for Chrono Trigger. Here's what is fixed in this version (0.12):

    Get it at our Hacks page.

    Site News: Z26 1.39 news by 
    19:29:  Z26, an Atari 2600 emulator for DOS, has been updated to version 1.39. Here's what's new from the readme:

    Starpath multiload support has been added. You must concatenate the
    .bin files similarly to other emulators to play multiloads. A command
    like this will do the trick:

    copy /b load1.bin+load2.bin+load3.bin+load4.bin mload.bin

    then run mload.bin in the emulator.

    Added a new Starpath bios that shows the vertical blue progress bars any
    time you load a Starpath game or go to the next load in a multiload game.

    Added support for the 6144 byte Starpath format so that the 6K version
    of Cubis that is floating around the net now plays.

    Changed super-chip detection scheme. If the RAM area has all $00 or
    $ff in it, z26 turns on super-chip support automatically. Now developers
    can work on super-chip games without having to use the -g command
    line switch.

    Thanks to Eckhard Stolberg for the nice Starpath support and the new
    super-chip detection scheme.

    Added some features to trace mode so that real addresses are shown for
    indexed accesses. Thanks to Thomas Jentzsch for help with this.

    Fixed bug in the GUI to allow the complete maximum number of ROMs to be
    displayed (693). Thanks to Michael Walden Jr. for this fix.

    Fixed a small mouse related bug in the GUI.

    Re-vamped video support. Video mode 5 is now the default and the vertical
    position of games is now adjusted automatically. If you wish to turn off
    automatic positioning, simply press PgUp or PgDn to do positioning

    PAL games are now detected automatically. A game is run for a few
    frames and if it is a PAL game (lots of scanlines), the video mode
    is automatically switched to a PAL mode (if you've enabled it with the
    -5 command line switch), and the PAL palette is turned on.

    Fixed what is hopefully the final Windows compatibility issue. Some rare
    system crashes that happened when exiting z26 no longer occur.

    You can find it on our Atari 2600
    emulators page.
    Thanks to Cloy for the news!

    Emulator Release: PasoFami 1.4c news by 
    19:16:  PasoFami 1.4c is out. Here's what's new (translated with

    Function enhancing of cassette RAM substrate
    Addition of correspondence (*mappar*)
    Disk game sucking out and writing

    You can find PasoFami on our NES emulators page.
    Thanks to Justin for the news!

    Emulator Release: WinSTon Emulator Canceled news by 
    19:01:  We recently were pointed to the WinSTon development web page. Paul Bates, the author of the Atari ST emulator WinSTon has decided to cease development on the emulator. However, he has released WinSTon v0.5 and the emulator's source code (available on our Atari ST emulators page. Below is the text of Mr. Bates' final message from the WinSTon development page (editted for content):

    For [f***s] sake! Well, looks like WinSTon was only wounded so lets finish the job and kill it, shall we?

    It was brought to my attention that someone going under the name Lord Nisse hacked my PC while I was on-line and stole the complete source code to the WinSTon emulator. This leaves me with a problem as the source will eventually find its way onto the Internet. Are people just trying to
    [f***] me off?
    Right, I've uploaded an official version of WinSTon as it stood when I terminated it last week. Together with this is the complete source code. There is no copyright on the source or anything like that, so anyone can do whatever they wish with it. I honestly couldn't give a
    [s**t] anymore. v0.5 (651k) WinSTon installation files. Simply uncompress using WinZip and run 'setup.exe'. (745k) Complete WinSTon source code. Requires Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Masm.

    I've had quite a lot of lot of e-mails regarding the end of WinSTon and how they don't agree with what I'm doing. Time to make things clear. The GameBoy Advanced emulator opens a whole new can of worms for the emulation scene. Nintendo is not exactly happy to hear of this emulator to say the least.
    You don't think emulators have any effect on games developers or software sales? Why would anyone want to use a handheld emulator, anyway? Well, ask Rare if they were happy that GB Perfect Dark appeared on the Internet just hours after it was released - and worked on a number of GameBoy emulators. If only they knew that just seven lines of Z80 code prevents a GB game from running on ANY emulator. Anyway, would you pay 30+ quid for a game when you can get it for free and play on your PC? Not many would and software sales DO suffer as a result - which means I, as a game developer, get ripped off worse than ever. If it didn't do any damage then why did Nintendo/Sony spend so much money trying to stop these emulators?
    So how does a GBA emulator effect WinSTon? Not related you're thinking? Well, they are. I used to be a game developer who happened to write an emulator for a long dead machine. No harm with that. About a year or so ago, Nintendo and Sony emulators appeared on the scene. Being associated with emulation was not really a problem until then, but the emulation scene is being looked at in a very different light - this latest emulator puts me in a very difficult situation which could cost me my job, or even worse put me on a black-list never to work on console development again. So, I quit to preserve what I have. WinSTon is not worth risking my career over.

    This web site account(and my e-mail address) has been cancelled so if you're interested in the above files, I'd get them now as they won't be around much longer!


    We'd like to wish Mr. Bates the best in his future endeavors.
    Thanks to David for the news!

    Emulator Release: MasterGear v1.4 news by 
    17:50:  The Sega Master System emu, MasterGear, has been updated to v1.4. Here's the changes:

  • YM2413 FM sound chip emulation
  • 93C46 serial EEPROM chip emulation

    You need to have the registered version to get v1.4, but if you'd like to try out the free demo, visit the SMS/GG emulators. Thanks to David for the news.

    Site News: New design for news by 
    17:43:  DinkeyToy writes:

    We are all pleased to let you know, that has a new design.

    The database now runs completely on SQL and it has a gallery preview option now. It also has been updated to over 1500 flyers :-D.

    Besides, we have released the new Mame Flyerpack #13, containing 16 new and 2 replaced flyers.

    Misc. News: MIDI and MP3 Soundtracks news by 
    14:37:  Chris of RetroBase has uploaded various game MIDI and MP3 files at his site. Get them here.

    Translation News: Megaman 2 Remix Released news by 
    14:24:  Kenclops has released a hack for Megaman 2. The patch has 5 levels completed and one level nearly completed. Right now, it's the only hack that we have for Megaman 2... Get it at our Hacks page.

    Frontend News: FrontDBoy v1.4 news by 
    04:21:  David wrote us to say a new FrontDBoy is out. It's a frontend for the GameBoy emu DBoy...we didn't have this in our section, so I just added it. Here's the changes (translated from Spanish):

  • Added the option to rename all the files for those those internal titles of the roms.
  • Attaché supports for files *. gbz and super gameboy.
  • Added the option of replacing holding existent in the extraction of these. (Valid alone when generating the list).
  • Attaché supports for SideWinder (dboy 0.70a).
  • Modernized the files of languages.
  • Corrected bug when generating the list of holding with a single game.
  • Corrected bug in the holding extraction in roms with protection.
  • Corrected bug in the compression of files.
  • Corrected bug in the renombramiento of the rom for the title.

    Hope that translation is accurate...grab a copy from the Game Boy Frontends.

    Site News: Save archives updated news by 
    02:28:  Save archives updated: GS0, NSM, STA, CHT, ZST archives.

    Emulator News: Snes9X Progress Information news by 
    22:27:  Snes9X.COM has been updated with a progress report. SA-1 game speed ups are being worked on, and C4 chip support will be added as well as various other things. You can get the current version of Snes9X at the SNES page. Thanks to EmuCamp for the news.

    Misc. News: ngine News news by 
    21:56:  Here's some news that tubooboo JUST put on his site:

    Lets get one thing out of the way, it is NOT running games yet. However, after a few hours of work tonight I successfully integrated the SNES9x source (v 1.29) into the ngine environment. I have everything compiling and linking fine, hell, I actually invoke SNES9x code now, and I am writing the ROM loader now. We might see very interesting things, very soon, as the whole display environment is already taken care of by ngine, and this works a treat already. Expect no sound in the first version, though. signing off for the night now. cheers for all the support mail, keep it coming. And use the message board if you have a question. Thx, tubooboo
    You can visit his page at to check on the progress. Of course, we'll keep you updated here...

    Utility Release: Killer Instinct Image Explorer news by 
    15:44:  Jabo, the author of JNES, has released a utility that can decode images in the Killer Instinct Roms. So far, he has been able to dump sprite data and intro movie frames...

    You can get the Killer Instinct Image Explorer at the General Utilities page. Thanks to "the greg" for the news.

    Misc. News: Final Warrior Updated news by 
    14:44:  Anthony J. Combieriate has released a second demo for his RPG, Final Warrior. (The RPG is written in Java.) He still has the first demo available so that you can compare them and see his progress. Some of the new features are:

    You can download the demo at The Final Warrior Homepage.

    Emulator Release: MasterGear 1.4 Released news by 
    14:37:  Marat Fayzullin has released version 1.4 of MasterGear, his Sega Master Systems/GameGear emulator. Of course, you can't download the emu... he wants you to pay $35 to register it. If you feel like buying an emu today, visit his site here.

    Thanks to DrSteveW for the news.

    Overclocked Update: OC Remix Updated news by 
    14:29:  David Lloyd writes:

    OC ReMix was updated with three new ReMixes - Castlevania, Super Mario Bros. 2, and . . . Castlevania! Also, each ReMix is linked to the original soundtrack, available separately through the MERIDIAN homepage!
    You can get to the ReMix page at and the MERIDIAN page at

    Frontend News: Frontend Released news by 
    14:10:  Aussie of Dodgy Translations strikes again! This time, it's a frontend for Tile Layer (a tile editor). Because this is a frontend for a utility that works with multiple types of roms, I had no idea where to put it. After a few minutes of thought, I decided to put it on the NES Utilities page... the same page that the Tile Editor is on.

    Translation News: English Translation Released news by 
    13:53:  Aussie of Dodgy Translations has released thier first public patch. The game is a Konami game called "Motocross Champion" and is for the NES. Just looking at the screenshots makes it look VERY MUCH like Excitebike.

    Get it at our Translations page.

    Utility Release: Z E L D I T Updated news by 
    13:45:  King Koopa has updated Z E L D I T, his dungeon tile editor for The Legend of Zelda (NES). You can now edit level 2... Get it at our Facelift Utilities page.

    Misc. News: The True-Life Story Behind the Atari 2600 VCSp news by 
    13:35:  A guy by the name of Benjamin J. Heckendorn has build a portable Atari 2600 VCS using an Atari 2600, an LCD Active Matrix screen, and a custom built case. Read more about it here. Thanks to jakobud for the news.

    Site News: Wrestling forums moving soon news by 
    01:15:  The Wrestling forums are going to be moving soon to Brad (Zophar) Levicoff's new project so all bookmarks should be changed to that site.

    Link: Interactive Forums

    Translation News: Other Smashing Pumpkins Hacks Added news by 
    01:00:  Ok.. here's the story behind the Smashing Pumkins patch. Two guys (Steve and David Pukin) made two hacks... one for Super Mario Bros. and one for Super Mario Bros. 3. Both had to do with the band Smashing Pumpkins, so they named them Super Smashing Pumpkins Bros. 1 and 2, respectively (even though SSPB 2 was a hack for SMB 3.) Macbee (of Macbee's NES Rom Hacks) got permission to make a patch for SMB 2 based on the first two patches. Because this was the third patch released, it was called Super Smashing Pumpkins Bros. 3.

    If you're thoroughly confused by now, you're not the only one... Get all three of these patches from our Hacks page.

    Translation News: Two Translations Dead news by 
    00:37:  Conrad tells us that PR Translations have dropped their Harvest Moon GBC 2 and Pokemon Gold English translations because of an imminent US release. Even though the projects never finished, you can download the existing patches at our Translations page.

    Translation News: Two New Hacks news by 
    00:32:  Macbee has released two new hacks for the NES. The first (Batman MCB) is the original Batman for the NES with the costume and build changed to look more like the Batman in the first movie. The second hack (Super Smashing Pumpkins Bros. 3) is a hack for SMB2 (yes, I DID get the numbers correct.) It is based on the Smashing Pumpkins Bros. 1 and 2 hacks that were released by Steve and David Pukin. I have found the old games, and I'll be posting the IPS files for the older ones as soon as I can make them...

    Until then, download both of these patches at our Hacks page.

    Translation News: The Elite Hacking Force news by 
    23:53:  Mottzilla of the Elite Hacking Force has informed us that his group is taking a break from the rom hacking scene. They will be back, but need some more people to help them out. If you think you'd like to help, visit their page at or e-mail Mottzilla at

    Site News: = gone news by 
    23:23:  Nijhazer was one of the first to tell us about closing up shop. From the site:

    Due to legal issues, is suspended until further notice. However, a full statement will be issued regarding the future of this site in several days.

