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Default would like a custom NSF decoder, willing to pay

I'm an audio guy and a few months ago I started playing around with NSF audio because I had always wondered what these things would sound like if they were in stereo. Anyway, years of audio engineering later and I decided the best thing to do would be separate the NSF audio in to it's components, throw it through a multitrack and give it "the worx"...apply per-track effects...do some clever editing and splicing...I even attempted to "cover up" some of the limitations of the sound channels (you know, cutting out to make another tone)...this process itself isn't really hard...it's just time consuming...very time consuming...but I don't mind that..

the pain in the butt is getting the emulated audio out of NSF files. Currently, my options with stand-alone decoders seems to be all channels to one wave...no good for me. So I'm stuck with loading winamp, enabling two sound channels, panning each one hard left/right, writing the wav, then splitting that up in the audio editor to import in to multitrack. I have to manually bring up the NSF control before hitting play each time...and if I want to do a track in the middle of the NSF...well then forget it..it's a pain and I can never get them to sync up right.

What I'm looking for is this. I simply want an application that will let me specify a NSF file, a track in the NSF file, and then it spits out indvidual wav files containing one channel of emulated sound output...so each pulse-chain would go in to a wav, traingle in a wave...and so forth....so I can just import the bunch of wavs in to audition and go to work.

Problem is...I'm the only one that wants this...I can't imagine anyone else having a use (unless you want to steal my idea)....so it's never been implmented. I've come here asking if there's a coder here that could do such a task for maybe $15USD via PayPal in exchange.

The only requirements I have is that it works in Windows (currently running Win7x64). I don't even need a GUI, a command-line application would be just fine (saving you a lot of work) given that you provide the command line options, and for tracks that loop...it'll run the loop a few times and stop.

I have links to samples of stuff I've already done...however being as this is my first post I don't want to jump the gun and post URLs...if you guys ask I'll be happy to give you the address.

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