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Super Mario Kart Hacks

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Name Description
Hyper Street Kart Fixed 2018 Fixed AI on Chung Li Beach Also fixed Snow set as out of bounds and made it Snow is it is suppose to be. Fixed battle mode
Mario Kart R This is a modification of the original Super Mario Kart game for the SNES. It contains all new courses, brand new graphics, altered music and even Kirby as a playable character, replacing toad.
Super Mario Kart - Battle lives This is the Super Mario Kart World hack with all new battle maps. This allows for 4 new battle maps with 13 new sets of weapons.
Super Mario Kart - TBD Sylvain All race tracks replaced, All Battle maps replaced, Some graphics altered, New Point system, New weapon system for battle, GP and match race.
Super Mario Kart - The Impala Battles Super Mario Kart - The Impala Battles is a hack of Super Mario Kart in which the four battle tracks have been completely changed.
Super Mario Kart Alternate Tracks Every track has been replaced by one I’ve created completely myself, including the Battle Mode courses. I’ve tried to avoid putting in overly complicated or silly courses like some hacks of this game have, but at the same time I’ve snuck in a couple of new ideas. The AI works in all courses, and offers a challenge, but is far from unbeatable.
Super Mario Kart By NandoPro I make the tracks really hard and some tracks easy and they are complete different than the original I mean very different :) The tracks are fun but sometimes frustrating :S (but possible)
Super Mario Kart Devanny Dark Edition Alt battle ips
Super Mario Kart Devanny Dark Edition Alt battle This has taken the Super Mario Kart Devanny Dark Edition hack created by SKQZ_64_D&D and added battle maps since there were no new ones that came with this hack.
Super Mario Kart World All 20 race tracks and 4 battle tracks edited, faster CPU, new shortcuts, 1-infinite balloons for Battle Mode, etc. (Video link:
Super Mario Kart World Beta 2 A hack that changes some graphics, edits some tracks and replaces others with all-new locations.
Super Mario Kart: Pro Edition This hack is a complete remake of SMK, featuring 20 new tracks. The AI also works, meaning you’ll have to work for that first place in GP mode. For when you’re feeling more like hitting your friends with shells and bananas, there’s also 4 new battle mode courses for you and your friends to determine who is the champion of battle once and for all.

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