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Super Mario Bros. 3 - Minor Hacks

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Name Description
Hammer Bros. This is a hack where you dont have to wait to level 7,8 to get the Hammer Bros suit.
Lost Levels This patch allows you to unlock a series of "lost levels" which were apparently used in the development of SMB3. They include two enemies which don't appear anywhere else: Gold Cheep Cheeps and Green Parabeetles.
Luna World This is also a little bizzare. It goes from world 1 to world 3 and it all looks like a dog's breakfast.
Super Mario Bros 3 Debug menu This debug hack uses the Game Genie code debug menu and some of the actual graphics havebeen found for this menu and has been changed to use these graphics.
Super Mario Bros. 3 por Vallenatero Este es una modificación menor de Super Mario Bros. 3, donde se cambia la pica por el corazón, en el Mundo 2-2 aparece una nueva salida montañosa, en el mundo 3-7 casi todos los enemigos son Goombas, en el mundo 5-7 se cambian las nubes por pisos, en casi todo el mundo 6 el cielo es azul sin rayas, en el mundo 7-2 se cambia bloques por monedas, se elimina el P-Switch y la salida es desértica y en el mundo 7-9 se cambia la música montañosa por la plana. Algunos castillos se le elimina las rayas acostumbradas. El juego es en español.
Super Mario Bros. 3: Good Evening (Alpha) This is the Alpha Release Version for the rom hack. Very little is change in the way of levels besides some graphics and the first level but this version contains some neat things. * A new evening based color pallette * New World Maps * New text prompts * and much more to come Items that still need to be addressed * New Levels * New N-Spade Cards * Story Beta Version Coming
Super Mario Bros: Not the Lost Levels A patch made using mario improvement, which only currently changes world 1.
Twisted Lost levels This is antoher Super Mario Bros 3 hack that only has one world and it's the lost levels and if you lose your lost forever.
Wizard of the Hood Oh No! The Witch has banished the Joker's Cards to the Echoside! Violent J went to the Witches castle to confront her, but was defeated and captured! Play as Shaggy 2 Dope (the Wizard of the Hood) as he travels to far-away lands, battles demons and fights his way through Creep Castles on his quest to save his homie Violent J and release the Joker's Cards from the Echoside!

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