August 1999

Misc. News: Juicy nVidia graphics card. GeForce (NV10) news by phantom
23:33:  Ooh, I've got a REAL juicy story for all of you hardcore gamers out there. The nVidia next-gen graphics card will be relesed around September 24th this year! Less than a month away, you'll be able to get your hands on one of these babys... want to know more? Read about it at the link below:

GeForce Breaks Out

Misc. News: Naz's MAME flyers page news by emufreak
21:37:  Naz's MAME flyers page has been updated with six new flyers. You can view the page here.

Utility Release: Hexecute 2.02 news by xip
20:44:  A Win9X version of Hexecute is now availible. It should have all the features of Hexecute for DOS and more. You can get it at the translation utilities page. Thanks to RPGd for the news.

Emulator News: Hu6280 Site Updated news by xip
20:20:  The Hu6280 site has posted screenshots of Hu6280 running CD games. They have also updated the "Coming Soon" section with the following:

  • Mac, Unix, N64 ports
  • Asm Cpu Core (60fps updates on a p166)
  • CDROM Emulation (Including .iso support)
  • Super Grafx Emulation
  • Arcade Card Emulation
  • Improved Audio Emulation
  • Proper Gui

    You can get the current version of Hu6280 at the TurboGrafx 16 page. Thanks to Destination Emulation for the news.

    Site News: I'm back news by emufreak
    19:20:  After a brief "vacation," I've returned to ZD to do updates again. So if you've got any news to submit, send it! No rumors please, hehe.

    Misc. News: Macintosh G4s announced news by raejae
    18:55:  Apple has announced its newest line of Macintosh computers, the PowerMac G4's. The G4's use a 128-bit data path, and are capable of acheiving 1 gigaflop (1 billion floating-point operations per second), giving them the status of supercomputer.

    Read more about the G4s on Apple's web site.

    Translation News: Langrisser 2 v0.07 patch released news by alamone
    18:09:  warui toransu (my comatose group, or rather my comatose self...) has released v0.07 of their Langrisser 2 (Megadrive) patch. Download it from the Non-SNES translations page or directly from my homepage.

    Emulator Release: NeoMAME 0.36 beta 3 news by xip
    15:20:  NeoMAME 0.36 beta 3 has been released, and here's what's new:

    New games supported:
    Pleasure Goal / Futsal (5-on-5 Mini Soccer) [David Haywood]
    Art of Fighting (MVS Dump) [David Haywood]
    Ghost Pilots (MVS Dump) [David Haywood]

    New clones supported:
    2020 Super Baseball (set2, Home) [David Haywood]

    These drivers have improved GRAPHICS:
    - Enabled 16-bit Colour for A Number of NeoGeo Games Requiring it [David Haywood]

    Get it at the MAME page. Thanks to Ultimo for the news.

    Emulator News: Sunset Compatibility List news by xip
    09:20:  The Moonlit Coalition webpage has been updated with a compatibility list for the version of Sunset that they released yesterday. The list contains 36 different commercial games and screenshots of Sunset runni ng them. You can get Sunset at the N64 page.

    Emulator Release: NIN64 0.01 Final news by xip
    09:15:  The final version of NIN64 0.01 has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Add controller emu.
  • More COP1 opcodes.
  • More speed.
  • Fix DMA bug.

    Get it at the N64 page.

    Emulator Release: SNEeSe 0.35 news by xip
    09:06:  A new version of SNEeSe has been released, and here's what's new:

  • SPC: Many more optimizations and some source cleanup
  • SPC: Fixed yet another bug in the CPU<->SPC cycle calculation code - caused Reset to cause 'unpredictable behavior' when the SPC was enabled

    Get it at the SNES page.

    Misc. News: Hotmail got hacked. news by stickfig
    22:18:  As if your e-mail were any less insecure because of your loser friends finding out your password, you can feel even less confident in knowing that your e-mail has become free for anyone to read -- if you're a Hotmail user. Some hackers have ruined the fun and made it so that you can view ANYONE's e-mail account. Microsoft had to shut the site down for four hours in attempts to secure it.

    CNN has some news about it here.

    I'd like to thank everyone for all the e-mails about it (but I'm not any putting any names because I got them all from Hotmail accounts), and I'll suggest a new place for your e-mail needs at MailPalace.

    Emulator News: Moonlit Coalition Page Updated news by xip
    10:15:  The Moonlit Coalition page has had a major update today. First of all, the Sunset programmer has been fired and replaced. Now about those emus... Sunset, like I said, has a new coder. There's no word on a new version, but an old version from late Apri l has been made public. I'm not sure what's new, but you can get it at the N64 page. Snesrise is being worked on by an experianced coder, and netplay is in the works. Nesrise is progressing well with sound next on the list. It w ill feature a "useable" debugger and a built-in NSF player. That was pretty much a summery of the update. Go read the whole thing for yourself at the Moonlit Coalition webpage. There's also an interesting poem at the bottom. Thanks to Thanatos for the news.

    Emulator News: Hu6280 CD Support Coming Soon news by xip
    00:41:  According to an E-Mail I received, Hu2680 will soon support CD games. Here's the E-Mail:

    Hu6280 CD Support Coming Soon
    The official Hu6280 site has posted some impressive screenshots of the emulator running CD games (such as Gradius2 and Star Parodier).
    Destination Emulation

    Emulator News: EMU+ Compilation Tutorial news by athena
    00:38:  I've received an email from Kusanagi, the author of EMU+ stating:

    hi, since many user had asked us how to compile EMU+, we setup a page with
    the tutorial how to do it, please have a look at
    Thanks, and thank you to all emu news site that supported us all along.

    Site News: VGB Unix v1.6 news by rouge
    21:40:  New version for several of the VGB ports for Unix have been released, not all v1.6 though. What's new:

  • Now refreshing SGB frame when new characters are loaded.
  • Fixed video and other timings relative to the CGB CPU speed.
  • Fixed recognition of CGB cartridges (SuperMarioBrothersDX, etc.).
  • Fixed sprite drawing code.
  • Changed processing of pending interrupts in CPU emulation.
  • CGB DMA now ends by putting FFh into transfer length register.
  • Made CGB draw background if only sprites are enabled.
  • Fixed display blanking to fill display with correctly sized values.
  • Added source to get Bung Xchanger to the documentation.
  • Changed video state changes (FinalFantasyLegends work again).
  • State file changed to v.2 due to CPU state changes.
  • Sound in VGB-Unix fixed to work on some buggy OSS versions.
  • VGB-Unix runs in a resizable window now.
  • Fixed IPC key allocation bug in VGB-Unix.

    Unix GameBoy page.

    Emulator Release: WinSTon v2r2 released news by apoc
    16:17:  A new version of WinSTon, an AtariST emulator, was released. According to EmuCamp, the author's website has yet to be updated, and that changes are not known. As soon as I get them, I'll post them. You can get it at our Atari ST page.

    Thanks to EmuCamp for the news.

    Emulator Release: PC64 Source 8/29/99 news by raejae
    16:09:  A new version of the source for PC64, a N64 emulator for Win9x, has been released. I have no idea what's new; there's no version number anywhere, much less a what's new.

    Grab it on the N64 emulators page.

    Misc. News: Pay for GIFs? news by xip
    14:17:  According to a website entitled "Burn All GIFs Day", a company called Unisys is trying to get any website that uses GIFs on it to pay $5000. Go check it out for yourself, and share your opinion on the wwwboard.

  • Burn All GIFs Day

    Emulator News: MAME to Add Namco System 1 Support news by xip
    14:09:  According to the MAME W.I.P. page, Namco System 1 support is being added to MAME. Right now, the driver is buggy and slow, but I'm sure it will improve. You can get the current version of MAME at the MAME page.

    Emulator Release: Snes9x 1.2.2 for Mac news by xip
    13:53:  A new version of Snes9x has been released for the Mac. I'm not 100% sure what's new, but I think it has the same features as 1.20 for Windows. You can get it at the SNES for Mac page.

    Emulator Release: MGX 0.10 news by xip
    02:44:  A new version of MGX has been released, but I don't know what's new. There's something in there about SG-1000 and -excolor. That's all I can make out of the Japanese text. You can get it at the SMS/GG page.

    Misc. News: Lets all move to Canada! news by phantom
    01:57:  An interesting article I found while checking It deals with a massive networking structure being rolled out in Canada. Quite alot of bandwidth to go around. The article is worth a read, and can be found at:

    -Phantom Staffer

    Site News: Zophar news by zophar
    22:45:  Hey everyone, good old Brad "Zophar" Levicoff here, with another dose of hideous fun. I've been at CCP, the college I currently go to, trying to register. It's a lot of fun, standing in the financial aid line for 7 hours, only to have to keep coming back. Whee. :) In case you're wondering where I've been, the last sentence should explain that.

    First things first. NSM contest #4 has been extended until tomorrow (August 29, 1999) at 11:59pm EST. The reason for this extension is because of the fact that I haven't been able to post reminders about the contest, so I figured I'd be fair. By the way, only a handful of people have submitted... check out the rules, submit, and try to win the $75 prize!

    It seems I've won a prize from Toshiba. I get a free CD or video tape, courtesy of Sony. See, there are some benefits to working at a retail store. Speaking of which... I'll be leaving Best Buy of N.E. Philadelphia in a week. Why? Since I'm going back to college, I'll be unable to work at BB, and go to college and maintain ZD all at once. I'll probably go back during my vacations, however.

    A lot of people have been curious as to what exactly happened to our relationship with _Bnu, our previous frontends maintainer. I'd like to stress that I have no hard feelings at all towards Bjorn Astrom. In fact, he just got a new job over at DarkMazda's Domain. We at ZD wish him the best of luck!

    DarkStalk has been kind enough to submit a handful of broken homepage links that have been plaguing ZD for years! The entire staff will be looking over these e-mails, and we'll be fixing the problems, one at a time. Thanks DarkStalk, you've been an invaluable help!

    By the way, I've been playing Shadowgate64 lately... that game just rocks. If you thought the original was great, wait until you see it in 3D! One of the few games that actually doesn't stink in 3D.

    Well, it's time for me to depart. I'd like to remind everyone that every visit counts! Tell your friends, tell your parents, even tell your spouse! Without the support of the thousands and thousands of our fans, we'd all have nothing to do, no money for contests and giveaways, and no cool NSF and SPC submissions. So... thanks for visiting ZD!

    Misc. News: ZDRPG and E-Mails news by athena
    22:45:  First of all I'd like to say, I'm overwhelmed by the feedback I've been getting for the ZDRPG, so i decided to put my Darkened Dawn 2 project on hold and go with ZDRPG. Keep those suggestions coming! I'd also like to ask if there's anyone willing to do en ding graphics; I'd need 5 or so different pictures, drawn in a preferably anime style, with some room left for credits. I've already found a MIDI composer (Thanks MadDogx2x!) If you have any suggestions, I'd like to hear them.

    Now, I've also been getting a few "love letter" E-Mails. Although I will not reply to them, I find them interesting reads, so if you really must, you can E-Mail me at the address above or click on my icon. Thanks and happy ZD'ing!

    Utility Release: XSPC 2.10 news by xip
    21:58:  A new version of XSPC has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Fixed several bugs (startup, file loading, intro mode, and jump dialog)
  • Fixed some invalid instructions that were executed by SPCEMU.DLL.

    Get it at the SPC Players page. Thanks to GreenAngel for the news.

    Emulator Release: Speccyal v0.55b Released news by athena
    21:49:  Speccyal, a brand new Sinclair Spectrum emulator, has been released. Here's what's included in v0.55b:

  • Exclusively written for DirectX (DirectDraw, DirectInput and DirectSound)
  • Runs in 16 or 32 bits color mode only for now (24 will maybe be supported later, not 8 bpp, sorry !)
  • Works in 512x384 windowed mode (768x576 will be supported in one of the following releases, maybe even fullscreen)
  • Compatible with up to 90% of all games and the number is growing every day (I wrote the z80 CPU from scratch, so it is not perfect)
  • Load and save .SNA files. Z80 format should follow.
  • Support for all windows attached joysticks
  • Kempston/Sinclair1/Sinclair2/Cursor emulation (joystick or keyboard arrows keys)
  • Sound support (altough not perfect)
  • Save current options in an .INI file
  • It's TOTALLY FREE !! (who doubted it ??)

    You can get it from our Sinclair Spectrun Emulators Page.

    Utility Release: Nosefart Plugin v0.6 released news by alamone
    15:28:  Matt Conte updated his NSF plugin player for WinAmp, Nosefart. What's new:

  • Now displays track number in title window
  • Fixed visusalization sync problem *AGAIN*
  • Sped up the code a bit
  • General bugfixes
  • Fixed incorrect note length problem introduced in 0.5
  • Download from the NSF Players page.

    Misc. News: Emulation Zone turns 3 news by raejae
    11:47:  No Carrier's Emulation Zone is celebrating its third birthday today. It isn't a normal celebration, per se, but check out their news post on it to be involved. Happy birthday EZ!

  • Emulation Zone

    Misc. News: Microsoft Bound news by bdlou
    07:53:  This is just a little note to let you all know that I will be in Redmond, Washington for a week. I have an interview for a software testing position at Microsoft. I'll try to do a few good updates while I'm there, so if you have any free rom updates tha t are too hot to miss, E-Mail me here. Thanks for visiting Zophar's Domain!

    Site News: New News Feature! news by swampgas
    02:15:  The icon for each staffer (ones appearing after each post) is now inside of a mailto href, which enables you to simply slide your mouse over their icon, depress your left mouse button, and be whisked away to your email client so you can email that staffer . Makes it a lot easier than scrolling the whole way to the bottom to find a ZD email address. Thanks to Jehusephat for emailing us about it! (Note: Any updates done before 2am today won't have this new feature)

    I've also received a TON of email regarding a text-only version of ZD. Because of all the responses I've gotten in favor of it, a text-only version is in order. Expect to see one within a few days. Perhaps you could help me out once again, however. Ot her than Lynx, send me an email as to which browsers are text-only. Once I get a list, it'll auto-redirect those browsers to the text-only version and save you some time.

    Misc. News: The Phantom Staffer news by phantom
    01:39:  This update, is just to get you all acquanted with me. The phantom staffer. I'll pop in from time to time, just to give a little news, nothing exciting. This phantom staff news story is located at:

    FIC's Homesite

    Enjoy the new Athlon Motherboards!

    -Phantom Staffer

    Site News: Trojan in a java applet? news by nitro
    01:39:  Yes, java applets have access to your computer. Here is an e-mail I received from Ezra:

    A scenario has been identified through which a Java applet could escape through the sandbox and perform normally-unauthorized functions on a user's computer. Exploiting this ability would only be possible through a carefully-managed series of steps, an d could not happen accidentally. However, if a malicious web site operator hosted a Java applet that exploited this security vulnerability, it would be able to take virtually any action on the computer of a user who visited the site.
    See the full details at

    There is also a similar case with Internet Explorer. It involves Active X documents. To disable this, go to Tools, Internet options, security tab, custom levels, scroll down to "Run ActiveX controls and plugins" and disable it.

    Thanks goes out to Ezra for the e-mail.

    Emulator Release: A-Saturn v0.14e news by rouge
    01:29:  A new version of A-Saturn, you guessed it, Saturn emulator, for DOS/Win released recently. I couldn't find a what's new, so deal with it ;)!

    Saturn emulators page.

    Misc. News: MAME Flyer Archive Updated news by xip
    00:46:  The MAME Flyer and Poster Archive has updated to version 3.6. They added 63 images and replaced 31. If you're interested, go check it out!

  • Flyer and Poster Archive for MAME

    Emulator Release: MGX v0.09 Released news by athena
    00:27:  MGX, a Sega Master System and Game Gear Emulator for DOS, has been released. Unfortunately, since the README file is in Japanese, I can't tell you what's new. However, I can tell you that you can get it off of the Sega Master System/ Game Gear Emulation Page.

    Site News: WinAMP 2.50c Released and Added to New WinAMP Page news by xip
    00:19:  A new version of WinAMP has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Full version has MJF support
  • Fixed icon assignment bug
  • Added option for old-school playlist editor buttons
  • Fixes EQ volume setting bug
  • Removed playlist editor child options
  • Vastly improved window stack positioning code
  • Fixed some rare and strange docking bugs

    You can get it at the new WinAMP Page. Go check it out.

    Site News: A little more eyecandy for all of you news by nitro
    00:05:  Another screen saver for Zophars Domain has been made by Josh, and is being released to all of you. This one is a bit different than the one currently for ZD. This one breaks apart the screen, and then puts it back with our staff members icons. Then, f inishes it off with a 3d textured box with the ZD logo. Take a look.

    You can download the screen saver here.

    You can download the other screen saver here.

    Both are on the main bar on the index under MISC.

    Site News: ZD-spc skins page updated news by nitro
    23:02:  I have added 5 ZD-spc FULL skins. These were submitted by klayman2000. Check them out.

    You can go to the skins page here.

    Misc. News: Hurricane Dennis news by apoc
    22:41:  For people that live in Central Florida (Like me), you might be in danger of Hurricane Dennis. According to the news, the following counties are in the danger zone:

  • Indian River
  • Brevard
  • Volusia
  • Flagler

    Dennis is a Category 1 hurricane, with winds in excess of 81 MPH, and is currently going 7 MPH going northwest. You can learn more about it at the Weather Channel site.

    Misc. News: Credit card that can hold 2300 gigs of data? news by nitro
    21:48:  Well, not exactly, but a device that can hold 2,300,000 megs of data, that is the size of a credit card! Yes, 2.3 million megabytes of data, or 2.3 terabytes. You can read more about this atT echWeb.

    Thanks goes out to Seth Collins, and Tim Simmons for the e-mails.

    Utility Release: Nosefart plug-in v0.5 released news by alamone
    19:19:  Matthew Conte has updated his NSF plug-in for WinAmp, Nosefart. What's new:

  • Reduced volume of output for the faint of heart
  • Fixed last track sound artifacting
  • Fixed visualization sync problem
  • Fixed bug in CPU cycle timing for sound generation
  • NSF specified playback rate now supported
  • Removed potential bug with non-bankswitched NSFs writing to $5FF8-$5FFF
  • Download from the NSF Players page.

    Emulator News: Snes9X Windows Port Due Out Soon news by xip
    11:56:  Here's an excerpt from the Developer's Journal. I'll let you guys interpret this for yourselves...

    "It means that subject to some testing tonight on my Voodoo 2 card, and maybe some kind Voodoo 3 card owner's testing, a new Windows port should be out today, but more likely, tomorrow."

    Yay! You can get the current version at the SNES page.

    Misc. News: EmuSphere is Back news by xip
    11:47:  EmuSphere has finally completed their site renovation. They feature emulation news, interviews, and some other good stuff. Go visit the site, and welcome them back.