    They're taking donations to put towards their lawyer..visit the site for more info on that.

    Utility Release: Z E L D I T news by 
    21:20:  King Koopa writes in about ZELDIT, a Legend of Zelda Dungeon editor for Windows. Right now you can only edit level one, but it looks promising.

    You can get it off our NES Utilities page.

    Emulator News: Dreamer 0.000001 news by 
    14:08:  The name of the recently announced "Dreamcast Emulator" has been changed to "Dreamer". Right now, it can only run a few demos, but hopefully that will change in the future. You can get the current version at the Dreamcast page.

    Misc. News: Blip 'n' Blop III for PC in Production news by 
    10:54:  Bill Gros writes:

    A bunch of programmers, the LOADED team, who made several
    demos and games on Amiga is currently working on a new PC
    game project called Blip'n'Blop: Balls of Steel. It's a 2D
    shooter like Gryzor or Metal Slug and it's freeware. The
    interesting part of the game is, that you have to kill some
    video games characters like Mario, Lara Croft, Sonic and
    harmless creatures like Pokemons, Smurfs, Care Bears,
    Teletubbies, etc...
    You can check out the Blin 'n' Blop III: Balls of Steel page at the Loaded Homepage.

    Emulator Release: fMSX SO v0.81 Re-Release news by 
    05:48:  TFH/Fony emailed us and let us know that fMSX SO, an MSX emulator, was re-released to include an english manual. I've updated our archive, but this time with a Zip archive (LZH gave people some problems). Thanks to for the Zip.

    Check out the MSX emulators for a copy.

    Emulator News: KIAME Page Updated news by 
    05:36:  Directly from the KIAME page:

    The project as we keep stateing [sic] IS still alive so don't worry, I'l [sic] try to get hold of rcp to give a few words.

    JPD sent rcp his sound source code the other day and were
    [sic] waiting for the results on that too.

    What is KIAME? An upcoming emulator for Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2. Stay tuned.

    Misc. News: Ghost In The Machine news by 
    05:03:  No, this isn't about the ROM release group...

    Remember that movie Grumpy Old Men? Well, in the movie Walter Matheau (R.I.P.) lived next door to Jack Lemon, and he changed the channel on his television while Jack Lemon was watching it. It really happened, but in a less humorous way.

    ...the Smiths discovered that someone had taken control of their televisions, which are hooked up to both a nationwide satellite TV service and an Internet provider.

    Channels would change, seemingly without cause, authorities said. In the middle of the night, a television would mysteriously turn on at high volume.

    Authorities said that an enraged Charlotte Smith reported that she yelled at her television on one occasion, only to have a message flash across the screen reading, "Shut up, Charlotte."

    While the details of the story are less than amusing, the concept is pretty neat.

  • NBCi Article

    Emulator Release: AdvanceMAME 0.37 beta 7 news by 
    03:50:  A new version of AdvanceMAME, a MAME for DOS build that gives added video support, has been released. It is now up to date with the newest official MAME. Get AdvanceMAME at the MAME page.

    Site News: More trouble from "them"... news by 
    03:37:  To avoid legal trouble, I'm going to have to be official.

    jandaman of, a site devoted to Sega(r) Dreamcast(tm) news, is under more legal trouble. Here is what's on the site:

    Some of you may know was forced to shut down by Sega[(r)].We recieved the same letter as asking us to comply. Time is not on our side as we have till tomorrow to tell Sega's[(r)] lawyer of our intentions. They plan on filing formal papers on the 29th of this month. I will be meeting with some legal contacts tonight and will see what they have to say. I do not want to shut this site down but if that's what my own legal contacts say, I might have to. I will keep you updated on the situation.....

    It looks like Sega(r) is being the bully again...

    * This news item copyright ©2000 Climax Media, Inc. "ZOPHAR'S DOMAIN" is a registered trademark of GameArts, Inc. and JapanArtMedia Co.,Ltd. "CLIMAX MEDIA" is a registered trademark of Climax Media, Inc. "SEGA" and "DREAMCAST" are registered trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Ltd. Any other references to other trademarks are property of their respective trademark holders.

    Interview News: Zophar Interviewed news by 
    03:09:  FANDOM Videogamers is showing an interview they had with Zophar, the founder and former owner of ZD.

    If you're wondering about what got him started and what he's going to do now, check it out.

    Emulator Release: GiriGiri project news by 
    22:04:  We got word of a new Sega Saturn emulator in development called GiriGiri. This release is ver. 0.3 and has a debugger. From the readme:

    GiriGiriDebuger is a SEGA Saturn Emulator with Debugger.
    This version is NOT playable. It emulates 'Timer Setting Screen' only, yet.

    The webpage is at, but is in japanese. use elingo to translate it.
    Looks promising! I've added it to the Sega Saturn page.
    Thanks to David for the news!

    Site News: 128 Museum Gets a New Home news by 
    16:59:  Jan Werner writes:

    128 Museum has moved !!! New address is .
    Please update your bookmarks...
    In connection with that, e-mail address was changed to .

    In addition, they've also added the following games: Advanced Flight Trainer 128 , Arc Of Yesod 128 (better version), Bionic Commando 128, Chain Reaction 128 (version with and only on this site), International 3D Tennis 128 , Tusker (128 Remix), Where Time Stood Still 128 (superb version with manual).

  • 128 Museum

    Site News: Boards fixed news by 
    16:50:  If you haven't noticed yet, the boards are fixed...someone went to change around the script that displays the posts to make it go faster, and it hosed it.

    Misc. News: Similar OS to "ngine" news by 
    16:21:  starfire sent us a message about a similar OS to "ngine". He writes:

    In reference to the "ngine" OS, I'd like to point out that there's a much more powerful similar OS developed currently by Amiga, Inc ( It goes beyond platform independence and implements a virtual processor that converts its own machine code to machine code for whatever processor it is currently running on. It currently supports about 20 families of processors and more are coming. The only files that need porting are the ones related to the virtual processor, and that porting is done by Amiga Inc themselves. Everything else is just compiled once and never needs porting. And you can run it as a separate OS or on top of whatever OS you are currently using. Cool huh? I encourage all emulator developers / end users to use this new environment as it becomes available. It'd mean the end of troublesome porting and constant whining from uneducated newbies in the style of "wanna-see-a-port-of-emu-x-now".

    Site News: Introducing MameMix! news by 
    12:49:  Maurizio Galeone just emailed us with word that he's released a new frontend for MAME called MameMix. From my initial usage, I think this frontend has quite a bit of potential. Nice work, Maurizio!

    you can pick this one up at our Multi-Arcade Frontends page.

    Translation News: FF3 Monster Editor 4.0 Released! news by 
    12:14:  Ermac was kind enough to let us know that Jumper and Lord J had updated their FF3 Monster Editor to version 4.0 a while ago. pasting the "what's new" would make this post far too long, so I'll let you read it for yourself. :-)

    you can pick the file up at our Translation Utilities page.

    Emulator Release: Visual Boy v1.4.6 news by 
    02:39:  Visual Boy, a GameBoy emulator, has been updated. Here's what's new:

  • Digital sound support for Perfect Dark, Warlock, Chessmaster and others
  • SGB border on supported CGB games
  • Drag drop support
  • Command line passing of ROM to start with
  • Directories configuration
  • Speed up button
  • Capture button configuration
  • Fullscreen mode changed to 640x480 (and centered)
  • Emulator type (automatic, CGB, SGB, GB)
  • Fix sound bug on Tetris DX, Zelda DX and others
  • Increased speed emulation (found a nasty thing holding up emulation speed)

    Snag a copy from the GameBoy emulators.

    Misc. News: Rom Dump Available Soon news by 
    23:36:  According to DoomX, bootleg carts of King of Fighters 2000 are now available in Hong Kong. Project-0 (that's a zero) have said that they are going to dump it, but need more donations to get the game dumped.

    Check out their site at

    Emulator News: Multiplatform Operating Environment news by 
    23:14:  tubooboo sent us an e-mail telling us about a project that he's working on. It's called "ngine", and I probably can't do it justice, but here's the basic concept: He's writing a multiplatform operating environment (engine) that attempts to simplify porting applications to different operating systems. I'm really struggling with how to define this, so here's the "Small FAQ" from the project's homepage.

    Does it work with Platform X? Yes. all that needs to be done ONCE is writing the plugin code. ONCE only for ANY given ngine program.
    What are the minimum requirements? A C++ compiler for the target platform, a display able to display a pixel based image, and some means of input. The ngine core will not use a lot of resources, but the ultimate amount of RAM required is based on your target program running in the ngine.
    This sounds pretty familiar to what MAME / PSEmu does... ...but it's SO much more powerful. Talk about system independent menuing and messaging.
    Is this going to help me find ROMS? no. go away.
    Does it support DirectX? It supports whatever you want it to support. Included in the current implementation are DirectX and GDI plugins for Windows and Windows CE.
    OK, i want to develop using this / port your emu, where is the download? Well, it isnt completed yet. It is heavily under construction, and some major parts of the application already work. In a few weeks, I will be posting a beta of the program to a limited amount of testers.
    Check out the project page at

    Site News: Harvest Moon Editor Updated news by 
    22:54:  Jathys has updated HME (Harvest Moon Editor) to version 0.4u. The previously existing Ranch Editor has been slightly improved and a brand new Mountain Editor has been added with "full" support.

    Get it at our Translation Utilities page.

    Translation News: Secret of Mana 2 German 100% news by 
    22:29:  Special-Man of G-Trans (a German translation group) told us that he has released a 100% German patch for Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2 in the US.) This patch is the product of a year of work by the following people:

    Get the German patch from our German Translations page.

    Utility Release: Meridian v1.0 news by 
    22:19:  Meridian, an NSF and GYM player, is out with some excellent new features. Here's the changes:

  • Mixed Playlist Support
  • Recording to WAV(Hold Shift and Press Play)
  • A Lot of New Configuration Options
  • Rewrote the GUI Code
  • Skins Are Now Compressed
  • All known WinNT & Win2K Compatability Issues Resolved
  • A Lot of Little Bug Fixes

    Visit the NSF and GYM utilities page for a copy. Thanks to David Lloyd for the news.

    Emulator Release: DBoy v0.70a news by 
    22:09:  Elijah Chu was one of the first to let us know about the new DBoy. My Japanese->English isn't great, so I hope these changes are accurate (help anyone?):

  • Fixed SideWinder support
  • Other various fixes

    Grab a copy from the GameBoy emulators.

    Links Update: The Verge Source news by 
    21:57:  tatsumi_oreo writes in with:

    Perhaps you've heard of VERGE? The engine used to create console-style pc games? Well, me and some friends have created a new site for VERGE.


    Emulator Release: EX68 2.14 news by 
    21:27:  A new version of EX68, a X68000 emulator for Windows, has been released. There are various release notes on the site, but no definite "what's new" in this version. If you're interested in EX68, go visit yourself. However you may want to use the e-Lingo webpage translator since it's in Japanese. You can get EX68 at the X68000 page. Thanks to EmuCamp for the news.

    Site News: Emulating video game systems...on video game systems... news by 
    21:15:  cleric writes:

    Some of you might remember me. I am cleric, the guy who ran news-u-lator and I decided that I wanted to make a comepletely different kind of site, so I just launched NGE (a site dedicated to emulating video game systems on video game systems). It is hosted by ROAR!


    Emulator Release: DarcNES dn9a0916 news by 
    21:08:  A new version of the DarcNES source has been released, as well as an official Windows build. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed 6280 ADC overflow calculation.
  • Fixed 6280 SBC D mode carry flag clobber.
  • Fixed 6280 cycle-count bug for PL[APXY].
  • Converted 6280 to use lazy flag evaluation.
  • Fixed 6502 SBC overflow calculation.
  • Fixed 6502 SBC D mode carry flag clobber.
  • Fixed 6502 lazy flag evaluation SBC bug.
  • Cleaned up iNES ROM header parsing.
  • Fixed minor bug with PCE CD debug output for reset command.
  • Fixed (hopefully) compile problem with SVGAlib version.
  • Removed unused references to errno and errno.h from video_x.c.

    Get it at the NES page. Thanks to EmuCamp for the news.

    Emulator Release: French MacMAME v0.37 Beta 7 news by 
    21:06:  The french translation of MacMAME has been brought up to the latest MAME release. Grab it from the Mac Multi-Arcade emulators.

    Thanks to Marc Vielfaure for the email.

