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Default Envasion Cheat Device 0.6.5 PC And Emulators

By XaN

Envasion is a Cheat Device for windows that is geared towards emulators. More specifically, it supports PC Games and PCSX2. It has it’s own HotKey system that works off of key sequences, so you will be able to keep the same key activators across different platforms.

INFINITE HEALTH joker = ilive
42494E44 494C495645
21C95158 00001747

Infinite Magic = power
42494E44 504F574552
21C952D8 00001747

Million Munny joker = money
42494E44 4D4F4E4559
1033FE60 000F4240
11D5F9B0 000F4240
Code list rules:

Refer to the code above to know how to setup a code list

1. comments are supported just write any character that is not in hex format and it will ignore it
2. Hot Key Codes where the jokers would be always go on top of the code
3. there can be multiple codes assigned to one joker
4. Codes are separated with a single empty line
5. if you put in codes without a hot key code they will be immediately written to the process memory
6. codes must have commands in front of the address options as of now 1 or 2


1 single write size-of(data)
2 constant write size-of(data)
3 one byte incrementer
4 two byte incrementer
5 four byte incrementer
6 eight byte incrementer


- Text To Hex real time converter
- Byte Reversal
- Hot Key Generator
- Memory Dumper
- Cheat Engine
- Process Viewer

Download Envasion

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