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Super Mario World Hacks

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Name Description
A Christmas Walk A short, one level hack with Christmas themed graphics and music.
Dr. Mario World Redrawn Here is Dr. Mario World. 7+ years of off and on work. Still didn’t get to do the stuff that was planned to do and was officially done with this back in early 2012 but lost all data on a HD crash and had to use a really old backup to restore the hack, so here it is. Enjoy.
Dr. Mario World: House Calls Go inside patients’ houses and go inside of them to kill viruses. Very fun hack that still retains a classic Super Mario World feel. Features custom blocks, graphics, overworld, and sprites.
Kamek's Island This is a 7-World, 70-level hack of Super Mario World featuring some custom graphics, custom sprites, custom bosses, and custom music. This was originally created in 2013.
Kevino's Quest In Kevino's Quest, play as Kevino on his quest through six unique levels.
Kevino's Quest 2 In Kevino's Quest 2, play as Kevin in four unique worlds, filled with inside jokes and outstanding level design. NOTE: THIS HACK WILL HAVE GLITCHED MUSIC ON ALL EMULATORS EXCEPT FOR ZSNES.
Le Avventure di Mario 2 So, in this hack you will find that the Mario’s world is invaded by evils from other games: you will fight against Dr.Eggman, Snake men from Megaman and others! Will our hero restore peace in the world? And the most important question: WHO did all this?
Le Avventure di Mario 3 Here is one of the 3rd Hacks in the Le Avventure di Mario series which includes a lot of nice ASM changes such as Wall Jumping close to the Mega Man X style moves!
Mario & Luigi: Kola Kingdom Quest This is the sequel to Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure and a reimagining of Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn. It features custom sprites, bosses, music, ASM, and hand-drawn graphics, much like the prequel.
Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure was created in 2012 as an answer to the question of what the horribly dated Super Mario Starlight Remix would be like if made in 2012. The hack features custom music, ASM, sprites, and hand-drawn graphics.
Mario End Game Mario End Game… is a rather infamous Super Mario World hack that changes literally everything about the original game. With original levels, custom bosses, sprites, music, graphics, blocks, patches, level asm and overworld, the game isn’t so much an ‘edit’ of Super Mario World as it is a new game built on the same engine. Plotline wise, it’s just ‘Mario saves Princess Peach from Bowser’.
Mario is Missing Done Right This is what Mario is Missing should have been. This hack stars Luigi on a quest to save his brother without learning any geography.
Mario World X This is a level hack (only the first few as yet) of Super Mario World.
Mario X Thank you for picking up my game! This is my first one, so it's going to be crappy but at least it's fun (I think). Be sure to check out my awesome box art! Play it with your loved ones! Play it with your cat or dog (I heard cats are better at playing Mario) too. Story While strolling around the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario got a message from Bowser. "Dear sneaky plumber, me and my koopa army have stolen Mama Luigi and took over the Mushroom Kingdom! Mama Luigi is in one of my seven koopa hotels. I dare you to find him. Where's your spaghetti now!?" Mario knew he had to fight back. Mega Man X and Zero destroyed all of the koopa hotels, but Weegee teleported them to another dimension (don't worry, they made it out after the game)! now Mario and Yoshi had to do the rest of the work! Credits Gabriel Alexander (me) Autumn Victoria Lunarian Concepts Idol 5 (for that badass Spark Mandrill remix) Gamma V (for that Snazzy Spring Yard remix) You Email me at or mzzmzz101@yahoo or mzzmzz101@aol for problems, feedback, or death threats (please no). Enjoy!
Mario's Christmas Adventure Mario’s Christmas Adventure is a short christmas themed Super Mario World hack, where Mario has to find and rescue the captured Santa Claus on the night before Christmas. It’s basically an all new game built on the original engine, with a different HUD, entirely new graphics from Mario Fan Games Galaxy and various SNES games with other things like new enemies, sampled music and a custom overworld being added too.
Sendy's World Supposedly a SMB 3 retro hack and has a surprise included.
SMW SMB3 Beta Test Este hack modifica el Super Mario World con gráficos de Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 3, excepto las monedas de Yoshi que fueron modificadas por monedas grandes del Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3. Este hack fue resubido por mí, ya que fue modificado por un hacker llamado Link13
Super Bluio World A whole new world of adventure!
Super Demo World This looks to be a good hack. Almost everything has been changed from the levels and even the title screen.
Super Kaizoie Bros This mod is NOT for non kaizo Mario skills this game is made to be very hardcore and over all weird. Have fun!
