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Default Missing Tracks #2

Round 2! This one is renaming the tracks as well. So I thought I would present the titles as best I can.

Tales of Legendia
Change Title Names
*BATTLE_02533 (Unknown)
*BATTLE_02534 (Unknown)
*SND_00001 (Unknown)
*SND_00002 (The Meeting Place is the Fountain Plaza)
*SND_00003 (Cheerful Bandit)
*SND_00004 (Bandit Holidays)
*SND_00005 (Chasing Shirley)
*SND_00006 (Scallop Dance)
*SND_00007 (Advancing Towards 12 O'Clock)
*SND_00008 (Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees)
*SND_00009 (Short Circuit)
*SND_00010 (The Bird Chirps, I Sing)
*SND_00011 (Forest of No Return)
*SND_00012 (March)
*SND_00013 (Legendary Sorcerer)
*SND_00014 (Guiding Star)
*SND_00015 (Ancient Ship)
*SND_00016 (Strong Feelings)
*SND_00017 (Lullaby of the Sea)
*SND_00019 (Whisper of the Crystal)
*SND_00020 (To Deliver The Feelings)
*SND_00021 (Mirage Palace)
*SND_00022 (Ambiance)
*SND_00023 (Ambiance)
*SND_00024 (Ambiance)
*SND_00025 (It's Not A Bluff)
*SND_00026 (Lonely Night)
*SND_00027 (Credits 1 (English))
*SND_00028 (Stella)
*SND_00029 (Tension)
*SND_00031 (Rainy Night)
*SND_00032 (Let's Go!)
*SND_00033 (Spinning Thoughts, Bound Hands)
*SND_00034 (Scallop Song (English))
*SND_00035 (Tomorrow Will Surely Be Sunny)
*SND_00036 (Tender Hand)
*SND_00039 (Big Sister Honwaka)
*SND_00041 (Land of Peace)
*SND_00042 (The Bantam Bouncers)
*SND_00046 (Iron Hammer Time *Ors*)
*SND_00050 (The Bantam Bouncers Strike Back!)
*SND_00051 (Soldier (English))
*SND_00052 (Unclosed Feelings)
*SND_00053 (Logo)
*SND_00068 (My Tales (Japanese))
*SND_00077 (Enemy Attack)
*SND_00078 (Sweet Dreams Tonight Too)
*SND_00079 (More Jam for Toast)
*SND_00080 (Creeping Shadow)
*SND_00081 (Oooh, Cmon!)
*SND_00082 (Oooh, Whatever!)
*SND_00083 (Good Night)
*SND_00084 (Unending Mist)
*SND_00085 (Morning on the Ranch)
*SND_00086 (Farewell)
*SND_00087 (Run in the Middle of the Storm)
*SND_00088 (On the Waves of a Black Sea)
*SND_00089 (Melfes ~ Shining Blue)
*SND_00090 (The Bantam Bouncers (Loop))
*SND_00091 (Nihil Concerto)
*SND_00092 (TAO (Melfes Version))
*SND_00093 (Unknown)
*SND_00094 (Unknown)
*SND_00095 (Unknown)
*SND_00096 (Unknown)
*SND_00097 (Unknown)
*SND_00098 (Unknown)
*SND_00100 (My Tales (English))
*SND_00101 (Legendary Sorcerer (Vocal Stinger))
*SND_00102 (Unknown)
*SND_00103 (Broken Wings)
*SND_00104 (Sacrificial Lamb)
*SND_00105 (Bloodstained Throne)
*SND_00106 (Fireflies in Shadow)
*SND_00107 (Let's Talk)
*SND_00108 (Thank You)
*SND_00109 (Cradle of Time)
*SND_00110 (Delkes Black Wings)
*SND_00111 (Hotarubi)
*SND_00112 (Delkes Black Wings (Short))
*SND_00113 (Prayers Become Power)
*SND_00114 (Funeral March)

Missing Tracks
*Beyond the Hill
*Battle Artist
*One Down
*Seeking Victory
*Man in Red Armor
*Raging Nerifes
*Taking a Break
*Hotarubi (Shining Blue Version (English))
*Hotarubi (Shining Blue Version (Japanese))

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