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Pokemon: Silver Version - Minor Hacks

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Name Description
Pikamon Silver This hack is the sequel of my Andy's hack of Pokemon Red. In this hack you play as pikachu and Prof Utsugi is now Prof Bulba. Your Rival is a bird(best name him a bird pokémon) And Prof.OAK is Prof Oddish!!
Pokemon Silver Special Kanto Quest Changes to know,(Just in case the Word Document is not there): - Gym leaders are stronger, some with different pokémon - You can now buy the evolution stones at Goldenrod department store on 2F. - You can only go to MT. Mortar after you can use surf. - As you saw, trades are all different. And the baby pokémon like elekid and magby can be found in the wild, just like in diamond and pearl(NDS) - Routes are very different. - It is not necessary to use Headbutt to catch Aipom, Heracross, Exeggcute and Pineco anymore! Sine they now can be found on route 32, ilex forest, route 34 and ilex forest respectively. - Also, it’s not necessary to wait for trainer to call for catching pokémon like Yanma, Marill, Dunsparce and Snubull. Since they are more common, and some have an additional location. Unfortunately, it remains that way for Qwilfish and Remoraid… - Snorlax and Sudowoodo can both be found wild on route 28 at level 52. So if you killed the only one at vermilion city and route 36 respectively, you have other chances to have another one, but they’re rare to find… - You can buy ALL TMs in MARTS, also, you can buy very useful items, like Max Revive, Max Ether, Scope Lens, Lucky Egg, lucky Punch, light Ball, Stick at some Marts. - The Mails, almost unobtainable, like Eon Mail and Music Mail, can be bought at some pokémarts across Johto. - You can buy Kurt’s ball at Azalea and Ecruteak Marts. And they’re really not expensive (150 pokédollar each), (less than a pokéball…) New changes - Tons of new buildings, areas, routes and cities have been added! Routes 47 to 51. They lead to unknown cities… For you to discover them! - The Elite Four members have become Gym leaders without badges, but worth battling! They stand in unknown cities! Will you find them all? - You cannot battle Lance anymore, coz after he’ll help you with TR, He Decides to go to another world… - Also, Blue and Red quits Kanto, but, instead you will fight Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum in this game, and your ultimate goal, is to find Ash Ketchum at MT.Silver and battle him. It is not to go to pokémon League, as with the other games… - The Safari Zone at the end of route 48 has been enlarged! It has 9 zones in it: Earth, Water, Fire, Grass, Bug, Fight, Psy, Rock and Poison. A variety of Pokémon live there… - You start your quest at Viridian City. - New Bark Town is reduced to ruins, and is only accessible via FLY once you get it. - Route 25 as an extension which lead to a Dark City, where Blaine waits you in his new gym. Informations that can help you - If you don’t know where to go, here is the Gym leader order that you have to battle in order. (1-Brock, 2- Misty, 3- Blaine, 4- Sabrina, 5- Surge, 6- Whitney, 7- Morty, 8- Chuck, 9- Jasmine, 10- Pryce, 11- Falkner, 12- Bugsy, 13- Clair, 14- Erika, 15- Janine and then 16- Gary Oak.) - Route 47-48 is west from Cianwood City, like HGSS and Gold Expert 2010. - Route 49 is located south of Cherrygroove City. - Route 50 is North of Lake of Rage - Route 51 is North of Ecruteak City. - Dragon’s Cave is in Black thorn City - Whirl Island, Tin Tower, Silver Cave, Mt.Moon and Ice Path are made shorter. - Dark Cave, Rock Tunnel and Digglett’s Cave closed down!

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