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Super Mario Bros. - Minor Hack Hacks

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Name Description
Annoying Mario Bros. A hard annoying smb1 hack relying on glitches. Some of this game sortof relies on chance. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR SAVE STATES!!
Balloon Mario Control Mario as he unwittingly ties himself to a couple of balloons and flies off into the stratosphere.
Black Gay Mario Under HASCII 2 Gay Black Mario is an exploring game, where Mario is in a world made of ASCII and has the always-on swimming power. .... << Mario is smoking his HASCII hidden in the bath, ‘cause his new boyfriend, Justin Bieber, is against his addiction. Mario started with HASCII during Vietnam after the dead, by a bomb, of his beloved Abe and his Bro Luigi. Suddenly Vietnam nightmare and the mission in wich he saved the princess ( sta zoccola! ), became reality again….but with suppapowa!!! But HASCII, you know, is a drug. And drug is not reality. And Vietnam is different i suppose. >> . Thanks to TETTSUI and @plaguelabs
Catman 2: Super Mario Bros Part of a series of hacks that have something to do with cats.
Chipie and Chipette Adventure This is a hack that features Chip and Chipette and you can choose either one at the title screen and features different level graphics.This game still has alot of graphical glitches but is still playable.
CrazySMB Yet another hack of Mario Bros 1, the sound and levels have been changed.
EDS Mario Mario and Luigi are replaced with Bullet Bills. They start as boo ghosts, and then change into bullets when they get a mushroom.
Engimario A SMB hack with engine music.
Gomamario This is a patch for Super Mario Bros 1.
Luigi Game With this hack you can choose either Mario or Luigi at the title screen. Also Luigi jumps higher then Mario
Mario Adventure 2 This hacks makes Super Mario Bros 1 extremely hard. It is currently edited up to level 4-2, and this is the fixed version.
Mario Adventure! This is a graphics and level hack for Super Mario Brothers 1.
Mario Custom Frustration Demo A hack beta, is meant to be a challenge and feels harder than Mario Forever. Has up to worlds 3-4 and requires some intentional game exploits later on. There are some youtube videos to show how to play the levels.
Parallel Air (SMB1 Hack) You thought air was hard? This hack is the dominant air. Much harder than that of regular air, no matter how good you are, Give this hack a chance!
SMB-1 for HardPlayers This is a hack for hardplayers
Special Mario This is a hack that has the graphics from Super Mario Bros 3 and you can also choose either mario or luigi at the title screen.
Suoer Mario Forever This SMB hack is prob. one of the hardest you will come across i guarantee theres only 4 levels but its more than enough for any SMB Pro.
Super Beard Bros. The Game This Hack was based of Let’s Play Series on YouTube called “Super Beard Bros.” starring Jirard from The Completionist and Alex from The Dex. PLOT: Jirard and Alex are playing a Classic Nintendo game called “Super Mario Bros.” on NES. Meanwhile, Greg and Jirard’s girlfriend “Amanda” are trapped inside the game. It’s up to Jirard and Alex jump inside Super Mario Bros. and get them out. The Level Design are still the same except there’s no 1-Up Mushrooms, no Invincibility Stars, no Vines (that takes you up to Bonus Round), and no 10 Coins. Yes, the coins are still in the game. The Warp Zones are removed too. If you try enter the Warp Zone, you will see the message that says “NO WARP ZONE ALLOWED!”. But, if you did enter a Warp Zone, you have to jump down to bottomless pit and die. The underground secret pipes (where you collect more coins) are now change into beginner’s trap. If you enter underground secret pipe, you will end up fall down into bottomless pit and die. The Character Sprites are change too. Mario as Jirard. Luigi as Alex. Toad as Greg. Princess Peach as Amanda.
Super Mario Bros 1 This is a Super Mario Bros. hack that changes the levels and makes it much more difficult.
Super Mario Bros 2 Challenge The Super Mario Bros 2 Challenge: The Year-12 Quest is a freeware, not-for-profit new "edition" of the classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game, Super Mario Bros 2, in ips patch format. The levels part of the patch was created using the Smb2 Level Discombobulator by Acmlm. I would never have been able to create this wonderful new edition of Super Mario 2 without his great editor! Check his site out. For the small bit of graphics hacking that has been done, Nesticle and Tile Layer were used.
Super Mario Bros 2 Fun The boards are changed with new puzzles, making them very challenging. The character physics have also been changed around. Just try the puzzle with the mushroom blocks in 1-1 with Toad, then with Luigi! This latest version is completed up to 4-3.
Super Mario Bros Plus Lost Levels Do you think you're good at SMB ? Think again !!!! This hack is impossible! Scenario : Mario is in the hell, and has to escape and go to the heaven ... You have to use SMB glitches to clear the game !!!! Don't worry about the time : it is up after 100 seconds ...
Super mario Bros. - The Lost Quest Super Mario Bros. We've all Played it, & gamers that like new and old should play this. So I've been thinking of making a game with new and old in it. So basically everybody wins a new hack on an old game. And don't try to be surprised!
Super Mario Bros. Underwater Bowser has tracked mario down and mario has only one escape... UNDERWATER But Bowser surprisingly follows...
Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels 2 A hack to make the game harder (almost impossible.)
Super Mario Tycoon EASIER This is for the best player ONLY, forget the difitculty of super Mario lost level's. Super Mario bros 2 in japan. There's a HARDER and EASIER version. A flood begins in the kingdom of tycoon that threatens mushroom kingdom.- and Mario goes to tycoon kingdom to find princess tycoon so she can magicly stop the flood- and save the world. but where is princess tycoon?...... the tycoon kingdom seems to -be in perill- but is Bowser realy behind all this?...............
The Adventures of Ice Mario The fire flower is replaced with an ice flower, and Mario tosses ice crystals instead of fireballs.
The Legend of Zelda - Curse From The Outskirts This one has a completely new level design, various graphics hacks to give it more of a Zelda look, and a working laser sword that shoots horizontally.
The New Strange Mario Bros 1 This is an update of acmlm’s hack of yesteryear, The Strange Mario Bros. The graphics have been restored to that of the original Super Mario Bros game. The levels are still the same great ones developed by ACMLM and with the same modifications to the gameplay. This hack is for the Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!].nes ROM with a CRC32 of 3337ec46.
Thunder Mario This game is the same as usual except, instead of Fire Flowers there are Thunder Flowers. This means rather the Fireballs, Mario throws Lightning Bolts. I used the same Fireball behavior that is used in The Adventures of Ice Mario.
Toilet Mario Bros - Evil World Part 1 This hack changes graphics: - mario on toilet (from Toilet Mario (not working hack)) - evil backgrounds (from Evil Mario Bros (hack)) Part 1 (2 Worlds): World 1 - Hell World 2 - Hills Part 2 Coming Soon!
Toilet Mario Bros - Evil World Part 2/3 Second part of Toilet Mario Adventure!!!
Toilet Mario Bros - Evil World Part 3/3 - Hell Final part is here! There are eight stages and one world. HELL WORLD Contact with author: Youtube: (Polish Channel)
Ultimate Mario Brothers This is a level and gameplay hack.

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