  • EmuSphere

    Emulator Release: JNES 0.21 news by xip
    11:37:  A new version of JNES has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Added MMC4 Emulation (iNES #10)
    * Fire Emblem
  • Added Sunsoft Mapper #4 (iNES #68)
    * AfterBurner 2 Japanese
  • Tweaked MMC3 IRQ Slightly
    * Smb3 problems fixed.
  • MMC1 Bankswitching changed
    * Bases Loaded loads.
  • PPU moved into seperate assembly files
  • Fixed a long time Vertical scroll bug
  • Minor GameGenie save fix
  • Modified the Direct Input Axis mode
  • Documentation updated for Sidewinders
  • Fixed small windowing problem.
  • Removed DirectSound, switched to a hopefully more reliable audio method
  • Vsync removed as a result of timing.
  • FPS meter disabled in full screen
  • Lots of other options were taken out
  • Keyboard reading should work in DX 3.0

    Get it at the NES page. Thanks to Dave's Classics for the news.

    Media News: bleem! article on EGM news by apoc
    08:12:  Thanks to hyperX, Stovetop, and James Handshoe, I got the bleem! article scanned. I've chosen the best one, and you can view it here.

    Media News: Sharp develops disk that can holds 200,000 megs news by nitro
    01:02:  I was amazed when I read this, but Sharp has developed a disc that can hold 200 gigs! (200,000 megs) Take a look at a part of the article:

    Although incompatible with current DVD technology, Sharp Corp. has raised the stakes in data storage. The company has developed technology that enables storage of 200 gigabytes on a single 12-inch disk, 40times more than can be held on a DVD disk.

    You can read the rest of the article at Next Generation.

    And thanks goes out to Raveneyes for the news.

    Emulator Release: MGX v0.08 news by athena
    23:13:  MGX, a Sega Master Syatem and Game Gear emulator for DOS, has been released. However, since the README is in Japanese, I cannot give information to what is new.

    You can get it off of the Sega Master System/Game Gear Emulator Page.

    Site News: X-Mame v0.36b3.1 news by rouge
    20:14:  A new version of the X-Mame, multiple arcade machine emulator for Unix/X, released today. What's new:

  • Everything from msdos 0.36b3
  • Fixed a bug in the new svgalib code which caused modes which are non tweaked, non planar and nonlinear to stay black / crash. This should also fix the problems people where having with vector games.
  • Fixed svgafx compilation, Thanks to: "Chris, Lo Cheuk Kong"
  • Fixed svgafx running suid root
  • Added console switching to svgafx
  • Removed -fxgamma this was not possible with a clean solution to suid root 3dfx support.
  • Fixed 16bpp modes on cards which use 65536 colors instead of 32678 with svgalib, thanks to: William Barath
  • Workaround for a DGA bug on Matrox G100 cards which causes the display to be corrupted. Thanks to: d.swanson
  • Made -listroms respect -stdout-file by: Chris from TKMAME
  • Fixed xgl compilation.
  • I couldn't find a clean and portable way to tell Mesa to init glide without switching to 3d mode, which is needed since glide needs to be initialised before any commandline parsing is done for security reasons. Thus setuid root support for Mesa on gli de is broken. Use /dev/3dfx instead. Any help appreciated.
  • Added autoconf to the cutdown zlib instead of the generic unix makefile.
  • Added the original copyright notice to the cutdown zlib (oops)
  • Removed the .o en .a files from contrib-zlib as distributed, added removing them to make clean (oops 2)

    Unix arcade page.

    Technical Docs News: FF8 Debug Doc v0.6 news by athena
    19:56:  A new version of this document has been released. It covers both the US and Japanese versions of the game. You can grab it direct from ZD Here.

    Misc. News: WinAMP is Now Freeware news by xip
    15:24:  I know this isn't emulation related or anything, but it seems relevant. Like the topic says, WinAMP is now freeware. You can download it and use it as long as you want without a guilty conscience. Also, WinAMP 2.50 has been released.

  • WinAMP Homepage

    Site News: Just a note. news by stickfig
    07:09:  Sorry for not updating quite as much recently, but I've been preparing for college (I start Monday), and I'm trying to get supplies like books, a graphing calculator (I'm thinking about getting a TI-89, for anyone that cares), etc. So, I still will do my updates, but I have to take care of all this first. :) (This is probably my last update of the day, because I have a lot I have to go do today.)

    If anyone wants to do an icon for me, they can. Just E-Mail me. I like this one a lot, but if I get something absolutely amazing that kind of gets the right idea of what I want, I'll use it.

    Emulator News: EMU+ Readme updated news by stickfig
    07:08:  No, there isn't a new version of EMU+, but the Reame files have been updated to make mention of the new controller support:

  • joy grip is for Gravis joysticks.
  • joy grip4 makes Gravis pads become a 4 Way Joystick (No Diagonals, great for Pacman, DigDug, Mr. Do, Q-bert, all the four way games.)
  • joy Sidewinder. Sidewinder pads.

    Please note: YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE JOYSTICK FROM GAME CONTROLLERS IN WIN 95/98 FOR THESE TO WORK FOR SOME REASON. Has to do with the way windows doesn't release these pads. Go into control panel and remove the pad. This will make it NOT work in win 95/98 so you'll have to add it BACK to use it. DON'T do this if you want it in windows or have something special configured you don't want to lose without backing it up first. Just letting you know it DOES work.

    Pick up the updated files (no changes to the program) on the MAME page.

    Utility Release: NeoJukeBox v2.11 is out! news by athena
    00:01:  NeoJukeBox is a Utility that can play your Neo*Geo sound and music files without the aid of any drivers. Here's what's new in v2.11:

  • Added a speed-up
  • Raised the volume

    You can get it at the Neo Geo Utilities Page.

    Thanks to dev for the news.

    Site News: Arcade 2000's contest news by apoc
    17:36:  I got another email from Jeff Kemper. This time, it's about an contest on Arcade 2000. Here's what he told me:

    We at Arcade 2000 have been running a contest on our site. We need sounds for the site, made from a recording of a room full of arcade games being played, preferably classic games.

    Please inform your readers that the contest for the Atari Arcade Hits #1 CD will end on Saturday Evening, August 28th, and the winner will be announced on Sunday. Thanks to all who submitted, and for those who haven't please do
    by Saturday Afternoon.

    In addition to the CD there will be an additional, unannounced giveaway, to be announced Saturday as well.

  • Arcade 2000

    Misc. News: Arcade Cabinet news by apoc
    17:30:  I got this email from Jeff Kemper, about an arcade cabinet he is mass producing. Here's an excerpt...

    A custom built Arcade Cabinet with a 19" multisync Monitor, and the most advanced control panel ever built, for use with your PC. Just pop in your PC, hook up the controls, and go!

    If you're interested, go here.

    Media News: EGM Rates bleem! news by apoc
    17:23:  This month's issue of EGM (the orange Dreamcast cover) has a fairly decent article on bleem! and how well it works. It is titled, "Playstation Emulator Arrives in Stores" and can be found on page 36. If anyone can provide a scan of it, that'd be great! Thanks.

    Misc. News: ZDRPG...? news by athena
    23:48:  I'm planning on making an RPG with the present and former staff of ZD. It will be written using the RPGMaker95 engine like my own creation, Darkened Dawn. I will start work on it as soon as Darkened Dawn 2 is complete. However, I'm taking suggestions now for the game, so if you have any, please e-mail me at Thanks and enjoy your stay at ZD!

    Utility Release: Der SRAMgisser 1.0 news by athena
    23:43:  DerSRAMgisser is a utility that lets you change almost any aspect of a save game of Der Langrisser. You can download it at the General Utilities Page.

    Thanks to Bozel Geryon for the news.

    Site News: Save archives updated news by alamone
    23:40:  Updated: NSF, SPC, SRM, ZST archives. Thanks this time to Chris Covell for fixing a few NSF headers.

    Misc. News: New Vila Caldan Gameboy Color Demo ROM released news by bdlou
    22:09:  Inovação Software released another demo of their port of their own PC game Vila Caldan for Color Gameboy. The new demo is not interactive. It has people walking around through various stages of the game.

    You can grab it in the Gameboy Free ROMs area.

    Site News: IE5 Enhancement news by swampgas
    02:06:  Anyone using Internet Explorer 5 and above that has ZD bookmarked will notice that there is now a cute little "ZD" icon next to the location bar and in the Favorites folder. Netscape people...sorry. Maybe they'll implement this icon feature into the next version.

    Before I get a zillion emails about NS/IE compatibility, ZD will remain 100% compatible with both browsers, even though I personally am partial to IE. Other enhancements should be popping up for IE in the near future, with the Netscape modifications soon after.

    Lynx and other text-based browser people: drop me an email if you think a text version of ZD would be nice.

    Misc. News: Montel Williams diagnosed with multiple sclerosis news by zophar
    23:32:  I have some very sad, non-emulation news to report. Montel Williams, host of my favorite daytime talkshow, "The Montel Williams Show", has been diagnosed today with multiple sclerosis. Also known as MS, it's a progressive disease of the central nervous system.

    I am happy that Montel will continue the show as long as he is able to do so, and I hope that someday, a cure is found. You can read the entire article at the link below.

  • Montel Williams diagnosed with MS

    Emulator News: RockNES Source to be Released news by xip
    22:26:  According to the RockNES page, the RockNES source code will "be released in 2 or 3 weeks". You can get the current version of RockNES at the NES page.

    Emulator Release: Z26 1.34 news by xip
    22:20:  A new version of Z26 has been released, and here's what's new:

    "A fix to a minor problem that was introduced in version 1.33 that would cause some games to display in the wrong position or to display the wrong number of scanlines."

    Get it at the Atari 2600 page.

    Misc. News: Nesticle Patch #1 released news by bdlou
    22:05:  Kinox/TNSe^1999 released Nesticle Patch #1 for Nesticle x.xx. This patch allows Nesticle to run the game Solar Jetman. It is possible that the patch also enables other games to be played as well.

    The patch can be obtained from the NES Emulators section.

    Misc. News: MAMEWorld Opens for Business news by xip
    21:47:  MAMEWorld, the largest MAME support site, is now open. It has info and downloads for all the major ports of MAME. If you're into MAME, go check it out! Thanks to RocLobsta for the news.

  • MAMEWorld

    Emulator Release: CCS64 v2.0 BETA updated news by bdlou
    21:47:  CCS64, a Commodore 64 emulator for Win9x, has been updated. Here is the list of changes:


  • Option for maximum 1541 speed while loading or writing.
  • Sound support for Windows NT by adding driver for old Windows MCI sound device.
  • Page up/down scrolling in the monitor.


  • Freeze load/save completely rewritten (it was really a lot of work).
  • Backspace now works while editing the filename for creating new .D64 disks.
  • Better display of $D000-DFFF memory area in monitor.

    CCS64 can be obtained in the Commodore 64 area.

    Special thanks to ChiPPy for the info.

    Misc. News: RAINE-Flyers 1.0 news by xip
    21:41:  The MAMEFlyers site has made a new section called RAINE-Flyers. I'm sure you can all guess what it is =). Currently, its at version 1.0 and has 51 flyers. Go check it out.

    Emulator Release: MAME32 0.36 beta 3 Unofficial news by xip
    21:26:  P2L97 has released his unofficial version of MAME32. This is for those of you who don't want to wait for the official MAME32. Remember, its unsupported. Download it at the MAME page.

    Emulator Release: MGX 0.07 news by xip
    20:48:  A new version of MGX was released, however I can't read what's new. You can get it at the SMS/GG page.

    Emulator News: Bleem! Wins Again news by xip
    20:36:  For the 3rd time, Sony has failed in blocking the shipments and/or production of Bleem!. Here's the news taken from the Bleem! page:

    "Bleem! has cleared yet another great hurdle in the constant bumpy road to bleemy goodness. A San Francisco judge ruled AGAINST Sony today in a case that will allow bleem to continue to develop, improve, sell, and ship until it's next court date to be determined. For those of you who don't know, or don't remember... it was at this step that Connectix lost their ability to continue production of their MAC PlayStation emulator. By clearing the great hurdle, we can be assured to continue to bring you the bleem you love! This is the same case that has been pending since so long ago, you may remember a couple attempts to get temporary restraining orders (which were also denied). This is a great step for bleem and we want to thank all of you, because without you, we would have never made it this far... Thanks again!"

    Yay! You can download the latest Bleem! demo at the PSX page. Thanks to The Lost One for the news.

    Emulator Release: DarcNES v990822 news by rouge
    19:52:  A new version of DarcNES, NES, SMS, and PCE emulator, released yesterday. For the Unix version there still is only a source release. What's new:

  • Started adding a new 68k core (didn't finish, so you can't actually use it).
  • Added fixes for C only compilation.
  • Added fixes for MSB first systems (untested).
  • Removed debug info switch from makefile.
  • Added more stuff to the old 68k core (still doesn't work properly).
  • Fixed the nasty bugs in the C 6280 core.
  • Fixed some similar bugs in the C 6502 core.
  • Reduced NES cycles per scanline to 113 (SMB3 intro fixed).
  • Fixed problem with scanline IRQs.
  • Removed O_NONBLOCK from Linux sound open routine (hopefully fixing speed problems).
  • Changed pce.c to automatically select a usable cpu core.
  • Added a tilecache to the pce vdp (I'm not sure if it's faster, though).
  • Updated the zarzon driver to compile again (I was bored, okay?).
  • Updated the documentation.

    Unix NES page.

    Emulator News: TRWin Page Updated news by xip
    16:54:  rcp has posted a MAJOR update on the TRWin page. He talks about TRWin in general, including its origins and its future. He also reveals that he will write a book. It will be availible online, and it will explain how to code an emulator of your own. Oh yeah, and one more thing. It will contain and explain the TRWin source code! Go read the whole thing yourself.

  • TRWin Homepage

    Emulator Release: 1964 0.2.4 news by xip
    16:36:  A new version of 1964 has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Started hle framework- The file 1964_HLE.exe differs from 1964.exe in that it traps rdp calls and shows a messagebox for each (steb)
  • Various optimizations to core- this will (hopefully) be the last build without any dynarec, so this is about as fast as the intrepreter will be... (schibo)
  • Glide option disabled until that dll functions properly
  • Window can now be resized and maximized and the demos will resize to fit the window in DirectX

    Get at at the N64 page.

    Media News: Is your computer secure? news by apoc
    15:34:  After reading the article, I was thinking, "They shouldn't have any right to do this!" It's about allowing the FBI to hack in people's computers and bypass encryption codes. You can read it here.

    Thanks to EvilPaul for the news.

    Misc. News: The Scribe's new G3 guide news by apoc
    15:25:  This is a preview of the new G30 guide, with the games Phantasy Star MD and Tommy Lasorda.

  • Phantasy Star MD
  • Tommy Lasorda

    Translation News: Assorted Things... news by taichou
    19:01:  I'm not exactly sure how, but it seems Der Langrisser was removed from the translations page. It has now been readded, appologies to alamone. Anyway, the translations section has now been split into 2 categorys: SNES and NES/Other. This was to make the html easier to edit (it was 45k!) Thanks for your co-opperation.

    Emulator Release: Atari 800 Emulator Source Code 0.99a Released news by apoc
    18:01:  Version 0.99a of the Atari 800 Emulator has been released. Changes since 0.98 includes:

    You can get it from the Atari 5200 8-bit page.

    Media News: Sony V.S. Connectix news by apoc
    17:43:  Yet ANOTHER article on Sony V.S. Connectix. This one is about the court date, which is a month from now. You can read it here.

    Site News: ZDSaver updated news by nitro
    17:42:  I decided to update the ZD Screen Saver called ZDSaver. I have updated all of the staffers icons, and deleted the rest.

    Go and get your copy here.

    Misc. News: Final Fantasy 8 Debug Guide 0.5 Released news by apoc
    17:27:  In case you didn't know, this document is a guide into the FF8 debug mode (Japanese version only). Here's what's new:

    You can get it here.

    Misc. News: Much Better!!! news by xip
    17:07:  I've finally chosen my new icon. Strangely, it was the very first icon I recieved that I liked the best. Much thanks goes to Chris Minion for making this great icon. Also, I would like to thank the 50+ others who made icons and sent them to me.

    Utility Release: RomDir v0.1 released news by bdlou
    16:48:  RomDir v0.1 has been released. It is used to list all ROMs in a directory (currently only N64 ROMs), and can then export the list to a TXT or HTML file. It lists the name of the game, country, size, and system (for when other systems are supported).

    You can grab this neat little utility in the General Utilities section.

    Utility Release: DataMa 1.0 and RomCenter data files released news by bdlou
    16:30:  3 data files for use with RomCenter have been released. They are for Callus 0.42, Rage 0.9, and CPS2 ROMs. These add more functionality to RomCenter. Please remember that CPS2 is not yet emulated, and that the CPS2 data file is just a list.

    DataMa 1.0 is a utility that allows you to create your own data files for RomCenter with zipped roms.

    Both can be obtained from the General Utilities section.

    Emulator Release: EMU+ DOS 0.36b3 news by raejae
    15:46:  First of all, I'd like to give a big thanks to _Brass for my new icon!

    Secondly, The DOS version of EMU+, an enhanced version of MAME, has been updated to 0.36b3. Here's what's new:

  • Same as beta 2. Sidewinder fix, save states, demo, blah, blah
  • Added support for Gravis Devices (Grip, Exterminator, Stinger). Thanks to ROB from Killerclowns arcade for this added feature. Left all his documentation in the source zip. Look in for all this information.
  • Also added the code for the fixed allegro sidewinder bug. sw.c (This is from allegro wip 3.9.25 tho)

    Grab it on the MAME page.

    Frontend News: StartRAINE 0.24.3 news by apoc
    15:31:  StartRAINE 0.24.3 was just released. What's new:

    You can get it from the Arcade Frontends page.

    Utility Release: NeoJukebox v2.03 released news by bdlou
    15:29:  Miguel Angel Horna has released version 2.03 of his DOS based NeoJukebox utility. This handy utility allows you to play the sounds and music of all Neo-Geo ROMs. It is not driver based, so it will work on brand new dumps of Neo-Geo ROMs, including unemulated games.

    Grab this handy utility in the Neo-Geo Utilities area.

    Misc. News: Doing a little cleanup news by bdlou
    14:59:  Well, it was brought to our attention that the SnesKey homepage was still around, though it hasn't been updated since last year. The link to the page has been added in the Joystick Emulators section. SnesKey is a console gamepad emulator, that allows you to connect almost all console gamepads to your PC.

    -SpinJam- was kind enough to point out that the link to the latest Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge patch was incorrect. The link has now been fixed, and you can check out this great hack patch in the Hacks section.

    Misc. News: RPGamer editorial on SD3 and emulation news by raejae
    14:54:  RPGamer has received and published an editorial pertaining to SD3 and emulation. The article praises the SD3 Translation Group for their efforts and gives Squaresoft a slap on the wrist for not bringing SD3 to the US, as well as showing another viewpoint on the legality of emulators and ROMs. This is a good read, and there are also plenty of replies.

    You can read the editorial and replies.

    Emulator Release: SNEeSe v0.34 is released! news by athena
    11:20:  A new version of SNEeSe, a Super Nintendo emulator for DOS, has been released. Here's what's new in v0.34:

  • Render: Slight tweaks inside the renderer, including a modification to the back area color addition hack
  • Render: Implemented mosaic effect (vertical direction only)
  • Render: Major tweaks to the vertical offset change support in mode 2 - still not correct but appears better

    Go get it at the SNES Emulators Page.

