November 2000

-- Item 975299261 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Java NES Emulator Coming Soon category=Emulator News body= David de Niese writes:
I will be releasing NESCafe within the next couple of days. NESCafe is a NES emulator written in Java. It is the first Java emulator for the NES to have Sound Support (using the Java Sound API). It supports only a modest number of mappers at the moment (but this is the first release), mappers 0,1,2,3,4,7,9 and 40. For the sound, the two square channels, the triangle channel and the white noise channel are fully emulated (you can hear sound clips on my website). It also supports Save-States, Game Genie codes, has a built in Chat engine (for talking to other NESCafe users), a download engine (for downloading ROMs from a remote server rather than keeping them all on your hard-disk!) and a fully functional debugger. Future releases will support InternetPlay. You can read more about it at my homepage - and follow the link to NESCafe.
We'll let you know when something is released. -- Item 975299142 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Unstable Translations Updated category=Translation News body= Strag0 of Unstable Translations tell us that his site has been updated with some information on their projects. Super Robot Wars 1 is at 75% and will soon be finished (no patch yet though). Also, work has begun on Link Battler and a new project (Nigeronpa for Neo Geo Pocket Color) has been announced.

You can read more at the Unstable Translations site. -- Item 975298059 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=M&M's Gameboy Emulator category=Emulator News body= Charlie sent me a the url for the M&M's: The Lost Formulas Game. I went to the link, and it seems that Mars has a link to a gameboy emulator (rew. from our Gameboy Emulators page) as well as a free LEGAL color Gameboy ROM. That's direct evidence of a major company supporting emulation...

Visit M&M's: The Lost Formulas to get ROM. -- Item 975297295 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=The B.O.S.S. Frontend Updated category=Frontend News body= The B.O.S.S. (Beloved Organization of Software Services) frontend has been updated to version 2.0c. The B.O.S.S. frontend is a frontend for MSX emulators. From the about.txt, here's what is new:
Download the frontend from our MSX Frontends page.
-- Item 975296849 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=BasicNES Re-compiled category=Emulator Release body= David Finch, a person mentioned in the basicNES readme, sent us the following message via e-mail:
When Don Jarrett recompiled basicNES using VB5 and then posted it, some strange bugs appeared with most games. When I recompiled it using VB6, the bugs went away.
I have uploaded the version from the basicNES website, which should be the version compiled with VB6. Get it at our NES Emulators page. -- Item 975290916 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=SaveState Master Updated category=Utility Release body= Nightmare Zero has updated his savestate editor to version 5.0. Here are the games added:
Dowload it at our General Utilities page. -- Item 975288982 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Dragon Quest V Patch Close category=Translation News body= Take a look at Partial Translations Dragon Quest 5 Project Page. Richard Peper sent me an e-mail telling me to look at the site. Based simply upon what is at the page, I wouldn't be surprised if the release of Dragon Quest 5 was coming soon... We'll keep you posted. -- Item 975288461 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=OC Remix Updated category=Misc. News body= David Lloyd has once again updated his OverClocked ReMix page. Two new ReMixes have been added. They are from the games:
This brings the total added to 6 since Thanksgiving (but that was an unofficial count, and the results haven't been "certified".) Also new at the site is a Live Java Chat, a "ReViews" Messageboard, and a Twilight Incorporated "Llamatron" Expose(Llamatron is a spinoff of the old Robotron game.)

Make sure to check them out. -- Item 975287951 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Steem 1.3 Released category=Emulator Release body= Steem Engine (an Atari ST emulator) has been updated to version 1.3.

Download version 1.3 at our Atari ST Emulators page. Thanks to [JJ] of Retro-Remakes for the news. -- Item 975267732 usera=/personal/xip.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=xip title=TR64 WIP4 category=Emulator Release body= Another WIP version of TR64 has been released. It appears that WIP4 adds sound support. =) Get TR64 at the N64 page. Thanks to _Oz_ for the news. -- Item 975267260 usera=/personal/xip.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=xip title=HUGE Video Game Auction on EBay category=Misc. News body= Yakko has informed us about a huge video game auction going on at EBay right now. The current price is at $10,100! This collection contains over 13 systems and MANY games released since the mid-80's.

  • The Ultimate Video Game Library! -- Item 975235816 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Mic releases 2 more Gameboy Advance demos category=Free ROMs News body= Mic has released 2 more Gameboy Advance demos, one is a Pallete Rotation demo, and the other is to promote #GBADev on EFNet. :) You can go grab them both from the Gameboy Advance Public Domain ROMS section.

    Thanks to Kojote of Kojote's Freeware ROMs homepage for notifying me of these 2 gems. -- Item 975224361 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=YAPE v0.25 category=Emulator Release body= Just a few days after the last release of YAPE, more bugfixes are complete:

  • some speedups (draws 8 pixels per cycle in client area, rather than 4)

  • emulator speed is selectable as percentage of real machine (so the 50Hz synch is gone)

  • a nicer quickdebugger

  • stupid bug with multicolor mode corrected (Vegas Jackpot)

  • just realised that reverse mode can have a cursor... so I added it

  • some improvements on emulator snapshot load/save

  • bugfixes and polishments in TAP creation (you had to quit Yape to close the file created)

  • accidentally, in v0.24 I made the built-in plus/4 software unavailable...

  • some more potential crashes fixed

  • I tried to improve the code, where Yape failed on some machines to start with "CreateSurface FAILED", but I need feedback!

  • Grab a copy from the C16/Plus4 emulators. -- Item 975224075 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=RockNES v1.600 category=Emulator Release body= Just got an email from Roy Rodgerson saying that the new RockNES was rereleased today because they mapped the F5 key wrong.

    You can download the updated v1.600 from the NES emulators. -- Item 975216501 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=GamerBase Reopened category=Misc. News body= GamerBase, a collection of video game information, graphics, sounds, and more has been re-opened. It's now hosted by ZD, so you don't have to worry about speed issues. Why not give it a visit? -- Item 975198585 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Added 2 music plugins category=Utility Release body= Daniel Hogan informed us that there was an SPC plugin and NSF plugin for xmms that we didn't have.

    spcxmms is based off of the Snes9x code and can be downloaded from the SPC Players.

    nsf-xmms is based off the NEZamp code and can be downloaded from the NSF Players. -- Item 975190824 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=basicNES v1 category=Emulator Release body= David Finch writes:

    There was one last minor update to basicNES at my request. There have been 3 noticeable bug fixes (2 graphics related), roms load almost instantly, and you can zoom in so you don't have to squint. Games like Castlevania 1, Super Mario Bros 2, and Contra now look perfect, and Zelda 2 looks much better but still with a few problems.

    Download a copy from the NES emulators. -- Item 975142266 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=SMYNES v1.15 category=Emulator Release body= Rhinoz just let us know about the new version of SMYNES. Here's the changes:

  • Improved auto frame skip function. Now it can display nearly 60 frames during one second.
  • Added partial Familycomputer Disk System sound channel

    You can download the English, Chinese, or Japanese version from the NES emulators. -- Item 975141862 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Metroid 100% Translation category=Translation News body= Clomax Dominion has translated Metroid for NES into Italian. Thanks to Roberto Fontanarosa for the news.

    Download the patch from the Italian translations. -- Item 975139966 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Preorder your X-Box? category=Misc. News body= Yakko just sent us a link to preoder an X-Box...from the site:

    This special bundle includes the Xbox game console and 3 of the hottest games available at launch (we'll ask for your game selection next year). Pricing is estimated and will be adjusted if necessary after offical pricing announcements.

    Price? US$499.99.

  • Gamestop -- Item 975139815 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=basicNES discontinued category=Emulator News body= Well, just hours after announcing a new version, Don Jarrett, the author, has discontinued basicNES for the same basic reason Pretendo was discontinued: too many emulators.

    I disagreed and emailed's my $0.02:

    Just a quick note from the guy from ZD...

    I wholeheartedly disagree with your motivation for quitting...How many other NES emulators are written in VB that work as well as yours? What you did was an acomplishment...they said it couldn't be done...and you did it.

    basicNES isn't just "another emulator"'s an NES emulator in VB. I think it's safe to assume ZD has the majority of emulators on it...and theres only 4 emulators written in VB for the NES section. Only 1 works. Yours.


    We'll see what happens...if you'd like to email him yourself, it's

    Update (3:43a):

    The author responded to my email:

    What's to come in the future is uncertain. The world is a twisted place of events and decisions. Coding basicNES was always just a measure of my ability and Visual Basic's. Is it really over? One can not say for sure. But a lot would have to change for me to simply bring it back.

    Don Jarrett
    -- Item 975130574 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=XZX v3.0.0 category=Emulator News body= Whilst browsing Retrogames, I saw some news about a Sinclair Spectrum emulator for Unix that we didn't have. It's called XZX, written in C, and is based on XZX 1.0.2 by Des Herriott. Seems like a lot of hard work went into's what it emulates:

  • Spectrum 48K, 128K, +2 and +3, Pentagon and Scorpion, Didaktik
  • Interface I with up to 8 microdrives,
  • Multiface 128 and Multiface 3
  • Beta 128 interface by Technology Research Ltd with 4 disk drives,
  • +D interface by Miles Gordon Technology with 2 disk drives,
  • Kempston mouse,
  • Kempston joystick and
  • built-in machine code monitor.

    It loads from:

  • snapshots in .SNA, .Z80, .SLT or .DAT format,
  • tape images in .TAP, .TZX, or .VOC format,
  • microdrive cartridge images in .MDR format,
  • disk images in .DSK, .TRD, .FDI, .SCL, HOBETA, .MGT or .IMG format,
  • screen dumps in .SCR format and
  • poke instructions in .POK format.

    It can save to:

  • snapshots in .SNA, .Z80 or .SLT format,
  • tape images in .TAP format,
  • microdrive cartridge images in .MDR format,
  • disk images in .DSK, .TRD, .MGT or .IMG format and
  • screen dumps in .SCR format.

    And additionally:

  • Emulates Spectrum's speaker and AY-3-8912 chip on workstations with audio hardware.
  • Supports colour (8,15,16,24,32bpp) and monochrome displays, where contrasting colours are displayed with the darker colour in black and the lighter colour in white, which works reasonably well.
  • Supports analogue joystick on PCs with a joystick device (Linux and FreeBSD).

    However, it's shareware...registration is US$25. The registered version supports disk images in Pentagon/Scorpion mode, emulates the Beta 128 interface with 4 disk drives, emulates the +D interface with 2 disk drives, supports printing through the +3 CENTRONICS port, supports POKEs from .POK files, loads from .VOC files and
    much more.

    Snag a copy from the Unix Spectrum emulators. -- Item 975129031 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=basicNES v0 (dbg 1.51) category=Emulator Release body= Don Jarrett just emailed us about a new release of basicNES. I saw in the changelog that it now runs full speed on his p2/400, and the emulator is 100% Visual Basic..and you guys said it couldn't be done.

    Download it from the NES emulators. -- Item 975128627 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=RockNES v1.600 category=Emulator Release body= Ready for this long list?

  • Added a ppu tile caching system, sped up the things;
  • Added a decent savestate format -- NOT compatible with the old ones;
  • Added a new method for noise luts, much clean;
  • Added mapper #180 (Nichibutsu, game Crazy Climber supported);
  • Added preliminary VS UniSystem reads handler (Atari RBI Baseball works), thanks to xodnizel;
  • Added a cheap hack to get Paris-Dakar Rally Special working (map66);
  • Fixed a major bug in the mapper #40 (SMB2j) reset;
  • Fixed mapper #83 CHR bankswitch (World Heroes2 works);
  • Fixed mapper #232 (BF9096 chip - used by Codemasters' Quattro carts);
  • Fixed mapper #233 (the '20-in-1' half works, 'reset' to active);
  • Fixed nametables dumping (dumping the entire $400 data in a .nam file);
  • Fixed major problems in the sound startup routines;
  • Fixed number of cpu cycles per sprite DMA transfer;
  • Fixed ppu layout (frame starts at VBlank);
  • Fixed ppu latch system and ppu reads, thanks to Ki for his findings (pass ok in the tests programs).
  • Fixed mirroring state saving (when a mapper uses a custom mirroring);
  • Tweaks in the FDS driver, more games are working;
  • Cleaned up the 16k CHR RAM support code, used by mapper #13;
  • Expanded ROM information display;
  • Whoops, removed "dump pattern addresses" option from GUI;
  • General cleanups to boost the performance;
  • Added a 'secret' mapper, I will tell you later... ;-)

    A "secret mapper"? Neato. Grab a copy from the NES emulators. Kudos to Gatsu for the news. -- Item 975120806 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Centipede Record Broken category=Misc. News body= Walter Day sent us news about an article at Twin Galaxies. From the article:
    Donald Hayes' ordeal is over. After months of repeated attempts, he has finally broken the 14-year-old world record on Atari's classic arcade video game, Centipede. He has almost nine hours of videotape to prove he earned the new world record and every last one of his 7,111,111 points.

    He willingly ended the game after nearly half a day of non-stop cyber warfare at the famous Funspot Family Fun Center in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. Hayes, 32, of Salem, New Hampshire, gained video game immortality on Sunday, November 5, when he earned 7,111,111 points -eclipsing the former world record of 5,500,000 points established by G. Ben Carter, Jr., on June 28, 1986 at the Aladdin's Castle in Fremont, Nebraska.

    In further recognition of the greatness of his accomplishment, Hayes will be honored by the Mayor of Salem in late November, 2000 at Salem City Hall, where he will receive a framed certificate created by Twin Galaxies to commemorate the accomplishment.
    Check out the entire story at Twin Galaxies. -- Item 975119910 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=SupraHLE Updated category=Emulator Release body= SupraHLE (the hack of UltraHLE) has been updated to version 1.0.d. Here is what has changed since the last version (in SupraHLE, SupraINI, and SupraFAQ):
    Get SupraHLE at our N64 Emulators page. Thanks to Duncan for the news. -- Item 975119058 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Soundfonts Added category=Utility Release body= I've just added two soundfonts to our Soundfont page. The first on is a general Soundfont for various SNES games made by Setzer-, and the second is a Soundfont for Final Fantasy V created by Steven Rhodes. Get them both at our Soundfont page. -- Item 975117838 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=2 new Gameboy Advance demos category=Free ROMs News body= 2 neat little Gameboy Advance demos released today. Mic released a "Lag/Mic" demo(that's all I know to call it since I didn't see an actual name for it anywhere), and Subice/Chakoo released a demo in celebration of Thanksgiving : the "Turkey Demo".

    You can grab them both from the Gameboy Advance Public Domain ROMs section. And thanks to the only Gameboy Advance developement site that I know of GBA Dev! :) -- Item 975110521 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=InfoNES v0.68 category=Emulator Release body= The Japanese emulator InfoNES v0.68 was released today. Here's what's new:

  • The author's homepage requests that this emulator not be re-distributed, so you can go to the InfoNES homepage to download it. Thanks to EmuHolic for the news. -- Item 975078370 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Amiga Forever v4.0 category=Emulator Release body= Cloanto has released v4.0 of their commercial Amiga emulation package. Here's what's new:

    You can go to the Cloantro Amiga Forever Homepage and buy this for $29.95. Thanks to Emulation HQ for the news. -- Item 975077919 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Games Xtreme news category=Site News body= Andrew 'sambolc' Crofton writes:

    There have been several new updates to Games Xtreme today.

