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The Legend of Zelda Hacks

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Name Description
Legend Of Zelda - Ganon's Deception Here is a very difficult hack which starts you out having to dodge strong enemies to find a sword. The over-world and dungeon layouts and graphics have all been changed. Be prepared to encounter enemies you would not normally see above ground!
MZelda 2 years after saving Hyrule and Princess Zelda from the dark lord Gannon, A massive earthquake woke our hero Link. It seemed that Gannon had risen from his grave to destroy Hyrule. Again, he had stolen Princess Zelda, and had filled Hyrule with beasts. Link, having figured he had rested Ganon safely in hell, had been slacking off in his bed in the palace, as king of Hyrule. After the earthquake, he had to once again equip himself and navigate the new landscapes of Hyrule.
Shin Zelda Densetsu Bugfixed Shin Zelda Densetsu is a complete hack of The Legend of Zelda. In a novel twist, the player must guide Princess Zelda on a quest to rescue Link from the forces of evil. The overworld is completely revamped, with few if any recognizable landmarks or routes from the original game. The same goes for the dungeons. Instead of numbered levels, the dungeons are identified by symbols of the zodiac. The original version of the hack was perfect except for one game-breaking bug – it was impossible to finish Level 3 in the first quest. That’s been fixed, so the player can now complete the hack in its entirety.
the dark times basicly its going to be a redsign of the legend of zelda when im done only cause i dont know how to change things like the title screen or add custom stuff.this is a test version of the game with a least the first two dugeons changed a litle are 40% of the overworld changed
The Legend of Zelda - Ganon's Curse the ganon's curse over hyrule Ganon was defeated in the last adventure, but 13 years later a spark of the power of the triforce made Ganon return to life, and a curse fell on Hyrule, bringing a lot of terrible monsters and chaos to Hyrule. The princess has been captured and only Link can bring the peace back to Hyrule. This hack was made with these tools. A special thank you to all. pacnsacdave thx for graphics ips Zelda Tech -thx for overworld editor Dungeon master - thx for Dungeons editor Scucci - for history editor This is my first hack , i hope you enjoy! 13-aug-2017 Humberto Wesley - Vintagames
The Legend of Zelda - Link's Shadow This hack of The Legend of Zelda for the NES had nine months of hacking put into it, also it was made impressively using a Chromebook! if anyone is looking for a great new Zelda experience then this is the hack to download! v1.3 fixed many exploits This hack features, an entirely brand new overworld made from scratch, completely edited new (HARD) dungeons, challenging puzzles and gameplay, the Auto Map feature ~Thanks to snarfblam~, and ALL NEW completely edited graphics! ~Story~ In the peaceful land of Hyrule… Evil had begun to flow out of the hidden sacred realm. It was the evil of Ganon. The evil took the form of a dark mirror, and out of that mirror came the shadow of “The Hero”. Word got to the Princess Zelda that a mirror had appeared out of nowhere, Link’s shadow had come out of it, and that Link’s shadow had taken the mirror with him. Nevertheless Link’s Shadow used the mirror to create powerful shadow crystals that have the power to seal and unseal people and objects. He has placed the crystals in the hidden temples to steal the temple’s power. If the crystals steal enough power from the temple’s, then Link’s shadow can use the power to unseal Ganon! Find the crystals in the hidden temples before it’s too late, and use the crystals power to seal the mirror away! But before that Link must defeat his own shadow! If anyone has trouble with progressing in the game, go look up the Readme file for hints.
Timecrisis: Fall Of The Moon Timecrisis: Fall of the Moon is an extensive hack of the original Legend of Zelda, changing the maps, graphics, and storyline. The storyline and a short walkthrough can be found in the readme.
Zelda - The Legend of Link New items have replaced the old ones in the original game and new concepts have been used in the game such as pitfalls, dash boots, the use of the hammer, and many more changes have been added to give the game a much new feel to it. Also the inclusion of the Capcom sound engine is another welcome change that has been added to the game. Make sure you use the PRG0 version of the ROM otherwise the ROM will not work properly.
Zelda Challenge: Outlands The old world map has been completely overwritten by the new one. All location of dungeons and secreats have been changed as well. Secrets are now locked according to what quest you’re playing. For example, the rock you push to find a dungeon won’t move on the second quest, so you have to find a new entrance somewhere else in the world. The game allows each secret to be set to 1st Quest, 2nd Quest, both, or neither. So, many places where you can bomb, burn, push things and use the recorder are quest-specific. Most of the monsters have new graphics (including all bosses) and some even have new colors. There are 42 possible block, water & statue arrangements for the many dungeon rooms, and all but 3 are brand new.

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