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Default Linux video editing

Now that I have configured my PC to dual-boot Windows ME and Linux, and since I upgraded my memory (to 256 MB), my HD (WD 80GB), and installed a new DVD burner (NEC 8x, model ND2500a), I wish to capture and edit video on my PC. Previously when I only used Windows ME, I employed the Dazzle DVC (Digital Video Creator) USB as my capture device, edited my video under Multiquence, TMPGenc, and VirtualDub, and burned the finished project to a VCD with Nero, but since I plan to eventually phase Windows off my computer completely and stick with Linux as the one and only operating system, I have a few questions regarding Linux's video editing and disc burning capabilities.

Linux includes the cdrecord program for burning CDs, that much I know. Since my new burner is an internal EIDE drive, I'll pretty much be able to figure out how to burn my video to DVD or VCD with Linux. I did notice that Linux does not come with a built-in video editing and authoring application. Since I'm fairly new to Linux, I don't know where to obtain said software nor do I know which software to download. Furthermore, I don't know which capture cards are compatible with Linux. I want to purchase a separate PCI video capture card, and use that strictly for capturing video while I will use the onboard video adaptor as my primary video card. If I knew how to disable the onboard audio and video adaptors, I would but Gateway does not include such an option in my motherboard's BIOS.

So, if anyone can point me to a reputable site for my Linux video editing needs, including software and hardware, I'd really appreciate it.

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