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Default colinux

just tried it out, for lack of anything better to do, I installed kdevelop with it, and it turned out nicely, considering the fact that the colinux system itself is totally isolated from windows, living in an image. Graphical performance was shite and a half, so no games, unless you have more ram than i have (512mb stop laughing.). anyway, I caught a pic of it before I sacraficed the 4gb of space it took up. looks like this, note that the widgets are the same as regular linux, and the fact that I was bored enough to run both firefoxes at one time (not shown). oh, while you can run KDE in it, and turn off explorer, please, for your sake, dont, just install the libraries you need for it and just run the apps that you need.


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king killa
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Default Re: colinux

off subject.. but the name made me think of something. There needs to be a linux distro with the name cunnilinux
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