    Emulator Release: MAME V. 0.36 Beta 3. news by stickfig
    08:04:  Yeah, yeah, this is the one pile of news you've been waiting for. I want a new ico.... no, a new version of MAME has been released. We're now all the way up to V. 0.36 Beta 3, which has been nicknamed the "Konami Games" release, for a reason which might seem obvious after looking at what's new:

    New games supported:

  • Flash Gal [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Air Wolf [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Parodius [Nicola Salmoria]
  • '88 Games [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Vendetta [Phil Stroffolino]
  • Thunder Cross (no collision detection, probably protection) [Bryan McPhail]
  • Super Contra [Manuel Abadia]
  • Off the Wall [Aaron Giles]
  • Enduro Racer [Andrew Prime]
  • Samurai (Taito) [Phil Stroffolino]
  • Nunchackun [Phil Stroffolino]
  • Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi / Yuke Yuke Yamaguchi-kun (not working) [Phil Stroffolino]
  • Hunchback (Scramble and Donkey Kong conversions) [Mike Coates]
  • Dokaben [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Capcom Baseball [Nicola Salmoria]

    New clones supported:

  • Empire City: 1931 (= Street Fight) [Gerald Vanderick]
  • Repulse (= Son of Phoenix) [Gerald Vanderick]
  • '99 The Last War (= Son of Phoenix) [Gerald Vanderick]
  • Strider (Japan set 2) [Marco Cassili]
  • Sunset Riders (5 new sets) [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Aliens (Japan) [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
  • Simpsons (Japan) [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
  • Gryzor (= Contra) [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
  • Akuma-Jou Dracula (= Haunted Castle) [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
  • E-Swat (protected, not working) [Andrew Prime]
  • Bermuda Triangle (Japan) [Alessio Manuele]
  • 64th Street (Japan) [Alessio Manuele]

    These drivers have improved GRAPHICS:

  • Fixed colors in Empire City: 1931. [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Fixed the background in Led Storm. [Bryan McPhail]
  • Added the zooming/rotating layer to Ajax. [Nicola Salmoria]

    These drivers have new or improved SOUND:

  • Added support for external volume control to the K007232 and fixed Aliens, Ajax etc. [Nicola Salmoria]

    Other drivers changes:

  • Emulated the 68705 protection in Mania Challenge. [Nicola Salmoria]

    Changes to the main program:

  • Changed the UPD7759 emulator to support two chips ('88 Games needed this) and fixed a bug in the ADPCM decoding. [Ernesto Corvi]


  • The gfxdata field of the GfxElement structure is no longer a osd_bitmap *; it is instead a simple unsigned char *, pointing to a continuous stream of pixel data. The new line_modulo and char_modulo fields are helpers to find the offset in the array. [Nicola Salmoria]

  • Updated the 68000 C core. [Karl Stenerud]

    Pick it up (along with the source) on (Where else?) the MAME Page. Oh yeah, I don't want a new icon, I swear.

    Translation News: Der Langrisser v0.16 patch released news by alamone
    05:16:  warui toransu (my comatose group) has released v0.16 of the Der Langrisser English patch, which is downloadable from my homepage. I suppose there is a some reason why tai decided to wipe my patch from the trans page here at ZD, so just go to my homepage.

    Site News: Save archives updated news by alamone
    02:22:  Updated: NSF, NSM, SPC, STA, ZMV, ZST archives.
    I'd like to give Matthew Conte a big thank-you for helping to fix some of the NSF headers. Additional thanks to Memblers & Chris Covell.

    Frontend News: OpenSPC Loader 1.0 released news by apoc
    22:15:  This is the first SPC frontend of it's kind that I know. It's written in VB5, for OpenSPC .300. You can get it at the new SPC Frontends page until I can get someone to add it to the index. =)

    Site News: And yet, another "new icon" post news by nitro
    21:49:  Well, SwampGas, and Apocalypz got new icons, XiP, and RaEJaE requested one, so I think it is time for me to request one. I really liked how both Apocalypz's and SwampGas's looked like, so I want a new one too. :) I would like it to say either Nitro, or Nitro187, it doesn't really matter. And the requirements are the same too, 50x17 GIF, transparent background. And if I select yours, then your name will not only be posted on this page, but it will be in the next ZD-spc release. Oohhhhh. So please, send your submissions to Thanks.

    Misc. News: Jumping on the bandwagon... news by raejae
    20:09:  Well, while Swamp, Apoc, and XiP are at it, I think I'll ask for a new icon too. The requirements are basically the same (50x17 GIF, transparent background unless there's a good reason not to have it), except my handle must be written "RaEJaE" keeping the capitalization the same (this means no all-caps fonts). As with everybody else's, the creator of the icon I choose will be recognized on ZD.

    Mail me your icon at

    Misc. News: Tips from Wook news by apoc
    19:45:  Yet another set of tips from Wook! Thanks to Dave's Classics for those tips.

    Translation News: 2 Great Hacks.. news by taichou
    18:39:  The Legend of the Blob Bros. 2 has been updated to include tons of new features, such as animation and background changes! This could be one of the best SMB2 hacks out there, I reccomend checking this one out.

    Also, Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge has been updated, to include bug fixes from the last patch.

    Download them off the Hacks page.

    Misc. News: XiP Needs a New Icon news by xip
    16:58:  I'm sure you're all aware that my icon sucks pretty bad. Well, Apocalypz and SwampGas have inspired me. If anyone out there wants to make me a new icon, I'd sure appreciate it. It needs to say "XiP", be 50 pixels wide by 17 pixels high, be a gif, and have a transparent background. If you think you can make a good one, do it and mail it to me. I'll put your name up one the site if I choose yours. Thanks!

    Misc. News: Icon chosen news by apoc
    10:36:  I'm amazed by the number of submissions I got after I asked for new icons (Almost 50)! I've chosen one that I really liked, and I wish to thank Rolf Skywalker for making this great icon. It stood out above the others! Thanks, Rolf!

    Misc. News: A small request news by apoc
    08:17:  Now that SwampGas had his turn, it's mine now. I'm looking for a new icon to go with my name. Here are the requirements...

    You can email me the icons. Thank you!

    Emulator Release: JNES 0.20 Released news by apoc
    08:03:  JNES 0.20 was just released. Here's what's new:

    You can get it at our NES page or the JNES site. Thanks to Dave's Classics for the news.

    Emulator News: Pretendo news by xip
    21:41:  After several weeks of inactivity, the Pretendo site has been updated. Here's what it has to say:

    "Ok. I'm not incompetent, just lazy. It's been over two weeks since the last update, so I figured I'd update the site now, in lieu of the fact that next week will be quite hectic... Anyways, a bunch of stuff has been going on. I'm proud to say that we have scratched the GDI based engine, and have made way for a DirectX renderer which is a hell of a lot faster than the GDI. This is cool, since now we have rendering at normal speeds. Next, the sprites are basically complete. There are still a few minor bugs, but it's no big deal at all, and they should be rectified soon. We've been getting some nice framerates, however, above the 60 mark, but ofcourse this is on a Pentium 200, so don't be too impressed. Please remember that all our rendering code is preliminary, so things will most likely change sometime in the future. We've done the usual tidying up of code, adding new, removing old, etc... Our plugin system is well on it's way, evidence of this is the DirectX engine. On Wednesday, a silly accident left me home from work with a broken toe. Painful, yes, but it allowed me to get working on our own 6502 core. It is being written in MASM 6.14, and should prove to be quite fast. No ETA on that one however, as it's not really the main priority. Once this core is done, it will be replacing the current, leaving the other core available via plugin. I probably left a few things our regarding what's new with the software, but whatever... As for the website, I never really realized how lousy it looks in anything other than 800x600 resolution. I plan on fixing it, sometime in the near future, hopefully. Till then, you'll just have to deal with it :). If anyone has any ideas on how to keep the same design working in higher resolutions, feel free to mail me. I think that's it for now. "

    You can get the latest version of Pretendo at the NES page.

    Translation News: 2 Translations Added news by taichou
    21:07:  Chaos World, and Downtown Nekketu are not complete, but both look like fun games to try out.

    You can download them from the Translations page.

    Media News: Piracy Article news by xip
    21:05:  Larry Svenson has been kind enough to give us word of an article about software piracy from the Toronto Star webpage. It seems to exaggerate a little on some things, and, of course, is just HAS to trash emulation as well. Here's a section of the article i found particularly interesting...

    "It is not technically legal to duplicate CDs in the U.S or Canada," Dunn says. "But, it's decided title to title, so gamers should read the license agreement (that comes with the software)."

    Why don't you all just go read the rest of it for yourselves, and when you're done, you can talk about it on the boards.

  • By hook or by crook

    Emulator News: SPEC256 homepage translated to english news by bdlou
    20:36:  The SPEC256 homepage has been translated into english now. SPEC256 is a Spectrum emulator that runs 256 color Spectrum games.

    Thanks to dev from for the info.

    Check out the english SPEC256 page.

    Emulator News: RealityMan returns to host the official UltraHLE site news by zophar
    20:02:  No, this isn't to announce that he's resuming UltraHLE. RealityMan, one half of the UltraHLE team has announced that he will be hosting the new official UltraHLE site, hosted by For those living in a cave, UltraHLE was the first N64 emulator capable of playing commercial games. From the new & improved official UltraHLE site:

    "Welcome to the new home of the *OFFICIAL* UltraHLE web site. Unlike other UltraHLE sites on the internet this is run by one of the authors of the emulator and is the logical progression of the original site launched on January 28th 1999. Although development of UltraHLE is no longer in active progress, I feel it is worthwhile having an updated source of information about your favorite N64 Emulator. Over the coming weeks, the site will be expanded with all kinds of information and features for you to enjoy. Please feel free to e-mail with questions, suggestions or anything else of interest. Its great to be back...."


    Thanks to bomb for this info. You can check out the official UltraHLE site, maintained by RealityMan, at the link below.

  • UltraHLE homepage

    Emulator News: MGX 0.05 What's New news by xip
    18:42:  Here's what's new in MGX 0.05:

  • 32bit cpu assembler core (with RAZE,by richard mitton)
  • FM sound has been improved,though no sound souns yet.

    Thanks to Kosh for the news. You can get MGX at the SMS/GG page.

    Emulator Release: Hu-Go 1.00 beta news by xip
    18:27:  A new version of Hu-Go has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Begin of true PC Engine CDs support
  • EXCELLENT sound with a new sound librairie which will also allow em to emulate CD audio tracks with MP3 or WAV.
  • Better support of joypad in ISO files
  • Easier ISO launching, just like a ROM if you specify the path of your CD system in the INI file
  • Auto execution of CD system cards ofter loading (no need to press start) (if yours don't, tell me, I'll add it)
  • Fixed a little error in the debugger that was sometime preventing the displaying
  • Fixed another bug in BIOS read function
  • Log actions into Hu-Go!.log
  • Now dump sound in WAV RIFF format

    Get it at the TurboGrafx 16 page.

    Emulator Release: MGX 0.05 news by xip
    12:35:  A new version of MGX is out, but I don't know what's new because the documentation is in Japanese. You can download this version at the SMS/GG page.

    Emulator News: RockNES news by xip
    12:24:  The RockNES page has been updated with the following news:

  • I did some fix for Mapper #69 IRQs (Batman Return of Joker). It´s buggy, but playable (doesn´t hang after beat the first boss).
  • Fixed Mapper #16 IRQs, now Dragon Ball 3 works fine (I guess) :-)

    This will be availible in the next version. You can get the current version of RockNES at the NES page.

    Misc. News: Fellow updated to V. 0.34 news by stickfig
    10:33:  After nearly a year without updates, Fellow (the Amiga emu for MS-DOS) has finally gotten one. Not much new, though. Hardware support and emulation capability is exactly the same as in the previous version. Here's what's new otherwise:

  • Patched bit field emulation (68020)
  • nogui command line option now works.
  • Sound capture to WAV-file now works.
  • Some corrections has been made in the GUI and the command-line interface.

    Pick it (along with the source) up on the Amiga emulators page.

    Emulator Release: Calypso Beta Build 007. news by stickfig
    09:12:  Anyone who tells you that new emulators aren't coming out, they're wrong. Here's your proof.

    Calypso, currently a SMS emulator (though it possibly might become a multi-system emu later on), was released with little fanfare less than two weeks ago. Currently, it's on its third release, Beta Build 007. Here's what's been changed in it:

    Build 007:

  • Rewrote the VDP Engine from scratch. It now uses methods like Tile Cache and other optimizations. Right now it's entirely in C, but faster. I'll write it in ASM later. BUGS: it doesn't take in account if sprites are under characters (sprite priority), nor scroll in the first lines.
  • The emulator now uses the RAZE Z80 Engine, written in ASM, a lot faster than Marat's.
  • The old VDP engine is still used in the debugger. I corrected a flaw that made the last column not to be viewed.

    Build 006:
  • Corrected a small BUG in the VDP, relating to ScreenON. Thanks to Zoop
  • Added frameskip support
  • Now the games are saved to a .pgc file with the same name as the ROM file, allowing one game per ROM, like in BrSMS. DOES NOT WORK WELL SOMETIMES.
  • Partial sound emulation. White noise is missing. Besides, it's pretty bad and it may not work on all systems.
  • Although the emulator has not changed a lot on the outside, internally it has. Now it no longer uses the LoopZ80() instruction, I'm now executing frame by frame, like in modern emulators.

    Build 005:
  • Initial Version

    Pick it up on the Sega Master System and Game Gear emulators page.

    Emulator Release: DGen 1.17 news by Athena
    23:25:  A new version of DGen, a Genesis emulator for Windows9x, has been released. Here's what's new in v1.17:

  • Added in Joe's new graphics engine with fixes to the Window/Scroll plane interaction (thanks to Steve Snake for the information). Herzog Zwei's 2-player mode is now okay, and I imagine you will see improvements in other games as well.

    You can download it at the Genesis Page.

    Thanks to Pikaraichu for the news.

    Media News: Computer Games and Violence news by Athena
    22:50:  Former staffer emufreak and friends reptile- have sent us an interesting article about how computer games could have driven the murderers in the Colorado shooting to do such a thing. You can view it by clicking on the link below:

  • Computer Games and Violence

    Emulator Release: Neo Geo CD v0.45 news by raejae
    21:12:  Before I begin, I would like to welcome all of our new and returning staff members, and offer my condolences to Atila for his loss.

    Now, on to the update. Neo Geo CD, the only Neo Geo CD emulator that plays commercial games, has been updated to version 0.45. Here's what's new:

  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Joystick support.
  • CD-ROM detection bug fixed
  • New config file setting to disable Windows Multitasking.
  • Displays Game Title Preview TITLE_?.SYS (CDZ feature)

    Grab it on the Neo Geo Emulators page.

    Site News: Additions to "Zophar's Diary" news by zophar
    21:05:  To start off the post, some farewells. ZD wishes Bjorn Astrom (_Bnu) the best of luck in his future endeavors. Bjorn was the frontends maintainer here at ZD (now maintained by Craig, aka Apocalypz). We'd also like to say goodbye to CD, who also has left ZD. Good luck to both of you, guys.

    I'd also like to officially welcome back Apocalypz and Stick_Fig to the ZD staff. Stick_Fig is the new Senior Assistant, and Apocalypz has taken over _Bnu's position.

    Finally, we'd like to welcome a new member to ZD, Athena Asamiya! She joined ZD less than an hour ago. She's a junior maintainer, so please go easy on her until she learns the ropes. ;)

    Once again, thanks for visiting ZD!

    Site News: Condolences to Atila news by zophar
    20:51:  The entire staff of Zophar's Domain would like to express our deepest sympathies to Atila of His father's aunt was killed in the great earthquake that hit Turkey a few days ago. May she, and all the others who died in the quake, rest in peace.

    Emulator Release: UltraINI 1.0.19 news by xip
    20:49:  Arcade@Home has released a new version of their UltraINI file. There are now 51 games playable. Here's what's new:

    "Most complete INI file on the net WITH CREDITS! What a novel idea. For some reason, certain people have REMOVED the credits from this file. I've done my best to give the correct people the credit they deserve. I've also fixed a lot of problems with other INI files that are floating around. Here it is, the best you can get!"

    Get it at the N64 page. Thanks to hyperX for the news.

    Site News: Oh, looky, a new staffer... news by Athena
    20:14:  After all the problems I had logging into the news poster, it was well worth it to become a new member of ZD. I'd just like this time to say thank you to Zophar and rouge for helping me get here (:p) and a big hello to Alex Patterson. I'm the new Junior Assistant Maintainer, meaning I'll do general updates, assuming no-one gets them first. Thank you and happy ZD'ing! ^_^

    Misc. News: EmulationZone in need of staffers news by zophar
    19:28:  A few of you may remember a site that's been around for a while: It seems that No Carrier is in need of more staff to help with updates. If you can help him out, send him an e-mail.


    Emulator Release: Z80 Stealth 0.24 news by apoc
    18:06:  It seems that today is the day for Sinclair Emulators. Anyways, this is a good Spectrum emulator, it emulates the Spectrum 128. Here's whats new:

  • Save BMP screenshots (F8).
  • Fixed: BRIGHT RED color.
  • Fixed: loading snapshot files with Read-only attribute.
  • A lot of asm optimisations in the cpu emulation core. You will notice that speed increased if you set MAXSPEED=YES in z80s.cfg.
  • Optimized screen update procedure a bit
  • (removed two instructions from the plot drawing part of screen update procedure)
  • Exe linked with dynamic libraries -> size decreased
  • Exe packed with new exe packer

    You can get it from the Sinclair page or the emulator's homepage homepage.

    Emulator Release: Spec256 1.17b released news by apoc
    17:53:  As most of you know, this was the first Sinclair Spectrum emulator to support 256 colors. Version 1.17b was just released. Here's what's new:

  • Two new games have been added with 256-color support, Abu Simbel Profanation and Solomon´s Key.

    That's it! You can either get it at the Sinclair Spectrum page or it's homepage, Emulatronia. If you can't read spanish, I recommend you go to Babelfish which is a page that translates either text or pages. Just put the URL in the textbox and choose your language and then click Translate.

    Translation News: Super Mario Remix 2 released news by apoc
    17:30:  When I saw the screenshots of this hack, I thought, "Wow, this is really cool." It's a hack of Dragon Warrior 1, replacing the characters with those from Super Mario Brothers. You can grab it here.

    Thanks to dReam sLider for the news.

    Omniverse's Site

    Site News: I'm back news by apoc
    16:52:  I've been gone for a while, because I had surgery and I felt that I couldn't work on ZD for a while. I was right, because I had post-op things to do. Anyways, I'm back, and I'm ready to serve the visitors of ZD again. I'm the new Frontends maintainer. I want to thank Zophar for letting rejoin the team! Thanks for visiting ZD!

    Misc. News: FF8 Debug code document v0.4 news by zophar
    11:52:  NeoFlare has been kind enough to provide ZD with a comprehensive document explaining the FF8 Debug code. It's a very interesting read. You can check out the first version, v0.4, at the link below.

