Pkemon Emerald: Master Edition

Pokemon: Emerald Version Hack for GameBoy Advance

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This is my hack of Pokemon Emerald that changes all of the evolutions that you need to trade for. It also makes all Pokemon obtainable. It's not finished yet but all of the evolutions are changed and all of the Hen Pokemon are obtainable. If anyone wants to help insert the rest of the Pokemon, just let me know.

Author: Tooltra

Submitted by: tooltra

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Patch file Beta v 1.0 1.85 KB

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Jake says:
How do you get the hack to work? Do you put it within the same file as the ROM?

Nathan says:
Does it work for Droid emulator apps?

Mike says:
Make one for android

B says:
patch the ips in a pokemon emerald clean rom and the you can use it on your pc or android emulator

Mooooooooose says:
How do you patch a rom anyways?

Xuru9999 says:
If you're using a droid version, press down on the game you're going to play and it should give you an option to patch the game.

ME says:
How is this gonna change stuff when playing pokemon emerald on Gameboy?

Download an app called lunar IPS from any site,download a clean(normal, unpatched) pokemon emerald ROM, download the hack from this page, extract both the hack and the ROM on the same folder(I think it's easir done in the desktop),then open the lunar IPS,select apply IPS, then select the hack you downloaded from this page and at last you select the clean PKMN emerald ROM. now it's patched an you can use with almost any GB emulator, even the android ones if you send the patched ROM to your phone.

Pika says:

Ass Face says:
Wont freaking work!!!!!!!!

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