    Firstly there is a review of the new UT powered hack-and-slash-fest Rune, form the GoD and Human Head: "Get ready for head choppin, blood splattering, bone crushing Viking fun. It's RUNE! A 3rd person based 3D shooter from Human Head Studios. I know what you're thinking, "Another 3D shooter to go with the hundred other ones I already own." While I may agree with this somewhat, at least Rune gives a slightly different feel to the genre. The game is based on the Unreal Tournament engine, and the guys over at human head have really pulled off a beautiful rendition of it. The graphics are top self and the game play is smooth and convincing."

    Next is a new review of Halcyon Sun (episodes 1 and 2), the free for download 'episodic internet game' available on

    "However the latest release from Freeloader is a little more exciting. It comes in the form of Halcyon Sun, a 'what looks like' normal enough combat space fighter. But there is a little twist. Developed by Kuju Entertainment exclusively for Freeloader, it is only for download and gain its completely free. The game is not available in the shops at all. That's not all though as Halcyon Sun is a relatively new breed of game, termed as a Episodic Internet Game. This basically means the game has been split up into different episodes released individually over a certain period of time. Here there are twelve episodes split over a twenty four week period. Episode 1 and 2 were released on 3rd November and every second Friday after that the subsequent episode will be made available."

    And finally to celebrate the UK release of Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Fallen we have six new screenshots:

    Check those out. C'mon, you know you want to. ;) -- Item 975077366 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=NeoPocett for the Dreamcast screenshots category=Emulator News body= Sure enough, following up on yesterday's post about this up-and-coming emulator, there are screenshots!!!! And they look great!!! Go to Ganksoft Entertainment's site(under Products) to check 'em out! -- Item 975048767 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=PSX Fanatics Needs help! category=Misc. News body= A relatively new site called PSX Fanatics needs your help. Maybe you have what it takes. :)

    PSX Fanatics is looking for some help. We are currently looking for webpage designers to give the sites a different flavor then my own, and other people to run some of the PSX Fanatic sites. If you are interested send me an e-mail

    This site looks to be VERY promising in my opinion. They have a GREAT ePSXe fansite on there that is definately worth checking out. -- Item 975044901 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title= category=Interview News body= Apocalypse wrote to tell us about an interview that he posted at EmuShoppe with the author of freezeSMS, Jason Starr. He talks about some personal things as well as the future of his emulator. You can read the interview for yourself from the EmuShoppe homepage or directly at -- Item 975040117 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Playstation emulator for the Gameboy? category=Free ROMs News body= No, I don't think so. Just a gag. I'm thinking this was made around the time word of Bleem! came out to kinda make fun of it.

    You can download Blem! The Playstation Emulator for the Gameboy! from our Gameboy Public Domain ROMs section. -- Item 975038184 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=DCPSX Jackal for the Dreamcast screenshots category=Emulator News body= Ned Heller writes that he has uploaded some screenshots of the DCPSX Jackal for the Dreamcast. Here's the current news from the site:

    Happy Thanksgiving peeps I'll present yall some presents heh I've got a screen of psxemu running under a voodootv 200 tv card! I've gotten 1 demo to run and iNFECTOR_GADGET is working on making the code more compatible for our release!

    Go to the DCPSX Jackal for the Dreamcast homepage to check out the screenshots. -- Item 975030672 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=TOSEC update category=Utility News body= TOSEC is a group of people who are working on a renaming standard for emulated files. To accomplish this, we made the TNC, the TOSEC Naming Convention. This new naming standard is used by most of the popular renaming tools available (Cowering's goodtools,Cspray and Romdoctor). We have been distributing our databases as RomDoctor RDB files and from now on we will also distribute RomCenter DAT files. Since Romdoctor is now completely internet based, we will no longer host rdb files, but only put info about new releases on our newspage

    Here's a list of the updates:

    releasetime! Acorn Archimedes (update) 130, thanx to Spoiler and C0llector Atari 800 os-b (update) 699, thanx to polarz Atari 800 Basic (update) 272, thanx to polarz Atari 800 XL (update) 2196, thanx to polarz BK 0010 (11M) (new) 58, thanx to Xtale and Grendel BK 0011-411 (new) 32, thanx to Grendel Commodore Amiga Demos (new) 779, thanx to jjs Hewlett-Packard 48 (update) 152, thanx to Leto II Hewlett-Packard 49 (new) 76, thanx to Leto II MSX 1 Disks (update), 1664, thanx to Grendel, Xnurfz, Laokoon and JackW26 MSX 2 Disks (update), 1122, thanx to Grendel, Xnurfz, Laokoon and JackW26 Robotron KC85 2/4 (update), 389, thanx to Woodsdog Sinclair ZX Spectrum (TZX) 2642, thanx to C0llector. enjoy:-)

    Go to the TOSEC Romcenter DAT Center for the downloads and such. -- Item 975029809 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Pete's Plugins updated category=Utility Release body= Pete has been busy lately. :) Anyway, he has updated a bunch of his PSEmu Pro Plugins. Here's a list of the updates:

    Pete's OpenGL v1.40

    Pete's D3D v1.40

    Pete's D3d DX6

    Pete's Software v1.40

    Phew. Anyway, you can get the plugins from our PSEmu Pro Plugins section, and make sure you check out Pete's Homepage. Thanks to PSXEmu for the news. -- Item 975028403 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Unofficial Nester category=Site News body= This is actually the SECOND update for the day. :) But, it's here regardless. Here's what's new:

    You can get it in our NES Emulators section. Thanks to EmuHolic for the news. -- Item 975023742 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Ever wanted to make your own RPG? category=Misc. News body= I know this isn't emulation related, but there may be SOME people that don't know about this. And this little gem is too good for no one to know about. :) An individual named Don Miguel has translated a PC program called RPG Maker 2000. It is a VERY simple to use Role Playing Game creation program for Win9x/00/ME. No programming knowledge required for this little gem. Now, granted, you're not going to get anything like Final Fantasy 9 or anything like that out it. ;) Graphically it's on par with the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, but hey, who said an RPG has to have good graphics. :) This has been out for quite some time, I just find some people every now and then who don't know about it, and some of these people are very creative and deserve to have that creativity shown.

    If you want to download and try this out, go to Don Miguel's site. He also has RPG Maker 95(obviously an older version) and 2D Fighter Maker 95 translated. There are also a lot of links to various pages about RPG Maker 95 and 2000, along with very useful tutorials for doing some really cool stuff with this great program. :) -- Item 975022553 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=FreezeSMS news category=Misc. News body= The site has been updated with various little tidbits about resolution changes, save ram support, ZIP file support, sound emulation.

    Go to the FreezeSMS site to read the posts. Thanks to EmuHolic for the news. -- Item 975022196 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=YAME v0.23 category=Emulator Release body= YAME is a PC Engine/Gameboy/NES emulator, and it's been updated. New in this release is:

    Thanks to EmuHolic for the translated updates. You can download this emulator from, respectively, the YAME section. :) Go get it, you know you want to. -- Item 975021551 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=NeoPocett for the Dreamcast category=Emulator News body= The NeoPocett homepage has some news that they've almost got the GUI done for a Dreamcast port of their Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator. They're going to have some screenshots up of the emulator running on a Dreamcast soon. :) Go to Ganksoft Entertainment for more information on this. -- Item 975020824 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=FPSE MDEC better than Bleem?? category=Emulator News body= I went over to the FPSE homepage just a few minutes ago. Clicked to get to the main page, and this is the post I saw:

    Yahoooo!!!! Evviva!!!!!!

    FINALLY I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What? A perfect MDEC decoder, of course!
    Finally, I have resolved all bugs and now PSX movies are incredible!
    I have never seen a quality like that, even better than Bleem! (about VGS I don't know, since it crashes on my machine).
    But you can see that with your eyes, with the shots I have done.

    Wow, it's finally time to start a new portable compiler for FPSE.



    PS: Thanks again, BERO.

    That oughta sum it up for ya. :) Go and check out the screenshots. Now. Trust me, you won't regret it.

    You can download FPSE from our Playstation emulators section, as well as the official page. -- Item 975019966 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=TilEd moves to ZD category=Site News body= I'm proud to announce that MrClick has relocated the official site of his excellent multiplatorm tile editor for Win9x to -- Item 975019230 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=KIAME/U64Emu Progress category=Emulator News body= Josh Wickner told me to take a peek at the KIAME/U64Emu site...looky what I found:

    RCP emailed me some great KIAME/U64Emu news! He has gotten sound to start working! The sound is slowing the emulator down a lot but after he finishes optimizing he expects that sound will impact the game speed less then 5%! KIAME/U64Emu is a Killer Instinct arcade emulator and it might possibly emulate other U64 type games in the future.

    They also have a clip of the sound on the site. -- Item 975018571 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Genital68K v0.0 category=Utility Release body= From Bart Trzynadlowski:

    I released Genital68K Version 0.0 today, a _fast_ 68000 emulation library for X86 systems. It is being used in Genital Version 1.0 (which hasn't been released yet) and is performing so well, I decided to remove Starscream from that project.

    The features are:

    - Emitted X86 assembly language code
    - Two different memory map modes: definable arrays, single handlers
    - Optional idle loop skipping
    - Emulates illegal instruction/Line 1010/Line 1111 exceptions or can be configured to report these as errors
    - Optional BRA, Bcc, DBcc fetch map updating (for additional accurracy)
    - Stack or register-based calling conventions supported
    - Supports alternative user-defined identifier names
    - Supports modification of memory map while running, for systems that can change their memory layout
    - Speed and accuracy ;)

    This package will be very handy to anyone who wants to emulate a 68000-based system but doesn't want to spend a long time writing and debugging a 68000 emulator. Genital68K is flexible, fast, and I will do my best to work with people to iron out any bugs and problems that may be present.
    Also available at the Genital68K site is a 68000 cross-debugger package which can be configured as a standalone debugger, or be included in your own programs for simple and powerful debugging capabilities. The debugger supports all sorts of cool features.

    You can download the files from the Genesis Utils page or visit the official site. -- Item 975013432 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=SMB1 Hack category=Translation News body= NinjaManon has created a very high-quality graphics hack for Super Mario Brothers 1. In his hack, all of the graphics have been changed to fit the TMNT theme. I played the entire way through the game (using warps of course) just to see how thorough the patch is... Every character has had their graphics changed (even Bowser, king of the koopa became Shredder) Of course, the goal in this game is not to save a princess, but Splinter. To use this patch, you need the version of SMB1 with no logo on the title screen.

    Download this patch from our NES Hacks page (I called the hack "NinjaTurtles" on our page.) -- Item 975011042 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Visual Boy v1.4.7 category=Emulator Release body= Thaddigren just sent us some news about a new Visual Boy. Pokemon fixes! Woohoo!

  • several SGB fixes (Wario Blast, Harvest Moon, King of Fighters, etc)
  • fixes for Pokemon Red/Blue/Gold/Silver for the automatic emulator type
  • added the old 320x240 full screen mode as an option
  • SGB multiplayer support for up to 4 players
  • crash problem fix for changing the joypad configuration
  • GameShark fixes
  • FAQ in the ZIP file and in the download webpage
  • Italian translation (thanks Dax)
  • Norwegian translation (thanks Christian)
  • Greek translation (thanks Nick)

    Grab it from the Gameboy emulators. -- Item 975009449 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Bad DVD Player, Bad! category=Misc. News body= Been getting a lot of emails about some new DVD player capable of playing SMS games. We got the first news about a week ago, and we didn't post on it because something didn't seem right. From Retrogames' quote of Michael:

    "According to Sega's legal people, they didn't license the titles out. Since this is only available mail order, purchasers could potentially be charged for buying stolen merchandise (if they live in the U.S.)"

    Lovely...just lovely. If you want to see the site, head over to -- Item 975007589 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=House keeping category=Site News body= Gustavo wrote us and mentioned that some of the SMS frontend official sites are out of date (if you click on the name of the emulator/utility it will take you to the home page). If you happen to see a link is out of date and know where it currently is located, submit some news and we'll correct it. With thousands and thousands of files, it gets tough keeping track. -- Item 975007116 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=PocketNes v1.0b1 category=Emulator News body= maelstorm saw our post earlier about an NES emulator for the Pocket PC, so he gave us the heads up about PocketNes. There's no documentation and the author has 3 builds: ARM, MIPS and SH3 (MIPS/SH3 are untested builds).

    If you have a Pocket PC, give it a try and let us know how it works out for you. Grab a copy from the Pocket PC NES emulators. -- Item 975006408 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=More Overclocked fun... category=Misc. News body= David Llyod writes:

    OC ReMix has been updated with four new ReMixes and
    a temporary turkey logo (whoooaaaaaa). Titles are
    as follows:

    -Phantasy Star II (my own)
    -Streets of Rage II
    -Shadow of the Beast III

    Stay warm and to everyone in the US, have a happy
    thanksgiving :)
    -- Item 975006316 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=AdvanceMENU v1.4 category=Frontend News body= The DOS frontend for MAME and MESS, AdvanceMENU, was updated to v1.4. Lots of cool's what's new:

  • Added a new option `event_mode fast' to select if to wait or not for a complete screen redraw
  • Added a new option `event_repeat' to select the repeat rate of the events
  • Automatic exclude of flyers/cabinet modes if no images are found
  • Added some new tiled modes `tile_big', `tile_enormous' and `tile_giant'
  • More fast tiles scrolling
  • Added a flashing cursor
  • Added a new option `video_size' to select a generic video mode size without the use of the `mv' utility
  • Added sound support. Play `wav' file for some action and `mp3' files in background.
  • Added per game sounds support.
  • Added support for `ico' (Windows Icons) snapshot.

    Download AdvanceMENU from the MAME page. Thanks to RGD for the news. -- Item 975005859 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=YAPE v0.24 category=Emulator Release body= For our Commodore friends, a new YAPE has been released. Some really spiffy changes:

  • introduced the new MTAP format for native C16/+4 turbos
  • digitised samples are now accepted as valid TAP files (autodetected - try Minus4 for DOS TAPs!)
  • cursor is now almost 100% accurate
  • a few serious bugs in the CPU found and corrected (most protectors work!)
  • ADC setting the zero flag in BCD mode is fixed
  • saving to external TAP fixed
  • fixed ROM banking interface a bit
  • TED color registers now report their 7th bit as 1 (Rockman requires this to work properly)
  • fixed the FF1F TED register to report correct values (Squirm, Rockman needs this)
  • fixed some potential crashes
  • emulator snapshots improved a bit

    You can download YAPE from the C/16 emulators. Kudos to Joe Bucci for the news. -- Item 974974735 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=News on SonEd category=Frontend News body= From Stealth:

    As of two days ago, I've updated SonED to include editing of the 8x8 tiles and 16x16/128x128/256x256 mappings, and palette colors. All attributes of each entry in any mapping can be changed, even the one (two in Sonic 1, strangely) that i'm not entirely sure what it does. So basically, you can make the level look exactly how you want it to. The background is changeable via the tile mappings, however it doesn't appear in the level editing portion, because without proper scrolling it would look funky. I may add pseudo-scrolling (just hard-coding the speed values for the background since I don't know how to edit those) so it can be added in, but I think I'll be concentrating on other things at the moment.

    SonEd is a Sonic the Hedgehog editor that is shareware (registration is $15). You can grab the shareware version from the Facelift page. -- Item 974974349 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Retro Remakes category=Misc. News body= Got another retro remake for you...from the site:

    Armagetron, one of the coolest 3D accelerated Tron remakes you will ever see has been updated!..... it's a radical improvement on the last version with better graphics and a few minor bug fixes. It works *perfectly* with glDirect *and* it also works in fullscreen mode with my trusty Voodoo2!!! Looks gorgeous doesn't it? Very much like the original Tron film!

    Thanks to JJ for the news.

