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Pokemon: Crystal Version Hacks

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Name Description
PokeCrystal (J) Not PCC!
Pokemon Crystal = Alternatively Japanese Alternatively translated into Japanese replacing English! Misc Files!
Pokemon Crystal Kaizo This is a modded pokemon crysrtal hack, a direct sequel to Blue Kaizo where you can obtain all 251 pokemon throughout the game, although it is possible to actually SEE 252 pokemon. Though it will be a very difficult challenge because apart from a couple of rival fights, all major bosses will have a full team of six pokemon, all of which are better rosters than the original, and many have held items. Gym leaders will use specialty types, though as you progress, they start using wild cards that either counter your supereffective types, use attacks of their specialty type, or a mixture of both. This is because bosses will never use duplicate pokemon within their same team. In addition, all of them are shinies. As you get to the elite four, you will find these heavenly kings having pokemon above level 100, though not to ridiculously high extents, such as past level 127. You can find evolution stones in the goldenrod department store, and apart from using water stones on slowpoke, all trade evolutions evolve by level up. Espeon evolves from a sun stone, while umbreon evolves from a moon stone. From an odd egg, you can also obtain exclusively shiny pokemon from either starters, eevee, tyrogue, magby, elekid, smoochum, and dratini and larvitar. The maps also have been redesigned, and some can be a bit non-linear. There is a major update, during battle, you cannot use revives, max revives, or revival herbs. Only outside of battles, so if your pokemon faints, you can't use it until the battle is over.
Pokemon Crystal Redesign This is my first, and worst hack I ever released to public. If you're looking forward to see lots of "must to go to" areas filled with grass and wild pokemon and still playing in a re-mapped Johto region, go for it. The only real feature of this hack why it's probably worthy of playing is the fact that the difficulty level keeps rising and rising, making opponents' pokemon be over level 200 in the end of the hack while you can only reach level 100 like originally.
Pokemon Crystal World Pokemon Crystal World is a hack that has some unique elements compared to the original game. Instead of having to battle Elite Four after gaining 8 gym badges, you'll be traveling to Kanto instead to collect another 8. After doing all that, you may go to Mt. Silver to battle Red. You may also choose Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres as your starting pokemon instead of the original GSC ones. All in all, it's really not a hack worthy of taking your time with but if you enjoyed GSC and like to see even major difficulty modifications in hacks, you should try it out and see how it is.
Pokemon Legend Version In this hack you live in Celadon City and start your pokemon journey there. Your quest is to someday beat the elite four and a new champion who's not Lance this time. To get there you need to battle at least 8 gym leaders in both Kanto and Johto and the league is located behind a mountain in Ecruteak City. Some features: -Unoriginal starters -No need to beat all the gym leaders -All trade-evolutions are now level evolutions -Good looking mapping & tilesets -Contains two versions and the other one is Legend Z (you can find a beta version of it through Google).
Pokemon Pikachu Edition Pokemon Pikachu Edition is a rom hack of Pokemon Crystal in which you start your adventure in re-mapped New Bark Town with a new hero who gets Pikachu as his starting pokemon. You'll be traveling through the maps the original GSC had but new trainers, wild pokemon, and they of course look completely different than originally. Even though this hack doesn't contain any scripting work of even changed text, you should try it out because you may find it fun to be played anyway. The only real problem about the hack is that you've to go through Dark Cave in the beginning of the hack without HM Flash to progress further. Find a video tutorial in Youtube for that if you can't manage to do so yourself.
Pokemon Ultimate End No text changes but things are still a lot messed up (just like in Legend Version). You live in cave-village in Ice Cave next to New Bark Town. There you start your journey to become pokemon champion and there will be lots of tough trainers and leaders to be faced. *Read the website below for more info

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