    Emulator Release: Final Burn 0.20 released! news by 
    11:44:  Man, does Dave work fast! already, he's released a new version of Final Burn! Does this man ever sleep? here's what's new:

    * Changed the scanlines method back so only one blit is done (probably more reliable in the long run), mainly because blitting each scanline is too slow in DirectDraw.
    * Unfortunately, some of you may have some vertical banding ffects. Try disabling the bilinear filter on your video card. I'll have a think about how to sort this one out.

    You can pick this up at our Multiple Arcade Emulators page.

    Emulator News: Some NeoPocott News news by 
    11:14:  PnP mailed in to let us know about some goings-on in the NeoPocott world. First of all, there's a NeoPocott Compatibility List for version 0.35b. Second, the due date for the NeoPocott Logo Contest is Sept. 24th, so all you artists should get cracking. you should check out the current entries, as there's some fierce competition going on. :)

    Media News: New Retrogaming Times is up news by 
    10:47:  seems that this month's episode (issue) of the Retrogaming Times is up. here's what's new:

    -MAME Reviews of Dino Rex and Hippodrome!
    -First news on the Phillyclassic and C.C.A.G. classic game shows!
    -Wrap-up of the TI 99/4A coverage!
    -A whole lot more!

    do yourself a favor and read up!

    Site News: A few words... news by 
    05:46:  First off, I need to say something about Brad (Zophar).

    4 years ago when I first met him on Undernet IRC, he was one of those "elite" people that you didn't dare to talk to. But I did, and he actually took the time to chat with me. Time passed, and I had the utmost respect for him. Finally, I got the guts to ask for a job here, and he let me in the family.

    After awhile, and probably from seeing him from an insider's perspective (and going to his place and hanging out a few times), he lost the "eliteness" and just became another guy I knew. We argued, fought, etc...I even publically stated I lost all respect for him and I figured ZD would fall the ground. I even had my finger on the "Send" key with my resignation written.

    In actuality, it was because I was truely devoted to seeing ZD succeed, and Brad was neglecting the site by dedicating his time to things more important than a web site (aka real life). After getting my own life (girlfriend, job, massive debts, etc), I understood where he was coming from.

    As it stands now, and below the surface, I still do have the utmost respect for Brad, and a firm devotion to ZD. While I've always lacked interest in emulation (never played video games), my devotion comes from the technical side of things...from being able to say "I helped do that".

    ZD wasn't taken over, Brad didn't quit...he handed the torch to me, and I'll continue to keep it bright. I look forward to any contributions from Brad (articles, guest judge for future contests, etc). We're not changing the name, as Zophar's Domain is just a name...the "'s" is not posessive, and you all voted that idea down.

    To Brad: "Hi, I'm Bob. What's an emulator?" (inside joke) Your site is in good hands and will always be #1.

    To the staff: The last few months haven't been great...let's not lie. Now it's time to pickup the pieces and give the people what they've always wanted. The BEST news FIRST. The largest, most complete and most updated archive of emulators on the internet.

    To the visitors: If it weren't for you guys, we'd be typing to ourselves. Your support and occasional "Good job!" emails are our driving force. If ZD is missing something that you'd like to see, by all means, contact us. Your voice will be heard. A lot of people said they want a new design and an easier interface...that system is 10 months in development and is nearing completion. You said you want updated emulator descriptions that are more precise and less BS to fill the space...virt is doing a great job getting those updated. You said you wanted an email address that you could include in your mass mailings about emu releases, site news, and such...we gave you

    Emulation is not dying. Emulation is slowing down a bit, as most systems are emulated and emulated well (GB/NES/Atari/etc). It's extremely difficult to emulate the next generation systems, so updates and new releases for those emulators are few and spaced far apart (DC/N64/CPS2).

    As Brad has always said, Emulation Forever. Long live Zophar's Domain.

    Misc. News: Uhm, hello. news by 
    04:18:  Wow, talk about a time to make an introduction.
    Hi. I'm mushroom blue (Jason Oliveira) and I'm one of the new site maintainers. I've been in the emulation community for roughly 3 years now, and am excited to help make ZD an even better site than it is today.

    We'll miss ya, Zophar.

    Site News: New Senior Staffer... news by 
    00:35:  Well, in light recent events, I, Ernie Smith, have taken the open position on ZD's Senior Staff. Me and Kevin (XiP) will be in charge of the day-to-day issues involved in running the site starting today.

    As always, if you'd like to send us a news submission, Contact Us. I'm looking forward to running the site with as much energy as (and probably even more than) I've used to work on ZD in the past.

    Any concerns? Mail me, because I'd like to personally hear what you have in mind for making the site even better.

    Emulator Release: Laser 0.11a news by 
    00:30:  As promised, I have released Laser 0.11a. Here's what's new:

  • Space Invaders now features complete sound. Somehow I missed the saucer sound - I don't know how I did that - but it's in there now.

    You can download it from our Multiple Arcade section.

    Site News: The End of an Era: Brad 'Zophar' Levicoff to depart ZD, Sam Michaels left in charge news by 
    00:01:  Hey everyone. I apologize for not returning under better circumstances, but before I begin I'd like to say something.

    This is in NO way an unhappy 'emulation is dead' cry of sadness. I want everyone right now reading this to laugh. Or smile. Or stand upside down on your head and say 'BOOGIEWOOGIE'. Whatever is fun for you do, or I'll kill you all. :)

    It's been a wild rollercoaster ride for the last four years and I have to say, I've learned quite a bit. Whether it was helping out an emulation author debug one of their latest emulators, offering help to a budding new site webmaster or overseeing a site with some of the greatest team players I've ever seen, I've always tried to give 110%, even in times when it would seemingly dip into negative digits.

    Sure, it's never been easy and it's been FAR from perfect. It's true - the saying goes that ZD has gone through more staff members than Bill Clinton through interns - hey, we never claimed to be perfect! The one thing we always did come through with is the fact that we never gave up.

    Over the past four years, I've seen and done many things. Not everything was the right decision, and looking back there were many things that I would have done differently. However, I can't turn back the clock and neither can any human being. All we can do is learn from our mistakes in order not to repeat them.

    Sam Michaels (aka SwampGas) has been a part of Zophar's Domain for well over two years. He knows the site inside & out and has been designing a "Next-Gen" system, to be unveiled soon that will hopefully breathe new life into a site that has truly been through hell and back. It's still here to tell the tale! If anyone has good business know-how and is capable of running a site in a firm but fair manner, it's Sam. I am very confident that as the new owner and C.E.O. of Zophar's Domain, he will work to oversee the site in the best manner possible, as I have always tried to do for the last four years.

    Effective September 20, 2000 @ 12:01AM (ie, immediately), Samuel Michaels will be your new party-host. I ask that you all treat him with the same respect that you would treat any other webmaster or staffer that devotes their time to providing you, the visitor, with the best possible browsing experience you could ever hope to receive. Running a website, as well as maintaining, takes a lot of work and is not as rewarding, financially, as you may think. So the next time you visit the site, show your appreciation and drop the staffers a mail. Let them know they're doing a great job and tell them you want them to keep it up. A few words goes a long way - trust me, I've been there!

    Many people will ask the obvious question - why? Well, there are a variety of reasons. I went back to school this fall. Although I've never really said this to anyone, I've really been falling behind in my studies since I began devoting more time behind the scenes to ZD in 1999. It came to a point where I almost thought that I could make a few hundred dollars a month, get by and save 'college for later'. Friends, let me tell you - BIG MISTAKE. There is *nothing* more important in the world than school. This may sound cheesy and overplayed, but the best thing you can do is get an education, because there's pretty much nothing in this world that's certain. My father always told me that there were only two things other than death in life that you could be certain of - "You're born, and you pay taxes". :) Words of wisdom, no?

    Kind of ironic how today's is about "quitting the scene". That's not the only weird thing. Here in Philadelphia, it's raining something fierce! This exact kind of storm was present on November 9, 1996 in Philly as well - the very day I founded Zophar's Domain! It doesn't get much more eerie than that. It's kind of like things coming around full circle.

    Enough stalling! I'd like to take the last few moments of my time to thank everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - who I can possibly remember that has helped me in someway with my own personal life, or contributing to Zophar's Domain. If I forget anyone, I sincerely apologize - I am going 100% from memory right now and I'm sure I'm missing some people. If I spell your name wrong, please forgive me. Real names are used when I can remember them in place of nicknames. Most last names are abbreviated to protect the innocent. ;)

    In no particular order:

    The emulator authors: Marat Fayzullin, Chris George, zsknight, _Demo_, Icer Addis, Pharos, Carlos Alberto Lozano Baides, Ishmair, TRAC, Fx3, Steve Snake, RealityMan, TNSe, Quietust, Markus Gietzen, Jerremy Koot, Gary Henderson, James McKay, Matt Conte, Paul Robson, Haruki Ikeda (R.I.P.), Marcel De Kogel, and all other emulator authors that I've spoken with throughout the years that my horrible memory prevents me from listing - as well as those I didn't know but who helped the community through their tireless efforts.

    The Staff - Past & Present + direct help: Ryan Vines, Alan Lanoie, Rend0002, Steve Demeter, Jeremy Chadwick, Bjorn Astrom, Sam Michaels, Kevin Young, Ernie Smith, noam, Jake Kaufman, Lawson Culver, Louis Martinez, Sam K., Stacey & Matt Flewelling, rouge, grit9000, emufreak, gangis, Mickey McMurray, crispana, icewizard, shamanix, yakko, mushroom blue, Ben Funk, rza, poetess, CB4, "Tanarus/Athena Asamiya", grimmett, and all those who directly or indirectly contributed somehow over the last four years whose names I somehow cannot recall.

    My Philly boys (and girls): Ross B., Ed B., Michael Jacobson, Philip J., Richard B., Brian S., Harris R., Chad F., Gloria C., Vera F., David P., Chris M. and Adam. Thanks guys - I'd still be stuck behind a video card or something without you!

    The IRC/Net Guys & webmasters: EFX, Faraway, The_Sheik, mascot, BlackPuma, Deathrage, vore, Dave W. of VG, bwb & Peter Dalton of EmuHQ, uzplayer, everyone at Emucamp & Emuunlim, Jim Pragit, Sasha, Powerlord, xxdethxx, xscrawlx, __Daria, Trixie Firecracker, MindRape, MadHatter, TuxedoMsk, ChaosKnight, nutmonkey, azimer, backdrop, kitten, atila, prophet, darkmazda, marp, sevy, rob(wild), Moogie, HBKid, everyone at emusphere, Braxus, geechyguy, David Lloyd, thirty-ninester, GhaleonX, the old undernet "Zophar", zane, The Scribe, chrono, lk*1, SoM2Freak, David Timko, Magickian, reptile, mooglezz, riddler, JL_Picard, Zachary Williams, Ubu, Ripfob, hiryuu, NS, bigjake, Lance McKay, 4999, lowrider, gloone, lepper, Joe, letoram, chromium, herbman, cixel, sui, niczak, midnight_mage, Astos, Kry, hiroshi, IJ... so many more. Please don't take offense if I forgot you, it's been a long time...

    The Israeli Grobemeister: Jeremy Schwartz (mwuahahhaha - visit me in Philly sometime, damnit!)

    The Little People: The midgets + Bloodlust Software / Ethan Petty, Evan J., Ritesh, Nikool, Matt E., Greg Levicoff, Petey and all the kids and midgets who supported ZD all these years by visiting...

    My Parents: Michele & Louis Levicoff

    In Memory: Diana & Charles Eichler, Esther & Charles Levicoff (My loving grandparents... rest in peace.)

    Very Special Thank-Yous

    Most importantly... all of you! For without you, where the heck would ZD be?

    It would be nowhere. That's where it would be. Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart. I'm going to miss everyone, but don't worry - I'll still try to come around every now and then and see how things are going.

    I welcome your thoughts & opinions:

    So...I wish you all the best. I sincerely apologize to any person that I have ever offended over the past four years. I'm only a human being - no one is perfect. I make mistakes as we all do. I only ask that you can forgive me as I move on in life and grow maturely until my end of days.
    Wrestling fans or people who just want to check up on me may visit me and Louis Martinez at our very own soon-to-be-open Wrestling site,

    Finally... Believe... just kidding.

    I close now with my grandfather's favorite saying, god rest his soul:

    If a task is once begun,
    Never leave it 'till it's done.
    Be it big or be it small,
    Do it well or not at all.

    My task is complete.

    Emulation Forever!