  • Armagetron -- Item 974973501 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=GameLad v1.1 category=Emulator Release body= Sowden let us know about a new version of the GB emu GameLad. Here's the changes:

  • Faster
  • Edit memory
  • SYM file support
  • Msc fixes

    Get it from the Gameboy emulators. -- Item 974973131 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=NES emu for Pocket PC? category=Emulator Release body= kevnbuch writes:

    I'm working on a port of FCE Ultra to the PocketPC (windows ce).

    This port is in the Very early stages.
    Note that buttons and sound don't yet work, so its not very useful yet except as proof that the machine is fast enough (with a few skipped frames), to emulate a NES.

    Check it out from the newly-created Pocket PC NES emulator section. -- Item 974971899 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=FF3usME category=Utility Release body= New version of the Final Fantasy 3 editor FF3usME is out. This version now has a basic spell editor, as well as various cosmetic changes. Grab it from the Facelifts. Thanks to Darknight16 for the news. -- Item 974971493 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Gameboy Ultra Support category=Frontend News body= Roberto Mascia emailed us and told us about his Gameboy frontend, Gameboy Ultra Support, which supports VGB, DBOY and SMYGB. Nice interface. Download it from the GB Frontends. -- Item 974970192 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=FCE Ultra category=Emulator News body= Salzkaffe sent us some info on FCE Ultra, the NES emulator. It was updated about a week ago to v0.40, and the source code was released. Check out the NES emulators for DOS/Win or Linux (svgalib). Also, check out SourceForge for the source. -- Item 974969679 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=AGES v0.23b category=Emulator Release body= Cyber Akuma gave us the heads up that an unofficial bug fix for v0.23a was released for AGES. If v0.23a doesn't work correctly, give B a try. You can get it from the Genesis emulators. -- Item 974968965 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Retrogaming Times category=Misc. News body= From Tom Zjaba:

    Retrogaming Times #39 is up!

    Another issue is ready for you to read during the holidays! This issue features the following articles:

    -Reviews of Snow Bros and Turkey Shoot!
    -What is a Classic Game? by Fred Wagaman
    -Geoff Voigt lists all the classic video game shows and meetings!
    -Follow-up article on getting American systems to work on PAL TVs.
    -A whole lot more!

    Check out the always fun and free issue at:

    Thanks and enjoy!
    -- Item 974968653 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Callus Patch v2.4 category=Emulator News body= CPS2Shock released a new version of their patch for Callus. Also, Cyber Akuma let us know that they released new DAT files for the new patch. They added King of the Dragons, Knights of the Round, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Street Fighter II, and Warriors of Fate.

    Grab the Callus patch from the Multi Arcade emulators, and head to the Callus 95 site for the DAT files. -- Item 974958473 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=French IPS Patching Utility category=Utility Release body= A new IPS patcher has been released that is written entirely in French. Named IPS Wizard, it's very easy to use (assuming you speak French.)

    Get it at our General Utilities page. Thanks to Ben-J for the news. -- Item 974957668 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=AdriPSX Updated category=Emulator Release body= AdriPSX, a PSX emulator, has had both the DOS and Windows versions updated recently. The author has a long description about it on the AdriPSX Homepage. In it, he mentions that the DOS version hasn't really progressed since he's been working mainly on the Windows port.

    Get the latest version from our Playstation Emulators page. -- Item 974957238 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=FF6 SoundFont Updated category=Misc. News body= There's no telling how old this update is... there is no date on the homepage, and no date in the readme. Nevertheless, RGD told us about an update of ST's Final Fantasy VI SoundFont. Basically, he redid the entire thing from scratch.

    Get version 3.0 of the FF6 SoundFont from our SoundFonts page. Thanks again to RGD for the news. -- Item 974956767 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=PSX Multi Converter Updated category=Utility Release body= The PSX Multi Converter utility has been updated recently to version 2.32t. Like the G-Nes, the page is entirely in Japanese. Their homepage is at, so feed it into E-Lingo to read all that has changed.

    You can download the updated utility at our PSX Utilities page. Thanks to marschw for the news. -- Item 974955883 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=PING author killed category=Misc. News body= I just read on K5 that Mike Muuss, the author of PING, was killed in a car accident on the 21st. For the non-nerds, PING is a utility that sends a small packet of information across a network, and another machine returns the data with a little more info. Basically, it tests to see if the network is running.

    I guess the question on all of our minds is "What is the past tense of 'PING'?" We'll never know... -- Item 974955143 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Unofficial Nester Interview category=Interview News body= Navarone from Emulation 9 conducted an interview with Takeda Toshiya, the author of the Unofficial Nester.

    You can read it at Emulation 9. -- Item 974955073 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Mega-Edit Bug News category=Utility News body= kLoNe, the author of Mega-Edit 3 has told us about a typo in an error message that you might get while running the facelift editor. In the error "megaman.nes not found", it should read "megaman3.nes not found". The author apologizes to people that have been trying to get it to work with "megaman.nes".

    You can get the latest version of Mega-Edit 3 from our Facelift Utilities page. -- Item 974954765 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=G-NES Updated category=Emulator Release body= G-NES has been updated again. The page is in Japanese, and they have a list of over 20 things that have changed, so visit E-Lingo and use the G-NES url ( to translate to English.

    You can download the latest version (0.46) from our NES Emulation page. Thanks to Kenneth for the news. -- Item 974954233 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Gameboy ROM Header Info category=Technical Docs News body= SephirothBHC sent us his Gameboy ROM Header document. It's a simple and clear explanation of what a GB rom header contains, and it was compiled from the NO$GMB docs. Download it from the Gameboy tech docs. -- Item 974954206 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=King's Valley II Remake Updated category=Misc. News body= King's Valley II is a game made by Konami for the MSX. An attempt is being made at the King's Valley II for Windows page to make a Windows version (while still being faithful to the original game.) The 4th Beta version has been released, and you can download it at the King's Valley II for Windows page. Also, check out some screenshots at their Screenshots page. -- Item 974953649 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=fMSX FAN v1.42 category=Emulator Release body= New version of the DOS and Linux versions of fMSX FAN is out. fMSX FAN has FM-PAC emulation, which most MSX emulators don't have. Here's the changes:

  • Joytype is recognized.
  • The mousefunction is corrected.
  • The logfm option is added.
  • The tone data of OPLL was read from an external file
  • ROM images can now be changed with the GUI.

    You can download a copy from the DOS MSX page and the Unix MSX page.
    -- Item 974953163 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Dreamer v0.00001 category=Emulator Release body= New version of Dreamer is out. So far Dreamer is the only Dreamcast emulator, and it's progressing nicely. Check out the Dreamcast page for the download. -- Item 974952819 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=WPCmame v5 category=Emulator Release body= New version of WPCmame is out, which is a pinball rom driver for Mame. Head over to the MAME page to download. Kudos to shiva for the news. -- Item 974868173 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=TilEd Updated category=Utility Release body= MrClick has updated TilEd, his tile editor that supports several types of graphic tiles. Here's what is new according to the readme:
    Get it from our Facelift Utilities page.
    -- Item 974867564 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Sega Master System Emulator category=Site News body= There has been a DVD player released that doubles as a Sega Master System Emulator. From the page:
    Now SEGA explodes into your own home on your new DVD player. With the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM installed in this DVD player you get, Game play in Digital Surround Sound, 2 game pad inputs ( com port). With over 700 game titles to play (including all the classics you know and some you don't) Below is a partial list of all the games. Just imagine not only getting a great DVD player that's region free with karaoke built in but getting your own ARCADE too. All games come on CD-ROMs.
    Check out the DVD Player for yourself at Thanks to Jay for the news. -- Item 974866107 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=MAME WIP category=Emulator News body= The MAME site has been updated with news regarding the popular multiarcade emulator which is available on various platforms. Here's what's happening:

    Be sure to check the site out for more information.
    -- Item 974838262 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=CashWars category=Misc. News body= You may have heard about the companies on the internet that will give you money for doing just about anything - from viewing webpages, to reading junkmail. But, CashWars is a service that is completely different. It gives you money to play a game - similar to old adventure games, and BBS Doors - it gives you a North, South, East, West, choice - and you choose where to go. You can drill for oil, or fight other players for money. It is a really interesting prospect.

    To try it for yourself, go to the CashWars Page. -- Item 974832697 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Raine for Linux - Help Needed category=Site News body= Raine for Linux has opened up a page on Soundforge - where they are looking for people to help with the Raine project. They need people to work on sound decoding, game drivers, and video routines.

    To learn more, go to the Raine for Linux homepage. -- Item 974786496 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Pretendo Dead category=Emulator News body= Yakko just sent us some news that he found... It seems that Pretendo (NES Emulator) is "dead", and the author is leaving the emulation scene. The message is quite long, and covers the history of the emulator. Read the full message at the Pretendo news page. -- Item 974785735 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Radical Dreamers Site Updated category=Translation News body= The Radical Dreamers translation site has been updated. Radical Dreamer is a game that Neo Demiforce is attempting to translate, and is also the original sequel to Chrono Trigger. From the page:
    I've had some troubles translating it myself though, and I could use some help. First, I could use another translator, one with fluent language skills (no undergrad japanese students please). I have a translator but he tells me he may not be able to translate the entire game on his own. Second, I'd really like to talk to someone that has thorough knowledge of the LZ77 compression method and its variants. The game has text compression that i've almost fully hacked, but there's one last peice of the puzzle I just don't understand.
    If you'd like to apply to help them out, send an e-mail to Thanks to Cyber Akuma for the news. -- Item 974785068 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=FF4 Translation Updated category=Site News body= J2e Translations has released a bugfix release for their Final Fantasy IV (SNES) English translation. The new version is 3.03, and you can download it from our SNES Translations page. Thanks to Beaux for the news. -- Item 974784561 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=New Dragon Quest 6 Patch category=Translation News body= At the DeJap Translations site, they have news about a Dragon Quest VI (SNES) patch that was written by NoPrgress. Their patches will be joining soon, and this is just a 33% patch, but there are many differences from the currently released DeJap patch.

    Get the patch at our SNES Translations page. Thanks to R. H. Mayfire the Mad for the news.

    Get this new patch at our SNES Translations page. -- Item 974783480 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=New Overclocked Remixes category=Misc. News body= Overclocked ReMix has just added 4 new games. The games are:
    Check them out at the OverClocked ReMix site. -- Item 974783286 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Monstania Bugfix Release category=Translation News body= Aeon Genesis Translations has updated their 100% English patch for Monstania (SNES) to version 1.02. This is just a bugfix version, so don't expect any major changes.

    Get the updated patch at our SNES Translations page. Thanks to Dogg for the news. -- Item 974710505 usera=/personal/stick_fig.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=stickfig title=New JAE Game -- Mario Bros. category=Emulator News body= The Java Arcade Emulator has added another game to their library. The game, the Nintendo classic Mario Bros., features sound.

    Thanks to Norbert Kehrer for the news. -- Item 974710339 usera=/personal/stick_fig.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=stickfig title=SuperJukebox News category=Site News body= One of our hosted sites, Super Jukebox (, requested that we post a message on our site:

    For the past two months or so, I have been rewritting the entire Super Jukebox from scratch. It is finally now reaching close to a release, however, since this will be my last release of it I would like to have it BETA tested before releasing it. Just think about it, the LAST version of this program, think how awful it would be if it came out and it simply didn't work on your computer, you'd be stuck with a non-working version for the rest of your life, do you want that to happen? If not, then write to me and let me know that you would like to BETA test it for me. Note that I am mainly interested in people with Win95/NT/2000, i.e. I don't really care about Win98, and am especially interested in people who do not have Internet Explorer on their computers. So write to me, and let me know what system you've got to determine if you qualify. Thank you.

    As always, we suggest that you check out the SuperJukebox site.

    Thanks to the site's author, Marius Fodor, for the news.
    -- Item 974708666 usera=/personal/stick_fig.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=stickfig title=TechTV Emulation Article category=Media News body= TechTV, formerly known as ZDTV, recently wrote an article about emulation for their Internet Tonight website. The article, which talks about the legal issues as well as the games themselves.

    The article also features an interview with site director William Cassidy.

    Thanks a lot to Yakko (you know, that guy who used to work for ZD) for the news. -- Item 974693922 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=WinAGES category=Emulator Release body= First, and most importantly - WinAGES, the emulator for Sega Genesis, 32x, and SegaCD has been updated to 0.23a-SP (Borg). Here's what's new:

  • Sped up Sega CD emulation by 44% (why is it always this particular number?!?!!?)
  • Boosted Sega CD compatibility, but not by nearly as much as I predicted from my preliminary testing. :'(
  • Eliminated need for preformatted Sega CD internal BRM. AGES will automatically format it if the file is not present. If the file is present and is somehow corrupted, you will have to delete it or use the BIOS to re-format it.
  • Added error message suppression (for instance the UnRAR.DLL error)
  • Made file filters dynamic (.RAR is not shown anymore if UnRAR.DLL is not found)
  • Non-16-bit displays won't shutdown AGES now, but you still can't use non-16-bit modes

    Also, Quinntesson, the author of WinAGES, has been interviewed by Emu History X.

    You can read the interview at Emu-X, and download the new release from our Genesis section. -- Item 974693682 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=MAMED and MESSD Releases category=Emulator Release body= The MAMED Homepage has been updated with new versions of MESSD and MAMED. Here is a quote from the homepage:

    "Recompiled MAMED & MESSD for coldfire for the HP 618 & HP 912 camera name change. If you recently bought one of these cameras then this version should work now".

    You can download the new versions from our MAME for Digita and MESS for Digita sections. -- Item 974693541 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=JAE Adds Mario Bros category=Emulator Release body= Norbert Kehrer added another classic Nintendo game to his Java Arcade Emulator: "Mario Bros." This game is also one of the few games with emulated sound through the Java Applet.

    Try it at the JAE Homepage. -- Item 974693365 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=C64 Tape Images category=Free ROMs News body= Redump 64 has added 23 new Commodore 64 tape images to it's page for your downloading pleasure.

    You can download them from Redump 64. -- Item 974593519 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=SonED Updated category=Utility Release body= Stealth has updated SonED (his level editor for Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, and 3) to version .016b. In this version, he has added level veiwing/editing support and expanded the object editing portion, plus a snap-in grid. Remember, this is a product that you must register to get the full features. Since the last release of this utility however, the price has been cut in half to only $15. If you want more information on how to register it, visit the SonED site.

    Download the trial version at our Facelift Utilities page. -- Item 974494909 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Unofficial Nester category=Emulator Release body= The unofficial build of the NES emulator for Windows, Nester, has been updated. Here's what's new:

  • code added nes_rom_correct, nes_set_controller, nes_set_vspalette
  • support NEZ format rom image.
  • add rom-database to correct the errors of nes header changed by nestoy.
  • put the codes about selecting expand controller to order.
  • put the codes about setting vs-unisystem palette to order.

    You can download it from our NES section. -- Item 974494797 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=FE 0.07 category=Emulator Release body= Family Emulator, a relatively new NES emulator for DOS, has been updated to 0.07. Here's what's new:

  • added FM-OPL sound and BEEP sound
  • fixes apu square sweep

    You can download it from our NES section. -- Item 974494459 usera=/personal/xip.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=xip title=Pete's PSEmu Pro plugins category=Utility Release body= Pete has released new versions of all his PSEmu Pro graphics plugins. All of the updates are just minor bug-fixes. You can get them at the plugins page. Thanks to Nameless One for the news. -- Item 974493646 usera=/personal/xip.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=xip title=Atari800Win PLus 2.7 category=Emulator Release body= A new emulator called Atari800Win PLus has been released. It is based off the Atari800 kernel and the Atari800Win source. Here are the main features:

  • nearly 100% compatibility
  • windowed and full-screen modes
  • stereo (two Pokeys) sound
  • supported ATR, XFD, DCM, compressed disk images, executables, cartridges and Atari800 state files
  • emulation of paddles, touch tablet, light pen, light gun and Amiga/ST mouses
  • built-in monitor with assembler
  • easy setup
  • detailed context-sensitive help
  • and much more

    You can get it at the 8-bit Atari page. Thanks to Balois for the news. -- Item 974417959 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Titan Sega Saturn Emulator v0.01Build 20001110 category=Emulator Release body= A new Sega Saturn emulator called Titan has been released by UCantWin.

