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Default bsnes v0.068

A new stable release of this multi-platform SNES emulator is available.

  • Split core into three profiles: accuracy, compatibility and performance
  • Accuracy core now takes advantage of variable-bitlength integers (eg uint24_t)
  • Performance core uses a new S-CPU core, written from scratch for speed
  • Performance core uses blargg's snes_dsp library for S-DSP emulation
  • Binaries are now compiled using GCC 4.5
  • Added a workaround in the SA-1 core for a bug in GCC 4.5+
  • The clock-based S-PPU renderer has greatly improved OAM emulation; fixing Winter Gold and Megalomania rendering issues
  • Corrected pseudo-hires color math in the clock-based S-PPU renderer; fixing Super Buster Bros backgrounds
  • Fixed a clamping bug in the Cx4 16-bit triangle operation [Jonas Quinn]; fixing Mega Man X2 "gained weapon" star background effect
  • Updated video renderer to properly handle mixed-resolution screens with interlace enabled; fixing Air Strike Patrol level briefing screen
  • Added mightymo's 2010-08-19 cheat code pack
  • Windows port: added XAudio2 output support [OV2]
  • Source: major code restructuring; virtual base classes for processor cores removed, build system heavily modified, etc.
Download it at the author's website. Windows version will be available here later and the source code for Linux users will be available here.
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