    - Brad "Zophar" Levicoff 09/20/00 @ 12:00AM

    Site News: The Emulation Dream 2000 news by 
    23:45:  Greetings.

    Please check back here at midnight sharp for a special announcement that will change the face of Zophar's Domain forever.

    After careful consideration and a few years, the emulation dream is not totally doomed - it just needs to be brought into Y2K. So, without any furthur delay I bring you... The Emulation Dream 2000!

    Spread this on every website, upload it to FTPs, print it for your dartboard... do what you will with it, but read it and gather from it what you can. It's my final gift to the emulation community.

    For those who don't wish to download it:
    The Dream: Emulation Dream 2000

    By Brad Levicoff

    Note: It's been over three years since the original dream. As with all ideas, things can change with time. This is the new dream for the year 2000.

    To all that shall read this document, listen carefully. 'The Dream' has been three years in the making. Though things may change, I pray this new set of words has the longevity to last forever.

    --Emulation Dream 2000--
    What is emulation truly about?

    Is it simply the act of mimicking the actions of one computer onto another computer, no matter how similar or different the two systems may be?

    Might it be a tool of piracy with grey-area labels slapped onto for teenagers to have some free fun at the expense of programmers?

    Could emulation be about giving back to the community which gave back to you for so many years - an act of sharing and selflessness?

    Or is it an excellent way to learn how to program while at the same time helping other fellow programmers through open source projects?

    It's every one of them.

    Or it's none of them.

    You're all right, but you're all wrong.

    It's not just emulation, either. This entire world that we live in - it's whatever you want it to be. Whatever this means to you is what the true answer is.

    Make the most of the time you have on this earth. Perhaps you fancy video games as your entertainment. Still others listen to music to release their anxieties. But whatever our escape may be, try to remember one thing.

    Whether you profit or not...

    Have fun.

    Just have fun.

    Enjoy life while it lasts - because it's never forever.

    I wish you all good luck.
    --Emulation Dream 2000--

    Brad Levicoff (
    September 13, 2000

    Emulator Release: Final Burn 0.019 Released news by 
    23:31:  Dave at The Final Burn Homepage has released version 0.019 of his Final Burn multiple arcade emulator. Here's what is new:

    Get it at our Multiple Arcade Emulators page.

    Utility Release: visine 1.0 news by 
    23:29:  visine is a Mega Man 2 level editor by Fx3. It supports all 8 robots and Wily levels as well as other features. You can get it at the facelift utilities page.

    Utility Release: Graphics Studio 1.2 Released news by 
    22:30:  Rusty Wagner (of Rusty Programming) has updated his full version of Graphics Studio to version 1.2. Here is what he fixed in this version:

    Download the demo or purchase the full version at Rusty Programming.

    Translation News: New Chrono Trigger Spoof news by 
    22:22:  cHiBiMaRuKo has released his own text-based spoof patch for Chrono Trigger (SNES) which he has affectionately dubbed "Chrono Trigger: Another Stupid Spoof." You can check it out at his site (you guessed it... the Chrono Trigger: Another Stupid Spoof Site!) OR get it from our Hacks page, as usual.

    Misc. News: Fangame Project, "Operation Earthbound" in Need of Additional Artist news by 
    03:58:  Crazypumpkin writes:

    A few weeks ago, I have posted news of my Earthbound fangame "Operation Earthbound". The game is meant to be an independant sequel to the SNES RPG. It's creation was in response to the Earthbound 64 cancellation. However, while the story (and a good part of scripting) is completed at this point, our artist is overwhelmed with schoolwork. He needs someone who can help him out.

    If any of you are experienced with SNES/NES/GBC tileset design and sprite design, and are serious workers (though real life commitments take priority of course), we could use you!

    If you are interested, please either
    ICQ me at 12002761 or email me at

    Emulator Release: fMSXSO v0.81 news by 
    03:56:  What happened to MSXSO you may ask? Well, the author decided to rename it to fMSXSO because it's based on fMSX. Here's the changes:

  • Name change from MSXSO to fMSXSO
  • Updated SCC Drivers
  • Updates PSG & OPLL Drivers
  • Fixed a bug in the audio log

    Grab a copy from the MSX emulators. Kudos to TFH/Fony for the heads up.

    Emulator Release: New STEM news by 
    03:40:  STEM is an RCA Studio 2 emulator written by Paul Robson. This new version allows support for binary roms.

    Head over to the RCA Studio 2 emulators page for a copy.

    Also, check out the Studio 2 ROMs, as we've collected Spaced Invaders as well as Hockey, an improved version of Pong.

    Thanks to Paul Robson for the email.

    Frontend News: kSnes9x news by 
    03:18:  Omkar Namjoshi wrote in and told us about kSnes9x, a frontend for Snes9x written for KDE. It features automatic saving of options, profiles and a easy to use interface.

    We didn't have this before, so check out the SNES Frontends to get a copy, or check out the official site.

    Site News: New Look for VG Museum news by 
    03:03:  Mek emailed us to tell us that the Video Game Museum got a brand spanking new design. Check it out.

    Emulator Release: EMU+ v0.37 Beta 7 news by 
    02:58:  danmanya gave us the heads up about EMU+ being updated to the latest MAME release. Here's the changes:

  • Added support for the catver.ini file back into EMU+.
  • Changed the Opening Screen and the Game Information Screen to use the Scrolling Display.
  • Squished a few bugs. (I.E. the -listinfofull was crashing on my P233 w/32M. Not anymore)
  • No need for the sample or inp fixes. Mame team finally got around to putting it all back. Good job.
  • Fixed a bug in Combat School. It plays past the 3rd Lvl now.
  • Everything else is there. External Drivers, Autofire, OC, History.Dat fix, etc.. etc... etc.. etc... etc... etc...

    Check out the MAME page for the right build for you.

    Emulator Release: BasicNES v0 Debugger Level 1.3 news by 
    02:54:  Don Jarret let us know that there is a new build of BasicNES out. There's far too many changes to list.

    Grab it from the NES emulators.

    Misc. News: AmigaTRANS Gets a New Address news by 
    02:45:  PJ writes:

    The AmigaTRANS project (as on your Comp. Systems Utilities page) has been moved to a new address which is

    A new version (3.0) is in development and will be released shortly. AmigaTRANS is a program to automate transfer from Amiga to PC with a null-modem cable.

    Misc. News: Experienced HTML Coder Needed news by 
    23:51:  jbtrunks, the creator of DBZ Translation is going to be doing a major overhaul of his page at and is looking for someone experienced in HTML and Flash. If you would like to apply to help, e-mail him at

    Utility Release: EarthBound Save State Editor 1.5 news by 
    23:17:  I've added the EarthBound Save State Editor 1.5 to our SNES Utilities page. This is an editor for ZSNES EarthBound save states.
    Thanks to Tomato for the news!

    Emulator Release: WinFellow 0.4.2 alpha 1 news by 
    22:42:  A new version of WinFellow, a Amiga emulator for Windows, has been released. You can see what's new in this file. You can get WinFellow at the Amiga page. Thanks to Tony for the news.

    Emulator News: Laser Progress news by 
    19:27:  I have been working on Laser, trying to get the release out that was mentioned in JoseQ's Rumor Mill. I have some good news and some bad news regarding this release.

    First, the good news:
    Laser has moved to it's own domain. It can now be reached at

    I have been working on adding more games. 4 Player Bowling has started to work.

    Now the bad news:
    I've come across a stumbling block. I can't figure out how to emulate some of the controls. ie: The 2 player controls in Space Invaders, and the controls in 4 Player Bowling and Chess.

    If you can help me with these problems, I would be greatful. I have looked through every source I could think of to no avail.

    Thank you in advance for any help,
    Mickey McMurray

    Misc. News: Baltimore Sun ArcadePC Article news by 
    16:51:  The Baltimore Sun has done a story on Hanaho's ArcadePC, which lets you use emulators in a real arcade cabinet.

    You can read the story here.

    Thanks to Retrogames for the news.

    Emulator Release: Final Burn 0.015 news by 
    13:45:  Final Burn has been updated to 0.015. Here's what's new:

  • Added fullscreen option. To exit the fullscreen mode, press Escape.

    You can download it from our Multiple Arcade section.

    Emulator News: GBA Emulator *NOT* Leaked! news by 
    05:55:  In a twist of irony, the author of the GameBoy Advanced Emulator was the person who "leaked" it. Here's what the official site says:

    The versions of GbaEmu that are available on the Internet aren't leaked, they were actually released by myself ...

    I hereby apologize to everyone whom I've caused harm in any way whatsoever...

    I hereby quit from the GBA dev scene and discontinue the work on my GBA emulator/debugger.

    There you have it...

    Utility Release: Three new file renaming utilities news by 
    17:05:  I've updated the General Utilities page with three new utilities from The Webulator, RomSort, JSort, and DiskSort RomSort supports RomDoctor and Good* files to rename ROM files and JSort uses JSheriff .crc files to rename JPEG files. JSort and the source is included in the RomSort Zip file.
    DiscSort is a file renamer for disk-image based emulators. Supports PRG, P00, CRT, T64, D64, G64, and TAP and pleminary Amiga ADf/ADZ support.
    The files can be found on our General Utilities page.
    Thanks to The Webulator for the news!

    Emulator Release: WinUAE 0.8.14 R3 news by 
    16:55:  A new version of WinUAE, an Amiga emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • FIXED: Stupid bug with GUI (F12) when in full-screen mode.
  • FIXED: Stupid Picasso96 slow-down in Release 2
  • FIXED: Stupid Picasso96 bug with menu painting in Release 2
  • ADDED: French GUI DLL to installer

    Get it at the Amiga page. Thanks to sgtSummoner for the news.

    Utility Release: Two New Playstation Utilities Added news by 
    16:47:  Two new PSX utilities, FF7vM and PSX Multi Converter, have been added to the PSX utilities page. FF7vM is a utility that reads Final Fantasy 7 character models in the LZS files on the CDs. PSX Multi Converter converts PSX XA and STR files into PC readable formats. Thanks to r30y162part2 for the news and for translating these utilities.

    Emulator Release: MAMED/MESSD 0.37 Beta 6 news by 
    23:59:  Both MAMED and MESSD for Digital Cameras have been updated to 0.37 Beta 6. Here's what's new:

  • SNAP menu support
  • CFG directory support
  • History and info support
  • Hiscore support
  • Cheat support
  • Language file support
  • Two new screen modes
  • Keyboard support
  • LED support
  • CRC directory supported
  • Z80 speedup

    You can download them from our MAME for Digita section and our MESSD for Digita section.

    Emulator News: FPSE's site designer opens his big mouth news by 
    18:29:  Mr. Fog, the designer of the webpage for the PSX emulator FPSE, recently made a very offensive post on the FPSE page, which I'll share with the rest of you:

    WOW... we make and all Other copy :-))
    1) Jackal (I think it's dead)
    2) Sope 0.4
    3) Pcsx
    4) ePSXe
    And now????
    What emulator do U want to make with our sources today?

    FPSE LinuX version: -1 day.


    Well, in response, the author of PCSX in particular cancelled his project but then reopened it due to fan support.

    I'm not going to judge Mr. Fog, but saying something like that is rather dangerous and ruins fan support for his site's emulator. I'll let you guys have your say about this on the General Emulation board.

    Thanks to cebrian99 and The Great D2 for the news.

    Media News: Twingalaxies Press Release news by 
    15:42:  Walter Day of Twin Galaxies submitted a press release on his site, a video game high-score website. Here's the info:

    Video Game World Records Now Online in Free Database

    The high-score database containing the official world records for video game and pinball playing is now available on the Internet as a free reference source.

    It can be found by clicking on SEARCH SCORES at:

    This body of information is essentially the statistical history of video game and pinball playing from 1977 to present and has already been used in years past as a reference source by many news agencies and Hollywood producers, including the Guinness Book of World Records, ABC-TV's That's Incredible and Jeopardy, the TV game show. In the forthcoming months, this data will be supplemented with 15,000 further high scores which represent the new
    world records on today's current game titles.

    For more information, contact

    Also, we'd like to post more press releases in general on the site. As long as they're valid in the realm of emulation or video games, and include valuable information to visitors, we'll post them. Simply contact us with your information, mentioning your website and release.

    Thanks again to Walter Day for the news.

