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Default Vice3DS C64 Emulator - New version 2.3 is out!

Lots of small enhancements, bugfixes - and a bit of performance increase. Gamebase64 launcher works now on O3DS, too!

Changes towards v2.2 are:

enhancement: gamebase64 launcher now works on O3DS with reduced database size (and lots of other memory optimizations)
enhancement: auto switch to (hopefully) correct joyport/control scheme when starting a game in gamebase64 launcher
enhancement: new joystick handling (only 1 joystick, plugable in p1/p2 and switchable between dpad/cpad, B-button = joy up, R-button = autofire)
enhancement: auto-switching PAL/NTSC / TDE / Control scheme in gb64 launcher can now be turned off
enhancement: soft button positions are now saved in snapshot files when saving configuration
enhancement: volume can now be increased to 200%. This will make some games more audible but will most probably result in sound distortions for most games.
enhancement: VICE menu cleanup & restructure
enhancement: all downloads are a lot faster
enhancement: if no fliplist is active, the currently attached image directory or current directory is automatically a fliplist
enhancement: cracker group info in gb64 database/screen
enhancement: list of "popular" games extended in gamebase64 launcher
enhancement: issue UI warnings if true drive emulation is disabled but a program needs it
optimization: START button now starts gb64 launcher, moved rs/restore soft button back to top, included "enable mouse" in soft buttons again
optimization: removed lots of unused or unnecessary vice code
optimization: remove cartridge before autostarting an image if not default cartridge
optimization: true drive emulation enabled by default but autostart initially loads without TDE
optimization: autostart will not require selecting a file within the image anymore, new menu entry "autostart file in image"
optimization: numbers in download/installation progress now better readable
optimization: Option to turn off database update prompts in gamebase64 launcher
optimization: directory structure for downloaded games now resembles gb64 structure
optimization: make statusbar wider & remove keyboard status bar (who needs this anyways?)
optimization: Default drive idle method is "None" for N3DS and "Skip cycles" for O3DS
optimization: game files are directly downloaded with ftp from 8bitfiles.net, not over http proxy anymore (needs a custom build version of libcurl, fincs does not want to fix it in devkitARM
https://github.com/devkitPro/pacman-packages/issues/130 )
bugfix: no more freeze/crash when switching from/to fullscreen multiple times
bugfix: last selected file was not always identified correctly in file dialog
bugfix: no more crash when restoring default settings on NTSC machine
lots of other bugfixes and small enhancements


Have fun!

The Hackmaster
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