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Default VGBAnext and iNES Emulators Updated

Hello, All!

I have just released the first two emulator updates this year. The
new sound emulation in the iNES has got major improvements to the
sawtooth and PCM channels. VGBAnext Cheatopedia adds cheats for more
games. Both apps now come with an option to force 4:3 "television
screen" display ratio, something users requested.

iNES 4.8 -- Nintendo NES, Famicom, and DiskSystem Emulator
* Fixed DPCM sound channel (Journey To Silius, Castlevania 2, etc).
* Fixed sawtooth sound channel linear counter.
* Added "Video | Scale Video | Stretch to 4:3 Ratio" option.
* Added support for binary .PAL files used by other emulators.

VGBAnext 5.4.4 -- GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Classic Emulator
* Added "Video | Scale Video | Stretch to 4:3 Ratio" option.
* Added cheats for 9 more games.
* Added cheats for American Bass Challenge.
* Added cheats for American Dragon Jake Long.
* Added cheats for Animal Snap.
* Added cheats for Antz Extreme Racing.
* Added cheats for Ariel Little Mermaid.
* Added cheats for Astro Boy: Tetsuwan Atom.
* Added cheats for Atomic Betty.
* Added cheats for ATV Thunder Ridge Racing.
* Added cheats for Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Happy New Year!
Marat Fayzullin
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