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You’ve finally been granted your trainer’s license. Now, it’s time to head out to become the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer. It’s going to take all you’ve got to collect 151 Pokémon in this enormous world. Catch and train monsters like the shockingly-cute Pikachu. Face off against Venusaur’s poisonous flower power. Stand strong when facing Pidgeot’s stormy Gust. Trade with friends (using BGB link support) and watch your Pokémon evolve. Important–no single Pokémon can win it all. Can you develop the ultimate Pokémon strategy to defeat the eight GYM Leaders and become the greatest Pokémon Master of all time? Catch up to 124 different Pokémon playing Red/Green version alone. Using the BGB emulator (download not included), trade with a friend (or yourself) with the opposite version included to attain all 151. You’ll need to use both versions (Red and Green; both included) to collect all the Pokémon. Test your training skills by battling against a friend using BGB (or another Link Cable-compatible emulator). Requires basic English reading skills in order to fully enjoy the entertaining story. Compatible with Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2, Super Game Boy, Gameshark, and Game Genie. Fully compatible with flashcarts for gameplay on actual hardware (enjoy the elegant nostalgia). Apply either the Red or Green patch to a clean copy of Pokémon Blue. Green is a hack of Blue and Red is a hack of that Green (which is, as stated, a hack of English Blue). A 100% English translation of Japanese Blue is also included. It is another “re-hack” of Green, which is already a hack of English Blue. Use Pokemon - Blue Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced) [No-Intro] Pokemon - Blue Version (UE) [S][!].gb [GoodGBX] and apply this patch

Author: Shane Mohammed

Submitted by: Alexander_13


Name Description Filesize
Patch file Rev D by Alexander 13 116.99 KB

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Pokéfan says:
Red and Blue Rev D please?

Alexander_13 says:
just this version only

Alexander_13 says:

here you go pokefan

Elond Gamer Lord says:
why anybody upload Poke Green hacked with new sprites? =|

Aaron says:
I just want to say thank you for this version. My version wouldn't flash to my cart and the green version I had wasn't quite perfect. :)

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