  • FF8 Debug code (DOC)

    Interview News: New fixo files: Jeff Gerstmann news by zophar
    11:40:  Jeff Gerstmann of has recently been interviewed by fixo. In it, he discusses the history of videogaming and emulation. He also gives his views on Zelda and several other interesting topics concerning gaming and emulation. You can check out the interview at the link below.

  • Jeff Gerstmann interview

    Media News: Positive emulation article in Maximum PC news by zophar
    11:36:  I'd like to give a big thanks to hyperX for scanning this article. The article in question is written by T. Liam McDonald, and in it he explains all the benefits of emulation, and why emulation does NOT equal piracy. It's one of the best articles I've ever read to date. You can check out the 500KB scan at the link below.

  • You will be emulated

    Emulator Release: MGX 0.04 news by zophar
    11:30:  A new release of MGX, a Master System/Game Gear emulator for DOS, is now available. This emulator is made by the same person who created DBOY, so the document is not in English.

    Anyone who can translate it, drop me a line. Thanks to Kosh for the news. You can download MGX 0.04 from the Master System & Game Gear emulators page.

    Site News: Another installment of Zophar's Diary news by zophar
    11:27:  Hello again, Zophar here. And once again, I'm going to spew a lot of text into that fun-filled corner I like to call "Zophar's Diary".

    First of all, I'd like to give a huge thanks to TNSe^1999 for all the NSF ripping he's been doing, especially for the Faxanadu soundtrack. :) Also, everyone else who has been ripping them deserves a round of applause! For those who don't know, NSFs are NES music files, similar to C64 SIDs, which are very small (usually no bigger than 20KB), and can contain entire NES soundtracks. Check out the ZD NSF Archive if you haven't already. I recommend the nosefart Winamp plugin for playing the NSFs.

    The Faxanadu contest is generating a lot of mayhem and fear within the emulation community! Many people feel this is going to be an even tougher feat than beating Ghosts 'n' Goblins. My response: if it was easy, it wouldn't be worth $75! Remember, you have up to three sessions to do it in, and your chances of winning are not as slim as you think. It can't hurt to try! Check out the official rules if you haven't already.

    A ZMV contest will be coming up very soon. I'm not quite sure what game to make it yet, so any suggestions that anyone is able to offer are welcomed. Send an e-mail to me and I'll be sure to consider whatever you have to say.

    I'll be doing a bunch of updates throughout the day, so keep checking back here frequently. I can feel that today is going to be a big news day. Remember, without the support of each and every one of you Zophamaniacs, we wouldn't be your #1 site for all your emulation needs. Thanks for visiting ZD!

    Misc. News: "Christmas" looks to be very un-merry this year. news by stickfig
    09:32:  Everyone knows about the agony of the CIH virus, but it looks like it's going to have a competitor in the realm of damages. The "Christmas" virus, set to hit on (you guessed it) Christmas, will pretty much take out a PC by ruining the flash BIOS. The virus is written by a person who is mighty anti-religious.

    Hey, but why am I telling you all this? You can read it yourself. Hey, just think -- Y2K comes a week later. ;)

    Misc. News: Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge v6.3 released news by stickfig
    08:35:  x-4000 has released ANOTHER update to his level hack of Super Mario Bros. 3, reaching all the way up to level (you guessed it) 6-3. I personally think the hack is pretty impressive, just because of the attempts to make the game more challenging (you can only warp BACKWARDS, and actually need some of the special items (like the P-Wing) to complete the game). Hey, I can't wait to see it come to completion.

    Pick it up on the Translation Hacks page.

    Utility Release: OpenSPC 0.300 news by xip
    00:31:  A new version of OpenSPC has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Prevented notes that are out of IT's range from writing the invalid data - prevents IT corruption, but probably still won't sound quite right.
  • Checked for invalid loop points supplied by an SPC file (wouldn't think you'd *need* to check... %#!@$).
  • Updated display screen with new pitch when sliding.
  • Fixed rare bug which allowed volumes with opposite signs in both channels to cancel each other out when in mono mode.
  • Corrected bug where if a voice was keyed off at the same time the sample ended, the voice would not get turned off. Prevents the big long strings of note cut commands sometimes seen in the IT files.
  • Decided to scrap my sound drivers in favor of Allegro's. This means both the Ensoniq SoundScape and ESS AudioDrive should now be supported in addition to all SoundBlaster types. Note only the sound driver, not the mixer, has been replaced.
  • As a side effect of this, the onscreen display updates slower now, because Allegro requires much more sound data to be mixed and delivered at once. This is much more noticable with frequencies less than 22050 Hz.
  • Config file rewritten to reflect changes in sound driver. Should still be compatible if you have any old frontends, but I'm not sure.
  • Corrected a bug in ADSR/GAIN which could cause the envelope height to wrap around infinitely. (Jurassic Park)
  • Implemented main volume registers
  • Changed to the newest version of SNEeSe SPC core. TCALL (and therefore Terranigma) now works! Other optimizations and fixes are also present.
  • Changed to SNEeSe's SPC timer code. Timers are now cycle-exact rather than calculated once every update.
  • Reimplemented ADSR/GAIN in the style of the timer code, which means it is now cycle-exact. Any song that changed envelope states while monitoring ENVX should now work much better.
  • Doubled output volume both in the mixer and in IT dumping. This can potentially cause clipping distortion while mixing and maxed-out volumes in IT files if the volume ever gets too high, but it seems SNES games rarely use high volume which is why it sounded so quiet in the first place.
  • Fixed up the display for text mode. Colors and layout should be identical to the graphics mode, especially if used with an 80x50 screen. Use setgui=2 in the config file to activate.
  • Implemented a command line switch equivalent to the setgui parameter in the config file. (-g x)
  • Fixed up the colors on the display and allowed the colors to be changed in the config file.
  • Did a little cleaning and optimization of the source code.

    Get it at the SPC Player page. Thanks to Butcha for the news.

    Misc. News: Play Nice, Children news by infe
    21:25:  I happened to glance at the end of a Playstation cheat book (How to Win at Sony Playstation Games) and read something that calls emulators illegal, if not blatantly. It also has some amusing rhetoric telling children basically, to never trust the net, and never even give out their (!) email address. Check out the scans if you're interested. The first scan is just the cover of the book; scans two and three are the text.

    First Scan Second Scan Third Scan

    Emulator Release: EMU+ Win32 0.35 Final news by raejae
    19:26:  The Win32 version of EMU+ 0.35 Final has been released. Here's what's new:

  • Updated emuplus.cfg file. All entries in columns now come from text file. Will be optimized in future versions as it slows down the initial running of emuplus32.exe
  • Overclock in now in the GUI. Just press TAB to access the overclocking menu
  • Added Category and Version Added (the version when a game was added to MAME) info to ALL games (see readme for more on this)
  • Added display of Category and Version Added info to the Game Information panel
  • Added display columns of Category and Version Added info
  • Added possibility of changing category information in a emuplus.cfg (see readme for more on this)
  • Added the 3 new NeoGeo games quizdais, quizdai2, neocup98 (thanx to BMan2 for helping with the drivers, and NeoCharity for releasing them)
  • Added Shock Troopers 2, shocktr2
  • Added Pop And Bounce, popnbnce
  • Thanks again to the mame/mame32 team!

    Grab it on the MAME page.

    Misc. News: Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge v5.4 released news by bdlou
    06:04:  x-4000 has completed editing the levels of Super Mario Bros. 3 up to World 5-4 in his Super Mario Bros. 3 editing project. The goal of this project is to make this great NES classic more challenging, change the story a bit, and change some of the graphics on the way.

    You can check this one out in the Translations Hacks area.

    Utility Release: RomCenter version 1.61 released news by bdlou
    05:45:  RomCenter version 1.61 has been released. This version is a bugfix for version 1.60. Here is what's new:

    - Added rom move to the repair engine.
    - Merge error when no roms are available
    - File no found when no emulators are selected and building mame data file
    - No good dump roms with crc of 00000000 not detected (stupid bug, sorry for
    - Crater raider bug
    - Locomotion bug
    - Crazy kong display error
    - Emulation path correctly set in new mame data files
    - Wait cursor during data building process.
    - Wait cursor while option checking
    - Status bar font problem fixed
    - Build button is default button in mame import dialog
    - Drag & drop of files with more than 67 character.
    - Repairing write protected roms
    - Unknown rom file line for directories in drag & drop report.
    - Mame.dat data file line doesn't appear in dropdown list
    - Emulator executable display is not updated ofter a mame import
    - Left list refreshed after clicking on update button.
    - Don't merge if there are nothing to merge.
    - Jpg pictures used in html report (for non microsoft browser)
    - '.' can be used in data files names
    - Support for roms long file names.

    RomCenter is a ROM manager for MAME and Raine, with various other emulators being supported in the future. It scans zip files for roms, checks them, detects bad, missing and useless roms, and repairs them.

    You can grab your copy of RomCenter from the General Utilities area.

    Site News: Save archives updated news by alamone
    23:23:  Here's what's new in the save archives:

  • Updated: NSF, NSM, SPC, SRM, ZMV, ZST archives.
  • The NSF page now has a few reminders regarding the NSF file format. Please read them if you are planning to contribute.
  • With some help from ShadowSlayerX I have (tried) to clean up the duplicates in the SPC archive. If you feel I have wrongly removed your submission, please drop me a note with an explanation. Thanks and enjoy.
  • Misc. News: Xenogears Debug code found news by raejae
    22:11:  Just a week or two after a debug code was found for Final Fantasy VII, a debug code has also been found for Xenogears. This code takes you to a debug room where you can mess around with characters, images, and music. The GameShark code is

         8004F34C 0000

    You can find more info and screenshots at the Gaming Intelligence Agency.

    Emulator Release: NLMSX 0.09 news by xip
    21:37:  A new version of NLMSX has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Added horizontal scroll support in screen 6, 7, 10, 11, 12.
  • Added screen masking support, bit 1 of register#25.
  • Added sprite support for screen 8, with the correct palette
  • Added sprite support for screen 1.
  • Added correct behaviour of register#27, which is part of the horizontal scrolling capability, in all present screen modes.
  • Fixed another bug in the interrupt handling, the demo Turnix
  • Sunrise Magazine #8 work fine now

    Get it at the MSX page.

    Misc. News: G3 v2.04 news by raejae
    17:50:  The Scribe has released an interim update to his Genesis Game Guide (G3). You can pick it up on the Genesis emulators page.

    Genesis emulators.

    Interview News: KINOX interviews J-ROM news by raejae
    17:34:  KINOX has interviewed J-ROM of Arcade ROMs from Japan. They discuss mostly the dumping of arcade ROMs. Check it out at KINOX.

    Misc. News: NES Compatibility List 0.36 news by xip
    17:00:  The NES compatibility List has moved to and version 0.36 has been released. You can get it at the NES page. Thanks to Tommi Pirinen for the news.

    Emulator Release: UltraINI 1E-3 news by xip
    16:23:  A new version of the Ultra.ini file for UltraHLE has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Super Mario Karts & Zelda Ultra.InI 1-E2 mistakes corrected.
  • InI file reduced to the max (retyped some patches, comments).
  • 3 Different InI files (chose the one to install):
    - First includes everything (huge!)
    - Second includes everything but Cheats
    - Third includes everything but non working roms and demos
  • Added comments to most of the newest roms.
    (Etail monster works with some gfx probs, APE).
  • Added comments to a few old roms and dupes.
    (Konami puzzle sound + intro, enhanced patch by The Company)
  • Top Gear Rally patch enhanced for more stability/speed (The Company)
  • Hybrid Heaven patched (Full intro / The Company)
  • New Superman, Zelda, Doom, Quake, Snowboard Kids and Wave Race cheats Super Mario & Rampage World Tour cheats by: Lone Soldier!
  • Mario Kart, Golden Eye, Super Mario cheats codes enhanced and fixed (Lone Soldier)
  • Homebrew packs, Cruisn'USA cheats (APE!)
  • Correction to Mace euro patch (Reaper)

    Get it at the N64 page.

    Emulator Release: Z26 1.33 news by xip
    15:28:  A new version of Z26 has been released, and here's what's new:

    "An assortment of 50Hz video modes for use with PAL games. These modes are all 256 scanlines tall so even the tallest PAL games like aciddrop.bin and seamnstr.bin can be seen completely in a more or less normal size video mode. Unfortunately not all monitors can be used with these modes. Old fixed-frequency monitors have problems with them, but modern multi-frequency monitors that are capable of syncing at 50Hz are pretty common so I expect most people won't have problems with them. To enable these video modes to be used automatically whenever z26 is running a recognized PAL game, specify the -5 command line switch. z26 will then choose a 50Hz video mode that most closely approximates the 60Hz mode that you've selected with the -v command line switch."

    Get it at the Atari 2600 page.

    Emulator Release: 1964 0.2.3 news by xip
    15:14:  A new version of 1964 has been released, and here's what's new:

  • More RSP added (steb)
  • Many more demos play audio than before like psycho and dnxintro..the skipping you will hear is because we need to work on speed and buffering (steb)
  • I would like to make a formal apology to everyone. The theft of our code was real, but my reaction was unprofessional in the heat of the moment. 1964 is and will always be licensed under the terms and conditions of the GNU GPL. Gray-area legalities aside, collectively we feel too strongly about it. This will not happen again. :) (schibo)

    Get it at the N64 page.

    Emulator News: Nemu64 is Moving to a New Site news by xip
    23:58:  According to the Nemu64 homepage, the site is being redesigned and moved to Lemmy would also like to assure everyone that Nemu64 is not dead, and that progress is being made. Specifically, there are many bugfixes, and savestate support has been added. You can download the current version of Nemu64 at the N64 page.

    Emulator Release: MacMAME 0.36b2 news by raejae
    23:36:  The Macintosh port of MAME has been updated to 0.36b2. Here's what's new specific to the Mac version:

  • In sync with DOS beta 2. [Brad Oliver, Aaron Giles]
  • All of the bugs reported with the new keyboard code and event handling in beta 1 should be resolved now. [Aaron Giles]
  • Rewrote the joystick code to match the new MAME specs, similar to what happened with the keyboard code in beta 1. The upshot is that MacMAME now supports a total of 16 joysticks with 12 buttons apiece. A similar rewrite will take place in an upcoming beta for the analog controls. [Brad Oliver]
  • Added a new option to the front-end to help identify the contents of a ROM .zip file. [John Butler]

    Grab it on the Multi-Arcade emulators for Mac page.

    Interview News: Geeknews interview with zsKnight news by raejae
    23:24:  Geeknews has posted a new interview with zsKnight of ZSNES fame, the main subject of which being (tah-dah) ZSNES. Also spoken of is Bleem! and their impact on emulation. Check it out at Geeknews.

  • Interview with zsKnight

    Emulator Release: Bleem! 1.4a news by xip
    20:59:  A new version of Bleem! was released, and here's what's new:

  • Added Work-Around for CD-ROM/DVDROM Access -- People with DVDs or CD-Roms that were having problems reading the CD-KEY should try this version.
  • AutoConfig KeyBoard Controller 1 on First Boot
  • Eject Menu Option Disables Sound Immediately
  • Sound AutoConfig at 44K, 16Bit, Stereo on First Boot
  • Exit FullScreen Mode by Pressing Left Mouse Button
  • Improved D3D Screen Transition Logic (Menus <-> Game) -- This will cause less "weirdness" when games switch from different modes/sections of the game.
  • Updated Internal Compatibility Listings DataBase -- Less games will show up as "untested"

    Get it at the Bleem! homepage.

    Emulator Release: DGen/MacOS 1.1.6 news by raejae
    20:50:  The Macintosh port of DGen has been updated to version 1.1.6. Here's what's new specific to the Mac port:

  • Much faster than previous versions. (Anywhere from 10%-50% increase.)
  • Timing of horizontal interrupts has been fixed. This fixed the Gunstar Heroes title screen/attract mode, and made Outrun's graphics 100% correct.
  • Audio has been a major speed drag, so lots of audio code was also rewritten. In addition, there is now an Audio Preferences dialog which you can use to raise or lower the sound quality to suit your preference. (Muting sound should provide a very large speed boost.)
  • YM2612 DAC is now handled in an entirely different manner. Should be a bit faster.
  • Sound is quieter now. Previous versions of DGen would overdrive the sound channel; this has been corrected. (This eliminates clipping and improves the sound quality, as well as being a speedup.)
  • 2 player controls now work. (6-button support will be added too.)
  • The raster graphics engine is rather solid now; not much has changed since the last release. Now I just need shadow/highlight support but I don't have any documentation on this. (Also, I want to know what's wrong with the priorities on the Sonic 1/2 title screens.)
  • Compatibility note: if a game is causing problems, try it with the Assembly 68000 Engine off. This fixes a bunch of things, like screwy fading in Sonic the Hedgehog and crashes in the Gunstar Heroes intro.
  • Save files and freeze files are now assigned their proper icons.
  • Now compiled with CW Pro 5. This seems to generate slightly nicer code in a few circumstances. (CodeWarrior's finally generating rlwimi's!)

    Grab it on the Genesis emulators for Mac page.

    Misc. News: More on the GPS's copycat Y2K news by stickfig
    19:24:  Well, first off, I'd like to apologize for _Bnu saying it wasn't true. It is.

    Someone by the name of ZZZman has been kind enough to give us some more information on G2K. (Hey, I just made an acronym!) You can read it here.

    I'm doing a few updates tonight.. Wait for them later. :)

    Emulator News: RAZE V. 1.01 news by stickfig
    19:03:  A new version of the newest Z80 emu, RAZE, has been released. It's a minor update this time around. Here's what's brand-spankin'-new in V. 1.01:

  • Fixed to work with NASM v0.98
  • Fixed reset code (thx to Neil Bradley ;)

    Pick it up on the Z80 page.

    Emulator Release: MGX 0.3 news by bnu
    10:01:  MGX, the Game Gear emulator by the DBOY author, has been updated. As usual I don't know what's new, since the readme is in Japanese.

    You can download it from the SMS/GG Emulators page.

    Misc. News: Tips from wook news by bnu
    09:47:  Here's aother edition of tips from wook, enjoy:

    GameFan OnLine takes a swipe at reviewing N64's Gauntlet Legends. Less than a favorable review, Angus concludes with, "Gauntlet Legends is just a big disappointment."

    As the MP3Station prepares for its public launch, GameSpot News examines this one of a kind PlayStation add-on device.

    Embers from Amiga are blowing in the wind. GA Source has facts concerning Gateway's previous purchase.

    Emulator Release: TRWin 990813 news by bnu
    06:22:  Another version of TRWin, a N64 emulator for Windows, has been released. This version fixes the flip-rom bug, and here's a nice little quote about this update from slacka:

    "You know that good ol' flip-rom bug? Well it's now an extinct species! RCP aka "Bug Muncher" is chewing up bugs like they're tasty BBQd salmon:) And yes, the emulation information and sample code will be coming very soon. -slacka"

    You can download it from the N64 emulators page.