    Emulator News: SSF Readme Translated news by 
    15:33:  Thanks to kaioshade, we now have a translation of the SSF emulator's Readme. Here's the info on the first playable Saturn emulator ever:

    Production record(2000.9.10)


    Corresponding OS
    Window 95 / 98 / Me (requires I32.dll, direct X7. 0 or higher)
    Does not work on Windows 2000 currently

    Minimum Syetem
    Processor: Mmx-pentium or better
    Graphic card: Direct Draw capable and capable of 32 bit color
    Resolution: 800 x600 OR 1024 x768
    Sound card: capable of 44.1 KHZ stereo and able to reproduce PCM sound (corresponds to directsound )
    CD ROM drive: Above (for non SCSI) the ATAPI 8 time speed
    In addition, you need the Boot ROM image

    Recommended System
    System clock: 100 Mhz or greater
    Processor: Pentium II 450 Mhz or greater
    Memory: 128 MB SDRAM
    Graphics card: AGP 2 X or Above
    CD ROM drive: 16X or greater

    Development and operational System
    Processor: Athlon 650 Mhz
    Memory: 128 MB SDRAM
    Graphics Card: Voodoo 3 3000
    Soundcard: Soundblasterpc I64
    CD ROM Drive: 32X
    In addition: Boot ROM ver. 1. 01

    Current Progress:
    90% S H2 emulator
    30% CD block
    80% VD P1 processing
    5% VD P2 processing
    80% SCU processing
    80% SMPC processing
    50% 68000 emulator
    0% SCSP processing
    10% picture synthetic processing

    In other SSF news, sidewalker sidewalker notified us that the SSF homepage features a preview page, with screenshots of a number of different games.

    Anyway, if you're interested in checking SSF out, you can pick it up on the Saturn Emulators page.

    Thanks to kaioshade and sidewalker sidewalker for the news.

    Translation News: Daisenryaku Gameboy 100% English news by 
    14:37:  Gaijin Productions has released a 100% English patch for the Gameboy version of Daisenryaku, a strategy game. Pick up the patch at our English Translations page.

    Translation News: Earthbound Hack Updated news by 
    13:50:  Bubble Monkey has released version 1.5 of his Earthbound (SNES) hack. The hack mas created to make the game harder by modifying enemies, items, and making new enemies. There are also some graphics that have been changed.

    Download it at our Hacks page.

    Emulator News: GBA emulator leaked... news by 
    12:05:  In some unfortunate news, today we found out from looking at the author's homepage that the program was leaked. Here's a quote:

    Two weeks ago a person called 'Peter Claeyssens' (his real name?) asked me if I needed any help on my GBA emulator/debugger. After he showed me some of his work (starting to doubt if it was his) I decided to give him the source code for the GUI to help me out with the debugger, bad choice, a few days later he stopped responding to my e-mails ...

    This lamer actually thinks he can pull this off, but he forgot one important thing, he doesn't have the source code for the cpu core / gfx engine.
    Translation ... he f'd me, himself, and everyone else.

    If anyone has comments about the emulator, please go to the General Emulation board and post your opinion on it.

    While the emulator can be found at a number of other places, for the time being we've decided to remove the link to the file on our GBA page, while leaving the entry intact. Hopefully, the author doesn't give up his work due to such a disheartening incident.

    Thanks to hyperX for the news.

    Emulator Release: GameBoy Advance Emulator -- No, it's not a joke. news by 
    21:55:  The first release of a GameBoy Advance emulator -- that's right, an emulator for a system which won't be out for months at least -- was released today. While GBAEmu doesn't play much beyond a rare technical demo, it has been confirmed to work by multiple sources, with graphics. (It does not run in real-time yet, though. You have to debug the emu through to get it working.) In case you'd like to see some screenshots of the emulator in action, check out gameboy advance development, which features a number of them, including a rotating image (animated GIF, of course) of the Yoshi demo.

    Anyway, go to the brand-new GameBoy Advance Emulators page and check it out.

    Thanks to mark for the impressive news.

    Translation News: FF3 German Patch news by 
    17:22:  ManuLoewe has released his 40% complete German patch for Final Fantasy 3 US (SNES). Get it from our German Translations page.

    Emulator Release: NeoPocott 0.35b news by 
    17:15:  Just as predicted, a new version of NeoPocott has been released. If you want to know what's new, scroll down to yesterday's news. You can get NeoPocott at the NeoGeo Pocket page. Thanks to PnP for the news.

    Misc. News: More about that NES emulator for SNES... news by 
    15:07:  I've received some more information about that SNES NES emulator from Jigsaw. It's actually not really an emulator; it's more of a converter. It will convert the NES games Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, and Popeye into SNES format. There's no sound and the games are buggy, but they're fully playable. You can go check it out again if you're interested.

    Emulator Release: Daphne 0.99.1 news by 
    15:03:  A new version of Daphne, a LaserDisc arcade emulator for Windows, has been released. I don't have a list of what's new, but you can get it at the LaserDisc page. Thanks to SephirothBCH for the news.

    Site News: Message Boards news by 
    14:54:  I've axed the next-gen emulation board due to lack of activity. Feel free to visit General Emulation board to discuss emulation.

    Site News: Save archives updated news by 
    14:25:  Due to unforseeable circumstances, the new archive system could not be implemented as I had mentioned in an earlier post. Just proceed as normal for now, and I will let you know when it is really ready.

    Save archives updated: NeoRAGEx, NSM, STA, SRM, CHT, ZMV, ZST archives.
    Game music archives updated: GYM, SPC archives.

    Emulator Release: FCE Ultra 2.5 news by 
    03:57:  A new version of FCE Ultra, a NES emulator, has been released, and there are DOS, Windows, and Unix ports. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed some sound problems with loss of precision when calculating frequencies.
  • The VRAM mirroring control register for mapper 112 is now emulated.
  • Added support for the Namco 106's(mapper 19) extra sound channels.
  • Improved support for the Namco 106(mapper 19).
  • Various major sound optimizations.
  • Added NSF playing capabilities.
  • The VRC7's extra sound channels are now emulated using waveform synthesis through Tatsuyuki Satoh's OPL2 emulator.

    Get the Windows and DOS ports at the NES page. Get the Unix port at the NES for Unix page.

    Emulator Release: SNEeSe 0.48 news by 
    03:28:  A new version of SNEeSe, a SNES emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Source: Ported the sprite decoder/plotters to NASM
  • Source: Ported the background layer decoder/plotters to NASM
  • Source: Ported the hardware port handlers to NASM
  • Render: Removed a sprite 'fix' I put in back in 0.47 - did nothing except slow things down
  • Display: Removed an unnecessary part of the screen mode setup code
  • Render: Fixed a bug that caused sprites to be disabled when mode 7 layer was disabled
  • Memory map: Added support for the special memory map used by Rock Man X and Mega Man X (allows uncracked ROMs to work properly)

    Get it at the SNES page. Thanks to John \Firehawke\ Peasley for the news.

    Emulator Release: NO$CPC 1.7 news by 
    03:21:  A new version of NO$CPC has been released, and here's what's new:

  • utility: filecopy should work form CPC to DOS now either (no$cpc DSKs only)
  • keyb: DOS version supports AUTOMATIC keyboard translation (not drdos6 keyb)
  • option: override protection for files that are saved as SAVE"FILENAME.BAS",P
  • help: layout, 128K size, bold, hardware specs, repairing, connectors, etc.
  • sound: beside for old adlib sound also got a fine new digital sound engine
  • operating system ROMs moved to single file NO$CPC.ROM (Content: 464,664,6128,AMSDOS) (as side effect offers better compression)
  • alternate name for FILES.LST could be also NO$CPC.LST
  • recombined MSX and CPC sources: Z80 core, HACK debugger, PSG core, various SETup and other GUI/System things in result, no$cpc news are: windows version, doskey .INP file new FILES.LST format: "Description>Dskname [Runname]"
  • -11 july 00 started with flat32 port / 16 july, 01:20 AM: amstrad basic works!
  • fix: emu restarts at @@backreset instead @@cpuloop (brucelee title/486rmode)
  • debugger can also follow DJNZ instructions via cursor right (as no$msx)
  • DOS shell hotkey (no$gmb like ctrl+O)
  • disassembler: dis2file starts at TOP of codewin, bit/res/set as ONE digit N
  • utility: particulary filecopy (from dos to cpc works okay) (no$cpc DSKs only)
  • filemenu: fixed small glitch, happened in version 1.6 when showing [CPC]
  • f11/f12 keys: new xkey compatibility

    Get it at the Amstrad CPC page.

    Translation News: Dragon Warrior 1 Hack: Dragoon X Omega news by 
    03:08:  Silver X has released the final version of his great Dragon Warrior 1 hack, Dragoon X Omega. Prety much the whole game is changed. Go get it at the hacks page.

    Emulator Release: NES emulator for Super NES news by 
    02:51:  Neat. A NES emulator for SNES. I don't know how much good it will do most of you, but you could probably have some fun if you have a copier. Go check out this "FC emulator for Super Famicom."

    Update by swampgas @ 5:14am: To translate the site (since it's in japanese), check out the eLingo Web Page Translations.

    Emulator Release: nester 2000.08.17 news by 
    02:37:  nester is a new NES emulator for Windows. Here are the features:

  • DirectInput support
  • SNSS savestate support, compatible with Nofrendo, LoopyNES, & others (
  • uses nes6502, the fast 6502 core by Matthew Conte
  • uses the Nosefart/Nofrendo APU core by Matthew Conte
  • fullscreen and windowed display modes
  • double-size windowed mode
  • recent ROMs list
  • black & white mode (for those of us who had to play our NES on a B&W TV -- what, am I the only one??)
  • shell integration - associate .NES files with nester! It's fun. Just do it. No, really. DO IT!
  • small executable - nester is compressed with UPX (
  • save/load states
  • mappers 0,1,2,3,4,7,9,40

    Get it at the NES page. Thanks to earthman for the news.

    Misc. News: MAME Targets Site Updated news by 
    02:26:  The MAME Targets site, a website that lists unemulated arcade games, has updated their list. Here's what's new:

  • Removed games added in 37b7, as well as a few mistaken game entries.
  • Updated all existing manufacturer pages except the Psikyo page. In particular, made major modifications to the Miscellaneous A through C page and added a number of games of dubious authenticity to the Banpresto page.
  • Added pages for Centuri, Century Electronics, Chicago Coin/Stern, Cinematronics/Vectorbeam/Leland, and UPL

    If you're interested in some of MAME's future goals, give them a visit.

    Misc. News: MAME Flyer Pack #12 news by 
    02:22:  The Arcade Flyer Archive has released pack #12 for your viewing pleasure. 26 new images are added and 5 are replaced. This brings the total number of flyers to 1180.

    Emulator Release: DPCE news by 
    02:19:  DPCE is a new TurboGrafx 16 emulator thta is mostly written in Delphi. It supports sound, save/load states, and window/full screen modes. However, it's still very buggy. You can get it at the TurboGrafx 16 page.

    Emulator News: Dreamcast Emulator Readme news by 
    01:59:  Barubary has kindly translated the readme file for the Dreamcast emulator announced last week into English. If you were wondering the specifics, you can find out now.

  • Dreamcast Emulator Readme

    Utility Release: "King of Fighters" Trainers news by 
    00:56:  Kyo Takagen wrote in about the trainer he created for "King of Fighters 96." He says:
    Just added the KOF96 Trainer with a Special Mode function that allows :
    i) Execute skills on air.
    ii) Move character before match starts.
    iii) Crazy combos. (Best use with Turbo movement.)
    I've added it and his other "King of Fighters" trainers to our Neo*Geo Utilities page.
    Thanks to Kyo for the news!

    Translation News: FF6 Bugfix Updated news by 
    00:27:  ManuLoewe and Tzepish (try saying that five times fast) have released their FF6 Bugfix version. You can get it at our SNES Translations page.

    Translation News: Final Fantasy 1 Hack Updated news by 
    00:08:  Frioniel has updated his hack of Final Fantasy 1 (NES, of course) to version 1.11 and changed the name to Final Fantasy Bronze. Get it at our Hacks page.

    Translation News: Brainlord French Translation news by 
    23:56:  Crispysix has completed his French translation of Brainlord, an RPG for the SNES. The actual version number is 0.99. Get it at our French Translations page.

    Emulator Release: Bochs 2000.0325a news by 
    23:19:  A new version of Bochs, a PC emulator for Unix, has been released. If you missed it ('cause we sure did), Bochs is now licensed under LGPL. You can get the latest version at the PC emulators for Unix page.