    Project Titan is an emulator that I started a month or two ago because I always wanted to code an emulator, but had never done it before. I used to work on a PSX emulator, but with so many newer, more advanced PSX emulators out there, I wanted to do something different. So I chose the Sega Saturn (next best thing, right?). So I got to work, using some code fragments from my old PSX project and rewriting most of the code from scratch (and getting a crach course in the inner workings of the Saturn). So I whipped up a buggy interpreter and the humble beginnings of a primitive dynarec engine (first time for everything :) and now the program is starting to come together in terms of functionality.

    Here's what's new in this release:

  • The author for this emulator is also accepting help in coding it. Drop him a line on the official Titan site if you can help. :) You can grab the source for the emulator at our Sega Saturn Emulators section. -- Item 974416264 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Unofficial Nester released category=Emulator Release body= A new version of the unofficial Nester was released today. Here's what's new:

    You can grab it from the NES Emulators section.

    The author also sent an open E-Mail to the author of the Famicommunist NES emulator.

    Related links if for some reason you don't know what's going on:The Nester GPL Violations section of their site.
    Famicommunist homepage.
    Unofficial Nester author's open E-Mail to Famicommunist. -- Item 974410133 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas allowed to distribute music category=Misc. News body= Just received an email from (a few months ago they took down the service due to law suits about copyright allowed you to "prove" you had the cd, and then you could stream the music). has reached an agreement with Universal
    Music Group (UMG), the fifth and final major record
    label. It was announced November 14 that UMG has
    granted a non-exclusive, North American
    license for the use of UMG-controlled recordings
    on the system, including the Beam-it(TM)
    and Instant Listening(TM) software services.

    As a result, we will soon be able reactivate the
    music in your account.

    In the meantime, remember that is still the
    best place on the web to listen to and enjoy music,
    with approximately 700,000 songs from more than
    100,000 digital artists available to you for free.

    So far they've reached agreements with EMI, BMG, Warner, Sony and now Universal.

  • information -- Item 974366818 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Nullsoft WinAmp v2.7 category=Misc. News body= WinAmp v2.7 was released today. Here's what's new with this awesome audio player:

  • You can grab it in the WinAmp section, or you can go to the official WinAmp site and grab it, plugins, skins, MP3s, the works.
    -- Item 974366157 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=New Unofficial Nester released category=Emulator Release body= The Unofficial Nester has been updated recently. This is a patched version of Nester that adds mapper support and expands controllers. Here's what's new:

    You can grab this in our NES Emulators section. -- Item 974363503 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=The Atari Jaguar turned 7 years old category=Misc. News body= This is one my my favourite systems period(it stands right up there with the Sega CD proudly growling at everything that gets near it). And on 11/15/00 this awesome system turned 7 years old. I still have my Jaguar, and I still have 2 games. Alien VS Predator(one of the, if not THE, best games released for the system, I'd almost go so far to say it's one of the best games to have ever come out.), and Cannon Fodder. Ah, the good old days of holding that HUGE controller, blowing everything away. Unfortunately, it fried. :( I had it over at a friend's house and all of a sudden smoke started coming out of it and it quit working. :( When I can find another one I'm DEFINATELY going to buy it.

    Head on over to Retrobase for all the Atari Jaguar information you can stand, along with the Atari Lynx, NEC PC Engine, Sega Mega Drive, and the Neo Geo. They also have a whole slew of really cool stuff. It's a must visit for any gamer. -- Item 974362889 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=basicNES v0 Debug level 1.41 category=Emulator Release body= basicNES v0 Debug level 1.41 was released recently. Here's what's new:

    You can go grab it from our NES Emulators section. -- Item 974362278 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Nester VS Famicommunist category=Misc. News body= Looks like the Famicommunist is having some problems. Here's from their page:

    Well, looks like im stuck at my freind's house for another 2 days. This may look a little bad on my part, but i may not be able to get a source release untill friday. I am gonna try and get someone from home to e-mail the source to me. Oh well, my innocence will be proven eventually and thats all that i care. As long as those lamers who like to flame me keep thier comments to thierselves i'll be fine. So please dont e-mail me with negative comments.

    And here's the most recent update from Nester's GPL Violation portion of their site:

    Update: I have just finished a screen-by-screen hex comparison of the two files, and there is no longer any doubt in my mind that Famicommunist is almost entirely based on the nester source code. The similarities are unmistakeable. The only way I would be convinced otherwise would be to see source code that is significantly different from the nester source (beyond cosmetic changes) and produces exactly the same Famicommunist executable.

    Related links:
    Nester's GPL Violation section
    Famicommunist Homepage -- Item 974361288 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=PSinex v0.025 category=Emulator Release body= PSinex v0.025 was released today. Here's what the author had to say about it:

    Cpu Core now, is about 90% done. I'm currently trying to correct every single Cpu Core bug, so if anyone has spotted any, please inform me ASAP. All known bios images run fine on PSinex, except scph7001.bin & scph7502.bin. They run much slower than other bios images, due to bad interrupt coding. More demos now run also. I can successfully run, 15 of the 27 demos I currently have.

    You can grab it from our Playstation Emulators section. And be sure to check out PSinex's official site for screenshots of this emulator in action. Thanks again to Emulation HQ for the news. :) -- Item 974358555 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Another perfectly working game for TRWIN category=Misc. News body= Tom & Jerry - Fists of Fury is fully playable with sound in TRWIN, which brings the total number of playable games for this emulator up to 134. Go to N64 Source for more info.

    Thanks to Emulation HQ for the news. -- Item 974354716 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=ZELDIT Updated category=Utility Release body= King Koopa, the author of ZELDIT (a Legend of Zelda underworld editor) has released version 1.0 of his utility. Contrary to the version number, it is far from complete. King Koopa has started working on an Overworld editor, and that functionality is included in the latest version. Here's what is included in the current version:

    Download version 1.0 at our Facelift Utilities page. -- Item 974353651 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=OverClocked ReMix Update category=Misc. News body= Sorry this news is a day late, but there are FIVE new RPG remixes available at The remixes are for:
    There is also a new OverClocked episode (including the "Super Election Emu 2000".) The new OverClocked episode (#135) can be found at -- Item 974353117 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=New Classic Game Reviews Website category=Misc. News body= Mr. Mockery is trying to start a web site that has reviews on all kinds of classic games, including Arcade, Console, Handheld, etc. Their goal is to let people voice their opinions about their favorite games of all time and to provide a resource for people to find info about classic games that people might have forgotten about. They're looking for people to help out by submitting reviews for different games.

    Of course, all reviewers will be given full credit for their work. If you would like to help, send an e-mail to or visit the website at -- Item 974352761 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Adaptoid Key Mapping Software Released category=Misc. News body= Wish Technologies, maker of the Adaptoid (a usb connector that allows you to use your N64 controller on a PC) has released beta key mapping software for the unit. The result? You can now use the Adaptoid in emualators (or other games) that don't support the joystick. Just map a button to the correct key on the keyboard, and there you go! I haven't tried the Adaptoid personally, but I have a similar device for the Playstation controller called the USB Joydapter that works quite nicely.

    If any of you have tried the Adaptoid adapter and like it, let me know and I'll probably get one for myself. Thanks to jkunze for letting us know about this beta key mapping software. -- Item 974352173 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=fMSXdos Frontend Updated category=Frontend News body= The Boss frontend for fMSXdos has been updated to version 2.0b. Here's what is new according to the readme:
    You can download it from our MSX Frontends page. Thanks go to TFH/Fony from the MEP (MSX Emulator Page) for the news. -- Item 974350904 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Remember the SMB Super Show? category=Misc. News body= I'm not sure how many of you are as old (22) as I am, but chances are some of you remember the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, a live action/cartoon mix starring Captain Lou Albano as Mario. Yakko (former ZD staffer and an old roomie of mine) told me about a site that has NES music, NES based cartoons, and of course the SMB Super Show.

    If you remember the show and are looking for some nostalgia (or if you're curious as to what it was like), check out Shiek482's site at -- Item 974350460 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Dragon Ball Z Patch Updated category=Translation News body= Ginyu has updated his patch of Dragon Ball Z: Gokutuden 2 (SNES) to version 0.330. He has translated everything until Vegeta and Nappa land on earth. Get the 33% complete patch at our SNES Translations page. -- Item 974350036 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=New Universal Frontend category=Frontend News body= Federico told us about a universal frontend that we were missing, so I downloaded it and checked it out. The frontend's name is MuEL (which stands for Multi Emulators Loader). It supports 22 different emulators including such popular emulators as UltraHLE, ZSnes, No$Gmb, Meka, etc. This frontend also includes the ability to add multiple screenshots to each rom automatically (taken in the actual emulator), as well as the ability to add new emulators by creating a configuration file. I've been checking it out for the past five minutes or so, and it looks like a very high-quality frontend. Screenshots can be found at their Screenshots page, and you can find out more detailed info at the MuEL Homepage.

    As usual, you can download this frontend from our Universal Frontends page. Thanks again to Federico for the news! -- Item 974349543 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=More message board fun... category=Site News body= I setup the Ultimate Bulletin Board after receiving many emails suggesting it. While it requires registration and it doesn't have threaded conversation, and it doesn't meet my technical's still worth a shot. Remember, it's the free version with no modifications, so it will definitely look different and more features will be added if we decide to use it.

    It's up to you...go check it out:

  • UBB Test -- Item 974345519 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=New message board category=Site News body= Due to the immaturity of some visitors, I've closed the test board I setup yesterday. Apparently some people didn't understand that it was only a test of the functionality and it was NOT planned to replace the current message boards and the design on the test board was NOT customized to look pretty.

    Most of you guys offered some really good points, and I thank you for it. Here is what I got:

  • Anonymous posting without registration is a must
  • Indented and threaded replies
  • Less load time

    I'm still searching for a good message board software to use. I would rather it be written in PHP and use MySQL for storage (for server reasons), but none of the PHP boards seem to offer the things I have above.

    It's clear that the majority of you are not happy with the current boards, so we're working as quickly as we can to replace them. Don't fret..some day I'll find an efficient board system that has the features you want. -- Item 974326632 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=A letter from England... category=Misc. News body= This letter was just received from England:

    To the citizens of the United States of America,

    In the light of your failure to elect a President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today.

    Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties Over all states, commonwealths and other territories. Except Utah, which she does not fancy. Your new Prime Minister (The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, MP for the 97.85% of you who have until now been unaware that there is a world outside your borders) will appoint a minister for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire will be circulated next year to determine whether any of you noticed.

    To aid in the transition to a British Crown Dependency, the following Rules are introduced with immediate effect:

    1. You should look up "revocation" in the Oxford English Dictionary. Then look up "aluminium". Check the pronunciation guide. You will be Amazed at just how wrongly you have been pronouncing it. Generally, you should raise your vocabulary to acceptable levels. Look up "vocabulary". Using the same twenty-seven words interspersed with filler noises such as "like" and "you know" is an unacceptable and inefficient form of communication. Lookup "interspersed".

    2. There is no such thing as "US English". We will let Microsoft know on your behalf.

    3. You should learn to distinguish the English and Australian accents. It really isn't that hard.

    4. Hollywood will be required occasionally to cast English actors as the good guys.

    5. You should relearn your original national anthem, "God Save The Queen", but only after fully carrying out task 1. We would not want you to get confused and give up half way through.

    6. You should stop playing American "football". There is only one kind of football. What you refer to as american "football" is not a very good game. The 2.15% of you who are aware that there is a world outside your borders may have noticed that no one else plays "American" football. You will no longer be allowed to play it, and should instead play proper football. Initially, it would be best if you played with the girls. It is a Difficult game. Those of you brave enough will, in time, be allowed to play rugby (which is similar to American "football", but does not involve stopping for a rest every twenty seconds or wearing full kevlar body armour like nancies). We are hoping to get together at least a US rugby sevens side by 2005.

    7. You should declare war on Quebec and France, using nuclear weapons if they give you any merde. The 98.85% of you who were not aware that there is a world outside your borders should count yourselves lucky. The Russians have never been the bad guys. "Merde" is French for "s**t".

    8. July 4th is no longer a public holiday. November 8th will be a new national holiday, but only in England. It will be called "Indecisive Day".

    9. All American cars are hereby banned. They are crap and it is for your own good. When we show you German cars, you will understand what we mean.

    10. Please tell us who killed JFK. It's been driving us crazy.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

    God save the Queen... -- Item 974289770 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=ePSXe site temporarily down category=Misc. News body= The site for the awesome Enhanced Playstation Emulator is temporarily down due toheavy traffic at it's initial release. They're host took them down because they used up too much bandwidth, so their looking for a new host right now.

    In the meantime, you can download this emulator in our Playstation Emulators section. I personally think this emulator has the potential to beat out Bleem. The unreleased version of the emulator that runs Final Fantasy 9 beautifully. I can't wait for the next release. Thanks to PSXEmu for the news. Go there for all your Playstation emulation needs. Trust me, it's worth the visit. -- Item 974288529 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Family Emulator v0.06a category=Emulator Release body= Another Japanese NES emulator known as Family Emulator was updated to v0.06a. As always, here's what's new :)

  • And, you can go get it at the NES Emulators section. :) -- Item 974287957 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=InfoNES v0.67 category=Emulator Release body= A Japanese NES emulator called InfoNES was updated to v0.67 recently. Here's what's new in this release:

    You can grab it from the NES Emulators section.

    Thanks to the new site Laser Emulation for the news. This site looks very promising and is worth the visit in my opinion(new site, I bet they're hiring for news posters and the like too). -- Item 974287046 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=SSF v0.05 Test r2 category=Emulator Release body= SSF v0.05 r2 was released recently. This version is said to be able to play Bomberman with near-perfect graphics, slowly. But still, it's the first Sega Saturn emulator that actually plays games. :)

    You can grab this in the Sega Saturn Emulators section. Thanks to Retrogames for the news. -- Item 974286375 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=ZSNES DOS & Windows v1.12 category=Emulator Release body= ZSNES was updated again recently to v1.12. Here's a list of what's new:

    You can grab it from the SNES Emulators section. Also, check out our ZSNES Shrine. -- Item 974281954 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=New message boards? category=Site News body= One of the chief complaints of the current message boards is the registration requirement. It seems as though people don't want to bother registering.

    So, I've decided to open a possible new message board to the public...let you guys check it out before anything becomes "official".

    I didn't spend that much time making it pretty, so try to ignore the terrible colors and bad HTML...all I'm interested in hearing is if you people approve of it. It's similar to our old message board software, so any "old school" people should be happy again.

    PLEASE post comments regarding the new board ON THE NEW NOT email me. Everyone should be able to see your comments and offer their opinions.

  • New Message Board Test -- Item 974261642 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=AGES homepage updated with screenshots of it running Sega CD games category=Misc. News body= I love the Sega CD, that's all there is to it. It's got to be my most favourite system on the face of the Earth. Even though I have to buy another one because of mine biting the dust. I even held a funeral for it and buried it.