    Emulator Release: TRWin release 2 news by nitro
    22:30:  Here is what's posted on the site:

    A bug crept in last minute that prevented TRwin from running on Voodoo2s. Well, RCP has fixed that and improved support for the Riva128. Thanks for all the great feedback! -slacka

    You can download the new version at the Nintendo 64 emulators page.

    Thanks goes out to jandaman for the news.

    Emulator Release: pMAME, and aMAME updated news by nitro
    20:09:  pMAME and aMAME has been updated to version 0.36. So now, aMAME, and pMAME are up to date with the current release of MAME.

    You can download aMAME, and pMAME from the MAME emulator page.

    Site News: I news by stickfig
    20:08:  Okay, I'm going to tell you now: It's been a long two months without ZD. :)

    Well, without further ado, I can say it without worries: I'm back, doing more updates than I was before (hopefully). So, now, consider the Stickless ZD no more, and the Sticky ZD back once again. Just for good measure, you can all read my webpage and see if I was up to anything interesting lately. (I probably wasn't.)

    Well, any comments? E-Mail me.

    Site News: NSM Contest #4: Faxanadu (US version) news by zophar
    19:28:  The new NSM contest is now underway! To win, you'll need to go through an entire game of Faxanadu (you have up to 3 seperate NSM sessions to do this in, but make sure you read the rules for complete details). The winner will be the person who wins Faxanadu in the least amount of time. That person will win $75, courtesy of me.

    Something I wish to clarify: the 'spend all 1500 gold and then go back to the King for another 1500' is considered CHEATING, and you WILL be disqualified if you do it.

    I want as many sites to post about this contest as possible. This money comes right out of my pocket, so the more people who find out about ZD, the better spent my money will be. ;) A note to foreign visitors: as long as you can cash U.S. checks, I have no problem with you entering the contest.

    May the best man (or woman) win! Check out the official rules at the link below.

  • NSM Contest #4: Faxanadu (Rules)

    Emulator News: WinNES Homepage moves news by bnu
    16:42:  The WinNES homepage has moved to and the link on the NES Emulators page has been updated, too. WinNES is a NES emulator for Windows if you hadn't already figured that out, hehe.

    Misc. News: EMU+ Website renovated news by bnu
    16:34:  The EMU+ website has been renovated and is located at For those of you who don't know EMU+ is a version of MAME with some extra options thrown in, such as overclocking the emulated processors, auto fire, etc.

    Misc. News: More tips from wook news by bnu
    16:20:  And here are a whole new load of tips from wook

    Chakan's getting a Dreamcast make over facial and treatment. The pictures on IGN remind you of Vampire Hunter D.

    Anonymous sources from Sega spoke with Fastest Gaming News OnLine revealing new information about Stolar's departure.

    GameFan OnLine posted details from Sega's Coin-Op Distribution Meeting. An interesting tidbit, the Dreamcast networking plans include arcade integration. In other words, a Dreamcast gamer could play against a Sega arcade gamer.

    On a lighter note, here's a peek at the Tommy Hilfiger GameBoy case. Suspect the same people that buy Pokemon items will rush out and grab this
    designer GameBoy.

    Media News: Working Designs to publish for DC news by zophar
    14:18:  I spoke too soon! It looks like Working Designs, the company that has translated many RPGs for different systems, including the Lunar series, already announced that they are interested in publishing games again for the DC. Thanks to Andrew Laing for the news. You can check out the article at the link below.

  • WD speaks

    Media News: More on Bernie Stolar's departure from Sega news by zophar
    14:10:  Thanks to A-Bomb, we now have two new articles about Bernie Stolar's departure from Sega, which you can read at the links below. I strongly recommend that you do; they are both interesting reads. And maybe Working Designs will develop for the DC soon. ;)

  • Article 1
  • Article 2

    Emulator Release: FCE Ultra 0.16 news by bnu
    01:53:  FCE Ultra, a NES emulator, has been updated and here are the news:

  • Mapper 1(MMC1) improved.
  • Mapper 9(MMC2) improved.
  • Mapper 10(MMC4) improved.
  • Sound improved slightly.
  • Eight sprites maximum per scanline limitation is now emulated.
  • The size of each array of pointers to read/write functions was four bytes less than it should have been. This caused problems(crashing) with games that read/write to $FFFF. This bug has been fixed.

    You can download it from the NES Emulators page.

    Misc. News: Polls Update news by taichou
    22:43:  The results for the Last Poll "What do you think of the new web boards?"

    Choice 1 was: "I love it, everythings all nice and neat!"

    It received 233 votes (35.5 percent).

    Choice 2 was: "Bring back my old boards!"

    It received 226 votes (34.4 percent).

    Choice 3 was: "I don't really care, as long as I can still post."

    It received 65 votes (9.9 percent).

    Choice 4 was: "Doesn't matter to me, I don't even use message boards."

    It received 133 votes (20.2 percent).

    The new poll is: What would you like to see added/improved in the translations section on ZD? Cast your vote Now!

    Emulator Release: And the mystery emulator is.... news by zophar
    22:16:  True Reality for windows! Here's the message from the documentation:

    This is the first beta copy of TrueReality for Windows (TRWin) a N64 emulator. Whether or not there are future releases depends on its reception in the community and the *activity* following the beta release. As new hardware technology outpaces software development, the ability to run legacy software on newer platforms has always been important and is likely to become more important in the future. The purpose of this emulator is to explain by example the major components of an emulator. In addition, persons interested in 3D graphics programming will find the graphics emulation section of interest, though it is not recommended for the novice programmer. The Dynamic Recompilation section is primitive, but at least provides a fast, solid and working example. Obviously, this section will need to see major improvements as the work proceeds. Thus the purpose of this emulator is not to promote or enable the use of pirated ROMS, rather it is purely of educational interest to those seeking to better understand the major components of emulation. If you want to play N64 games... buy a N64!

    For a compatability list, visit the TR Homepage.

    Grab it off the N64 Emulators page.

    Emulator Release: X-Mame v0.35b2.1 news by rouge
    21:53:  A new version of the X-Mame, multiple arcade machine emulator for Unix/X. What's new:

  • Everything from msdos 0.36b2.
  • Fixed tweaked mode restoration after console switch with svgalib for the soon to be releases svgalib 1.4.1 thanks to: Matan Ziv-Av
  • Fixed the pause(BREAK) key. It should have worked from the start, I don't know how this bug slipped in.
  • Fixed the cheat menu.
  • Added auto doubling of width- or heightscale for 1:2 pixel aspect games (like goldstar). Use -noautodouble to disable.
  • Added optimsed scaling code for 1x2x scaling for 1:2 pixel aspect games (like goldstar)
  • Added new mode selection code for svgalib and DGA which not only tries to fill the entire screen but also tries to keep the aspect ratio correct. Use -nokeepaspect to get the old behaviour of trying to fill as much screen as possible. Thanks to: William Barath
  • Implemented 16bpp modes for X11 in a window, DGA and svgalib. Xmame uses these modes when available and nescesarry. use -no16bitvideo to disable them.
  • Enhanced -disablemode now it is either of:
    -disablemode XresxYres
    -disablemode XresxYresxDepth
    Use it with xDepth to disable a mode just for a certain colordepth Accepted depths are: 256, 65536.
  • Implemented scaling other then 1x1 and 2x2 for 24bpp packed pixel modes.
  • Rewrote joystick handling code to match the new core handling code Xmame now supports upto 8 joysticks with upto 16 axis / stick and upto 16 buttons / stick. Adding more sticks/axis/buttons is just a matter of changing a few #define's now. Since xmame now supports more then 2 axis -[no]swapjoyaxis has been removed.
  • Fixed saving of more then 1 snapshot.
  • Fixed -widthscale 2 -heightscale 1 for DGA and svgalib
  • Added contrib/modelines. This is a file with a bunch of tweaked mode modelines for XFree86. Kindly contributed by William Barath
  • Xmame now saves cfg, sta and mem files in seperate dirs in $(HOME)/.xmame So if you want to keep your old ones move them.
    Files: Go in / become:
    XXX.cfg $(HOME)/.xmame/cfg/XXX.cfg
    XXX.mem $(HOME)/.xmame/mem/XXX.mem
    XXX.sta $(HOME)/.xmame/sta/XXX.sta
    And xmame now searches for game specific rc files as: $(HOME)/.xmame/rc/rc Thanks to: TKMAME
  • Added a cutdown version of zlib in contrib which can be used instead of the system wide version (see makefile.unix). For systems which have no or a broken zlib. Thanks to Matt Lowry
  • Rewrote svgalib mode selection code (again) now it doesn't use a static list of modes anymore but queries the available modes from svgalib like DGA does under X11. This means that special modes in svgalib replacements like scitech display doctor and ggi can be used.

    Unix arcade page.

    Misc. News: Tips from wook news by bnu
    16:30:  And here's todays tips from wook:

    Game Informer News questions Sony regarding the validity of Gaming Age's report about the PlayStation 2 release date and price.

    Grab the Sega Dreamcast Apocalypse ad courtesy of GameFan OnLine. For the modem users among us, the quicktime movie is over 6 megs.

    GameSpot News has trailer footage for the upcoming Final Fantasy movie available for download.

    Also, GameSpot News landed an interview with Sega of America's brass.
    Sega packed a five million dollar parachute for Bernie.

    Media News: Bernie Stolar terminated news by zophar
    14:50:  Bernie Stolar, the former president of Sega, has been terminated. There is no word on why he was fired, but many of you may recall that he and Vic Ireland of Working Designs hated each other (he had a huge bearing on Vic Ireland's decision to leave Sega in 1997). You can check out the full article at at the link below. Thanks to EmuCamp for the news.

  • Bernie has left the building

    Site News: Another site does NSM contests? news by zophar
    12:01:  It looks like that another site over at is doing an NSM contest of their own! Beat SMB3 quickly, win a prize. Sound familiar? ;) You can check out all the rules at the homepage.


    Emulator News: Mystery N64 emulator news by zophar
    11:58:  Yes, I can actually confirm this one. Sometime today, very soon, will be announcing the release of an N64 emulator which will be able to run some games. You can check out more news at their website.


    Misc. News: The Athlon takes the world by storm news by zophar
    11:48:  AMD's new CPU, dubbed the Athlon (or the K7, if you will), is taking the world by storm. The 650 Athlon destroys the Pentium III 600 in all benchmark tests that ran. You can check out the full review of the AMD Athlon at the link below. Thanks to Alphakiller for the news.

  • Athlon review

    Misc. News: debuts news by zophar
    11:41:  About a week ago, made its emulation debut. It's the joint effort between former members (a little while ago, most of the Emulators Unlimited team left to create a new site). You can check out the site at the link below.


    Site News: Friday the 13th news by zophar
    11:38:  Well, it's Friday the 13th, and as many frequent visitors of ZD know, I always post some evil, twisted, or strange article to go along with it! So, have a happy Friday the 13th, may Jason end your torment & suffering, and go read about the Y2K bug. ;)

  • Doomsday Predictions

    Misc. News: My Anniversary news by swampgas
    02:34:  Today is my 1 year anniversary for working at ZD...and it's time to unveil my new icon. There were TONS of submissions, and it was really hard deciding.

    Chris Comstock designed the new icon I'm using, so props to Chris. If you did submit one, don't worry...I might find another use for it if it's good:)

    Long live ZD!

    Emulator News: 1964 news news by nitro
    02:17:  Like I suspected from the beginning, 1964, an N64 emulator, will end its "open source" to the public. Now, it will be closed source. Here is the posting I copied from EmuHQ:

    The project is continuing and will continue...However,I regret to inform you that I have come to the decision to close the source code. Binaries will be released in the future, but no more source...sorry. Why? Well, quite I spoke to an individual (I won't humiliate you, don't worry) who sent me a binary of "their" N64 emulator. When I ran it and saw that it performed exactly the same way as 1964, I became suspicious...So after chatting with this person, I had a look at the executable in a binary hex editor...and what do ya know ? My debug strings were in there word for word. Well, that doesn't upset me as much as the fact that this person LIED to me and told me that he did it himself in one month's time.

    Under the terms of the license, he was permitted to use my code, provided he made his source public. But this was not his intention. LEGALLY, you are obligated to make your source public if you create a derivative work of a project that is under the GNU General Public License.

    So, why not simply expose this person's emulator for what it is and keep my source public ? Well, for starters, for every emulator that I would catch plagiarizing (and yes, I DO consider it plagiarism if credit is not given to the rightful author) there is probably twice as many that would go undetected until it was too late. Also, I originally had the project publicly sourced to attract graphics coders, and I had no idea the resources that I would have, Public Source no longer benefits us. I am sorry to those of you who were interested in the Open Source "Theme" of our project, but I must do this to prevent cheap leeching of code. There is no longer a need for it. However, I am grateful to many of you were able to learn something from our code. It was designed to be legible for people to learn from. What is more, I think the community has seen enough of this leeching..(Legitiate True Reality projects excluded of guys are the best!) This was a difficult decision for me, but there it is. :) All previous source builds will continue to exist on the web site.

    It is said though, that the project will be open again. I guess this is to teach us a "lesson". Oh well, I don't care. For this, I won't be watching this project anymore. Good luck 1964, it was fun while it lasted.

    If you want to e-mail the loser that made this project non-existant to me, and a lot of other people, you can write him at

    Misc. News: Sega crashes Sony party news by raejae
    22:33:  Sony officials and exectives from third-party developers were surprised on Monday when they arrived for an executive golf tournament on Monday. The surprise? Sega. Sega had several balls rigged with Dreamcast logos, had Sonic the Hedgehog parading the golf course all day, and as if that wasn't enough, had a plane flying overhead all day displaying a banner which said, "Dreamcast, 9-9-99." For more information, check out the original article.

    Gamespot article

    Emulator Release: 1964 0.2.2 news by xip
    14:16:  A new version of 1964 has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Fixed a silly bug in JALR...that fixed a lot of problems, heh..(schibo)
  • more rsp coded (steb)
  • More demos work. We will release a new demo compatibility list soon
  • I'm also quite excited about the pending release of tomorrow's "mystery" n64 emu. is not by us (but don't i wish) :) (schibo)

    Get it at the N64 page.

    Translation News: Tables Section news by taichou
    06:03:  The tables section has been updated with everything i had in my mailbox.

    Tables Section

    Emulator Release: Snes9X 1.21 for Linux (libc6) news by xip
    02:10:  A new version of Snes9X for Linux has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Finally worked out how character DMA worked on the SA-1 and implemented a hacky, slow version, but its enough to get the level up screens displaying correctly on Mario RPG.
  • Incorporated ZSNES' new optimised Super FX asm code - had to track down and fix a nasty memory overwrite bug in the code first to get it to work.
  • Changed sample mixing code to not automatically wrap offsets to keep inside the sound buffer, external port code is now expected to do that. Helped me fix a problem in the Windows port that prevented very large sound buffers from working, which are required for some badly written sound card drivers.
  • Corrected a bug in the SA-1 C code where incorrect processor emulation functions where called if the code was compiled with in-lining turned off.
  • Fixed crash bug in Super Mario RPG on the level up screen - forgot to mask the enable bit from the RAM bank register. Thanks to Christian Wolf for sending me a freeze file which made it easy to find the problem.
  • Fixed a lockup bug in the window clipping code, if the ROM ever turned off the sub-screen completely the clipping code would enter an infinite loop. Fixes The Cartoon Addams.
  • Made the Daffy Duck NMI fix only enable when Daffy Duck is loaded - fix was causing problems for Breath Of Fire 1 and 2.

    Get it at the SNES Unix page. BTW, a Windows port is due in a couple of days.

    Emulator Release: RockNES 0.95 news by xip
    01:48:  A new version of RockNES has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Added a new blitter (enabled by default). Games should work at full speed in a P166 with frameskip 1, with *VESA enabled* only. To use the old one, use `-oldblit' option;
  • Minor fix for PPU scrolling (sync fixed, Karateka works fine!);
  • Fixed NES movies (file format, recording and playing);
  • Added mapper #151 loading for iNes format;
  • Fixed mapper #15 loading, and a minor bug out;
  • Fixed mapper #99 loading (VS Unisystem iNes format);
  • For VS Unisystem images in iNes format, VS SMB palette will be used, instead of default NES palette;
  • Key [`] (coins) always enabled to work with VS Unisystem in iNes format;
  • Fixed a long standing problem of missing tiles with some games, like MMC1 and Mapper #15 (like Mapper#1 instead of #0 in the header);
  • Fixed mapper #0 loading;
  • Fixed mapper #1 (now using 1 register, instead of 4);
  • Joypad 1 engine is using 0.93 way again;
  • Fixed problem of soundcard setup when sound would be disabled (-nosound);
  • Added a new palette (iNes style, use -pal 5 to try);
  • Fixed missing credits on startup;
  • Help/version display fixed (oops!);
  • Removed SDD warnings (now it's true :-));
  • Using Allegro 3.9.25 WIP;
  • Documentation updated (+FAQ).

    Get it at the NES page.

    Frontend News: NEStea news by bnu
    19:50:  NEStea is a brand new frontend for practically any NES emulator out there. It's a good choice of frontend if you can't find a frontend for the emulator you're using and it's sometimes a great choice even if you do find a special frontend for the emulator you're using.

    You can download it from the NES Emulator frontends page.

    Emulator Release: Translator in need of help news by bnu
    19:14:  Tobias Fridell, a fellow english-swedish ROM translator of The Translators, is translating Zelda 3 : Link's Awakening for SNES and needs some help with altering the graphics in the game. Not the font, but rather some of the pictures and stuff. If you feel that you could help him, please mail him at

    Emulator Release: RAZE news by bnu
    19:05:  RAZE is a new Z80 emulator written in C, for compiling with GCC. It's not as fast as MZ80, but it's more accurate.

    You can download it from the Z80 Emulators page.

    Misc. News: Tips from wook news by bnu
    18:48:  And here are the daily load of tips from wook. My hat goes off to him in his effort to keep finding nice news tidbits for all of us.

  • Add CNet's GameCenter among the site's reviewing Bleem with less than favorable grades.

    Want a glimpse of Sega's Dreamcast Network interface? GameInformer has two exclusive screen captures from the forthcoming service.

    GameSpot News tells us that the Dreamcast will be getting a digital camera this year.

    Site News: Save archives updated news by alamone
    18:28:  Updated: NSF, SPC, STA, ZMV, ZST archives.

    Emulator News: RockNES Release Date news by xip
    17:50:  The RockNES page has been updated with this:

    "A RockNES release is scheduled to Thursday, after the end of world :-)"

    End of the world huh? Ah, well, I'm not worried. You can get the current version of RockNES at the NES page.

    Misc. News: Advanced Micro Devies announces Athlon series of processors. news by rouge
    14:54:  This is for all those people itching to get their hands on AMD's new Athlon series cpus (that's K-7 to the lesser informed), Zophar being one of them ;). Feel free to read the mass e-mail here, I really suggest reading the entire thing, it made me reconsider my next cpu purchase, and it should also whet the whistle of those who've been waiting for the technical specifications for the Athlon cpus. AMD boasts that the Athlon is the fastest x86 processor in history, and that it beat out Pentium III and Pentium III Xeon processors in controlled benchmark tests, and with these marvels due to reach store shelves soon, I'm sure we'll all find out if they were telling the truth or not...

