Nintendo - Game & Watch Emulators

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Name Description
Armor Attack This is one of Mattel's small handheld LCD games. It is based on Cinematronics Armor Attack arcade game.
Ball Ball was the very first Game & Watch handheld game ever made by Nintendo in 1980.
Balloon Fight This is the Game & Watch version of Balloon Fight, a 1984 video game developed by Nintendo.
Banana Sbang Banana Sbang is a LCD game from VTech's Time & Fun Series created in 1981.
Camelot Q&Q's LCD Card Game, Camelot. It was created in 1981.
Circus Circus Q&Q's 1981 LCD Card Game, Circus Circus.
Donkey Angler Gakken's LCD Card Game Donkey Angler.
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong was made by Nintendo in 1982. It's notable for its Dual Screen feature.
Donkey Kong Circus Donkey Kong Circus is a 1984 Panorama Screen LCD game from Nintendo's Game & Watch series.
Donkey Kong II Donkey Kong II features Dual Screens, similar to Donkey Kong's. It was made in 1982 by Nintendo.
Donkey Kong Jr Donkey Kong Jr is a 1983 LCD game from Nintendo's Game & Watch series. It features a Panaroma Screen.
Dungeons and Dragons This is Matell's 1981 "Computer Fantasy Game" Dungeons & Dragons.