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Default video game music files packed within ZIP file?

Since Zophars domain has lots of video game music files, Would it be possible if zophars domain can provide like a zip file containing all of the music for all video game consoles, especially supernintendo and nintendo, for those who dont want to spend too much time downloading each song one at a time? I was actually able to find a zip containing all nintendo music, but im still finding a zip containing all super nintendo music. any help is greatly appreciated.
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I'm not on the staff but I can definitively answer that question as a no. There's a 25MB file size limit on this site. Judging by the one SNES soundtrack I have, which is nearly 1MB by itself, the entire SNES music archive would be many times larger than 25MB.

There's also the fact that if they were to provide mass downloads like that, advertising revenue would be lost. As the site currently stands, you have to click through to a new page for every soundtrack, generating ad hits for every page, assuming you (that's the collective you, not you personally) are dumb enough to allow your browser to display advertisements. That's intentional.

I would suggest checking BitTorrent, because that's the only place you're likely to find something like what you're looking for. With only half-assed effort, I managed to find a torrent with 118MB worth of SNES music.
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...what InVerse said.
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