    Frontend News: StartRAINE 0.24.2a news by bnu
    19:24:  StartRAINE, the currently most oftenly updated RAINE frontend, has been updated and here are the news:

  • Sorting an all columns in the gamelist (ascending/descending).
  • Cheat-available detection.
  • Zipdate column (to sort in download-order).
  • Fixed a memoryleak in the pcx-decoding component (not mine).
  • User selectable Font + Color (text and background) for gamelist.
  • Auto default-raine.cfg generation when started for the first time.

    You can download it from the Arcade Emulator frontends page.

    Emulator Release: NLMSX 0.08 news by raejae
    17:13:  NLMSX, a Win9x MSX emulator, has been updated to v0.08. Here's what's new:

  • Sprite support for screen 6 added.
  • Optimized sprite magnification in Sprite Mode 2.
  • Fixed a bug in screen 12 handling that occurred in Psy-O-Blade from T&E Soft.
  • Added filter for diskimages '*.di1' and '*.di2'.
  • Fixed a bug in the horizontal scroll in screen 5, I rewrote the original source.
  • Added horizontal scroll support in screen 8.
  • Use F7 to switch between full screen updates, every second screen, every third screen and every fourth screen. This should give a big performance increase on low-end systems.

    Grab NLMSX on the MSX Emulators page.

    Misc. News: My Finger. news by taichou
    16:35:  As I have sliced open my finger, I will not be doing updates for about a week...don't mailbox is full of them when i get back.

    Misc. News: Video Documentary of the Classic Gaming Expo news by raejae
    16:32:  Terminator Line Entertainment is going to create a video documentary of this years Classic Gaming Expo. Here's a bit from the press release explaining what the video will contain:

    The video, which is set to run at approximately two hours, will cover all aspects of the show including highlights from all the Keynote Speakers - which include Steve Cartwright and David Crane (of Activision), Christian Svensson (of MCV), Donald A. Thomas, Jr. (formerly of Atari Corp now with VM Labs), Don Daglow and William C. Fisher(Blue Sky Rangers), Michael Cartabiano and Patrick King (of Vectrex), and many many more! Also covered in the video will be all the booths, show-goers, the Museum of Classic Gaming systems, contests, and direct feeds of all the new games being premiered at the show.

    If you would like more info on purchasing this video, visit Terminator Line Entertainment's website.

    Site News: And the 4,000,000th visitor of ZD... news by zophar
    15:27:  ... is Swap_File! This time, I didn't get any fake submissions, which I'm very pleased about. Swap_File, congratulations on being the 4,000,000th visitor to ZD. He'll be receiving his copy of WWF Attitude by the end of August.

    Here's to 4,000,000 more!

    Misc. News: Seiken Densetsu 3 Theme news by xip
    13:16:  Concordia has made a Windows 95/98 theme that deals with Duran in SD3. He also plans on making themes for the rest of the main characters.

  • Check out the Duran theme.

    Misc. News: More tips from wook news by bnu
    06:39:  That's right, more tips from wook! Here's today's edition:

    The next Dreamcast commercial begins showing across North American cable channels. Sega will spend close to $100 million to promote the Dreamcast during this period. Fastest Gaming News OnLine has additional details as well as a link to the commercial itself.

    GameFan OnLine has pictures of the Dreamcast web browser running. Since most of the o/s came from MicroSoft, your left wondering what Sega's browser will remind you of.

    Someone grab the roach spray, Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back trailer is available on GameSpot News.

    Site News: Save archives updated news by alamone
    02:24:  Updated: CHT, NSF, NSM, SPC, SRM, ZMV, ZST archives.

    By the way, the options for WinRAR on the SPC page are not just for show. Use them. I've converted some botched jobs from 500k to 50k.

    Emulator Release: Mac TrueReality 1.1.3b3 news by raejae
    00:26:  Mac TrueReality, a Macintosh port of a UNIX N64 emulator, has been updated to 1.1.3b3. Here's the scoop:

  • A major bug in the last release is now fixed. The bug caused all 3D graphics to not get displayed on many machines.
  • Slight graphics improvement. The text should now be easier to read in Mario 64.
  • Enhanced Open Dialog(Navigation Services Only). Now it only displays N64 games.
  • Slight speed increase due to a cpu emulator optimisation and the fact that Mac TrueReality is now compiled with CodeWarrior 5.
  • Improved savegame handling. Now only games that use the eeprom saves the data.
  • (Mikl—s Fazekas) Added support for Mesa3dfxEngine.
  • (Gabrielle Harrison) Added an option to never display error warnings(default).

    Grab it on the N64 emulators for Mac page.

    Media News: PC Gamer Bleem! scans news by bnu
    19:56:  Andrew Adams was kind enough to send us two scans of a Bleem! article featured in the September issue of the UK version of PC Gamer. The two images are zipped and can be downloaded here. Again, thanks to Andrew Adams for the scans!

    Site News: 4,000,000 hits approach; watch RAW tonight news by zophar
    19:56:  First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for visiting ZD. We are fast approaching the 4,000,000th visitor, and it wouldn't have been possible without the dedication of the entire staff of ZD, and for that, I thank them.

    Whoever gets the 4,000,000th visit, please e-mail me a screenshot of the entire page, with the counter in there. Again, I will know if there are any fakes. This time, it will be a little different. If I receive any fake e-mails, not only will I post the e-mail address up here, but I will also disqualify those people from any future ZD contests. Also, if they have an account on any ZD message board, it will be banned. The one who receives the 4,000,000th visit will receive their very own copy of WWF Attitude for the PSX by the end of the month. (Hey, I'm a little slow, sue me ;))

    By the way, WWF Attitude is great, I recommend everyone get it ASAP. Also, all wrestling fans, tonight will be one of the biggest RAWs in the history of the WWF. Jesse "The Body" Ventura will be there, and a certain former WCW wreslter may also be there. The millenium countdown will end, and I also hear rumours that the WWF will have a new set tonight. You can post your comments on the ZD pro-wrestling board. You can also visit #zopharsdomain on efnet, as I'll be there part of the time, watching.

    See you all later!

    Emulator Release: 1964 0.2.1 news by bnu
    19:24:  A new version of 1964, a N64 emulator, has been released and here are the news:

  • Improved Audio Interface support..(one buffer only) allowing goldcrap demo to work 100% properly now
  • A VI hack allows Kid Stardust intro and sp_crap demos to work
  • TLB ops coded and more RSP code written; (unimplemented)
  • How-To-Use section in readme updated (steb)

    You can download it from the N64 Emulators page.

    Site News: NSM contest #3: and the winner is... news by zophar
    19:22:  Alfred Monico! Yes, Alfred Monico went through Ghosts 'n' Goblins one time, without EVER DYING! I think he deserves a round of applause. :) He'll be winning the $50 check, courtesy of me, by the end of the week. You can check out the winning NSM at the link below.

    As a side note, no one actually went through twice, so I guess we'll have to create another contest sometime. ;)

    NSM contest #4 is coming soon, as well as ZMV contest #1, now that the ZMV bug has been fixed. Enjoy!

  • Ghosts 'n' Goblins NSM: no lives lost!

    Misc. News: M.U.G.E.N news by bnu
    18:40:  I checked out Dave's Video Game Classics and found something interesting. It's called M.U.G.E.N, and it let's you put together a versus fighting game a'la Street Fighter. M.U.G.E.N's homepage resides at, and that's where you should go if you wish to download it. It's only in beta stages as of yet, but it looks cool.

    Emulator News: RockNES page updated news by raejae
    13:29:  The RockNES page has been updated with a couple of very short status reports... it also seems as if something big is happening this Wednesday... keep an eye out. Check out the RockNES homepage for more details.

    Technical Docs News: Seiken Denetsu 3 SRM hacking document news by raejae
    12:44:  Jair has released a document which details how to hack SD3 saverams and change your class, stats, magic, and other stuff. Grab it on the Translation Documents page.

    Misc. News: Dreamcast protection defeated already? news by zophar
    12:17: is reporting that Hong Kong pirates have found a way around the Dreamcast's copy protection, and can now copy the GD-ROMs. They've even created a mod chip for the DC. It looks like there is no such thing as 'copy protection' anymore.

    Thanks to John Luu for the news. You can read the full article at the link below.

  • Dreamcast HK Piracy

    Media News: MSNBC article on piracy news by zophar
    12:11:  There is an article on which talks about the IDSA, piracy, and how video game companies feel about it. Something interesting to note is that the creater of Sonic the Hedgehog, Yuji Naka, had a somewhat (but not really) positive statement about emulation:

    Naka: I once made a Famicom (the Japanese name for the Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator for the Mega-Drive (the Japanese name for the Sega Genesis). It was just for my own personal play, and I couldn't play every game with it. It was just for fun, but it was fun to call people over and show them Mario running around on a Mega-Drive.

    GameWeek: You're not the only one doing that kind of switch. I recently saw a Game Boy cartridge that had Sonic.

    Naka: I have Sonic for Famicom. I knew that I really was important when they started pirating my games.

    Thanks to Jeremy Dennis for the news. You can check out this article at the link below.

  • Battling video game pirates

    Misc. News: Sonic and Knuckles lock-on page news by raejae
    10:46:  No Carrier has put up a page with information on how to create your own Sonic 2 & Knuckles and Sonic 3 & Knuckles ROMs having only the S&K ROM and the Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 ROM. This page is quite informative, so if you want to make your own Sonic (whatever) & Knuckles ROM instead of trying to find one, check it out!

    Sonic and Knuckles Lock-on Info Page

    Misc. News: FF7 Gameshark Code news by xip
    02:11:  Two GameShark hackers known as RPGod and CzarDragon have discovered a code that gives you access to a debug room. From the room, you can access almost any area in the game, get all the materia, view many FMV movies, and do much more. Here's the code: 8009A05C 0041

  • Read the full article.

    Emulator News: PSX re-releases of MegaMan running on emulators? news by raejae
    02:01:  Barubary has dumped the RAM from the PSX re-release of Megaman (known as Rockman in Japan), and has found none other than the ROM file for Rockman. The bit-order of the graphics has been changed so the graphics are screwed up, but the ROM will run if you can extract it from the dump and add a header. Here are instructions for obtaining this:

  • 1. You need to get a dump of RAM in "original mode" of the game. You need a comm link+Game Shark and basic PSX hacking knowledge to do this, or know someone who does. Type EZ SAVE ROCKMAN.DAT 80000000 L20000 when the game is running.
  • 2. Copy the first 16 bytes of Mega Man 1 or Rock Man 1's NES ROM to a new file. Any other 128k ROM/0k VROM MMC1 game will also work.
  • 3. Copy 128k (20000 bytes hex) from address 1B968C in ROCKMAN.DAT to your new NES file (after the header you copied in step 2).
  • 4. Run in nesticle.

    Once again, a HUGE thanks goes out to Barubary for this excellent info. It's nice how more and more game companies are learning about the wonders of emulation.

    Misc. News: Response to Reader news by raejae
    01:41:  Packard Melan has written a very blunt and straight-to-the-point article in response to a recent Reader's Digest article. This file is a must-read in my opinion, it does a very good job of showing the viewpoint of the average teenager who plays games to the naive adults.

  • The response.
  • The original Reader's Digest article.

    Site News: SNES List v0.01 released news by alamone
    22:47:  The Scribe has released v0.01 of the SNES List, a comprehensive listing of commercial and PD SNES/SFC ROMs. Here's what The Scribe has to say:

    I know some folks are going to scream, and some are going to howl, but hey - I don't make the rules. I just try to play by 'em. This can still serve a purpose, and I see three uses for it as of now.

  • List of known unique titles (and alternates) produced for the SNES/SFC. This will prove invaluable once S3 research resumes again in earnest next month.

  • SNES/SFC collector's check-off list (as always).

  • Handy-dandy reference guide by Nintendo to ensure the legality of public domain SNES/SFC ROM sites (after all, they don't know the scope of their own software base, either)

  • Feel free to reproduce, distribute, and post at will. The SNES List replaces the SNES Chart for all intents and purposes. I will no longer acknowedge or update the SNES Chart.

    Check out the SNES List on the SNES emulator page.

    Site News: Articles updated: Emulation Timeline news by alamone
    22:24:  The Scribe (aka Sam Pettus) has given a ZD exclusive in his article, Chronological Timeline in the History of Emulation. So far the document covers events from 1958 to 1979. It is a very interesting read to see how the history of video games and emulation has developed. Check it out at the Articles section.

    Emulator News: Sope page updated news by alamone
    22:05:  Sope, a Unix Playstation emulator, has been resumed by the author and is now announced to be open source. Although a release is not ready yet, the author says it won't be too long. Contributor: Emufreak

    Misc. News: EmuCamp hits 1000000 news by alamone
    21:27:  EmuCamp's counter has now gone past 1000000! EmuCamp is a general emulation news and downloads site. Congratulations, guys! Thanks to emufreak for the news.

    Emulator News: 2 new Pagan screenshots news by bnu
    21:23:  There are two new Pagan screenshots up at For those of you who don't know, Pagan is a N64 emulator in the works. Thanks to emufreak for the news!

    Emulator Release: Dream64 0.2 news by bnu
    21:16:  We didn't have this emulator before, but now we do. Thanks go out to emufreak for telling us about it. Dream64 is a N64 emulator with only a few opcodes implemented, so nothing will run yet. It has a GUI too, and more is to come.

    You can download it from the N64 emulators page.

    Emulator Release: MAME 0.36 beta 2 DOS released news by bdlou
    12:13:  As of this release, MAME now supports 1601 games! Is that incredible, or what? Here are the newly supported games from the whatsnew.txt:

  • Mad Crasher [Phil Stroffolino]
  • Vanguard II [Phil Stroffolino]
  • Missing in Action [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Lightning Fighters [Nicola Salmoria]
  • X-Men [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Sunset Riders (partially playable due to protection) [Oliver Stabel, Nicola Salmoria]
  • TMNT 2 (some gfx problems due to protection) [Oliver Stabel, Nicola Salmoria]
  • Ajax (preliminary) [Manuel Abadia]
  • Crime Fighters [Manuel Abadia]
  • Aliens [Manuel Abadia]
  • The Simpsons [Ernesto Corvi]
  • Gyrodine [Ernesto Corvi]
  • Son of Phoenix [Ernesto Corvi]
  • SRD Mission [Ernesto Corvi]
  • Haunted Castle [Bryan McPhail]
  • Garyo Retsuden [Bryan McPhail]
  • Crude Buster [Bryan McPhail]
  • Stadium Hero [Bryan McPhail]
  • Bomb Jack Twin [Mirko Buffoni]
  • Aztarac [Mathis Rosenhauer]
  • Bay Route [Andrew Prime]
  • Outrun [Andrew Prime]
  • Space Harrier [Andrew Prime]
  • Super Hangon [Andrew Prime]
  • ThunderJaws [Aaron Giles]
  • Batman [Aaron Giles]
  • Relief Pitcher [Aaron Giles]
  • Ginga NinkyouDen [Luca Elia]
  • Street Fight [Mark McDougall]

    New clones supported:

  • Rush & Crash (= Speed Rumbler)
  • Devastators (version Z) [Nicola Salmoria]
    a lot of working and non working clones of System 16 games [Andrew Prime]
  • Hydra (prototype) [Aaron Giles]

    To get your copy, head to the MAME page.

    Misc. News: WWF Wrestlefest remake project in the works news by bdlou
    11:42:  Hollywood Hasney has set up a little page regarding updating the roster in the great arcade wrestling title WWF Wrestlefest. Right now, he is in need of help working on the page, as well as the game itself. This is a project I personally would love to see go very far, as Wrestlefest was one of the alltime greatest arcade wrestling games made.

    If you are interested, go check out The Wrestlefest 2000 Project.

    Utility News: I need fonts for UniROM news by bnu
    19:35:  Yep, that's right. It's ready now, but my font outright sucks and that's why I'm asking for your help. It can be any format but the dimensions should preferrably be between 7x7 and 16x16, even though 16x16 is kind of big if you're not using a 1024x768 skin. I'll have the best font as the font for the default skin, which has blue window backgrounds, so no blue fonts unless they're outlined. The images with the font can be in 16-bit or plain 256-color, thinking of which I'll probably need two fonts. One 16-bit and one 256-color. Please zip the image and send it to and do NOT submit it to the ZD news, please :) And don't worry, I'll give you credit for the font ;)

    Utility Release: ROMCenter 1.60 news by bnu
    19:20:  ROMCenter, a now multi-emulator ROM set checker and fixer, has been updated to version 1.60 and here are the news:

  • Multi emulator support (thru data files). Mame and Raine provided. More to come...
  • Change emulator from the main window
  • New audit option window with examples. (No new options yet...)
  • Current roms list statistics. (green, yellow and red flag in status bar)
  • No more error messages during zip scan.
  • Complemented crc handled.
  • New 'no good dump known' engine.
  • Faster zip scan
  • Audit engine improved
  • Auto mame version detection removed (now on-demand)
  • You can now change directory in 'export NeoGeo' option when disk D is not defined.
  • Repeated zip errors messages corrected
  • Error messages are in English now

    Go download it from the General Utilities page.

    Site News: Zophar's Diary, part Deux news by zophar
    11:51:  I've decided to name this column "Zophar's Diary", since I liked the name so much. This will be the second official installment.

    First of all, NSM contest #3 is now over. No more entries will be accepted. I'll be going over all the submissions over the weekend, and will be posting the winner by Monday. It seems that no one will win the $65, but someone has won the $50, so have patience while I look them over.

    Everyone who e-mailed in about "The Blair Witch Project"; I know that the movie was just that: a movie. But I think this movie will achieve "Necronomican" status. What I mean by this is that the movie will be notorious by people saying "Wow, this really happened" or "That was actual footage!" It's amazing that a fictional movie with a $50,000 budget could be so successful... but then again, look at the original Halloween! ;)

    I've finally, upon the author's request, removed The Scribe' PSX, N64 and SNES compatibility charts. They will no longer be carried on ZD, due to legal issues. Check back soon, however, for more installments of The Scribe's SNES game guide, S3, available at the SNES emulators page.

    I'd like to apologize for Bjorn for posting the Radaremu news. As everyone knows, ZD will NOT support emulators which have not been released yet (unless I have 100% proof that it really runs something). Thanks to everyone who e-mailed in to inform me about this slip-up. A note: I am in no way saying that the emulator is fake. I am saying that I will only acknowledge emulators which can be proved to be real.

    That's all for today. I'm going to Best Buy now, so I'll see you all later. Remember, we're nothing without all of the support we get from you guys. Thanks for visiting ZD!

    Emulator Release: Jnes 0.01 news by bnu
    06:55:  Jnes, a NES emulator programmed by Jabo, has now been released to the public! Don't be fooled by the version number, though. This emulator is really good for being a first release version. It's for Windows and has support for mappers 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 66 and 69.

    Now go download it from the NES Emulators page.

    Frontend News: FrontRunner for Win9x 2.5 news by bnu
    06:45:  FrontRunner, a really good universal frontend, has been updated and here are the news:

  • Some more internal enhancements and clean ups.
  • Added joystick/gamepad support.