Super Mario Bros. Enhanced Previously known as Super Mario Bros. DX, this is an upgraded version made to work on modern emulators, and has a few audio problems fixed. There is little to no change in gameplay, so if you've played this hack before, there's not much new for you. This is a remake of the classic Super Mario Bros. in the SMW engine using SMB3 graphics. There are also two new worlds for you to explore.
Super Mario Odyssey Demo Another Super Mario World hack. This is a demo version.
Super mario world Enter a short description of what this hack is about here.
Super Mario World Hell Edition Very hard levels and new enemies in the hell of Super Mario World.
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 1 Episode 1
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 10 Episode 10
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 2 Episode 2
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 3 Episode 3
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 4 Episode 4
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 5 Episode 5
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 6 Episode 6
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 7 Episode 7
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 8 Episode 8
Super Mario World The Endless Boss Episode 9 Episode 9
Super Mario World The Lost Adventure Episode 3 Super Mario World The Lost Adventure Episode 3 is a complete SMW hack that features: 95 new levels Over 150 custom music Play as Princess Peach in certain levels Custom graphics New boss fights New powers ups Custom palettes A bit harder than the original SMW Redesigned Overworld Map And much more…
Super Mario World: Bowser's Cataclysmic Trap This hack uses primarily vanilla aesthetics, but features custom music and ASM assets. There is no 2-Player on this because it caused glitches with OW music, so the plot involves Bowser kidnapping Luigi.
Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode I Finally, after 2 cancelled SMW hacks and after a year of work,Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode I is finally here. It’s a complete Super Mario World hack that features: 80 stages (more than the original game), Custom music, Custom Boss battles, Custom graphics, Custom palettes, New Power Ups, Increased difficulty, Redesigned overworld map, And more…
Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode II Here it is, 8 months after Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode I, isaix finally released Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode II. This hack features: 79 new levels(more than the original SMW), Over 100 custom music, Custom graphics, New boss fights, New power ups, Custom palettes, A bit harder than the original game, Redesigned Overworld Map, And more…
Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode II (Luigi's Edition) Since the 3rd episode of Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure won’t come out in a while and its still “The year of Luigi”, here’s: Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode II (Luigi’s Edition). Play as Luigi, Shorter time limit to every stages, All the stages are done backward, All the levels have been slightly edited so that they can be completed backward, and some other minor changes.
The Rituals Of Resurrection [Demo 1.5] As Mario is taking a walk one day in the Mushroom Kingdom, he noticed that it was silent; as though he was the only being IN the kingdom. The Yoshis here played games and gave him rides, but they seemed non-existant, as though they had gone extinct. He continued his walk back to Yoshi's Cabin, when he saw a lone Boo ahead. The Boo took notice, and he muttered the words,"Yoshi... diary..." before vanishing into thin air. Hmm... this is getting strange. Quickly, Mario sprinted back to Yoshi's Cabin. This hack is completely Vanilla, as in: - No Custom Graphics - No Custom Sprites - No Custom Enemies - No Custom Music It only uses SMW's graphics, and plenty of my custom palettes are included within this hack. There's fourteen levels - There's two demo ends and Yoshi's house, so that means 11 levels worth of gameplay. I hope you guys enjoy this hack of mine! :D -uNkNowN5642(aka SyStemkraSh)
The Second Reality Project 1 (Hard Type) Bowser is back again, more powerful than times ago: He was able to find a parallel Dimension and build up a big airship fleet in there because he plans a huge attack on Mario’s World. He also kidnapped the Princess one time more! A new incredible challenge for Mario and Yoshi! All the levels from the original are completely changed and are much harder than the original game.
The Second Reality Project 1 (SNES Version) This is an easier version of the original Second Reality 1 Project. A lot of things are changed in mostly every level to decrease the difficulty. Many more midway points have been added, gameplay is edited, some enemies are deleted, more power-ups are added, and so on.
The Second Reality Project 2 A One-Eyed Big Boo called Zycloboo wants to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, and like Bowser in “The Second Reality Project 1″ he wants to use the power source from another dimension called the Second Reality to get to his goal. To get Mario out of sight (or maybe for some other reasons?) he warps Mario and his Castle in the Second Reality. Mario’s only chance to stop Zycloboo is to find the Power Supply station, which can give him the power he needs for the task - or at least that’s what Zycloboo told him, heeheehee!
The Second Reality Reloaded "The Second Reality Project Reloaded” is a remake of the first part. The hack finally features a new overworld (people requested this for years) and of course, custom graphics and custom music.
Ultimate Mario World Another Super Mario World Hack.

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