    Anyway, when I learned AGES runs some Sega CD games, I jumped for joy. Granted, I can't BEGIN to run this emulator, and I don't think I actually own any of the games it actually runs, but STILL, this emulator plays a few games. :) They updated their site today with screenshots of the emulator running Sonic CD, Brutal, Samurai Showdown CD, Ecco the Dolphin 2, and Lunar 1(although the Lunar games aren't actually playable yet.)

    Go to the AGES Homepage to check out these screenshots. Bask in the glory that is AGES. Head over to Eidolon's Inn for more Sega information you can shake a stick at, or just head over to the Sega Genesis Emulators section to download AGES(yes, it runs Genesis, 32X, AND Sega CD). -- Item 974259784 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=PCSX starts showing life again category=Emulator News body= It's been a while since we last saw any kind of update from this Playstation emulator, but they finally posted something today, and the emulator IS still alive. :)

    People asking... Where is pcsx?? Is still alive? Well answer is yes just i had lost the cgi address and i couldn't update the site shame on me :P
    Well pcsx progress is made in MDEC and GTE mostly.Pcsx can now decode and play some mdec videos thanks to Roor that helped on that part.Gte have been written from start by an anonumous for now person that works on pcsx the last 2 months.All GTE instruction set + limitations+overflow checking have been totaly rewritten.

    Go to the PCSX Homepage to check out information and such on this cool emulator. :)

    Oh, and by the way, you can also download a whole bunch of Playstation demos from there as well, they have over 50 I know that for a fact. :) And we have a few Playstation demos as well. I'll be adding to that whenever my computer quits acting up on me. And finally you can go to the Playstation emulators section to download PCSX.
    -- Item 974257597 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Is Famicommunist a hack of Nester? category=Emulator News body= The Nester team is saying that the recently released NES emulator Famicommunist is just a rip of Nester's source code. Here's some text from the Nester GPL Violations section of their site.

    Violation: blatant rip-off of nester, not GPL'ed, no source available, no credit to nester authors.

    Evidence: feature list, user interface, and hex comparison.

    For a side-to-side comparison of Famicommunist and nester, download this zip file. This file contains Famicommunist and nester (un-upx-compressed). Load them up in a hex editor and have a look-see. Look for key words they have in common like "win32_windowed_NES_screen_mgr" and "iDIDevice". Then take a look in the nester source code for those words. Hmmm, why is Famicommunist so much larger than nester... what's all this extra data on the end of the executable? Gee, maybe it's that big image in the about box. Oi.

    And here is Famicommunist's reply to the accusation.

    I have heard the accusations of famicommunist being a NESter hack. And i must say they are complete bull. I did look at the NESter source for help, but the only actual code i used from it was Blitting (a very small routine), i have updated the docs, so they express gratitude for the blitting, and for the cores and docs i used, and will be releasing the source tommorow when i get home for proof. (i am away from home now)

    Related links:
    Nester GPL Violations section of their site
    Famicommunist Homepage

    Please don't ask me about this, I haven't run a hex program on it, I'm just posting the news. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. -- Item 974239414 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Stardust SNES Emulator for Sega Saturn category=Emulator News body= Hmm.... a SNES emulator for Sega Saturn. This is gonna be cool. :) Here is sort of a little intro for it from the Stardust homepage:
    StarDust is the chosen name to a project that many, including me, belive to be impossible : To make a playable Super Nintendo emulator running on the Sega Saturn hardware. It will use HLE emulation of the video chip and a simpler CPU code than Snes9x to allow higher speed.

    Well, there is finally some word from this emulator as far as it running. It hasn't been released yet, but the author has finally managed to run some code(no images or DMA, just an update of the memory and opcodes). Here's what he's gotten so far:

  • It isn't much, but hey, gotta start somewhere. :) Hopefully we'll see a release of this emulator soon, this would be a reason for me to buy another Saturn(which I plan on doing soon anyway). :) Stardust has also gotten away from the old free-service web hosting and got hosting at EmuHQ.

    So go check out the site, leave some comments in the forum, and hope and pray this emulator comes to life. :) I personally can't wait for the release of this emulator. -- Item 974185405 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Graal Online v1.41 rev1 category=Misc. News body= Graal Online, a game written by Stefan Knorr which is based from the old java game called Zelda Online also written by Stefan Knorr, has been updated to version 1.41 rev1. With this version, brings more changes which should enhance your Graalian experience. :) Here's what's new:

    If you're already a player of Graal Online, then you should pick up this update and upgrade your game with this version or if you're a new player, you might wanna check Graal Online out if you're a fan of Zelda games. :)
    -- Item 974178268 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=New Hacks Added category=Translation News body= A little while back, Colosseum Translations was wiped out by Yahoo! Geocities. Their site is back up now, so why not give them a visit? I have just added two of their Pokemon Red hacks to our Gameboy Hacks page... They are called Pokemon Revolution and Pokemon Aqua. -- Item 974174789 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Genesis Power ROM Releases category=Misc. News body= Eep. I better get ZD caught up here. ;)

    Genesis Power has updated its Sega Genesis ROM archive with 5 new ROMs the past few days. Here's what they've released:

    Be sure to check their site out for this and more! :)
    -- Item 974173740 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=IcoRoms 1.35 category=Utility Release body= Are you sick of having to load the emulator to load the ROM? Would you like to just double click on a ROM and have it open up your favourite emulator so you can play the game? Well, you've come to the right update.

    IcoRoms is an icon replacement tool. It facilitates complete registration of your ROMs. You can set new Icons (A library of presets is included.) for both ROM files and emulator SaveStates, as well as assigning the extensions to
    open using your emulator of choice.

    Sound pretty cool? Well, then, get your buns over to the General Utilities section to steal a copy for yourself.
    -- Item 974173030 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=MacIntosh BNSF Version category=Utility Release body= BNSF has been ported to the MacIntosh platform. BNSF is an NSF (Nintendo Sound Format.) player. Don't have any NSFs and wanna check out this NSF player? Then be sure to take a look at the NSF Archive to see if anything meets your fancy.

    At any rate, pick up this player over at the NSF utilities section.
    -- Item 974171447 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=128 Museum Site Updated category=Misc. News body= Are you a Spectrum fan who can't find games on the Internet? Are you just itching to try out a Spectrum emulator out but can't find games? Well, have no fear. :) The 128 Museum will wash your Spectrum gaming woes away. This site has a vast archive of Spectrum games available for download. Here's what they've added recently:

    Be sure to check this site out if you're a Spectrum freak.
    -- Item 974170037 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Bleem Article category=Misc. News body= GamersUplink has posted the second installment of their series of articles on the PSX emulator called bleem!. This article discusses the emulators past conflicts and also touches on the features of this excellent emulator. Here's a portion of the article:

    You can read the rest of the article by visiting the following link:

  • Bleem Article Part II
    -- Item 974169856 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=MAME Wizard v2.0b7 category=Frontend News body= A new version of the MAME frontend for Win9x/00 called MAME Wizard has been released bringing this frontend to version 2.0 Beta 7. Here's a list of what's new:

    You should probably check this frontend out over at the Arcade frontends section.
    -- Item 974169316 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Keropi v0.51 category=Emulator Release body= Keropi, an x68000 emulator for the Win9x/00 platform, has been updated to version 0.51. Here's a list of what's new:

    Be sure to pick up this emulator over at the x68000 emulators section.
    -- Item 974168869 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Kegs v0.60 category=Emulator Release body= Kegs32, an unofficial Win9x/00 port of the Apple II GS emulator Kegs, has been released. This version contains most of the features as the HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and OS/2 version, but lacks a GUI, full-screen support or Joystick.

    Be sure to head on over to the Apple II emulators section.
    -- Item 974160870 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=GiriGiri v20001113 category=Emulator Release body= GiriGiri, a Sega Saturn emulator for Win9x/00, has been updated to build 20001113. According to the site screenshots, it looks like the BIOS and CD menus are fully functional.

    You can pick up this fine emulator over at the Sega Saturn emulators section.
    -- Item 974158838 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=New Datfiles category=Misc. News body= Logiqx has updated his site with two new datafiles. His site was updated wtih a datafile for Mimic version 1.04 and one for MESS version 0.37 beta 8. :)

    Be sure to check out Logiqx's site for these downloads.
    -- Item 974158608 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=MAME WIP category=Misc. News body= The MAME site has been updated with more news regarding this multi-arcade emulator. Here's what's up:

    Get your buns over to the site for more news as this emulator just keeps getting better and better. :)
    -- Item 974158371 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=CPS-2 Shock Site Updated category=Misc. News body= The CPS-2 Shock site has been updated with more data of non CPS-2 encrypted values. This site is working on breaking the CPS-2 encryption. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, Capcom, (Don't quote me on it since I know very little about this.) created an encryption method for their games so they couldn't be emulated and since emulators don't emulate the systems and rather the games, this encryption makes it hard to emulate the CPS-2 system.

    At any rate, get the goods over at the CPS-2 site. :)
    -- Item 974158118 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Amiga 51 Site Updated category=Misc. News body= The Amiga 51 site has been updated with more game reviews of Amiga titles. Here's what they've added:

    Be sure to check out this site if you're an Amiga nut. ;)
    -- Item 974157693 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Genesis Project Site Updated category=Misc. News body= The Genesis Project site has been updated with a ton of new and cool stuff. :) They've updated it with new walkthroughs, passwords, and Sonic game secrets. Those of you who aren't familiar with Genesis Project should probably check it out if you're a Sega Genesis fan. Its got tons of screenshots and a description of every Genesis game made.

    Be sure to check out this site. :)
    -- Item 974157427 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Personal Stuff & DirectX 8 Fix category=Misc. News body= First, before I get to this DirectX 8 update, I would like to apologize to everyone for my lack of updates the last few days. I've been an emotional wreck the past 5 or so days and I haven't felt like doing anything, however, I made a promise to you that I would make ZD my number one priority, and so I will try and update ZD as much as I can during my emotional crap. Now, on to some good stuff. :)

    I was over at the Emulation HQ when I saw an update regarding VGS and Nvidia driver problems. If you're having a bit of difficulty running VGS on your computer due to the DirectX 8 update, then here's what someone suggested:

    There you have it. :) -- Item 974144254 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Help Needed: Laser Emulation category=Misc. News body= I can no longer maintain my site, Laser Emulation alone.

    With trying to improve Laser, and updating all the other sites I update, and trying to maintain a real life as well, It is tiring me out.

    Go to Laser Emulation to see the help that is needed, and to find out how to apply. -- Item 974142985 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=FE 0.06 category=Emulator Release body= Family Emulator, the NES emulator for DOS, has been updated to 0.06. Here's what's new:

  • Nintendo World Cup / Super Spike VB (Map#47) supported
  • New sound core.

    You can download it from our NES section.

    Thanks to Emulatronia for the news. -- Item 974136449 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=ZSNES 1.11 Win 0.72 category=Emulator Release body= The Win32 port of ZSNES has recieved a bugfix release. Here's what's new:

  • (Win32) ZSNESw won't crash anymore if you don't have a soundcard or if DirectSound fails to initialize.
  • (Win32) Fixed a nasty performance bug with certain types of joystick/drivers installed, causing the FPS to be slower for no reason.
  • (Win32) Wrote an MMX optimised blitter for 16bit non-D windowed and full screen modes.
  • (Win32) Added simple wheel mouse support.

    You can download it from our SNES section. -- Item 974098411 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Pac-Man Hack category=Translation News body= I got really tired of all of this presidential election recounting of a recounted recount garbage, so I decided to write a hack. This is my first hack, and it's basically Pac-Man with Zelda graphics. (Oddly enough, Link doesn't make an appearance.) Pacman has been changed to an Octarok, and the ghosts are now Moblins (and Moblin-ghosts.)

    Download my hack at our NES Hacks page, and tell me what you think. -- Item 974075462 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Italian Translation Group Added category=Translation News body= I've just added Clomax Dominion (an Italian translation site) to the Italian Translations page. Included in the new patches are Italian versions of Megaman, Megaman X, Lufia, and Castlevania.

    Get all of the patches at our Italian Translations page. -- Item 974074620 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=DBTrans Back Up category=Translation News body= Dustybuddy told us that he has just re-opened his site (Db Translations) after his computer was totally wiped out. He also released a 10% English translation for the Adventures of Arle (GBC), and is currently looking for some devoted translators to help speed up the translation process. If you would like to help, send him e-mail at

    Download the patch at the Gameboy section of our English translations page. -- Item 974065843 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Kinox interviews MindRape category=Interview News body= Kinox has interviewed MindRape, the man who ran Damaged Cybernetics - which housed one of the internet's landmark emulation sites, Archaic Ruins. MindRape was also the person who stole the source code to Nesticle, and distributed it, which some people say lead to the termintation of the emulator.

    You can read the interview at Kinox. -- Item 974064166 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Famicommunist category=Emulator Release body= A new NES emulator for Win32, Famicommunist, by the author of RADARnes has been released. Here are some of the features it supports:

  • Vertical/Horizontal Scrolling
  • Very nice Pallete
  • Sound
  • Fullscreen, Doublescreen, and Window mode
  • Mapper supports for mappers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 43(partial), 114(small portion), and 199 (partial)
  • Frameskip(auto)/Framelimiter
  • Savestates 1-10
  • Configurable controls

    You can download it from our NES section.

    Thanks to Frogacuda from Emucamp for the news.

    -- Item 974064007 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=MESS 0.37 Beta 8 category=Emulator Release body= MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System, has been updated to 0.37 Beta 8. Here's what's new:

  • [ATOM] Finished floppy disc emulation
  • [BBC] Added a new BBC clone (BBCB1770) to use the WD1770 disc controller
  • [AMSTRAD CPC] Added support for printer
  • [GameBoy] Finally fixed the interrupt problem, which in turn helped a lot of carts actually run now
  • [Vectrex] Loading carts should work again
  • [ORIC] Rewrote to use 6522via code in MESS core
  • [COCO/DRAGON] Added support for printer. Optimized graphics emulation
  • [Studio II] added cartridge support
  • pure DOS mode crash fixed
  • Support for Chess Champion MK II

    You can download it from our MESS section. -- Item 974063835 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Yape 0.23 category=Emulator Release body= Yape, the Commodore Plus4 emu, has been updated to 0.23. Here's what's new:

  • exact TED timings at last, including "correct" color and character buffering (this actually broke some already working games...)
  • MTAP support, the same tape format that is used in CCS64 and VICE, is now supported! (you should even be able to save/load to/from external TAP files now! Turboloaders also work)
  • timers are now decreased in every second TED clock cycle only...
  • preliminary SID emulation (courtesy of Csabo)
  • full ROM banking via dialog window
  • reorganised menubar
  • you can now load/save user settings and they are reloaded at startup (yape.ini)
  • screen is now centered in all full screen DirectX modes
  • modified the redistribution package to contain one of all supported image types
  • various small fixes

    You can download it from our Commodore Plus4 page. -- Item 974063696 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=MAME WIP category=Emulator News body= MAME's official Work In Progress page of MAME has been updated during the last few days with following news:
  • 11th November 2000: David Graves sent in preliminary Operation Wolf / Operation Thunderbolt drivers, however only Operation Thunderbolt works. Keith Wilkins updated the discrete sound system emulation to support Lunar Lander.
  • 10th November 2000: Tatsuyuki Satoh fixed a bug in the Namco System 1 driver which affected World Stadium '90. Aaron Giles removed useless input ports from Mortal Kombat II, added a few new romsets and fixed the main set. Gerardo Oporto fixed the dipswitch settings in the M72 driver.
  • 9th November 2000: Nicola Salmoria fixed the Outrun road graphics bugs. Luca Elia sent in a driver for American Speedway. Quench sent an updated Toaplan2 driver with text-layer scroll effect that fixes the ending scene in Armed Police Batrider.
  • 8th November 2000: Yochizo sent in a driver for Omega Fighter and Atomic Robokid. Aaron Giles fixed the ASM 68k core to work with the new memory system.