    You can download it from the Universal frontends page.

    Frontend News: OpenEnded 0.7 news by bnu
    06:40:  OpenEnded, the OpenSPC and now also Genecyst frontend, has been updated. What's new? Genecyst support! :P Also, the interface tab system has been changed. This frontend is about to change pages soon, I think. Hehe.

    But for now it's available on the SNES Emulator frontends page.

    Emulator Release: Power64 2.5 news by xip
    02:51:  A new version of Power64 has been released, and here's what's new:

  • added a CPU Cycle exact Timing Mode
  • serious improvements to the CIA timing
  • added interface to reSID Sound Emulation library
  • shadow Registers for CIA-Time of
  • shadow Registers for CIA-Time of Day Clock now work correctly
  • added support for LHA-archives
  • T64 and Lynx files can now mounted on disk drives by default
  • fixed lots of bugs and added many small features

    Get it at the C64 for Macs page.

    Emulator Release: Hu-Go 0.98 beta news by xip
    02:39:  A new version of Hu-Go has been released, and here's what's new:

  • better ISO support
  • zip support disabled (for now)
  • new video modes
  • bugfixes

    You can get it at the TG16 page.

    Emulator Release: DVE 2.0 beta news by xip
    02:19:  A new version of DVE has been released, and here's what's new:

  • GUI with integrated help for nearly every program and vectrex itself, toggle with SPACE
  • perfect sound (seal library, look in ini file)
  • anti aliased lines possible (speed breakdown, look in ini file) (always switch overlay on for anti aliased lines) (no color star trek with anti aliased lines) (for best emulation switch anti aliased lines on, without some more minor faults might be visible)
  • useable PC joystick (look in ini file)
  • patch for some offset problems (some!!!, not all, not emulated, this is a patch (sadly))
  • cleansweep and spinball work now (though some other problems might occur)
  • one executable for debug and exe
  • enhanced monitor and breakpoint abilities
  • windows for nearly all emulated vectrex registers and circuits, with online help and breakpoint ability
  • completely new style ini file
  • imager self calibration (incomplete)
  • support for midline DAC changes (Pole Position works OK now)
  • preliminary support for analog tweaking
  • For some further information look at the DVE Bugs page.

    Get it at the Vectrex page. Thanks to Sean Proctor for the news.

    Emulator Release: FCE Ultra 0.15 news by xip
    02:00:  A new version of FCE Ultra has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Code to handle games with the number of PRG/CHR banks set to a number other than 0 or a power of 2 has been added.
  • Mapper 4 WRAM disable/enable switch removed. Star Tropics works correctly now.
  • Mapper 19 improved.
  • Mapper 24(VRC6) mirroring bug fixed.
  • Mapper 25(VRC4) IRQ's improved(Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa works now).
  • Mapper 26(VRC6V) mirroring bug fixed.
  • Mapper 67 added.
  • Mapper 76(Namcot 109) added.
  • Mapper 80 added.
  • Method of writing to DOS memory(video and Sound Blaster DMA buffer) has been changed to a much safer method, but slightly slower method. I've optimized it a bit, though, so it should be faster than it was.
  • Various major optimizations.
  • Sound improved.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Game Genie emulation tweaked. The Game Genie ROM image included now is only a fraction of its original size.
  • QND .22 is now being distributed with FCE Ultra. The file deletion bug isn't in it any more.

    Get it at the NES page.

    Emulator Release: MGX 0.2 news by xip
    01:49:  A new version of MGX, a SMS emulator made by the same author as DBOY, has been released. I don't know what's new, becuase the page is in Japanese. You can get it at the Master System page.

    Misc. News: DarkMazda and Shad0wRye quit DarkMazda's Domain news by noam
    00:59:  It has come to my attention (a little late mind you) that DarkMazda and Shad0wRye have quit DarkMazda's Domain. DarkMazda's reason for departure is the lack of work and effort from his staff members. I know how DarkMazda feels being a staffer of ZD myself and practically being a lump most of the time. The news of Shad0wRye leaving came shorty after DarkMazda announced his departure. We here at ZD wish the both of them good luck in the future and we also send a shout out to the staff at DarkMazda's Domain in hopes of them being able to keep the site up and running as it always has.

    DarkMazda's Domain.

    Misc. News: Microsoft wants YOU, to hack their server news by noam
    00:48:  Well, strangely enough, it seems that Microsoft has set up a page testing the latest security features in Win2k. The idea, to get anyone and everyone who wants to out there to break into the server and show them any and all exploits the server has. Their hopes are to correct any problems that the evil hackers bring to their attention. Check it out, and if you want break into it.

    (note: at the time of this update, the page went down, so it is assumed that someone has already found something out.)

    Windows2k Hack test.

    Site News: The Blair Witch Project news by zophar
    00:28:  Wow. I just got back from the movies with my friend Ed; we saw "The Blair Witch Project". That was one spooky movie. The fact that they made the movie seem so real added to the spooky atmosphere. Did it really happen? That is irrelevant; just see the movie! :)


    Misc. News: Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge v4.0 released news by bdlou
    23:46:  What a difference a day makes. x-4000 has now completed editing levels up to world 4-1. Again he is using Mario Improvement 3 to edit Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo, making the game much more challenging. He also has posted 11 screen shots on his site, so you can see what he is changing in the game.

    Check it out on the Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge Homepage.

    Site News: NSM contest #3 almost up! news by zophar
    19:50:  The third NSM contest will be coming to a close in a few hours. I'll be accepting submissions until tomorrow morning at 7am EST (since I realize that in many places, it will still be August 6). Now's your chance to beat Ghosts 'n' Goblins if you haven't already. See the rules for more info. No one has beaten the game twice through yet, so the $65 is still up for grabs!

    Misc. News: Tips from wook news by zophar
    08:08:  Wook keeps giving tips about gaming related stuff, and here are the new tips for today:

  • Some might say that the explosion of the 80's arcade popularity started with Space Invaders, CNet's GameCenter takes a look at the forthcoming flashback. Even though the game was mentioned yesterday, come on it's Space Invaders, the game deserved a second plug.

    Game Informer News says that European Dreamcast fans will get versions of Sega Rally2 and Virtua Fighter before the rest of the world.

    As mentioned by GameFan OnLine, Capcom has started shipping a new classic version of MegaMan. Rockman is only the first for the current consoles, there are 6 planned re-releases.

    Something old, something new crawls back to life as Sega's Pico is back in production. GameSpot News pegs Majesco as the producer and distributor of the reborn system.

    Misc. News: Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge v2.3 news by zophar
    23:19:  x-4000 has informed me of a project he is working on using Mario Improvement 3 to edit the levels of Super Mario Bros. 3. It is designed to make the game much more difficult. So far, it looks great. It is indeed harder. He has completed editing up to World 2-3.

    You can check it out at the Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge Homepage.

    Misc. News: Nightmare warning news by zophar
    23:08:  I'd just like to follow up on Zophar's previous post about the emulators on C|Net's Nightmare is a so-called Dreamcast emulator, but this is entirely impossible. First of all, writing an emulator for a system this complicated would take much longer than the few months the system has been out in Japan. Second of all, the Sega Dreamcast uses a proprietary medium for its games, somewhat like DVD, but not quite. Unless manufacturers release drives that can read this GD-ROM format (highly unlikely), it will be impossible to play Dreamcast games unless somebody can somehow dump them through one of the system's I/O ports. I just thought I'd clarify this, and warn people not to be fooled by this obvious fake.

    Misc. News: ZSNES Icons news by xip
    21:33:  I have added two icons to the ZSNES Shrine. Both of them were made by Powertrip, so a big thanks goes out to him. Go check them out.

  • ZSNES Shrine

    Emulator News: PCNES homepage moves news by bnu
    20:22:  The PCNES homepage has moved to, just letting you all know. Thanks to emufreak for the news!

    Emulator Release: BrMSX 2.02 news by bnu
    18:42:  BrMSX, a Brazilian MSX 1 & 2 emulator, has been updated and here are the news:

  • Support to the rebimboca of parafuseta. This fixes MANY new games, such as "Zanac EX", "Aleste 2", "Space Manbow", "Fire Hawk" and the great "Super Cooks". Thanks to Jorge Vidal Wulff for the report.
  • Now HMMC has support to DIX and DIY. This fixes "Aleste" and "Out Run".
  • Now LMMM has support to DIY. This fixes "Fray". Thanks to Avatar for the report.
  • Improved set adjust support, now the scrolling in the intro of "Burai" is ok. Thanks to Daniel Caetano for the info.
  • Support to raster Display Enable effects, this fixes the "Lenam" intro of Disk Station #9a.
  • Added "-truevsync". This option turn off all internal counters and sync the emulation with the vertical retrace of the PC monitor, making the smoothest scroll you ever saw on a MSX emulator!! You must set your monitor to refresh at 60Hz to use this option.
  • Now the fast forward key will not erase the breakpoints previously set. Thanks to Adriano Cunha for the report.
  • Added a new debug screen: "6", with V9938 information. This is not finished yet.
  • Support to "-fast" mode has been removed from MSX-2 emulation. It will be re-added later.

    You can download it from the MSX Emulators page. Thanks to THF of the MSX Emulator Page for the news.

    Emulator Release: WinUAE 0.88 R7 news by bnu
    18:35:  WinUAE, an Emiga emulator for Windows 9x, has been updated to Release 7. This is just a small bugfix release, but might be worth to download if you had problems with R6. Here are the news:

  • Displaying the GUI and then dragging it around no longer "erases" the background. Even works in full-screen mode (finally).
  • More changes to source-code archive, and more information online at
  • No longer allow Zorro-III memory sizes larger than 64-megs, due to stability issues.
  • More debug information about the type of surfaces that DirectDraw is creating.

    You can download it from the Amiga Emulators page. Thanks to The One for the news!

    Emulator Release: New release of Cinelator news by bnu
    18:20:  Cinelator, the Cinematronics arcade game emulator formerly known as Cinematronics Emulator 95, was updated a loong time ago, but the latest version has now been added to our archive. This version plays all black and white cinematronics games except for Speed Freak.

    You can download it from the Multi Arcade game emulators page. Thanks to Harpo for the news!

    Misc. News: Windows 2000 Emulation, part II news by raejae
    09:37:  Hello, me RaEJaE again, with some more info about emulation and Windows 2000. I received a tip of a program called SoundFX-NT, which will emulate the SB16/32 routines from the NT command prompt. This will enable sound in emulators such as ZSNES and ALSO enable the game ports, so joysticks can be used.

    Homepage of Software Systems, the creators of SoundFX-NT.

    Misc. News: Tips from wook news by bnu
    06:05:  Since both Dave's Video Game Classics and EmuCamp has these regular tips from wook posted I thought that we might as well have it, too. Hehe. Anyway, here are they:

    CNet's Game Center and Game Informer News both take an in-depth look at Sega's partnership with AT&T.,3,0-3040,00.html?st.gc.fd.bb1

    Capcom releases new screen shots from MegaMan Dash 2 and GameFan OnLine posted the goods.

    GameFan OnLine also has a scoop about Sega going retro. Expect Rent-a-Hero and Columns 2 from Sega for the Dreamcast at a future date.

    Zelda Gaiden surfaces on GameSpot News.

    That's all for now folks. Thanks to wook for these news!

    Emulator Release: 1964 0.2.0 news by zophar
    01:49:  A new version of 1964, an N64 emulator for Windows with freely available source, has been released. Here's what's new in version 0.2.0:

  • Implemented DirectSound; Repaired hi-res demos in DirectX by resizing the window
  • Fixed controller input. This is the first version to play pong properly without any bugs. Press F1 (start button) to start. To play the liner demo, press the left-shift key (A button) to start.
  • Fixed div; Improved dll video switcher; We don't recommend trying the glide dll yet, though.. :)
  • Started RSP framework

    Thanks to Archaic Ruins for the news. You can download 1964 v0.2.0 from the N64 emulators page.

    Misc. News: ZD Exclusive: S3 preview! news by zophar
    01:38:  The Scribe has given ZD an exclusive first-peek at his S3 document, which is a huge compilation of many SNES games, information about them, and so forth. You can download it from the SNES emulators page. Be warned, it's a very long read, but it's a great resource for those wanting to know about various SNES carts!

    Site News: Another article on video game violence news by zophar
    01:23:  In another of a series of articles discussing the media's endless obsession with blaming video games as the source of all evil in the world (and not the parents), Reader's Digest has posted an article entitled "Video Games: What parents need to know". You can check out the article at the link below. Thanks to Licentious Larry for the news.

  • Reader's Digest article

    Media News: Emulators on CNET news by zophar
    01:16:  Artius brought to my attention that upon searching for "emulators" on CNET's website, a whole bunch of emulators (including some "fake" ones, beware) come up for download. You can check it out at the link below. I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but it doesn't look like it, from the looks of some of those "emulators". (IE, Nightmare)

  • CNET 'emulators' download

    Emulator Release: ZSNES .953 news by nitro
    00:46:  Another new version of ZSNES, the ultimate SNES emulator for DOS, has been released. Here is the list of what's new in version .953:

  • Echo should sound better now
  • Restored the old Sound Blaster routines since the new ones seems to create some static in certain computer configurations
  • Increased volume intensity of more quiet samples
  • Fixed up crashing bug in pure dos when vesa 2 initialization failed
  • Included cwsdpmi.exe with the zsnes archive.

    You can download ZSNES .953 at the ZSNES Mirror page, ZSNES Shrine, or the SNES Emulators page.

    Interview News: An author of TRWinGL interviewed news by zophar
    23:28:  Icepir8, who is one of the authors of TRWinGL (an N64 emulator for Windows), has been interviewed. You can check out the entire interview at the link below... it's an interesting read. Thanks to emufreak for the news.

  • Icepir8 interview

    Emulator News: MAME WIP update news by zophar
    23:10:  The MAME work-in-progress page has been updated with news about the upcoming beta of MAME. Here's an excerpt:

    Bryan McPhail sent in a 007232 update which adds bankswitching to the samples, necessary for Main Event. Andrew Prime sent in a huge System 16 driver update, with Hang-On graphics fixed and working drivers for Bay Route, Outrun, Space Harrier and Super Hang-On. Big thanks go out to Thierry Lescot and Nao for freeing S16AE sources. Aaron Giles fixed a bug in T11 opcodes and APB started working, but it has some sprite priority problems. Bryan McPhail added correct color PROMs to Darwin 4078.

    You can check out the pictures at the link below. Thanks to emufreak for the news.

  • MAME W.I.P page

    Misc. News: EmuFAQ Addenda 1 and Genesis Chart v2.03 news by raejae
    22:17:  The Scribe has updated his Genesis Chart to version 2.03, and has added an addendum to his EmuFAQ, a right-vs-wrong look at emulation.

    Grab Genesis Chart on the Genesis emulators page or the EmuFAQ addenda.

    Emulator Release: KGB 0.21 beta 2 news by xip
    21:46:  A new version of KGB has been released, and there are many new features. It partially supports GBC, has an EAGLE-like garphics mode, and there's a windows port too. Get it at the GB page. Thanks to Jander for the news.

    Emulator News: Will your emulator work with Windows 2000? news by raejae
    21:19:  Sonikku_a received a copy of Windows 2000 Release Candidate 1, and was kind enough to test out some popular emulators on it. Windows 2000 is the successor to Windows NT 4, while Millenium (code name) will be the next successor to Windows 9x. As most of you probably know, Win2K has no legacy DOS support. Here's how some emulators stack up:

  • ZSNES - works, no sound.
  • MAME32 - runs fine
  • SNES9x - Windows version works great, 3DFX support is awesome.*
  • UltraHLE - works*
  • DGen - Works fine
  • DTMNT - works (no sound)
  • PSemuPro - works fine
  • Bleem! - Does not work at all
  • Nemu64 - Works fine
  • Callus95 - works fine
  • Genecyst - Does not work
  • GameBoy98 - Works fine
  • MagicEngine - Works, No sound
    * = Must use hacked INF to get Voodoo2 cards working under Win2000 (support is NOT native).

    Thanks to Destination Emulation for the news.

    Emulator Release: Basilisk II 0.7 build 90 news by raejae
    21:09:  The Windows port of Basilisk II, a Macintosh 68k emulator, has been updated to build 90; here's the scoop:

  • Serial: kSERDInputBuffer implemented (MacOS can define the size of the serial port input buffer)
  • Fixed an internal timer bug introduced by build 89.
  • Serial: possible ethernal loop in KillIO fixed
  • Changed to use more accurate timing. This may (or then again, maybe not) cause problems for non-intel cpu's. If it does, Basilisk II will detect this and refuse to run with an error message "Your hardware does not support high resolution timers". Let me know if this happens.
  • Reminder: use the FPU only if you must. The remaining bugs may still sometimes hang.

    Grab it on the Macintosh Emulators for Windows page.

    Media News: PC Gamer runs Bleem! article news by bnu
    20:44:  PC Gamer, an English PC games magazine has run an article on Bleem! satsu has been nice enough to type it up for all of us who can't get a real copy of the magazine, hehe. The typed article is available here:

    Emulator Release: WinUAE 0.88 R6 news by bnu
    18:06:  WinUAE, an Amiga emulator for Windows 9x, has been updated to Release 6. Here are the news:

  • Picasso96 screen-modes are now limited by the amount of RTG memory which has been allocated. This way, if the user has selected 1-meg of RTG memory, they can't try and open a 1600x1200 24-bit display.
  • TCP/IP Networking from within WinUAE works better for some cases.
  • .dms files FINALLY work again, provided that xdms.exe is available on your system.
  • FIXED: Creating a new drawer from Workbench and changing its default name no longer crashes.
  • File-system bugs like renaming, and some obscure problems regarding sub-directories being in-use and undeletable, even when they're not.
  • Obscure bug relating to the 'a' bit (archive-bit) as seen with the AmigaDOS PROTECT command.
  • And yet more file-system bugs.
  • Option to disable sound when WinUAE is minimized wouldn't properly restart sound when WinUAE became visible again.
  • MIDI selection is only available in the GUI when serial-emulation has been enabled.
  • Second joystick button now works properly for some games which didn't initialize the POTGO register correctly. (B.C. Kid)
  • Speedup in windowed-mode file-system access, due to use of a DirectDraw Clipper, and not parsing the clip-list manually. NOTE: This may cause a slow-down on some systems? Feedback!
  • Source-archive has been properly updated to include some missing files.
  • DirectX 6.x support for a Picasso96 speed increase. This also lets people have different refresh-rates for full-screen mode, as opposed to the old version's 60Hz limitation.
  • DirectSoundNotification support, for better double-buffered DirectSound under Win98 and Win2000 (if sound-card supports it).
  • Refresh of the window while dragging the GUI around on top of it. Only works in windowed-mode for now. Fullscreen with a GUI will still result in black painting.
  • Support for serial-on-demand (shared serial-port) in the GUI. NOTE: Untested. Feedback!
  • Enforcer-hits generate a beep and flash the window.
  • Amiga In A Box (AIAB) link in About tab of GUI.
  • About tab of GUI has a nicer look.
  • Line-mode default is "Doubled", so that the proper height screens are displayed by default.
  • Compile options and some source-code, for a speed increase and size decrease.