    Emulator News: NeoPocott 0.35b Released...Tomorrow news by 
    23:03:  A new version of NeoPocott, a NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator for Windows, will be released tomorrow. Here's what will be new:

  • Run/Pause/Resume works better now",
  • Add also *.* for file loading",
  • Add *.NGC for file loading (asked by many people)",
  • Improves Rom Info Window (dynamic)",
  • Registers Window works independantly better",
  • Add help for memory dump commands",
  • Add more CPU registers in the Registers Window",
  • Add CPIR opcode",
  • Change XSP to 0x6C00 at reset as the real NGPC (thanks to Judge)",
  • Cotton - Fantastic Night Dreams Game WORKS PERFECTLY !!!",
  • Magical Drop Pocket Game WORKS PERFECTLY !!!",
  • TPaint Demo WORKS BETTER NOW !!!",
  • Add Keyboard Configuration",
  • Add CHG opcode (thanks to Toby Carvan's TPaint)",
  • Add Blanking Status support (thanks to Toby Carvan's TPaint)",
  • Frame speed adjusters added (please play with them to have the wanted speed on your PC...)",
  • VSync added (thanks to Brian Peek & Charles Doty)",
  • CPU registers show in another window",
  • Independant Windows",
  • Many changes to code (portability, clarity)",
  • Optimize flags emulation (ZF/SF)",
  • Fixes flags emulation (CF/OF/HF)",
  • Completely rewrite flags emulation (huge work...)",
  • Many opcodes checked (huge thanks to Regtest by Ivan Mackintosh)",
  • Fixes current directory when loading roms",
  • Fixes all DIV/DIVS opcodes (huge thanks to Regtest by Ivan Mackintosh)",
  • Add overflow tests for all DIV/DIVS opcodes",

    Go get it tomorrow at Emu5ever. Thanks to PnP for the news.

    Emulator Release: YAME 0.13 & 0.14 news by 
    22:52:  YAME is a multiconsole emulator. There are version for Windows and Unix. The documentation is in Japanese, but it seems to support TurboGrafx 16, NES, and Gameboy. You can get YAME 0.13 for Windows or YAME 0.14 for Unix. Thanks to nimrod for the news.

    Emulator News: ePSXe news by 
    22:11:  Information about a new freeware PSX emulator called ePSXe has recently surfaced. The emulator supports some commercial games, and it has sound, mdec and memory card support. It also uses PSEmu Pro plugins. There's not really any word on a release date. Here's the system requirements:

    Minimal requeriments are windows 9x, Pentium 200Mhz MMX, 32 Mb, and a nice videoboard, recomended at least Pentium 2 450Mhz, 64 Mb and geforce 2 :-)

    You can read more at the ePSXe webpage. Thanks to cebrian99 for the news.

    Interview News: Sega-related Interviews Anyone? news by 
    21:54:  Eidolon's Inn has interviewed an enormous amount of people related the the Sega emulation community. Here's the list:

  • Pascal Bosquet (Past-O-Rama)
  • Stephane Dallongeville (Gens)
  • Mike Dunston (SegaEMU, Generator32, Genital32)
  • Joseph Fenton (ARES)
  • Charles MacDonald (SMS plus)
  • Tim Meekins (Gen-SX [formerly known as Vegas])
  • Sam Pettus (freelance author)
  • Jeffrey Quinn (AGES)
  • Steve Snake (KGen, KGen98)
  • Bart Trzynadlowski (Genital)

    That's quite a list! Go pay Eidolon's Inn a visit if you're into Sega emulation.

    Emulator Release: NLMSX 0.29 news by 
    21:46:  A new version of NLMSX, a MSX emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Added full support for a normal SCC.
  • Added full support for a SCC+ with 128kbyte ram.
  • Added a SCC+ memory type.
  • Multiple SCC/SCC+ cartridge combinations are possible.
  • Changed the arabic configuration. Memory mapper in slot 3-2 and the disk rom in slot 3-3. Thanks to Husni Lutfi.
  • Rewrote sound mixing to fully use DirectSound's own mixing algorithms.
  • Scanlines are removed, but this may give performance problems.

    Get it at the MSX page. Thanks to the MSX Emulation Palace for the news.

    Misc. News: Major CPS2 progress being made news by 
    10:31:  The following comes from the Work In Progress on CPS2 Shock:

    I managed to place a small piece of my own 68k code (non encrypted) into the CPS-2 systems screen memory. To my disbelieve the code ran perfectly on forcing the main processor to execute it, I've confirmed it to.

    This basically means;
    The 68k CPU runs on standard 68k instructions. Not so custom after all?

    Only CPU fetches from ROM are encrypted, fetches from RAM are not.
    This makes it highly likely that decryption takes place between CPU and ROM and not inside the CPU itself.

    I'm now thinking about possible exploits I can use by inserting and executing my own code, I'm still getting numbers using the EPROM emu too, more soon.

    With some help from the MAMEdev I have determined the main processor isn't a 68000, it's another from the 680x0 family. I will know which once opcodes are tried that only run on certain processors in this family.

    The main processor is in fact a 68000 and not any other from the 680x0 family like I mentioned in the last WIP. My silly mistake, I deleted the instruction to place the CPU into supervisor mode by accident.

    I also corrected a few typos in the latest spreadsheet.

    To download their latest spreadsheet, head over to CPS2 Shock.

    Site News: new ZD staff member news by 
    00:22:  Hello Nurse! I'm Yakko, one of your new ZD news updaters. I would say something witty or funny, but I can't think of anything. I'll be back soon, so for now Goodnight everybody!

    Misc. News: RetroBase Adds NeoGeo Section news by 
    03:12:  RetroBase has added a SNK NeoGeo sections with 129 games covered (screenshots and all). Go drop by and take a look.

    Emulator Release: WinUAE 0.8.14 R2 news by 
    03:01:  A new version of WinUAE, an Amiga emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:


  • FIXED: Picasso96 screen-modes weren't being drawn/updated correctly.
  • FIXED: Sound-buffer slider gets disabled when no audio output is selected.
  • FIXED: German GUI DLL is accurate now. (Thanks Georg)
  • ADDED: Flicker-free Amiga screen updates when full-screen. Doesn't affect Picasso96 screens, though.
  • CHANGED: Sound output tweaked again, should be "slightly" better.

  • FIXED: When WinUAE is full-screen, the Message dialog-box no longer "hides" and locks up WinUAE. Instead, WinUAE will automatically minimize itself and display the dialog-box on the Windows Desktop.
  • FIXED: log-file no longer fills up with blit failure reports.
  • FIXED: Some resources (critical-sections, threads) weren't being cleaned-up.
  • FIXED: [Load From...] button now works properly.
  • FIXED: .uae config-files with spaces in them are now supported when double-clicked.
  • FIXED: Increased compatability (Bernd, Sam, Toni)
  • FIXED: Copper emulation state machine (Sam)
  • FIXED: Floppy emulation and DMA (Sam, Toni)
  • FIXED: CPU+FPU emulation bugs (Sam, Christian Bauer, Toni, me)
  • FIXED: Only allow a single instance of WinUAE to be running.
  • FIXED: Joystick support under Win2K.
  • FIXED: Scroll-Lock to pause screen-refreshes works.
  • FIXED: About-page URL link handling.
  • FIXED: File-system code, including preservation of mode-bits on a rename (Brian Gontowski, David Varley, me)
  • FIXED: File-system code can handle more than 500-files per directory now.
  • ADDED: File-system now supports and persists file-notes (comments), and the Script, Pure, and Delete bits.
  • ADDED: Floppy disk DMA slider for control of disk DMA speed (Toni)
  • ADDED: Ability to disable specific floppy disk drives (Bernd)
  • ADDED: "Custom" floppy creation, for use in game-saves (Toni)
  • ADDED: DirectInput support for USB and other joystick devices.
  • ADDED: Sound interpolation support code (Bernd), and relevent GUI changes.
  • ADDED: [Info] section on Configurations page of GUI, for linking external text, html, or screen-shots to a particular configuration.
  • ADDED: German localization of the GUI. (Georg Veichtlbauer)
  • ADDED: "Back To The Roots" link in About page of GUI. (Bobic)
  • CHANGED: All audio goes through WaveOut octal-buffering now.
  • CHANGED: Hard-disk to local filesystem translation-layer. MAY BE BUGGY NOW!
  • CHANGED: Native CD-ROM drives are mounted as CDx: instead of DHx:
  • CHANGED: Frames-per-second are only displayed in Amiga screen-modes now.
  • CHANGED: Blitter, copper, and floppy emulation (from Bernd, Sam and Toni)

    Get it at the Amiga page. Thanks to Tony Strike for the news.

    Site News: Poll Update news by 
    00:11:  Okay kids, new poll time. The old poll was gathering dust, so we decided to update it. Here's the old poll:

    What new sections would you like to see on ZD?
    13% (661 votes) Emulators for the Amiga
    10% (525 votes) Emulators for the Palm Pilot
    11% (551 votes) Computer Hardware Reviews
    12% (600 votes) Another type of music file section (SID, etc)
    26% (1297 votes) I'd like them all to be added!
    25% (1231 votes) I don't care for any of them, ZD doesn't need anything new.
    Total Votes: 4865

    I would say that it looks like a good chance that all suggested sections may be added to the site in the future.

    Anyway, here's the next poll:
    Do you still believe in the 1997 ZD Emu Dream?

    I won't elaborate on it, except to say that this is the message in which Zophar put thought into to make a meaningful statement regarding what emulation should be. It's still on ZD today.

    Wanna vote? Just check the poll above, or check this page if you're on the news-only part of the site.

    Misc. News: Dejap Chinese Mirror news by 
    21:35:  lac29 tells us that DeJap has put up a Chinese mirror of their translation site. The site is hosted by FanWen, and can be found at The page appears to be loading very slowly, so be patient...

    Translation News: Japanese/English Translation Page news by 
    17:59:  Boco316 told us about a site called elingo that will do on-the-fly translations (similar to Altavista's Babelfish.) Unlike Babelfish however, this page will translate Japanese pages to English as well. Try it out for yourself...

    Thanks again to Boco316 for letting us know about that page.

    Translation News: DeJap DQVI Patch news by 
    12:23:  As we noted last night, DeJap Translations is now back online. What I did not mention is that they have released a new downloadable patch for Dragon Quest VI (SNES), which you can also get at our SNES Translations page.

    Thanks to everyone for the info.

    Translation News: Final Fantasy 3 Re-translation news by 
    12:13:  Sky Render of Sky Render Translations has released his 100% complete patch for Final Fantasy 3 US. Thanks to RGD for the news... You can download the patch at our SNES Translations page.

    Translation News: Moon Crystal French Translation news by 
    11:55:  Biglo of BessaB Traductions has released the final patch for Moon Crystal (NES.) Get it from our French Translations page.

    Misc. News: Japanese/English Translator Needed news by 
    11:41:  DarkStalker has just started an english translation of Kunio Kun No Nekketsu Soccer League for the NES. (This is the sequel to the game that became Nintendo World Cup in the US.) He's looking for a Japanese translator to help out... If you would like to help him, e-mail him at

    Translation News: Snes9x German Released news by 
    11:38:  sgtSummoner let us know that GhOStFaCe necroMANIACS have released their German translation of Snes9x v1.31. You can get it at our SNES Emulators page.

    Links Update: Challenge Games News news by 
    03:55:  Recently, one of my personal favorite fan sites, Challenge Games, added new features to itself. Here's the press release:

    Challenge Games is now a web portal!

    That's right... we're now powered by's site search program, the same as yahoo and lycos and ask jeeves are. What does this mean for you, a member of the emulation community?

    It means that you can have a start page that is tailored to your needs and interests. It means that by starting with CG, you have the world of emulation right at your fingertips. From our search bar, you can search through the archives at and, or you can do a general search on the internet's leading engine.

    Need roms? Search on CG.

    Need to do some reasearch for an English term paper? Search on CG.

    On a side note, the site updates continue. I'm sure that you notice the new title graphics around the site, and the new colorations for links and such. I have also started in on the web boards, and have much of the work on them done, but have just a tad more to go before they are truly finished. And there are still many more pages to update around the site. Hopefully, all of this will be taken care of by tomorrow morning at the latest.

    If you're at all interested in what the CG staff is cooking up, go check out Challenge Games. Tell the staff I gave them props. ;)

    Emulator News: Sad news for those "Expecting something"... news by 
    03:37:  Our favorite competition, Vintage Gaming, recently posted the bombshell we were all wondering about, and now find to be true:

    UltraHLE is dead, and Jagulator is now a private project.

    Here's a quote from the confirming e-mail:

    Thank you, I appreciate kind your words.