    You can read the whole WIP news and see screenshots at the MAME WIP Page. -- Item 974063515 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=MacMAME 0.37 Beta 9 category=Emulator Release body= MacMAME, the port of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator to MacOS, has been updated to be in-sync with the latest official DOS version.

    You can download it from our Multiple Arcade Emulators for Macintosh page. -- Item 973998608 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=OverClocked ReMix Update category=Misc. News body= David Lloyd (DJ Pretzel) has updated his remix site with at least three new remixes. From his humorous e-mail:
    OverClocked ReMix has been updated with three new ReMixes, Darklands, Faxanadu, and Alone in the Dark 2. However, that's an unofficial tally brought to you by retrogames - the actual number is still up in the air, and it could take weeks to sort out just HOW MANY ReMixes were added. Note that some downloaders found the drop-down menus on that site 'confusing' and allegations have been made on both sides of the fence. Right now, a bunch of old white guys are debating the issue, and urge that no one rushes to judgement, unless it helps their side.
    See for yourself at
    Like he said, check out the new remixes at the OverClocked ReMix site. -- Item 973998389 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Atari V7800 Frontend category=Frontend News body= Psyman has just completed the first beta version of a new multi-emulator frontend called Offend. Right now, it only supports V7800 the Atari emulator (so it's not much of a MULTI-frontend yet.) The author plans to support many more emulators in the future, so we'll keep you posted with any new supported emulators when a new version is released.

    Get this frontend from our Universal Frontends page. -- Item 973991191 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=AdvancedMAME v0.37 Beta 9 category=Emulator Release body= Are you itching to connect your computer up to a TV set and play with a huge screen rather than your small 14-17" monitors? Wanna sit in a big cozy couch and just veg out while playing Space Invaders? Well, then you've come across the right update. This optimized version of MAME called AdvancedMAME contains special features for increased compatibility with TV displays, arcade and fixed-frequency monitors. Now, this means that it will improve video support for various kinds of monitors and display units. Here's a list of what's new in this release:

    Wanna get your hands on this?

    Then get your buns over to the MAME emulators page and get it!
    -- Item 973987475 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=FE 0.05a category=Emulator Release body= The NES/Famicom emulator FE has been updated to 0.05a. Here's what's new:

  • 1000000-in-1 (Map#45) supported
  • DragonBallZ 4-in-1 (Map#83) supported

    You can download it from our NES section. -- Item 973987313 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Steem 1.2 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of the AtariST emulator, Steem, has been released. Here's what's new:

  • MIDI in and out (experimental).
  • Printer out (requires an ST compatible printer).
  • Custom disk images, up to 2.3Mb!
  • Easy import of WinSTon favourites.
  • Rapid creation of multiple shortcuts.
  • Overscans improved - will always happen if needed.
  • DMA sound made safe for all sound cards.
  • ENTER and keypad / are now different (Damocles).
  • Fixed a few IKBD bugs (Chubby Gristle, The Pink Panther).
  • Fixed a minor Timer B bug (Hot Rubber, Batman titles).
  • Turn hard drives off without losing the path.
  • Auto update - Can download a new version when available if you want it to.
  • Speeded up the Disk Manager generally and added an option to speed up displaying folders with many ZIPs
    You can download it from our Atari ST page. -- Item 973986834 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=CPS-2 Shock Progress category=Misc. News body= CPS-2 Shock, a team dedicated to decrypting the Capcom arcade hardware CPS-2, has been updated with the latest data of non CPS-2 encrypted values.

    You can view these values, and find more information about this project at CPS-2 Shock. -- Item 973986680 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=GameLad 1.01 category=Emulator Release body= The Gameboy emulator, GameLad, has been updated to 1.01. Here's what's new:

  • You can view any bank in the memory viewer
  • You can use Go To in the memory and disassembly windows to jump to an address
  • Right clicking in the memory and disassembly window brings up a context menu
  • The disassembly caret's behaviour has been improved when using step commands
  • The registers window show the memory content at the address the current operation code will access. The destination of jumps are also displayed.
  • Game Lad doesn't crash when closing a Game Boy window that was not the latest opened, while a debug window is active
  • Step commands allocated memory without releasing it
  • Ampersands (&) in the ROM header were removed and the next character underlined
  • LCD interrupt didn't occur at LY=144
  • If the "Register File Types" was successful, the title read "Error"

    You can download it from our Gameboy section. -- Item 973986371 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Intellivision Games category=Free ROMs News body= Intellivision Lives has released some free Intellivision games on their site. The games are available for free download as Intellipack 3. The Pack contains B-17 Bomber, Beauty & The Beast, Shark Shark and a prototype called Minotaur. These games are available as a preview for the Intellivision Rocks collection, which will include every game released for Intellivision by Activision and Imagic.

    You can download the games from Intellivision Lives. -- Item 973915849 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=100% Translation Released category=Translation News body= AlanMidas has released a 100% patch for "The 100 World Story", a japanese RPG for the NES. Screenshots are available at the project page. As always, you can download the patch at our NES Translations page. Thanks to Syrus Dragoberg for the news. -- Item 973904703 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Laser Progress category=Emulator News body= The Laser homepage has been updated with news on the progress of this multiple arcade emulator:

    I am currently trying to find the Space King 2 ROMset that Team Japump just dumped so I can give a shot at adding it to Laser. Space King is already supported by Laser, and as far as I know, Space King 2 uses the same hardware, so it shouldn't be that hard to add. If you have this ROMset, please contact me.

    In other news - I have managed to get the game Lupin II to be fully playable - and I have made more progress in making the semi-supported games more playable: Boot Hill now runs without the characters on screen. I have also added preliminary support for Clowns.

    I will release another version of Laser as soon as I get the Space King 2 Romset - which hopefully should be soon.

    Go to the Laser Homepage for more information. -- Item 973901707 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=ZSNES 1.10 category=Emulator Release body= The windows and DOS ports of the excellent SNES emulator, ZSNES, have received a rather huge update. Here's the full list of what's new:

  • Fixed games that turns on the x239 resolution (eg. Chrono Trigger battles) when scanline mode is enabled (Win32) Fixed up crashing bugs on extra long filenames with underscores
  • (Win32) Hopefully fixed the odd colored interpolation in 1:5:5:5 16bit color settings
  • (Win32) Hopefully won't crash anymore when the temporary directory exists prior to unzipping a .zip file
  • (Win32) Fixed loading of .zip files with more than 2 '.'s in the filename. Thanks to DCX for helping us troubleshoot this.
  • (Win32) Fixed up short filename saveram/save states loading when the long filename has spaces in it.
  • Added TCP/IP Support. It is recommended that for playable netplay, you'd have an average ping time of less than 300ms (type ping in dos) and that packet loss is minimal for TCP/IP (not UDP). At the moment, you cannot have more than 2 connections
  • Thanks for all the testers for testing this, especially DooMStalK, GreenImp, and TeleKawaru! Also added back buffer support. This will sacrifice cpu power for netplay to make it much more playable. WARNING: High cpu speed recommendations (~450mhz+). Please see netplay.txt for details.
  • Added save states to netplay (just use them like you normally do)
  • Save Ram is now defaulted to load/save on the server's side
  • Save Ram are not supported in SA-1/SuperFX games due to their size, but you can use save states instead in that case.
  • Increased chat line length in the out-of-game chatbox by a lot
  • Partly increased the chat line length in-game
  • in-game chat text now stays longer on-screen by 2 seconds
  • Added reset in netplay
  • Fixed up movie recording feature
  • (Win32) Mouse shouldn't get stuck on the left side anymore.
  • (Win32) Video mode 3 (256x224FS) shouldn't crash anymore. Thanks to kode54 for his assistance on the above 2 bugfixes.
  • (Win32) Fixed the instability bug where the window can sometimes start shaking for no reason and takes away windows resources.
  • (Win32) Re-wrote keyboard character input routines
  • Fixed up FF2(4)'s music in lower sampling rates
  • (Win32) Coded in the UDP protocol as a replacement for TCP/IP.
  • Some network configurations won't work with UDP. However, it is strongly recommended that you use UDP if you can because of the speed increase. In order to disable UDP and use TCP/IP, both sides must de-select UDP.
  • (Win32) Added a small multiplayer game list (multi.txt)
  • Added an updated Windows FAQ, courtesy of TuxedoMsk of VGNetwork who updated it.
  • Added a more user friendly input selection routine (changed Direct Input to Keyb/Joystick and it also auto-sets keyb/Joystick when you set a key)
  • Hopefully fixed up the sprite priority problems (eg. FF2/4's damage points)
  • (Win32) Added rewind support for up to 8 levels (in 8 second intervals) (NOTE: Windows Port only! - Sorry DOS Port users). In order to activate this, assign a key to the Rewind Key in the Misc -> GameKeys option.

    You can download it from our SNES section. -- Item 973802753 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Sega Smash Pack for Dreamcast category=Emulator News body= Sega is going to be releasing it's Smash Pack - a modified version of Steve Snake's Kgen with select Genesis ROMs - to the the Dreamcast. According to Yahoo - it will be releasing it as a bundle pack with the previously unreleased Dreamcast version of Virtua Cop 2, and the puzzle game Sega Swirl for $179. The emulated Genesis games reportedly on the GD-ROM will be:
    Sonic the Hedgehog, Vectorman, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage 2, Columns(TM), Phantasy Star 2, Shining Force, and Wrestle War.

    You can read the entire article at Yahoo News. -- Item 973786580 usera=/personal/xip.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=xip title=MAME32 0.37 beta 9 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of MAME32 has been released. It is now up to date with the official version. You can get MAME32 at the MAME page. -- Item 973774707 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Mimic WIP category=Emulator News body= Mike Beaver has been able to get the Twin VDPs working for Hang On Jr. in Mimic. Here's a quote about this feat:

    As you can see, I got the twin VDPs working !!! I was wrong because the line interrupts ARE used, I was just getting fruity results without the background layer. Hang On Jr now passes all of the RAM tests, but still fails on one of the ROMs. Can't wait until I get that good dump. All I need to get it playable is the accelerator and angle inputs.
    As for the other romsets, I can see Riddle writing to the VRAM but still no graphics and Transformer is strangly broken in this cut of the code. I have another cut where it works, so I will compare.

    Mike also put an HWC driver file on the homepage that allows you to play a previously unemulated game: Lucky Today on the current version of Mimic.

    See the WIP screenshots and download the Lucky Today driver at the Mimic Homepage.

    Download the current version of Mimic at our Mimic section. -- Item 973746083 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Happy Birthday category=Site News body= Zophar's Domain is now officially 4 years old. This day, back in 1996, Brad Levicoff (Zophar) first put this site online. I spoke with Brad and here's what he had to say:

    Hey everyone! It's been about seven weeks since Sam took the site over in September. To be honest, I haven't really had much time to see how things have been going here, but everyone assures me it's doing great; from what I've seen, things look better than ever! It's hard to believe that this site has come from such humble beginnings to the greatness that it has achieved. I'm proud that I was a part of it for almost four years. I thought I'd take a minute to let everyone know how I've been doing.

    I went back to retail work in October. Having worked at Best Buy over a year earlier, I've learned many things about sales, and what better retail job to have than selling video games? So I applied to Software, Etc. in Neshaminy Mall (a mall right outside of Philadelphia, in Bensalem) and after many phone calls later, I was hired as a part-time sales associate. For anyone in the Philadelphia or Bensalem area, feel free to drop by, say hello, and buy/reserve something. :)

    Part time college is going great. I have an "A" average in both Computer Science 111 (Basic C++ programming) and English 102 (term papers) so far. I'll be returning full-time in January, at which time I'll be taking Math 171 (Calculus I), Math 163 (Structures) and Computer Science 112 (More C++ programming). If any ZD visitors go to community College of Philadelphia, drop me a line ( and maybe we can meet up. I hope to
    be at Drexel University going for my Computer Science major by 2002. Not the date I had hoped for, but I'm finally on the right track.

    I'll be attending my first ever Marilyn Manson concert this Wednesday with my friend Phil in my home town of Philadelphia, PA! While I'm sure that the overwhelming majority of you aren't MM fans, I've always liked the underdog - be it music, sports/entertainment (pro-wrestling as opposed to monday night football) and even video games (Lunar 2 as opposed to Quake 5,412). If anyone else will be attending, drop me a line at and maybe we could meet up.

    Perhaps some of you have been wondering who your favorite Levicoff voted for. Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway - Al Gore. While I strongly disagree with pretty much every word that has ever exited Joe Lieberman's mouth, I'd much rather have a registered democrat who has republican stances
    on every issue as vice president than another Bush in office as president. (I'm a democrat - sue me!) Also - while I do agree with many of Nader's views and I like what the guy is trying to say, all voting for Nader has done (or seems to have done, the election results are too close for a victor to be announced right now) was take away votes from Al Gore, causing him to lose the election. I stayed up until 3 in the morning last night watching CNN, and finally gave up on Florida's final results coming in. Still waiting...

    My sympathy goes out to the person who was going to redesign ZD. I departed this website before ever getting
    a chance to meet you. I hope that you recover quickly and I thank you for the services you are doing for Sam Michael's Zophar's Domain.

    Work on the pro-wrestling website is on hold until I take care of all my college, work and financial responsibilities. I apologize to the twelve people that mailed in for positions and haven't receieved a response yet - the site will still go on, just not in the timely fashioned that I had plan. If things always went according to plan, what fun would life be?

    I'm very proud of the work everyone has done for Zophar's Domain, and I'm glad that everyone still continues to visit it. It's proof that a good foundation is all one needs - if everything depending on one person or a few people, you'd have a poor foundation and a collapse would occur if even a few links to the chain broke (see: former U.S.S.R.).

    Thanks to everyone for visiting ZD! May it have another healthy and productive four years ahead.

    Until a definitive majority of Americans can agree on a president, I am

    Brad Levicoff

    I'm sure I speak for all of the emulation community when I say, "Thank you, Brad." -- Item 973745627 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=DBoy Updated category=Emulator Release body= BouKiCHi has updated DBoy, his Gameboy emulator, to version 0.73. Loosely translated from the Japanese readme, what's new still doesn't make any since. Here is the translation of what has changed verbatim from elingo:
    00/11/08 0.73 [It] made it to accurate timing of the Movie function. (Because record information was added, it is not compatible with the Movie taken ahead. ) It is a directory relation why and error がでる (cause uncertainty).
    I think it's safe to say that the video timing is more accurate for capturing video (which can be done using the "-" key for record and "^" for play,) and is not compatible with movies from the last version.

    Get the latest version of DBoy from our Gameboy Emulators page. -- Item 973744944 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Bleem Compatibility Update category=Emulator News body= The Bleem! website has updated their page saying that Bleem is compatible with Windows ME (like that was a big surprise). I tried out Bleem in Windows ME the day it was released, so I guess this is nothing new to me. Their Windows ME page is at

    On a side note, I tried Bleem out in Whistler (the next MS OS), and it does not work in normal mode OR in Windows 9x compatibility mode. Hopefully Bleem will be updated by then (but don't hold your breath... it has not been updated since 11-25-99.) -- Item 973743753 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Monstania 100% Release category=Translation News body= The Aeon Genesis Translation Proclamation has released a 100% patch for Monstania. Monstania is a Strategy RPG for the SNES. You can get the patch at our SNES Translations page. Thanks to Syrus Dragoberg for the news. -- Item 973742803 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=New Der Langrisser Patch category=Translation News body= Warui Toransu has moved his Der Langrisser translation to While I was there, I noticed that there is a new version of the translation with the version number 11072k (presumably meaning released yesterday, 11-07-2999).

