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Mega Man II Hacks

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Name Description
Eight Beasts 2 Vastly different story, more sprites + prototype of 'Ice' stage, 'Plant' stage playable.
Mega Dan 2 A hack of Megaman 2 with a new story, new levels, and different characters
Mega Man 2 - Proto Man Mode These patches will replace Mega Man with Proto Man in both the Mega Man 2 (U) and Rock Man 2 (J) ROM’s. It does not include any new levels or ASM tweaks. The ending sprites have all been changed to Proto Man as well. This is the most complete Proto Man hack to date. It is to serve as a base for anyone wishing to hack Mega Man 2/Rock Man 2 using Proto Man as a playable character.
Mega Man 2 Remix Every level (besides Dr. Wily’s Castle) has been reworked extensively to provide a far greater challenge than the original game. In addition, there are a couple graphics modifications, and a slightly different story. HOWEVER, Quickman’s stage is unfinished, and can only be beaten with passwords.
Mega Man 2 Wily Strikes Back This is a hack of Capcom’s Mega Man 2 for the Nes. it is a level edit of the game. This hack changes the levels in the game in some sort of way except for Quickman’s stage and Wily 5(Because it’s just a boss rush).
Mega Man in Java Island An adventure of Mega man in Java Island, with new sprites, music, ennemies, stage and indonesian translation !!!
Mega Man Ultra Everthing is changed!
Megaman in Java Island This is a Mega Man II hack that sets the game in Java Island, Indonesia. All of the levels have been edited, the graphics have been altered, and new adventure. This hack is entirely in Indonesian.
Megaman: Wily's Conquest 2 Mega Man Wily's Conquest 2 edits the first 8 stages of the game. They are *completely* different; new stage graphics, new scrolling, new enemy graphics, new enemy placements, etc., have all been added. Enemies that weren't used in the original, such as the dropping bombs in Air Man's stage, help add some variety to the enemies, and the new 2 screen boss rooms are a welcome addition that help keep you on your toes.
Robertman 2 This hack for Megaman 2 replaces the main sprite, some levels, some bosses, and text.
Rockman 2 Plus This is a hack of the JP version of Megaman called Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo. It changes the weapons, level design, and graphics.
The Adventures of Bass II This is a pretty large change of Mega Man 2. The main features include altered levels (altered both color wise and structure wise), altered colors (different enemy palettes, a altered sprites, and even a different storyline. Gamers should find the hack more challenging than the original Mega Man 2. The game is basically Bass being the hero and Dr. Light as the enemy.

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