    You must of just caught the post before it disappeared. You will find out now the sites have gone. UltraHLE and Jagulator are now no longer public projects. I have done some hard thinking this evening (well morning now actually - 1:39am) and decided that my hobby is no longer of public concern. I will be asking ZTNet toremove the domains from DNS and my e-mail addresses. As far as I am concerned UltraHLE is dead and buried and I will be deleting the source, roms and all the documentation I have (they will be gone by the time you receive this e-mail). Also, the RealityMan nick is, as of this e-mail, terminated.

    No doubt some people will say that this is another smoke screen or delay but to be honest I have had enough of the back biting etc that I have receivedfrom people that do not even know me personally or who have seen my work. HLE is dead now but it set out to achieve its aim and suceeded - to prove N64 emulation was possible.

    I will miss many of the people I have met in the community and will stay in contact with a select few but this is it for me. I have a family and new life to consider now - time to face the real world. Jagulator will continue privately as an interest for me when things are quiet.

    This is the final statement I am making so if you want to post it then do so.

    Kindest Regards,RealityMan

    Wow. I think it's a sad day in emulation to see the first great N64 emu die, but I respect RealityMan's wishes for peace, which he can't get with his name attached to such a big deal as HLE.

    Anyway, comments? Come to the General Emulation board and post your thoughts.

    Thanks again to Vintage Gaming for the news.

    Emulator Release: SSF V. 0.04 Alpha news by 
    03:20:  Okay, if anyone wants to shoot a staff member of their choice, they can do so now. That's because we missed a big deal: The first playable Saturn emulator, well, ever. There's a bit of bad news about SSF V. 0.04 Alpha, though. The author is Japanese, and his webpage is equally Japanese. So, little is known about the emulator that could at this point, though information is bound to slowly but surely leak to us all.

    Anyway, check out the emulator on our Emulators for Sega Saturn page.

    Also, sidewalker sidewalker has referred us to a link featuring a message board post featuring screenshots of the emu in action. Pretty cool, to say the least.

    Thanks to everyone for the news.

    Translation News: DeJap Page Updated news by 
    02:50:  In a bit of interesting news, which I'm sure we've all been lacking lately, the DeJap translation group has updated their page for the first time in ages. As many people know, the group was the victim of a leaked beta of their Tales of Phantasia translation, and not only was the beta leaked, but their due credit wasn't even given. Here's a quote from the web site:

    To answer many of your questions: The Tales of Phantasia translation has not been dropped. Please be patient, we've had little time in the past few months to work on it and we might be slow answering e-mails about it.

    While the page has that very leaked beta on it, we have decided out of respect to the authors not to carry their patch until they have the full release ready.

    Anyway, go check out DeJap Translations for more info.

    Thanks to Boba Fett for the news.

    Emulator Release: RockNES 1.200 DOS news by 
    03:24:  A new version of RockNES DOS has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Fixed a small problem loading saved states;
  • Fixed sound shutdown (no more crash on exit);
  • Fixed mapper 5 (MMC5) IRQ problem (Laser Invasion works fine);
  • Fixed mapper 19 IRQ timing (game Final Lap works fine);
  • Small IRQs timing fix for VRCxx and mapper 17;
  • New mappers supported, thanks to Scott Wu for Taiwan mappers:
  • - #43 - used by 150-in-1 (preliminary);
  • - #110 (SACHEN SA-006), used by Honey Peach;
  • - #113 (SACHEN TC-005), used by Totsu Geki;
  • - #117 (Futura), used by Sango IV (preliminary);
  • - #184 (unknown), used by Wings of Madoola;
  • - #187 (unknown), used by King of Fighters'96, Street Fighter Zero 2;
  • - #189 (FC-001EMC), used by Street Fighter II (YOKO soft);
  • - #246 (Taiwan Number 1), used by a couple of chinese games.
  • Pattern table saved in the game directory as "gamename.PT0/PT1";
  • Broken stuff might work again, I hope;
  • More changes and fixes that I don't remember...

    Get it at the NES page. Thanks to EmuCamp for the news.

    Emulator Release: SNEeSe 0.47 news by 
    03:11:  A new version of SNEeSe, a SNES emulator for DOS, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • GUI: Extended the width of the Load ROM window (per request)
  • Source: Ported the mode 7 emulation to NASM
  • Display: Tweaked with the 256x239x256 setup code - appears to have been causing problems under some conditions
  • Config: if it can be detected that a full path was supplied to start the emulator, it will now force the current directory to that path (temporary fix for Windows Explorer drag-and-drop startup until I do it a more elegant way) - ensures SNEeSe can find its .cfg and .dat files
  • Config: Fixed some of the defaults used when a config file isn't present

    You can get it at the SNES page. Thanks to Link for the news.

    Emulator Release: ZSNES 1.01 news by 
    03:08:  A new version of ZSNES (both the DOS and Windows ports) has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Fixed a problem with offset per tile mode with MMX2 in the new 16bit engine
  • Fixed crashing problem in MMX2 (Win port)
  • Removed clock option (Win port)
  • Disabling the new graphics 16bit engine is now properly saved in the configuration files
  • Added the win port version number to the about box (Win port)
  • Fixed the % of execution problem in IPX/Modem modes

    Get it at the SNES page.

    Emulator Release: DBOY 0.70 news by 
    20:05:  A new version of DBOY, a Gameboy emulator for DOS, has been released. I don't know what's new, but you can get it at the Gameboy page. Thanks to Elijah Chu for the news.

    Emulator News: Everyone is "expecting something" all of a sudden. news by 
    19:25:  Over the past day or so, since aardWolf posted about the blank UltraHLE page, we've received dozens of messages noting a PSemu-esque hidden message on the page, hidden within a comment. Here's what it says:

    Expecting something?

    I'm not going to interpret it at all, but I'll leave it up for speculation at the General Emulation message boards.

    In other related news, a few other people have noted that the UltraHLE author's other site, Jagulator is also blank, but lacks the interesting comment on the page.

    Thanks to a large list of people for the news.

    Misc. News: Dreamcast Emulator Compatibility Page news by 
    22:19:  I have set up a page for the new Sega Dreamcast Emulator. I am going through just about every Dreamcast program I can get my hands on. If you are curious as to my findings on the new Dreamcast Emulator you can find out at The Dreamcast Emulator Tribute on Emu X.

    Misc. News: UltraHLE Page Blank! news by 
    22:13:  Doomsday told us that the UltraHLE page is blank... Does this mean the site has been taken down, a new release is imminent, or am I just paranoid? Discuss amongst yourselves at our General Emulation web board.

    Translation News: Complete English Patch news by 
    22:08:  Project: Sailor Moon has released a complete English patch for Panic in Nakayoshi World (SNES.) The zip file contains the standard IPS file, readme.txt, and an English instruction manual!

    Get it at our SNES Translations page.

    Translation News: Ranma 1/2 Translation Patches news by 
    21:56:  Naruto Translations has released TWO 100% Ranma 1/2 RPG (SNES) English patches. There are two versions... Anime and Manga. From my limited knowledge of Anime and Manga, Anime is ANIMATED Manga. I'm not sure what the difference is between these two patches, so if someone wants to check them out and let me know, feel free...

    Download both patches at our SNES Translations page.

    Emulator Release: SNEeSe 0.46 news by 
    16:35:  A new version of SNEeSe, a SNES emulator for DOS, ahs been released, and here's what's new:

  • GUI: Fixed a few bugs that didn't allow the mouse to be enabled/used
  • Source: Ported the DMA emulation to NASM
  • Timing: Fixed a source inconsistency bug which could cause unpredictable SPC timing
  • CPU: Altered the main memory mapper, should be faster than before
  • Source: Ported the SPC700 CPU core to NASM
  • 65c816: Went back to more accurate stack operations in native mode
  • Source: More cleaning up under the hood
  • Render: Now clearing lines between actual end of display and maximum end of display
  • Stability: Changed the way the internal render surface is transferred to the display - appears to have fixed the crashes during exiting that have been around since 0.43

    Get it at the SNES page. Thanks to EmuCamp for the news.

    Misc. News: Another rant and rave... news by 
    15:52:  It's been awhile since I complained about something. Well, here's something that might interest you.

    I use McAfee Clinic, which is basically the online version of the VirusScan suite. Not bad for only $30/yr..already picked out a few bad files. The problem is, during an online upgrade, I noticed the ad at the top of the screen had "Powered by Silhouette" underneath it. Since this was not part of the ad, I clicked thru, and it brought up a screen saying I had installed Silhouette, which is a program that tracks my internet usage and records information about me.

    WHAT? I DID???

    Well, there were "disable this" and an "uninstall this" buttons, and I did that, but I'm guessing it'll take about 2 days for it to get installed again.

    I just needed to get my discovery off my chest. Comments should be directed towards the boards.

    Emulator Release: Sega Dreamcast Emulator news by 
    15:08:  The Dreamcast emulator reported by Emulatronia has been released. I have tried it, and it looks like it is real. The only thing it runs so far is the included Star demo. It runs it at a fairly decent speed on my computer.

    You can download it from our Sega Dreamcast emulators page.

    Thanks to Emuforce for the news.

    Emulator Release: PCSX v0.5.240 news by 
    20:51:  AkumaX of the PCSX team sent us a note about their new PSX emulator, PCSX. So far it runs around 100 demos and about 6 commercial games, including Rockman X4, PANG! 3 Collection, and Incredible Hulk. It's supposedly compatible with PSEmu plugins, but none have been tested by the team.

    Grab a copy from the PSX emulators, then head over to the PCSX site and grab the plugins.

    Misc. News: "No, you may NOT have that!" news by 
    19:36:  From CNN:

    "Executives of retail giant Kmart are expected to announce Thursday a new policy requiring proof of age for the purchase of violent video and computer games."

    "Prompted by Ryan, Sears and Wards, two major retailers decided to stop carrying "M" rated video games."

    'Nuff said. Comments anyone?

  • CNN Article

    Emulator Release: Final Burn 0.011 news by 
    13:48:  Dave's excellent arcade emulator for the After Burner hardware, Final Burn, has been updated to 0.011. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed a crash if DirectSound fails for any reason. If you don't have a sound card installed, and previously couldn't play After Burner, this should fix the problem.
  • Fixed palette in 555 16-bit modes (typo!). If you had incorrect colors in 16-bit modes, this should fix it.
  • By the way, in 8-bit modes Final Burn will have incorrect colors: you should change your desktop settings to 16-bit or higher.
  • Added 44100hz and Bass filter options (which I advise you only use on a high-end Pentium 3).

    You can download it from our Multiple Arcade section.

    Emulator Release: Snes9X 1.31 French news by 
    13:40:  Snes9X 1.31 for Windows has been translated into French by the good folks over at Power3d. You can get it at the SNES page. Thanks to Top50 for the news.

    Emulator Release: MacMAME 0.37 beta 7 news by 
    13:22:  A new version of MacMAME, a Macintosh port of MAME, has been released. This version just brings it in sync with the official version of MAME. Get it at the multi arcade emulators for Macs page.

    Translation News: Help Needed news by 
    17:53:  Dragonite_300 is making a hack for Megaman 2 (NES) to make it into a "Dragonball Z" game, and he is looking for some help. If you would like to help him out, send him an e-mail at

    Emulator Release: MAME 0.37 beta 7 news by 
    21:57:  A new official version of MAME has been released, and here's what's new:

    These drivers have improved GRAPHICS:

  • Stars in Strider and Forgotten Worlds. [Nicola Salmoria, Tim Lindquist]
  • Fixed sprite/tile priority in Black Tiger. [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Fixed startup garbage in Vastar. [Zsolt Vasvari]

    Other drivers changes:

  • Fixed the Pokey emulation so that the Tempest reset bug is fixed, this time for real and forever. [Juergen Buchmueller]

    New games supported:

  • dozens of PlayChoice-10 games [Ernesto Corvi]
  • Mahou Daisakusen [Yochizo]
  • Shippu Mahou Daisakusen [Yochizo]
  • Hot Pinball [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Fantasia [Nicola Salmoria]
  • New Fantasia [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Miss World '96 Nude [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Big Twin [Nicola Salmoria]
  • World Beach Volley [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Xexex [Olivier Galibert]
  • Mag Max [Takahiro Nogi, Jarek Burczynski]
  • Thief [Phil Stroffolino]
  • NATO Defense [Phil Stroffolino]
  • Super Invader Attack [Mike Coates]
  • Buggy Challenge (preliminary, feedback needed) [Ernesto Corvi, Nicola Salmoria]
  • Knuckle Joe [Ernesto Corvi]

    New clones supported:

  • Winter Bobble (= Snow Bros) [David Haywood]

    Get it at the MAME page.