    I've updated our SNES Translations page with the new version, so get it there. Thanks to Moon Knight for letting me know about the page change. -- Item 973741963 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Both Pokemon Neo Hacks Updated category=Translation News body= Neo Productions has updated both of their Pokemon Neo hacks (Adventure and Rocket). Their page has also moved, so you can see screenshots of these games at the Neo Project Page.

    Download the latest versions of their hacks from our Gameboy Hacks page. -- Item 973741155 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Dejap Page Updated category=Translation News body= DeJap has updated their page with screenshots of the upcoming release of the English patch of Tales of Phantasia (SNES). Among the other news items:
    Visit DeJap translations to see the screenshots and read the news for yourself. Thanks to Mattias Cedervall for letting us know about the update. -- Item 973730406 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Yet another Presidential update category=Misc. News body= Still waiting on an official word about Bush's count in Florida...if he gets those 25 EVs, then he'll beat Gore (at least until December when they really decide). They're in the process of doing a mandatory recount.

    As it stands right now, Bush has won...the count is (14/67 counties reporting):

    2,909,176 - Bush (recount adds 125 votes)
    2,907,451 - Gore (recount adds 133 votes)

    All in all, this looks to be devestating for both candidates. Neither of them have the true majority of citizens behind them since the count is so close, which means the next 4 years is going to be pretty stagnant. I wouldn't be surprised if this is when other country's try to take advantage of a weakened US. But, alas, we'll see what the political analysts say.

  • Step by Step of Gore's Concession (and retraction)
  • Florida Recount
  • Explanation of the Electoral College

    Update at 11:32p): New Florida recount:

    2,909,465 - Bush (+205)
    2,907,722 - Gore (+238) -- Item 973726544 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Background Scrolling Demo released for Gameboy Advance category=Free ROMs News body= A demo by Guano has been released. A simple background scoller demo. It comes with the souce if you're interested in coding for the GBA, go pick it up in the Gameboy Advance ROMs section.

    Thanks to the Gameboy Advance Developement page for this demo. :) -- Item 973719966 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Russian MSX System Emulation category=Misc. News body= The MSX Emulation Page has added some Russian MSX images to their extensive site devoted to the MSX computer system. According to the webmaster:

    Well, finally, after a VERY long search, we finally got them! From now on, you will also be able to emulate a Russian MSX2 system, as we have added the .ROM images if the YIS 503 II to the site. If I remember correctly, this is an MSX 2 machine by Yamaha, which was only released in Russia. My thanks go out to Bifi & Kiwi who have traced these files for me!

    You can try the Russian MSX for yourself at The MEP. -- Item 973680462 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Graal Online v1.41 category=Misc. News body= Just what IS Graal Online?

    Graal Online is a game written by Stefan Knorr which is based from the old java game called Zelda Online. Veterans of emulation who remember the old SEC site, will remember a person that worked there named SECAIN. SECAIN gave Stefan Knorr the idea to create Graal and the first Zelda Online version was released in February of 1998. After a few months, Stefan Knorr renamed Zelda Online to Graal Online and released the first executable in September of 1998. This executable format was more stable than the Zelda Online java version and had more possiblilities such as a level editor where players could design and create their own levels, it supports NPC (Non-Player Character.) scripting which is basically programming the in game enemies, and levels, and much, much more. This game is free currently, however, that may change in the future. For you programming freaks, the server was coded in C/C++, and the client was coded in Delphi using DirectX, so that means you'll need DirectX to play this.

    So, if you're a Zelda fan, you might want to check this game out. If you're new to the game, be sure to ask a GP (Graal Police) on the game for help. (Yes, I am a Graal Police officer on it. ;) ).

    At any rate, here's a list of what's new in this release:

    Whew! What an update.

    Be sure to give this game a shot! Its really fun and you can meet other people while playing!
    -- Item 973674567 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Another Presidential Update category=Misc. News body= CNN has retracted their statement saying Bush has won Florida and changed the electoral votes to:

    Bush - 246
    Gore - 249

    There are less than 1200 votes deciding Florida and their 25 EVs, as well as deciding who the President will be. As per Florida regulations, a recount is in order. Gore had called Governor Bush and conceeded, however, Gore later called him back and retracted his concession.

    Yes, my friends...1 vote DOES count.

    Update (at 4:11a): SnowMan let us know, and I just heard on CNN, that Florida has several thousand overseas ballots still to come in, which could take up to 10 days to count.

    Update (at 4:34a): Florida is now reporting 100% of the it is:

    Bush - 2,902,733
    Gore - 2,902,509

    Yes, 224 votes are deciding the Presidency. The Florida Attorney General has stated that there WILL be a recount.

    Also, Gore is now winning the popular vote...96% reporting for:

    Gore - 47,123,818
    Bush - 47,063,088

    Now, even if Gore wins the popular vote, the Constitution says the Electoral Vote decides the Presidency.

    Update at 5:40a: Here's the new stats...Gore still leads popular vote, and Bush still leads the Florida vote.

    98% Reporting for popular:

    47,913,358 - Gore
    47,649,673 - Bush

    New Florida count:

    2,905,390 - Bush
    2,904,403 - Gore


    215 Rep
    207 Dem
    2 Ind
    11 Undecided


    17 Dem
    15 Rep
    2 Undecided

    And remember, in addition to Florida, Wisconsin and Oregon are still too close to call.

    Update at 6:24a: Gore has won Wisconsin's 11 Electoral Votes. The new score:

    260 - Gore
    246 - Bush

    Also, an update for the House:

    216 Rep
    207 Dem
    2 Ind
    10 Undecided -- Item 973673341 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Mimic WIP category=Emulator News body= Mike Beaver has successfully acheived Sega System E emulation in his multiple systems emulator, Mimic. The homepage shows a work in progress screenshot of Hang-on Jr. running in Mimic without background emulation.

    You can read more and look at the impressive screenshot at the Mimic Homepage. -- Item 973668203 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Presidential Update category=Misc. News body= The gamer's choice - George W. Bush has just won the pivitol state, Florida, to become the 43rd president of the United States. -- Item 973664251 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Election Stuff category=Misc. News body= Gotten a lot of emails during the last few hours asking about the United States election for, alright. I'll speak.

    CNN has estimated the following:

    Electoral votes:
    246 - Bush (Needs 28)
    242 - Gore (Needs 24)

    Basically, whoever gets Florida will probably win the election, if noone changes their vote.

    Public votes (real):
    40,566,111 - Bush (49%)
    39,915,636 - Gore (48%)

    Remember, the public votes are constantly changing, but the percentages are remaining basically the same with Bush on top.

    My prediction: If Gore loses, it will be Clinton/Gore in in, Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore. -- Item 973644080 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Plasma demo for GBA category=Free ROMs News body= ANOTHER Gameboy Advance demo was released today. It's a trippy plasma demo(although a little slow, but hey, what can you expect considering the system isn't even out yet). Go to the Gameboy Advance ROMs section to take a look at it.

    Thanks to Kojote of Kojote's Freeware ROMs page for telling me about this. :) -- Item 973632830 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=GBA-Xfade Demo by Mic category=Free ROMs News body= Mic released another Game Boy Advance. This was made to kinda advertise the Gameboy Advance Developement page.

    Go grab it from the Gameboy Advance ROMs section. -- Item 973618489 usera=/personal/bender.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=bender title=Virtua Release 1 category=Emulator Release body= Kayamon has discontinued his Sega Model 2 emulator, Virtua, but has also released the emulator and the source. Here's a quote from the author:

    Well, it breaks my heart to say it, but Virtua is no more. Yes, even before it started it has now finished. Why? Simply because I just don't have the time to keep working on this.

    Believe it or not, I have a life, and it keeps getting in the way of things. I've been working on Virtua on and off for the past *2 years*, during which time I've stopped to write 2 other CPU cores, a YM2203 emulator, worked on Raine for a bit, and learnt to play the guitar. And now due to having to spend all my programming time on my University project, I don't see how I can realistically fit it in any more.

    You can download it from the Multiple Arcade section. -- Item 973617389 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=WPCMame Version 4 category=Emulator Release body= WPCMame, an emulator for DOS/Win9x/00 which emulates the electronic circuit boards and the display in the pinball machine where you can also activate switches with your keyboard, see display animations, and listen/record the pinball game sounds, has been updated to version 4. Here's a list of what's new:

    You can pick up this fine emulator over at the MAME emulators section.
    -- Item 973616014 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Datafile Updates category=Misc. News body= Logiqx has updated his site with a new datafile for both ClrMamePro and RomCenter. This is for the newest MAME version of 0.37b9 as well as the new version of WPCMame v4.

    Be sure to visit Logiqx's site for these downloads and for more information.
    -- Item 973586255 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Arcade Flyers Updated category=Misc. News body= The Arcadeflyers site has been updated with 1535 different flyers.

    You should probably check this site out if you're an arcade fan. :)

    Thanks to DinkeyToy for the news.
    -- Item 973585744 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=G-NES Interview category=Interview News body= I got an email from navarone who conducted an interview with the author of the NES emulator called G-NES.

    You can read the interview by visiting the following link:

  • G-NES Interview

    Note: This page seems to be in Japanese, so keep that in mind before you head on over to the site. :)

    Thanks to navarone for the news.
    -- Item 973585083 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=YAME v0.21 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of the Win9x/00 TurboGrafx 16, NES, and Gameboy emulator called YAME has been updated to version 0.21. I can't report what's new in this emulator because the documentation is in Japanese.

    You can pick up this emulator over at the YAME emulator section.
    -- Item 973584752 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Genesis Power: Releases category=Misc. News body= Eep! I'd better get caught up with all the Genesis Power updates that I've missed. ;)

    The Genesis Power site has been updated with more Sega Genesis ROMs the past few days. Those of you who are Sega Genesis fans, should probably check this archive of ROMs. Here's what they've released the last few days:

    Be sure you check these releases out at the Genesis Power site.

    -- Item 973584327 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=TR64 FAQ Updated category=Misc. News body= Having difficulties running the N64 emulator called TR64? Well, you're in luck. The official TR64 FAQ was updated today and now has a total of 29 questions answered.

    You should probably check this site out if you're experiencing difficulties running the emulator.
    -- Item 973584167 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=DreamGBC v0.1 category=Emulator Release body= DreamCGB, a Gameboy emulator, has been released to version 0.1. This emulator was reported to the Emulation HQ site by Frank. This emulator is a Chinese Gameboy emulator.

    You can pick this emulator up by visiting the Gameboy emulators section.
    -- Item 973583751 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Mac RockNES v1.500 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of the MacIntosh port of the NES emulator called RockNES has been updated to version v1.500. Here's a list of what's new on this nifty emulator:

    Want to try out this emulator? Well, alrighty then.

    Get your buns over to the MacIntosh NES emulators section and check it out!
    -- Item 973583443 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=RomCenter Datafiles category=Misc. News body= The RomCenter site has been updated with a pile of datafiles for use with the ROM utility. Here's what was added:

    You can pick up these fine datafiles over at the RomCenter site.
    -- Item 973583049 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=ClrMamePro v1.8f category=Utility Release body= Are you a ClrMamePro will wash your MAME ROM worries away. This is a ROM manager will cleans your MAME. directories, reports missing games, ROMs and samples. It will also report wrong sized/spelled/unnecessary files. Here's a list of what's new in this release:

    You can pick up the goods over at the MAME Utilities section.
    -- Item 973582571 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Mimic WIP category=Emulator News body= The site of the Win9x/00 multi-system emulator called Mimic has been updated with news regarding the authors project to emulate the Sega System E. The site reports that the author has gotten a lot of information on the hardware and has been working with the 6 ROMsets he has. Three are running right now, however they are not populating graphics definitions.

    Be sure to visit the Mimic site for more information.
    -- Item 973573154 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Awesome Asteroids Version category=Misc. News body= I just played a 2d (of course) game of "Spheres of Chaos" that [JJ] told me about... it was REALLY cool! Spheres of Chaos is a Asteroids remake, and is available for both Windows and Risc-OS. You can download this awesome remake at the Spheres of Chaos page, and check out the screenshots while you're at it.

    You can download more remakes at Retro-Remakes. -- Item 973572478 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Translation Doc Added category=Technical Docs News body= Kiwibonga has released a document on table files, and includes what one is, what it's used for, how to make one, and what to do with it when you're done. It's must-know information for any new translator/text hacker.

    Read the document here or download it from the "General Subjects" section of our ROM Hacking/Translation Documents section. -- Item 973571883 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Shining Force Campaign category=Misc. News body= One of our hosted sites, Moogie's Ultimate Shining Force Website, has a campaign going to petition Sega to release a sequel in the Shining Force series. The petition has been going on for almost 6 months, and the site has just undergone a massive overhaul. They've been mentioned in magazines like the Official Dreamcast Magazine.

    Visit the campaign site and find out more specifics at -- Item 973570863 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=New 100% Playable Game Found category=Emulator News body= Ridge tells us that there is a new 100% fully playable game for TRWin (a Nintendo 64 emulator). The game: "Tigger's Honey Hunt". He said that the graphics are at 100%, and it runs fill speed. The sound doesn't work, but at least it's playable... -- Item 973569900 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Bleem Article category=Misc. News body= uzplayer has written an article called "bleem! Troubled Past... Bright Future?" that is available at Gamer's Uplink. Here's an excerpt that uzplayer provided us with:
    From it痴 inception into the gaming community, to the soon introduction of the first ever Playstation emulator for Sega Dreamcast, people have been watching the battle between Sony Computer Entertainment (Sony) and bleem!
    Inc. (bleem!) over its line of emulator products that play Playstation (PSX) games on your PC and soon Sega Dreamcast.
    Make sure to check out the full article (part one in a seven part series) at -- Item 973569473 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=SSF Updated category=Emulator Release body= SSF (the only playable Sega Saturn emu) has been updated to version 004 alpha r5. I translated what is new, but it's still pretty much incoherent... Check it out for yourself at E-Lingo. Enter the SSF homepage (, and Japanese as the source URL. Thanks to npX for the news.

    Get the latest version of SSF from our Sega Saturn Emulators page. -- Item 973551989 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Fire Demo for GBA category=Site News body= Is it just me, or do these fire demos seem to hit on every single system. Anyway, thanks to the only site I know of for news on the Gameboy Advance developement scene.
    Head on over to the Gameboy Advance ROMs section and grab it, and don't forget to go to the aforementioned site for everything GBA Developement related. -- Item 973551949 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=Help Wanted category=Site News body= The person who was redesigning the site was in a car accident last Tuesday, and unfortunately, is unable to complete the design. Best of luck to your recovery :)

    So, here's what I need. A person who can redesign ZD. Not someone who just rearranges what we have...I'm looking for a total overhaul that looks nothing like this. Here are the qualifications:

  • 3+ years working experience at a reputable site
  • BS in computer science (or equivalent work experience)
  • CLEAR and CONCISE understanding of HTML 4.0, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, SSI, MySQL
  • Familiar with UNIX/Linux environments
  • Ability to meet short deadlines
  • Works well under EXTREME stress and pressure
  • Excellent with graphics and is able to provide such

    If you don't meet ALL of those requirements, DO NOT even ask; the answer is no. There is a good chance for monetary compensation, which will be based on the completed design. Email me with your name and phone number if you're interested. Remember, if you don't qualify or don't provide that information, I won't even bother reading the rest of the email. -- Item 973548969 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=swNES v0.30 category=Emulator Release body= swNES v0.30 was released recently, here's what's new.