    Go download it from the Amiga Emulators page!

    Site News: NSM contest #3: only two days left! news by zophar
    17:14:  There are only two days left for people to enter the third monthly ZD NSM contest. For those who don't know, the third contest goal is to beat the NES game "Ghosts 'n' Goblins" by losing the least amount of lives. The winner will receive a $50 check from yours truly.

    You can read the full rules right here: NSM Contest #3 Rules. Remember, get your submissions in before the contest ends, there will be NO extensions!

    Emulator Release: ZSNES v0.952 news by rouge
    23:36:  Another bugfix version. But, who cares? It's still new... I also updated the ZSNES mirror and shrine. Thanks to SddenDeath for the news, and to Dath Goodin for sloppy seconds ;). Anyway, what's new:

  • Fixed a small H+V IRQ timing problem
  • Fixed the bug which caused HiROM games from not loading properly through the commandline
  • Fixed some vertical off by 1 line bugs
  • Attempting to save over read-only files shouldn't mess up anymore

    SNES page.

    Translation News: FF1 Norwegian Translation news by bnu
    19:11:  NeoBlaze, a guy some of you might know from IRC, has begun translating Final Fantasy for NES to Norwegian. He has no page yet, but you can download a beta patch here. The current patch has about 5-10% of the game translated. I'll keep you updated on the progress on this translation.

    Frontend News: StartRAINE 0.24 news by bnu
    18:38:  StartRAINE, a really good RAINE frontend, has been updated and here are the news:

  • Multiple Filenames (including the long names) support.
  • Large Icons/Small Icons/List/Details view
  • Details: zipname, manufacturer, year
  • Mark bad romsets by a red bignosed badguy (optional).
  • Hottracking on the gamelist (optional).
  • Internal changes to make data-structure object-based.
  • Individual ini-files for game-settings.
  • Now real game's resolutions are shown on the settings tab (was: based on screenshot dimensions, now: provided by Raine)
  • Report Needed Stuff tool (uninstalled games, bad romsets and missing screenshots).
  • Removed 'Enable extra games' option (didn't work with Raine0.24a)

    You can download it from the Arcade Emulator frontends page.

    Frontend News: OpenEnded 0.3 news by bnu
    17:04:  OpenEnded, an OpenSPC frontend, has been updated with some nice new things:

  • Soundcard Bug Fixed
  • Support for IT Ripping and all other options.
  • Other stuff.

    You can download it from the SNES Emulator frontends page.

    Misc. News: New Icon news by swampgas
    13:17:  Since my icon sucks so bad (30 secs in Paint Shop Pro), I'm asking anyone out there with skills in drawing to create a cool icon that says "Swamp Gas" in dark purple. If I choose your icon, I'll give you props right here on the main page for all of our thousands of visitors a day to see.

    Just email me it with an attachment. Icon size is 50x17, and I need all the candidates by August 11th.

    Misc. News: ZSNES mirror and shrine updated news by rouge
    07:52:  Yeah, I updated the official ZSNES mirror and the ZSNES shrine, reflecting the two recent updates. Well, that's about all I have to say about that, ok, bye.

    Emulator Release: ZSNES v0.951 news by swampgas
    04:07:  ZSNES v0.951 has arrived! Here's what's new:

    Snag your very own copy from the SNES page!

    Site News: Archives news by swampgas
    03:45:  Because of internal ZD changes, you may notice some problems with our news archives. Once we get all the kinks worked out, we'll have a brand spanking new archive CGI script that will allow you to search and do some other cool things. If you'd like to see the actual news post we made about ZSNES v715 a million years ago, you can call it up in a second...or if you'd like to see all posts by "Zophar" within the last 3 months, you can do that as well.

    Sit tight:)

    Misc. News: ZMV bugs fixed news by alamone
    03:18:  Just a quick note: previously ZSNES had problems recording very long (10+ minutes) movies. Now the bug is fixed and you can record movies (and send to the ZMV archive) with confidence. (If you missed it, grab ZSNES v0.950 from the ZSNES Mirror.)

    Misc. News: The 10 Commandments of Emulation news by xip
    03:00:  Wook has written an editorial on the "ten commandments of emulation". Its a good editorial, and I suggest you read it.

  • Ten Commandments of Emulation

    Utility Release: XSPC 2.09 news by xip
    02:59:  A new version of XSPC has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Added files filtering feature (for removing non SPC files from the playlist)
  • Added jump to track feature.
  • Added intro mode feature.
  • Added auto stop feature.
  • Added uninstall program to help removing XSPC from the system.
  • Added ZSNES save state file support.
  • Improved the auto play.
  • Improved the Explorer click and play support. Loading multiple files doesn't work though.
  • New popup-menu loaded with some of craps.
  • New shortcut keys.
  • New skin.
  • Register/Unregister file types moved to options menu.
  • Verdana font is embedded into the EXE file, and will be copied into Windows Fonts directory if necessary.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Fixed the crap "SPCEMU.DLL is infected by an unknown virus" report by AVP.

    Get it at the SPC Player page.

    Emulator Release: Amiga Forever v3.0 news by rouge
    02:58:  A new version of the commercial Multi-Amiga emulator (hey, it's official licensed by Amiga, keen), ordering information can be found on the official homepage. I was hard-pressed to find out what was new in this version, so also check their page if you're more patient than I am with high overhead HTML, but here's what they had to say:

    "We are pleased to announce the release of Amiga Forever 3.0. This new version includes version 3.1 of the Amiga ROM and OS files. Additional preinstalled programs and features, like for example Personal Paint, TurboText, drag-and-drop LhA de-archiving and the ToolManager dock have been updated and unified between the CD-ROM and Online Edition (the 2.0 CD-ROM did not include some of the software that was on the 2.0 Online Edition). The CD-ROM version additionally includes an archive with a new, ready-t o-run PowerMac version..."

    Emulator News: NLKE page updated, new version soon news by rouge
    02:56:  The title basically explains it, but the NLKE homepage has been updated with a message about the problems the author have been having with development along with the announcement that a new version, with all progress so far, should be coming along shortly .

    Emulator News: WinUAE news by xip
    02:55:  The WinUAE page was updated with news about the next version. Here's are some of the new features:

  • 20% Faster Picasso96 graphics
  • a more stable bsdsocket.library emulation
  • faster 68K emulation
  • fixed dms-file support

    Get the current version of WinUAE at the Amiga page. Thanks to Musti for the news.

    Emulator Release: SNEmul v0.9 news by rouge
    02:54:  Since _Bnu's earlier news update strangely disappeared, here's the what's new from the latest release of SNEmul:

  • implemented the SuperFX(still buggy, but work enough to play Yoshi Island)
  • interleaved ROM are now supported
  • implemented the DSP1.
  • emulation of the SNEmul mouse.
  • emulation of the SuperScope(doesn't work correctly yet).
  • SNEmul can load zipped ROMs.(only one ROM by Zip file)
  • better joypad support(and more joypads support, like SNES pads)
  • fixed some bugs in the cheats dialog
  • corrected and optimized memory mapping.
  • optimized tiles decoding
  • fixed a bug with VRAM access.
  • limited the number of frame skipped by the "auto frame skipper"(9)
  • better tiles caching system.
  • fixed some bugs regarding SRAM.
  • better SPC700 speed hack(some games may run much faster)
  • fixed a bug concerning sprites
  • corrected some problems with MODE7.
  • SNEmul is now compiled with pentium optimizations.

    SNES page.

    Emulator Release: SMSFan 1.10 news by xip
    00:48:  A new version of SMSFan was released, but I don't know what's new since its in Japanese. You can get it at the Master System page. Thanks to Jander for the news.

    Emulator Release: DarcNES (Unix) v990801 news by rouge
    00:48:  A new version of DarcNES, NES, SMS, and PCE emulator for Unix. There are no more binary distibutions, so you'll have to compile one yourself. Anyway, what's new:

  • Added a 6280 core written in C (still has a couple nasty bugs).
  • Added some debugging stuff to the C 6502 core.
  • Fixed some scrolling problems in the NES PPU.
  • Fixed a timing problem with the NES noise channel.
  • Enabled the NES noise channel.
  • Fixed problem with second controller on NES (still won't work because no video driver supports it).
  • Added second controller to SMS (won't work because no video driver supports it).
    Added SMS pause button.

    Unix NES page.

    Translation News: Trojans news by taichou
    15:33:  I have recived many emails regarding "trojans" on ZD. There are no trojans. Just like bleem (NAV thinks bleem is a virus) some programs have certain code, that doesnt "compute" with virus scanners. I assure you these programs are all virus free.

    Thanks for visiting ZD.

    Translation News: River City Ransom 2 news by taichou
    15:51:  Capsule Corp has release a new version of their RSR2 patch for SNES. It is now at 33%.

    Get it off the Translations page.

    Thanks to Omniverse for the news.

    Emulator Release: ZSNES .950 news by nitro
    17:13:  Woohoo! A new version of ZSNES has been released! Thats two good SNES emulators updated in one day, good deal. Here is the list of things that are new:

  • Fixed up a pretty nasty .ZIP support bug where .ZIP files from the root directory weren't loaded up properly
  • Fixed up a display problem in the F1 menu in 256 color mode
  • Fixed an echo delay bug
  • Hopefully fixed the random beep encounter bug that occurs in some games with sound enabled
  • Several sound volume fixes
  • Sorry about those new problems in v0.941c. We traced some of the problems to the dos extender zsnes was using (thanks Maxim- for some help on this!) so we spent some time rewritng the file system so that it would be compatible with other extenders in pure dos.
  • Fixed Save Snapshot + Increment frame enter key affecting thegame bug
  • Added Increment Frame Only option to the F1 menu
  • Made some minor changes to the Sound Blaster routines
  • Fixed some more sync bugs in .ZMV recording
  • Fixed a speed hack bug that occurred from v0.800 to v0.900. Hopefully the speed is better now.
  • Slightly improved the sound skipper when sound is disabled
  • You can now quickly modify the currently selected cheat code's value by typing a 2 digit hex number in the cheat code enter space
  • Added a hack to Chrono Trigger to prevent the screen from flashing before battles
  • Fixed a 16-bit mode 7 windowing distortion/crashing bug
  • Fixed a read memory leak bug in the 16-bit old gfx engine. Interesting that this bug plagued ZSNES all this time, but its effects didn't show until the recent versions.

    You can download it from the SNES Emulators page, or the Official ZSNES mirror.

    Utility Release: ZD-spc 1.90 news by nitro
    17:13:  After almost 6 months of being tested, I have decided to release ZD-spc 1.90. Here is the list of what's new:

  • Added support for loading ZST's, and ZMV's (thanks caitsith2)
  • Reduced program size by 47%
  • Full Playlist support
  • Added new ID666 support (now with time)
  • Fade Option (Lets you fade SPC when time is up)
  • Next SPC (Changes to next song in Playlist when time expires on current song)
  • Made some changes to the GUI
  • Added more skin support (buttons, timer color)
  • Added view in option (Systray only, taskbar only, systray & taskbar, none)
  • Redesigned Preferences
  • Faster spc core (SNES9x 1.19)
  • New timer
  • New skin (not default)
  • Removed Rewind button (useless)
  • Added prev track, and next track (for playlist)
  • Fixed many memory leaks caused by DDE server
  • Faster SPC start
  • Fixed "remove id666 tag"
  • Open dialog now saves the path for next runtime
  • Fixed many other small bugs, that added up over time
  • Added disable internal time (won't stop the SPC if the time is up)
  • Added a couple extra things

    You can download it from the ZD-spc home page, or the SPC utilities page.

    Frontend News: Arcade@Home 0.36d news by bnu
    18:01:  A new version of the very feature-cluttered MAME frontend Arcade@Home, has been released. This version fixes the problems that 0.36c had with zip support.

    You can download it from the Arcade Emulator frontends page.

    Emulator Release: 1964 0.1.9 news by XiP
    15:06:  A new version of 1964 has been released, and here's what's new:

  • Major fixes to COP1...many more 2D demos should work properly now (schibo)
  • plasma, spicerot, and pause are the 3 demos that I used when debugging and they work fine now. Freekworld now displays properly as well. fzoom demo (Mandelbrot zoomer) shows the fractal properly...To view it, press the start button- F1
  • Thanks again to zilmar for his help :)
  • Implemented full-screen mode for the 1964 DirectX dll (NooTe) Full screen does not exit gracefully will need to press Alt-Tab to exit. Also there is a bug that occasionally shows the window's title bar in full screen... that will be fixed :)
  • The buggy fps counter has been removed but shall return when it works properly

    Get it at the N64 page.

    Emulator Release: Famtasia 5.0 news by XiP
    14:51:  A new version of Famtasia has been released, and here's what's new:

  • NES mapper support newly added 7, 11, 15, 19, 77, 78, 80, 88, 89, 94, 96, 97,101,118,112,184,185,186(partial),184,188,189,225,230,240,241,242,243
  • NES mapper fixed 0,1,16,90
  • Improved emulation accuracy
  • Supported drawing per dot ....."MOTHER" runs
  • Fixed sprite priority ....."SMB3" runs
  • Fixed bug that the screen doesn't appear ..... "Datach" titles (Map16)
  • Fixed Map90IRQ ..... Fix in SMW status flicker bug
  • Supported Map0 CRAM titles
  • Fixed NMI work just after execution ..... "Min-na no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen" partially runs
  • Added $2002 D5 emulation ..... "Sukeban Deka III" runs
  • Fixed work of PPU:$3000-$3f00 ..... "SeikimaII" runs
  • Fixed drawing in "F1 race"/ debug routine had been left...
  • Supported DAC DMA interruption ..... "Romancia" runs
  • Supported German (by Schpock)
  • Supported French (by SeMPai)
  • Supported BMP saving
  • Now can do setting of drawing per dot/undefined opcode(tentative) from property menu
  • Supported Datach Card input
  • Fixed calculation of Y coordinate by which mouse is used(Lightgun)
  • Supported Oeka-kids Tablet-board
  • Added calibration of Joystick
  • Added Map2 hack check
  • Fixed whiteout of Famtasia window when other windows covers it + Didn't care whiteout of fullscreen mode because its fix is troublesome
  • On the first execution without .ini file it takes default language of OS
  • Language support is possible also by plugins now. (Put files in the same folder as the .exe file)
  • Loading rom with trainer shows up a dialog. (Previously it simply hung up)
  • Fixed to get the absolute location of EXE file correctly

    Get it at the NES page. Thanks to mad^2 for the news.

    Translation News: Hacks Updated news by taichou
    05:30:  Ballzysoft's Castlevania Vengence on Hell has been completed, and the FF3 Clyde patch has been added, but now renamed to FF3NPC (Non Playable Characters)

    Get them off the Hacks page.

    Translation News: Table Section Updated news by taichou
    05:19:  The Tables section has been updated to add a few submissions that were recieved today.

    Utility Release: YMAMP 1.2 news by [noam]
    03:00:  YMAMP, the Winamp plugin for use with genecyst GYM files and callus CYM files has been updated. Check out what's new:

  • DSP plugins now work with GYM playback.
  • Added a configuration dialog. It is now possible to configure the sampling rate and thread priority.
  • YMAMP no longer assumes memory allocated successfully.
  • Improved visualization synchronization.
  • Cleaned up a large portion of the sources.
  • Reformatted sources to be more compact and readable.
  • Added some comments to in_ym.c for people interested in the source.
  • Eliminated almost all of the dozens of warnings that Visual C++ would give.
  • Added a makefile for building with LCC-Win32.
  • Seeking is now back to 1/60 sec precision since 1/1000 sec precision didn't improve anything.

    Pick up the new YMAMP from the GYM Utilities \ Players Page.

    Thanks to marp for this news submission.

    Emulator Release: Raine 0.24a news by [noam]
    02:52:  Well well well, a nice new Raine with support for fifteen (15) new games! Among the new games added there are a multitude of other new features in this release. Below is a list of changes and additions in this release.

    Changes from Hiroshi:

  • Updates to M6295/MSM5205 emulators.
  • Some updates to the other sound sources too.

    Changes from Spindizzy:

  • Static M68705 recompiler.
  • Bubble Bobble (hardware info from the mame driver by Chris Moore, Oliver White, Nicola Salmoria, Marco Cassili.

    Changes from Antiriad:

  • Added PSX pad driver for Playstation pads via LPT1/2/3.
  • Added a couple more Combatribes dsw (thx mayuga).
  • Various code changes, so it compiles with msvc5.0/direct-x via allegro392x wip.
  • Coin Inputs are now only active for 250ms when you press them. This fixes the 'Coin Error' problems in Taito games (caused by holding the coin buttons down).
  • Fixed Puchi Carat running too fast.
  • Added Trackball control to Arkanoid Returns and Puchi Carat. Enter the test mode to enable it (or delete the eeprom images in savedata).
  • In no gui mode, the tab key will reactivate the gui (req. by Bubble ).
  • Replaced some sample backback with streamed channels (better sync in a couple of games).
  • Added LED emulation to Tatsujin 2, Snow Bros 2, Whoopee, Knuckle Bash.
  • Added -gameinfo option, prints info for games in a shark and mame syntax especially for frontend authors.
  • Improved key names a bit (eg. 'minus' becomes '-', 'stop' becomes '.').
  • Added new control defaults for pinball games (incase some more get dumped)
  • Made an M6585 emulator needed by Grand Cross Pinball.
  • Added year info to all the games.
  • Added the 320x240 arcade monitor mode from brian lewis... It should work fine.
  • Changed the screen selector, so that the list of resolutions changes depending on what gfx driver is highlighted. For example, it only shows 320x200 for VGA, only shows possible resolutions for mode-x, only shows 320x240 for arcade monitor... Now it is easy to see which resolutions are possible for each driver :).
  • Added Object and BG double buffer to tnzs-system. Now the sprites move a lot better in Insector X and Extermination.
  • Cheat info lines can be edited in the gui like the other cheat data.
  • Moved [General] -> LanguageFile is now [Directories] -> language_file.
  • Added [Directories] -> cheat_file.
  • Renamed tripple_buffer -> triple_buffer (oops).
  • Added Cheat patch type, read the info in cheats.cfg.
  • Changed screen setup, so the size can be dumped.
  • Fixed screen size in Darius, Ninja Warriors.
  • Added led emulation to Darius, Warrior Blade.
  • Cadash cutting music should be fixed.
  • Added better support for rom sharing/merging, so more mame sets should work.
  • If a rom is not found, it will search for it in the parent game, and if a rom is not found in the parent game, it will check the parent game to see if the rom is merged with a different filename (by searching for matching crc32 and size data).
  • Improved some bits of chase hq.
  • Added starscream 0.26a. Seems to work, but I feel the new interrupt system might break some games... Didn't find any yet though.
  • Fixed snow bros 2 and tatsujin 2 stalling with no sound selected.

    Man that's alot to swallow, anyway pickup the new Raine from the Multi Arcade Emulators Page.

    Thanks to JEK Chan for this news submission.