    Translation News: Final Fantasy Text Hack news by 
    21:11:  Travis Burden has released a text hack of Final Fantasy I (NES). The purpose was clarity, cohesiveness, and overall enjoyment. Basically, the text is easier to read... On the menus, instead of seeing "INT" and "VIT" the full names (Intellect and Vitality) are there.

    Check it out at our Hacks page.

    Translation News: French Translation Released news by 
    20:45:  Biglo of BessaB Traduction has released a 100% French translation for Moon Crystal (NES). It's version 0.99 (and is still a beta), but look for the final patch to be released very soon...

    Get it at our French Translations page.

    Emulator Release: Snes9x 1.3.0 for Macintosh news by 
    11:17:  A new version of Snes9x for Macs has been released, and here's what's new:

    "This version includes many new features, such as Mode 7 Smoothing, as well as several compatibility fixes. The most important change to the emulator, however, is that SNES9X has been fully Carbonized, so it is ready to run natively on Mac OS X! Native Mac OS X applications can take advantage of seamless multitasking, and have increased stability. (Mac OS 8.1 and the CarbonLib extension are now required to run SNES9X.)"

    Get it at the SNES for Mac page. Thanks to Edmon Uyan and for the news.

    Emulator Release: iNES 1.2 news by 
    11:09:  A new version of iNES, a NES emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Added capability to save and restore emulation state (.STA files).
  • Keyboard assignments changed slightly to be consistent with VGB and MG.
  • Now storing ROM and VROM in flat chunks of memory.
  • Implemented DiskSystem timer.
  • Implemented DiskSystem melodic sound (not finished).
  • Fixed HitFlag bug.
  • Fixed bug with sprites not updated when background is off.
  • Made PCM sound start when the channel is switched on.
  • Fixed mapper #16 (Dragon Ball Z series and other Bandai games).
  • Fixed joystick support in iNES-Windows.
  • Fixed current directory name in iNES-Windows.
  • iNES-Unix runs in a resizable window now.
  • iNES-Unix now has a proper application icon in WMaker.
  • Fixed IPC key allocation bug in iNES-Unix.
  • iNES-Windows now uses multimedia timer to sync screen refresh.

    If you want it you have to buy it. Thanks to Edmon Uyan for the news.

    Misc. News: Top 10 Multiplayer Console Games Ever news by 
    11:04: has published an article that lists their picks for the top 10 multiplayer console games of all time. Every major console system is included from the Atari 2600 to the N64 (sorry, Dreamcast didn't get any votes). Of course, the results for something like this are very disputable. Go see them for yourself and descide if you agree.

    Thanks to Bytoro for the news.

    Emulator Release: VisualBoy 1.4.5 news by 
    10:52:  A new version of VisualBoy, a Gameboy emulator for Windows, has been released, and here's what's new:

  • fixed bug with Turok 3
  • improved digitalized sounds
  • added color mode selection: washed colors (like real GBC) or dark colors
  • added pause option
  • you can enter up to 100 GameGenie and 100 GameShark codes (it will slow down emulator though)
  • cheat codes will be saved with save game now
  • multiple language support for English, French, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch and German!

    Get it at the Gameboy page. Thanks to Thaddigren for the news.

    Translation News: New Hack Released news by 
    16:04:  Krillen, a member of The Elite Hacking Force has released his hack of Super Mario Brothers 1. Both the graphics and the levels have been modified.

    Download it at our Hacks page.

    Translation News: Transformers Translation news by 
    15:55:  MEGATRON of The Elite Hacking Force has released his translation of Transformers: Mystery of Ultra Magnus (NES) today. (a.k.a. Transformers: Mystery of Fire Convoy)

    Get it from our NES Translations page.

    Emulator Release: Gens v0.81 released news by 
    15:31:  Gens has already had a minor update. Here's the info:

  • KNUX support fixed.
  • Spanish menu language added.
  • Window position is saved when you quit gens.

    Wanna try it? Nab it in the Genesis Emulators area.

    Emulator Release: Final Burn v0.009 released news by 
    15:22:  Final Burn has been updated yet again. From the readme:

  • v0.009
    + Added a game selector (no need for a separate front-end anymore)

  • v0.008
    - Managed to accidentally break JoseQ's message board (...long story... sorry JoseQ!).
    + In the process, figured out another math chip function!
    Thunder Blade is now a bit more playable.
    - Can't see tanks, no sound, and no road yet.
    ** Note: zipped roms now go in a sub-directory 'roms'.

    Head on over to the Multi Arcade Emulators area and try this bad boy out.

    Emulator News: SegaEMU CD being worked on by Atani Software news by 
    12:02:  Orbmaster informed us that the mystery SegaCD emulator mentioned before is being done by Atani Software. Their site has a screen shot of the MegaCD BIOS screen.

    If you'd like to check it out, head over to Atani Software's website.

    Misc. News: update news by 
    11:57:  Here's the lowdown from's Chris:

    Our new Game of the Week is "Military Madness" (aka "Nectaris") for the PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 platform. Read the review and download the ROM from

    RetroBase added another rare Lynx game to its still growing archives. This time it's a homebrew one named "Pong5" by Carl Forhan. For info and screenshots, please visit our Atari Lynx section.

    Finally, ROAR! The Video Game Museum ( made an
    affiliation with our site. In case you don't know ROAR! yet, it's a superb source for info on most classic 8/16-bit hardware with great photos and specs.

    Why not head over to when you're done here and check it out!

    Emulator News: 25th game of JAE: Kung-Fu Master news by 
    11:51:  Norbert Kehrer sends us the following:


    the 25th game of JAE, the Java Arcade Emulator, is out:

    Kung-Fu Master (Irem 1984)

    Being one of the best video games of that time, Kung-Fu Master is the father of fighting games. It was the first of a whole genre of side-scrolling beat'em up games - a concept that is still popular today.

    The emulator was not easy, the Irem hardware is pretty powerful for its era. To give Kung-Fu Master the tribute it deserves, the complete sound effects are emulated, as well as the wide-screen display.

    Play Kung-Fu Master online at Norbert's Emulator Software at

    Emulator Release: Callus95 0.42 FR update released news by 
    11:45:  The French version of Callus95 has been updated. Here's the info:

    New French translation of Callus95 0.42 (A really good one ^_^) that adds some explanations to some unclear english menus. This update can be installed in US or old French Callus95 directory so you can keep all configuration files and Roms =)

    You can get it in the Multi Arcade Emulators area.

    Emulator Release: MAME32 FR beta 5 released news by 
    11:35:  MAME32 FR is a French port of MAME32. This version is current with 0.37 beta5 of MAME32.

    Download it now from the MAME emulators area.

    Emulator Release: Gens v0.8 released news by 
    11:16:  Gens, a Genesis emulator for Win9x, has been updated to version 0.8. Here's what's new:

  • New VDP-Render engine :
    BG Hilight/Shadow effects fixed.
    Complexes sprite priorities fixed.
    faster with 80% of games.
  • New Direct Draw code :
    Triple buffering added.
    You can now use all render type (2xSAI ...) in windowed mode.
    Full Screen is fixed on Win2000.
    Normal render in windowed mode is faster.
  • Auto fix checksum option added (disable it for SSFII).
  • Game Genie support :
    both game genie code or patch code are supported.
    you can add or remove code.
    (don't forget to 'apply' the changes when adding or removing codes)
  • KNUX supported.
  • Auto Switch to 16 BPP when Gens starting.
    (settings are recovered when Gens exiting)
  • Possibility to change menu language (only french & english actually).
  • 68000 Vertical Interrupt changed a bit.
  • Some shortkeys modified (see them in 'How to play' section).
  • Others little fix or add ...

    Give this great emulator a try in our Genesis Emulators area.

    Frontend News: MrClick's Final Burn Frontend Updated news by 
    10:27:  MrClick has updated his frontend that was released as "After Burner Emu Frontend" a couple of days ago. The update lets it support version 0.007 of the Final Burn emulator (which was just released,) and all of the games that it will emulate.

    Get it at our Arcade Frontends page.

    Emulator Release: Afterburner Emu now Final Burn news by 
    10:24:  The Afterburner Emu is now called Final Burn, and supports the following games:

    Get version 0.007 at our Arcade Emulators page.

    Misc. News: Goodbye news by 
    23:57:  I have decided to quit Zophar's Domain. I have been given a choice to quit the other emulation sites I work for, or quit ZD. I do not feel that I should be forced to work for only one site. I have an intense love for emulation, and I like to spread it around to any place that will allow me the opportunity. I have enjoyed working for Zophar's Domain for the past year, and I wish them the best in the future.

    You can still catch my insane number of news posts and huge love for emulation at my website, Laser Emulation, and occasionally on Emu Camp.

    Translation News: Two New Hacks news by 
    21:18:  Mottzilla of The Elite Hacking Force has released Megaman EX, his hack of Megaman 1 (NES, of course.) The level has been changed around to make it more difficult, but at version .01, it's just getting started.

    MEGATRON, also a member of the team, has released a really cool hack for SMB 1... It's called Atario Brothers, and it looks like something you would see on the Atari 2600.

    Get both of these at our Hacks page.

    Translation News: Super Techmo Bowl III Patch news by 
    21:05:  A patch for the SNES game Super Techmo Bowl III has been released by guruzeth. He has replaced the character names/team rosters with the correct ones for the 2000 football season.

    Download it at our Hacks page.

    Utility Release: Super Jukebox v2.9 Released news by 
    20:55:  Marius Fodor has released version 2.9 of his Super Jukebox (SPC Player.) Here's what is new:

    Get it at the Super Jukebox Homepage or at our SPC Players page.

    Emulator Release: T98-Next 5th beta news by 
    00:01:  The PC-9801/9821 emulator T98-Next 5th beta has been released. You can download it from our PC-9801 section.

    Emulator Release: TrevGB Java news by 
    23:58:  Para Syte let us know that a gameboy emulator for java has been released, named TrevGB Java. It is quite limited, but runs simple games like Tetris alright.

    You can try it for yourself at the TrevGB homepage.

    Misc. News: zsKnight to leave emulation news by 
    19:35:  On a less happy note, during the release of ZSNES 1.000, zsKnight announced his intention to leave the emulation scene:

    Here comes the bad news. I (zsKnight) will soon leave the emu coding scene (Well. I guess I haven't done that much other than ZSNES and helping bits of other emus) which will happen after I help _Demo_ work out TCP/IP for the windows port, which is probably the only major thing left for me to do, to move onto the game development scene...I will still provide support for the current and future ZSNES team developers (when ZSNES becomes open source). Although I doubt open source would help that much, especially when ZSNES is mostly in assembler, I'm pretty sure it will still move on without me coding for it since it is still backed up by _Demo_ and Pharos, who are both really talented coders.

    Best of luck to zsKnight on his future endeavors. Check out the ZSNES homepage for more info, or download ZSNES 1.000 DOS and Windows on our SNES page.

    Emulator Release: ZSNES 1.000 DOS and Windows news by 
    19:25:  Drumroll please... The ZSNES team has decided to grace us with ZSNES 1.000 today. There are many new things in this version, the biggest of which is C4 emulation. Yes, that's right, now you can play MegaMan X2 and X3! While this version is labeled 1.000, the authors have said that it is nowhere near perfect emulation:

    First of all, even though this version is 1.0, don't assume that it is supposed to have perfect emulation because it doesn't. It is pretty much at the point where I am pretty much satisfied with the overall state of the ZSNES engine.

    The Windows version has also been released! This is a prerelease version, so use with caution (The team recommends that you read zsnesw.txt in the ZIP file before using).

    Go to the ZSNES homepage for more info, read the What's New, or grab ZSNES 1.000 on our SNES page now!

    Frontend News: Afterburner II Frontend Released news by 
    12:40:  MrClick, the author of Tiled (a tile editor) has released a frontend for the Afterburner II Emulator (found in our Arcade Emulator section.) It supports all of the games supported by the Afterburner II Emulator, including Outrun, Super Hang On, Thunderblade, and of course Afterburner 2.

    Get it from our Arcade Frontends page.

    Translation News: New Translation Site Added news by 
    12:28:  I have just added Macbee's NES ROM Hacks to our rom hacking game. The hacks are graphics-only, and the games hacked are:

    Get them from our Hacks page.

    Misc. News: SNK Japan Closing? news by 
    10:58:  A few weeks ago, SNK closed its North American division, and now NeoRageX reports that it is closing in Japan too. SNK is the company that is responsible for the NeoGeo and popular games like the Metal Slug series and the King of Fighters series.