  • So go and give this a try. :) You can pick it up in the NES Emulators section. -- Item 973543453 usera=/personal/swampgas.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=swampgas title=MAME v0.37 Beta 9 category=Emulator Release body= After a long wait, a new MAME beta has been released. A few of the drivers haven't been updated to the new API yet, so if you get the error "cpu # uses wrong data width memory handlers!", Don't Panic(tm). Lots of changes in the source code this's what's new:

    Games: Cavelon, M660, The FairyLand Story, Balloon Brothers, Gigandes, Daisenpu, Battle Garegga, Armed Police Batrider, After Burner, After Burner II, Bloxeed, Columns, Columns II - The Voyage Through Time, Borench, ThunderForce AC, Tant-R (Puzzle & Action), Puyo Puyo, Stack Columns, Poto Poto, Zunzunkyou No Yabou, Hard Drivin', Saboten Bombers, Scud Hammer, Thunder & Lightning, Rezon, Athena no Hatena, Oishii Puzzle Ha Irimasenka, Eight Forces, Pro Mahjong Kiwame, Krazy Bowl, Battle K-Road, Naname de Magic!, Asuka & Asuka, Maze of Flott, Galmedes, Earth Joker, Kokontouzai Eto Monogatari, Cadash

    Clones: The King of Dragons (US), Street Smart (World version 1), Two Tigers (dedicated), Manhattan 24 Bunsyo (= Jail Break)

    Grab a copy from the MAME page.

    UPDATE (at 5:40pm EST): I just added the binary from Gridle. -- Item 973526995 usera=/personal/xip.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=xip title=RockNES 1.500 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of RockNES, a NES emulator for DOS, has been released. Here's what's new:

  • NES sound driver partially rewritten. Added real-time state for register $4015, which fixes sound output for all games;
  • Added mapper #76 driver (Namco 109);
  • Added mappers #72, #92, #101 (Taito mappers);
  • Added mappers #83 (Cony mapper), #240;
  • Added mapper #100 (NESticle MMC3 hack mode, untested);
  • Fixed mapper #70 (small hack for Kamen Rider Club);
  • Fixed mapper #113 (to support HES carts);
  • Removed duplicated pattern table saving on games with no VROM.

    Fx3 is going to take a break now. You can get RockNES at the NES page. -- Item 973480339 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=DreamSNES v0.9.2 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of the Snes9x port to the DreamCast called DreamSNES has been updated to version 0.9.2. Here's a list of what's new:

    Be sure to head on over to the DreamSNES site for the download and for more information on how to get this baby going.
    -- Item 973475458 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=New Overclocked Remix category=Misc. News body= David Lloyd has updated DJ Pretzel's Overclocked Remix with four new remixes in the past two days. They are:
    Get these songs at the Overclocked Remix site. -- Item 973357081 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Stardust SNES Emulator for Sega Saturn category=Emulator News body= The author of the StarDust SNES Emulator for the Saturn has updated the page recently with the news that work on the emulator is now suspended due to his Saturn dying. Hopefully he will be able to continue work on this project soon.

    StarDust : A Super Nintendo Emulator for Sega Saturn -- Item 973308740 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=New Translation Group category=Translation News body= There is a new translation group that just got started called Unstable Translation. Their page is at and they are translating the Super Robot Wars Series. There's no patches to download yet, but I just wanted to keep you guys updated. -- Item 973308366 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=Final Fantasy 4 Trans Updated category=Translation News body= The patch that J2e Translations released on October 31st for Final Fantasy IV (SNES) had a bug in it, so they fixed it. The new version is 3.02, which you can download from our SNES Translations page. Thanks to The Smoker and The Crusader for the news. -- Item 973304472 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Back In Time Review category=Misc. News body= The Back In Time site has been updated with a review of the PC and Playstation game called: Galaga: Destination Earth. Here's a portion of the review:

    Thinking of getting this game? Be sure to read the article in its entirety by visiting the following link before you make your buy to see if its worth it:

  • Galaga: Destination Earth Review
    -- Item 973304130 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=EmuForce Gets New Look category=Misc. News body= The emulation news site of EmuForce has recently gotten a site redesign. Be sure that you have IE v5.5 as it will only work if you have that. It's got some really nice graphics and eye candy.

    Be sure to check out EmuForce today!
    -- Item 973303922 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=RomHQ Site Updated category=Misc. News body= The RomHQ site was updated with 50 new ROM sites for your viewing pleasure. Those of you who haven't checked out RomHQ should probably check it out. RomHQ is a site containing a huge database of links to ROM sites. :)

    For more information, check out the RomHQ site.
    -- Item 973303719 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Emulation Article category=Misc. News body= The Linux Journal has posted an article regarding older computer and arcade emulators. The article talks about some of the history behind them. This is a very interesting article, so you should probably check it out if you're a retrogamer. Here's a portion of the article:

    You can read the article in its entirety by visiting the following link:

  • Emulation Article
    -- Item 973303545 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Dreamcast On PC? category=Misc. News body= I was over at the Emulation HQ site when I saw a post stating that Sega is coming out with a PCI card which will enable you to play DreamCast games on your computer. This is a pretty nifty idea and it may bring the popularity of Sega's DreamCast up. Here's a portion of an article that was posted regarding it:

    You can read the rest of this article by visiting the following link:

  • Dreamcast On PC?

    Thanks to the Emulation HQ for the news.
    -- Item 973303221 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=SupraHLE Article category=Misc. News body= An article that talks about the "hacked" version of UltraHLE called SupraHLE has been posted over at Smiff's site. Here's a portion of that article:

    You can view the rest of the article by visiting the following link:

  • SupraHLE Article
    -- Item 973302938 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=GameLad New Release category=Emulator Release body= GameLad, a Gameboy emulator for Win9x/00, has been released. This is a new release so not much can be reported except maybe what the emulators features are. Want to know what they are? Well, alrighty then. Here's the goods:

    Please head on over to the Gameboy emulators section to check this baby out.
    -- Item 973302138 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Snes9x v1.33 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of one of the most popular SNES emulators called Snes9x has been updated to version 1.33. This is one of the better SNES emulators because of the fact that its on multi-platforms, its got a source code for those of you who are itching to know how it works, and its got a crispy GUI which is easy to understand. Here's a list of what's new:

    You can pick up this version by visiting the section of the platform of your choice:

  • SNES emulators for Win9x/00.
  • SNES emulators for Unix.
    -- Item 973301317 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Mimic WIP category=Emulator News body= The Mimic site has been updated with more news regarding this arcade emulator. The author reports that he's working on the system menu, additionally, he's made it so you can separate HWC files into blocks. Now, what this does, is it allows the interpreter to selectively ignore code based on the romset selected. This is very good if you've got multiple version of the same game. In addition, there's a new screenshot posted on the site featuring the game Transformer. The Mimic site got 1801 hits yesterday. That's a record breaker on his site!

    Please visit the Mimic site for more information.
    -- Item 973249123 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=MAME WIP category=Emulator News body= Yay! The MAME site was updated today with some news regarding the upcoming version of the multi-arcade emulator. The site reports that the bugs in the Sega C2 driver have been fixed and that Battle K-Road has been added to the Psikyo driver!! Here's some other tidbits:

    Be sure to haul yourself over to the MAME WIP page and check it out for yourself. ;)
    -- Item 973224638 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=PT Trans Back Up category=Misc. News body= Daniel wrote to tell us that PT Translations is back up.... Why not give them a visit? -- Item 973224438 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=German Patch Updated category=Translation News body= Special-Man of G-Trans let us know that they have updated their German translation of Seiken Densetsu 3 (Which is actually the Secret of Mana 2) for the SNES. Get it at our German Translations page. -- Item 973204269 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=GBA Stars demo for Gameboy Advance category=Free ROMs News body= The source code was released yesterday at the Gameboy Advance Developement page, and the ROM was released today.
    Pick it up in the Gameboy Advance ROMs section.

    And I'm currently working on the Nintendo 64 section, that should be done sometime soon, just keep checking back. -- Item 973178805 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Linux Raine v20001101 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of the Linux port of the arcade emulator called Raine has been updated to version 20001101. Here's a list of what's new:

    You can pick up this fine emulator over at the Unix Arcade emulators section.
    -- Item 973176491 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=BNSF v1.6 category=Utility Release body= The author of the NES emulator called RockNES has released a new version of his NSF player for DOS called BNSF. NSF stands for Nintendo Sound Format. It's basically like MP3s of NES game songs, only they are extracted from the ROMs themselves and placed into a format readable by NSF players such as BNSF. Here's a list of what's new:

    You can pick up this fine player over at the NSF utilities section.

    Don't have any NSFs? Well, you can check out our NSF archive by visiting the following link:

  • NSF Archive

    Thanks to The Vintage Gaming Network for the news.
    -- Item 973175681 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Zophar's Domain Hits Swedish Air Waves category=Misc. News body= We've recently gotten quite a few news submissions stating that Zophar's Domain was mentioned during a radio broadcast in which they were discussing videogaming and they happened to mention Zophar's Domain as being a great site and a resourceful site. :)

    If the news broadcasters are reading this, thanks a lot! :)

    A big thangs to Mist and Joel Nystrm for the news.
    -- Item 973174916 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Genesis Power: Releases category=Misc. News body= Yay! Genesis Power has added two more Sega Genesis ROMs to their Genesis ROMs archive. You'll wanna check this site out if you're a Sega Genesis nut. :) Here's what they've released:

    Be sure to check these out today!
    -- Item 973174632 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=MAMEMix v0.61 category=Frontend News body= A new version of the MAME frontend for Win9x/00 called MAMEMix has been updated to version 0.61. You'll wanna check the site out for more information on this frontend. Here's a list of what's new:

    You can pick up a copy of this fine frontend over at the Arcade frontends section.
    -- Item 973174033 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Overclocked Anniversary category=Misc. News body= Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the zany emulation comic strip of OverClocked. Yes, that's right, folks. For a whole year, Pretzel and Green have been showing us that there is no place like bleem. I can remember interviewing David, Green, and Pretzel once. It was a crazy night. :) At any rate, David released a new episode of the comic strip. You can view it and the old interview I conducted below:

  • OverClocked - #134 'Lost Cause'
  • OverClocked Interview featuring DJ Pretzel and Fresh Green
    -- Item 973173065 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=FreezeSMS Site Updated category=Emulator News body= The site of the SMS emulator called FreezeSMS has received a new look and has some news regarding the emulator. The site reports that the sound in the emulator is coming along rather nicely and it should be available to your ears in the next version. The author is coding the sound using DirectSound which means you'll need DirectX to use this emulator to its fullest.

    Be sure to check the site out for more information.
    -- Item 973172871 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Sintendo Site Updated category=Emulator News body= The site of the SNES emulator for the DreamCast called Sintendo was updated slightly. The author has fixed the downloads page which now makes it easier to download the source code and binary from the page.

    Be sure to check the site out for the current version and more information on this amazing emulator.
    -- Item 973172695 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=HyNES category=Emulator Release body= A new NES emulator for Win9x/00 called HyNES has been released. HyNES was coded using Microsoft Visual Basic which means you'll require the runtime file of Msvbvm60.dll. Its got a Zelda-like GUI, and is very impressive. It has a palette editor support, savestate support, .WAV output support, screenshot support, and it supports 5 screen resolutions. Its worth a look at, if only for the crispy GUI.

    You can check it out by visiting the NES emulators section.
    -- Item 973171692 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Mimic Site Updated category=Emulator News body= The Mimic site has been updated with some amazing news! The site reports that the 32bit port of this emulator is starting to show signs of life! (IT'S ALIVE!!! *cough* Oops, sorry.)

    The site also reports that some SMS games are now working and are much faster with some games going from 5 FPS to 55 FPS.

    Be sure to check the site out for more information on this emulator and to check out the current version.
    -- Item 973171635 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=paraMSX v0.20 category=Emulator Release body= paraMSX is a Windows port of fMSX. It's based on fMSX v2.1. It was recently updated to v0.20. Here is what's new:

  • You can download this emulator in the MSX Emulators section.
    -- Item 973171469 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=GoodNES v0.999.5 category=Utility Release body= A new version of the ROM renaming utility for DOS called GoodNES (Which is written by Cowering.), has been updated to version 0.999.5. This release brings the recognized ROM count to a whopping 6019!

    Better get your copy now before copies run out. ;)

    You can do so by visiting the Good Utilities section.
    -- Item 973171002 usera=/personal/lycia.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=lycia title=Yape v0.22 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of the Commodore C16-Plus/4 emulator for the Win9x/00 platform called Yape has been updated to the nifty version of 0.22. Wanna know what's new? Well, alrighty then. Here's the goods:

    Steal a copy of this fine emulator over at the Commodore C16-Plus/4 emulators section.
    -- Item 973168938 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Final Burn v0.052 category=Emulator Release body= A new version of the multi arcade emulator Final Burn for Win9x/00 was released recently. Here's a list of what's new in this version.

    You can download this emulator in the Multiple Arcade Emulators section.
    -- Item 973131030 usera=/personal/aardwolf.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=aardwolf title=2 New SMW Hacks Added category=Translation News body= Knux Five of Knux Five's Webzine has updated his Super Mario World Dream Edition hack, and released a Nightmare Edition as well. In the nightmare edition, powerups are very scarce and Yoshis are almost extinct.

    Download both of these hacks from our SNES Hacks page. -- Item 973128000 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=2 New ROM sections category=Free ROMs News body= I just got done with the Dreamcast and the Neo Geo Pocket Color ROM sections. As always, they're way at the bottom under the Hacks portion of the site. :)

    On a side note, there is a very good site with over 400 fairly high quality demos for various sytems. The webmaster of this site has helped me a LOT with finding demos I don't have, and his site is DEFINATELY worth a visit.
    Check out Kojote's Homepage here.
    -- Item 973075187 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Hungry are the Dead : Demo 3 category=Free ROMs News body= Berserker Industries has released a demo of their Game Boy Color game called Hungry are the Dead in ROM format. Here are the features this game boasts:

    The demo version has far fewer levels, the only enemy type is the Zombie, but it will give you a good idea of how the game plays, and they promise a challenge even in the demo version. So either head on over to the their site and download the ROM, or I have added it to our existing Gameboy ROMs.

    -- Item 973070578 usera=/personal/dhalamar.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=dhalamar title=Gameboy Advance ROMs category=Free ROMs News body= If you're wondering who I am, I'm the new guy. I am the "Free and Public Domain ROMs Maintainer". I added demos for the Gameboy Advance(yes there is an emulator for the Gameboy Advance). The Public Domain ROMs can be found near the bottom of the page under the Hacks. If you have a demo that you've written and want it up, E-Mail me at And I really shouldn't have to say this, but I think I will anyway. Don't E-Mail me asking where to get ANY commercial ROMs. If you want those, check out the links section of this site for a place to start. I've got 2 to 3 thousand ROMs to add(did you believe there were that many public domain ROMs??), so keep checking back. :) -- Item 973059270 usera=/personal/xip.gif userb=width=50 height=17 login=xip title=Final Fantasy 4 English patch 3.01 category=Translation News body= After 3 years of total work, a polished Final Fantasy 4 English patch has been released by J2e. You can get it at the SNES translations page.

    Excellent job guys!